Former Gymnast in Joplin

The first model I photographed on my trip to Joplin was a gymnast, or former gymnast I should say, and I had been talking to Chris over the years off and on, and finally got to meet him in person. Everytime I was going to be down there in years past, he was either working or out of the area, so this time it was going to work out just fine. Thru high school and college, he had performed in gymnastics and still had a nice build for modeling, something he had always wanted to get into. We started out with some windowlight….

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…and we shot some underwear as well….I told him to work this coffee table and was impressed with how he did it….










After that indoor session, we drove over to the falls where I shot Chris as well as Nick Turner, a St Louis model who traveled down there to shoot at the waterfalls…