More Arkansas Models – Josh

Right before I arrived in Arkansas for my fall vacation earlier this year, I discovered that Jon, one of the models I photographed in July down there, had a brother named Josh, that was now modeling as well, so I contacted Josh and arranged to shoot with him the day after I photographed his brother Jon. I photographed him inside first and then we went to a beautiful waterfall nearby, where again, I normally find great color in the fall, however this year, it was apparent that good color was going to be rare and hard to find. We made do pretty good tho, and it turned out that Josh and Jon were identical twins in many ways…another pleasant surprise for me….

01-hot-springs-shoot           0211 16

18            21


…like Jon, Josh has a very sexy muscular build and loves to show it off…I was able to shoot some nice window light of him that showed off his lines very nicely…

24                      27



32  34363142   41

45          49

50            55


61                                    64

…then we went to the waterfall and shot some images there….despite the lack of color, it was still quite pretty there….








The Return of Kurt Wild

The first week of November I was pleasantly surprised to hear from Kurt Wild, asking if he could come shoot with me once again. Some of you recall that I was able to help him get his start several years ago in video work, at his request, and he was looking to return to some modeling work in a more limited role this time around, hoping to supplement his regular work income. I dont blame him a bit wanting to help his family out, as this recession continues to drag out and take its toll on everyone and everything…I cannot remember a recession lasting this long ever.  Kurt and I have stayed in contact over the years and remained good friends, and he reinforced that strong bond while he was here visiting and shooting with me. I sincerely believe that over the years, this young man has only gotten better looking with age and has maintained his youthful build as well..we started as always, in the barn…

03               07

09                  10 thing is definitely for sure…Kurt still knows how to flirt…

15 18

19                 23

…and he still knows what all to show off on his sexy body….

28             30

….and how to move well to accomplish it….

37                 45

48   38


74                             75

78    89

94          101





107108                        111

114  129

132 118

125    134

145  126

…and then I asked him to do some art nude work for me….





174                             175



….and then I got to see him in Super Flirt Mode…..

189-ooo-lala              191

192-oooo-lala                      194

197-ooo-lala                  199-ooo-lala

202                 204

206-hott-boy             207-hott-dam

210-sexy-boy-toy                    211-hottie-smiles215-gorgeous219-smokin-hott220

229              232-hottie

233-hard-hottie 238-wowzer



Like always, Kurt was great to work with once again and I look forward to the next time. Thanks for coming back to work with me again, Kurt !!




Jesse Lust, New Model

While waiting to hear back from Dakota on when he could come back for a second shoot the next day, I heard from a guy that I met at a local gas station back in May…I had emailed him on his FB page and he was just now seeing the message, and was def interested in doing some modeling for me, having done some earlier in the year for a friend of his and a few years back for others as well. He was able to come out and shoot with me that day so we set a time and soon enough he was here interviewing with me, and Dakota arrived shortly afterward. While Dakota waiting upstairs for me in my office, I photographed Marc in the barn set. He has a tall drink of water look and sexy lean and toned build as well as a great range of expressions from a serious sultry look to a beautiful smile….

17-barn           18-saddle-stud

19            21

..Jesse definitely had some good modeling background and experience, and was alot of fun to work with….

23                19b

…and soon found out he was very well blessed not only with good looks and personality but endowed well too….

28                 26

…soon after shooting in the barn, we joined Dakota upstairs and shot some windowlight of Jesse….

01-windowlight                   03

05          08

I also shot some test shots of Jesse in a Gladiator Costume….here is one of the hotter ones…


Very hott guy to work with, look forward to our next session Jesse !!




Dakota From Arkansas in Missouri

At the end of October, a hot young lad from central Arkansas drove up to interview with me, after we talked online a week before about modeling work…he wanted to get into nude print work and asked me to help him put a portfolio together. He was quite mature for his young age and I agreed to help him out…it worked out well for him as he was able to visit some family nearby as well. I started him out on the leather couch….


15-fuck-me-daddy   19-green-eyed-flirt

…and within just a few minutes I discovered that I had a blonde haired, green eyed flirt on my couch….one with a very sweet personality and mature mind….showing me his sexy side, his erotic side, and his artistic – flirty side….


…and I shot a few in the barn before we ventured outside to a private location with some gorgeous color in the leaves and trees still….

flirting-in-barn            69-fall-color-jock

72     76


…and then I pulled off some special effects on the next few images of Dakota….

84 86-sexy-boy87-sexy-flirt









Enjoyed working with ya Dakota !!