Arizona Babe Aly

During the fall of 2005,  I drove out west that included a visit to Moab and then on down to Lake Powell, Arizona, where I was scheduled to photograph a gorgeous gal named Aly one evening at sunset above the Colorado River…my guide Jackson,  is a fine art photographer himself and knew a great spot to take her that was secluded and scenic at the same time…he was right, we were able to get some great shots of her there. I never would have guessed her age right, so it`s a good thing I didn`t even try, all I can tell you is that not only was she an experienced model, she was also gorgeous and easy on the eyes….

art rockart rock sculpture 2backlit babe 2backlit babe artart sculptureart sculpture 3art on canyon floorcurvessunset babe smilesFox on the RocksSunset ArtFox on the Rocks at Sunsetsunset sexy 2Sultry Sunset BabeSunset Fox stretches backInnocent Sunset BabeErotic sunset babe

…talk about a total fox to work with….the next day was even better….. Jackson took us to a slot canyon south of town called Canyon X…if you have never been to one of these slot canyons, this is what it looks like as you walk up on it…minus Aly at the entrance of course……

upper canyon entrance wallupper canyon entrance

….we started shooting early, about 7:30 am, working our way slowly inside and in awe of the beautiful colors in the sandstone walls, taking advantage of the beautiful lighting and soft sandy floor…Jackson told us while we were shooting on one side of the canyon, there was a photographer on the other side shooting images of a gal for Playboy Magazine….

upper canyon wallBabe on the wallBabeSand Babe Artvixen on rockcanyon wall babecrevice cutsiewall hugger

…we then moved on inside to take advantage of the beautiful swirls of sandstone color, carved out over thousands of years by water and time…

curves and lineslines and curvesendless curvescanyon entrancepoint of entrywelcome sightcanyon wallswave wall artcurves and wavescurved alcovelines and curvesbeacon of light 4backlitcurved wallcurved wall 4curves and wavescurves canyonentrance slot canyongorgeous babepoint of entrypretty babyprofile 2sensual light-1sensual light 2sunlight bathe babesunlight babesunlight entrance babeambient canyon lightslot canyon babesunlit slot canyon babeslot babe-1

…and OILAA !!  as you can see, it`s relatively easy to shoot hundreds of images when you have a great model, great location, and great lighting to work with…the location and lighting are givens…the quality of the model can make or break a shoot…in this case, I shot about fifteen hundred images of Ally over the course of the Friday sunset shoot and the four hour shoot on Saturday morning at the slot canyon….these images are just the best ones. Aly flew back home mid afternoon to get ready for a shoot with the Las Vegas FD the next day…thanks again for shooting with me gorgeous !!

Brandee Again

I had the opportunity to work with Brandee once more a few weeks after the first session and had acquired a couple of outfits for her to try out as well…and although I really enjoyed working with her, she arrived once more with a few problems to work out, one that she was going to return with blonde highlights in her hair but instead she came back with an atrocious bottle red hair style….another problem resulted in a shorter session than I had hoped for, even though the results were stunning once again…..

04 Leopard Backdrop

06 Leopard Backdrop   08 Leopard Backdrop 10 Leopard Backdrop

11 Leopard Backdrop Flirt  12 Leopard Backdrop Flirt15 Leopard Backdrop Flirt

21 Leopard Drape Flirt 22 Leopard Drape Flirt 23 Leopard Drape Flirt

…I started her out in jeans against a leopard skin backdrop and she looked great, her beautiful skin tones blending in with the backdrop perfectly, her dazzling smile lighting up the images, and her posing was pretty much spot on….then we switched to an ivory boned corset….

27 Corset Babe 28 Corset Babe 29 Corset Babe

31 Corset Babe Art 34 Corset Babe Art

35 Corset Babe Flirts 36 Corset Babe Flirts

40 Corset Babe Flirts  45 Corset Babe Flirts

…and then as I was asking her to switch to a pretty blue corset, she decided she was out of time and had to go…I had a photographer friend traveling up from Little Rock in a few days that wanted to work with her in St Louis…I asked her if she was still interested in that shoot and she said she was looking forward to it, but I never heard from her again. 



New Female Model Brandee

Back in May, I contacted a gorgeous gal named Brandee on a modeling website, and began talking to her about some modeling work…we talked for a few days and then I scheduled her for a shoot near the end of the month, on a fairly cool day, in case we had the opportunity to go outside and shoot as well. Living out here in the country, its sometimes hard to locate good looking African American models that do not have an attitude, but something about her just called out to me. She didn`t have much experience but seemed to have the drive to get there and great looks too…she showed up an hour late but was in contact with me so that was okay with me, and after working out a couple of other problems on her arrival, we started shooting…I found out she has a basic sense of modeling but def needed some instruction in a few areas…all in all, tho, I was pretty happy with the results….

Brandiee Nicholle-013  Brandiee Nicholle-014

Brandiee Nicholle-015     Brandiee Nicholle-016

Brandiee Nicholle-018    Brandiee Nicholle-022

Brandiee Nicholle-023   Brandiee Nicholle-027

Brandiee Nicholle-030   Brandiee Nicholle-033

Brandiee Nicholle-041   Brandiee Nicholle-042

Brandiee Nicholle-040   Brandiee Nicholle-043

Brandiee Nicholle-044   Brandiee Nicholle-046

Brandiee Nicholle-050   Brandiee Nicholle-051

Brandiee Nicholle-053   Brandiee Nicholle-055

Brandiee Nicholle-057   Brandiee Nicholle-064


Brandiee Nicholle-073Brandiee Nicholle-081

Brandiee Nicholle-075

Brandiee Nicholle-083   Brandiee Nicholle-085

Brandiee Nicholle-100

Brandiee Nicholle-105   Brandiee Nicholle-106

Brandiee Nicholle-108  Brandiee Nicholle-110




Aspen in Florida….

 Here is my shoot with Aspen, a hot red haired and fair skinned young lady who met me at her friend`s beautiful home north east of Orlando on the east coast, my last day of my Florida stay in March of 2012…she just started modeling nude work that year and I`m just going to let the images tell you the story of the house and the model…..

Column Babe in Dress



Column Babe in Dress 2



Dress Flirt



Dress Flirt On Stairs



Sunlit Flirt


Kitchen Flirt


Lets Go Back Inside


Lets Get Wet Flirt 3


Soft Window Light Babe



Soft Vixen Smiles



Art Nude Babe


Window Art Legs 2


Window Art Legs 8


Windowlight Babe 13


Windowlight Babe 3


Column Art Nude 4

At Long Last…the Return of Raye…

Recently I heard from one of my first models who started out shooting glamour with me and then began shooting nude print work with me several years ago. She was very hot looking back then and was big in demand for print work……Raye was so sexy and hot and a natural poser, everyone wanted me to photograph her on their motorcycles and vehicles, she caused quite a sensation everywhere she went and modeled…she married one of my male models  and I photographed their wedding, and then they soon after moved off to the Lake, where Jared had a good job in construction and Raye became a dancer, and I might add, a very popular and high in demand dancer.  We stayed in touch and talked occasionally through various outlets, email, and eventually FB brought us more in contact with each other. Eventually she moved off to the beautiful state of Alaska.

Recently, to my delight, she contacted me on FB and asked me to photograph her, she is getting into the fitness world and I agreed to photograph her once again. She has always been, and continues to be, one of my favorite models to work with.  She came down one Saturday morning and brought several outfits with her, we decided on a few to start with, and I shot several photos of her locally and then at a farm location owned by good friends of mine. Here are some of my favorites of that session….you`ll see that she is just as GORGEOUS as she was when she started with me fifteen years ago….


Barn Jeans Babe_001

Holie Jeans Babe

Holie Jeans Babe 3

As you can see…we started out shooting some barn glamour…and she brought some hot holie jeans with her….but we quickly switched gears too….


Holie Jeans Babe 6

…and then we switched to short shorts, where she really shows off those legs…

Barn Jeans Babe_002

Jean Shorts Babe 2

Jean Shorts Babe 5

Jean Shorts Hottie

and one of my favorite shots of her in shorts….

Short Shorts 2

Then we switched over to chaps provided to me by a good friend, and I photographed her in some PB Magazine style ideas….

Chaps Babe


Chaps Babe 1


Chaps Cowgirl

..then added the hat….


Chaps Cowgirl 5

and then switched to some different colored chaps….


Chaps Babe 5

From here we switched backdrops and shot some Christmas present style photos…..she had this little Schoolgirl type outfit in a Christmas plaid design that we started out with….


Christmas PresentChristmas Present Tease

Christmas Present Tease 4

Christmas Babe

Christmas Babe 4

Christmas Doll 2

Delightful Christmas Present

And then we went back upstairs to shoot some lingerie photos….



Corset Babe 1


Corset Babe 2A

Corset Babe 3A


As you can see, she brought a beautiful blue colored corset outfit with her…


Corset Flirt 2

Corset Flirt 4

and to give you a closer look at the outfit….


Corset Perks


From here we shot some fire gear….when Raye first started with me years ago, I shot her in an old set of coveralls which predated our use of fire gear locally…over the years I have had many good friends give me some older fire gear to use for shoots such as these….

Sexy Mechanic

Sexy Mechanic 2


…and here is one of her photos from fifteen years ago with the fire gear….shot for the original calendar….at a fire station with permission to do so….


and how she makes it look these days….

FF Coverall Babe

FF Hott Babe 5

FF Helmet Art

FF Bunker Straps Art

FF Bunker Babe Sexy

 Smokin Hott as always….

From here, we drove over to my friend`s farm where I photographed her outside and in a couple of haybarns as well….she had this beautiful evening gown that really showed off her curves….


Gorgeous Gown


Gorgeous Gown 12

Gorgeous Gown 16

We also shot a few on the front porch of the farmhouse there….


Front Porch Babe

Front Porch Babe 4

and then she broke out the holie shorts…which she also designed for me fifteen years ago as well as modeled them back then….and again today…..


Holie Shorts Babe

…which we shot in one of the haybarns…..


Bales Babe

Barn Door Hottie


Hayloft Vixen

..and we wrapped up the shoot with the overalls in the other haybarn….


Overalls Hottie

Overalls Tease

Overalls Tease 4

Overalls Hottie 4

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did….nice way to spend a fall afternoon.









Country Babe Miss Lea…….

A few weeks ago one of my favorite female models called me and asked if she could come down and shoot with me again…talk about making my day…and I told her she was welcome to come and shoot with me any day and everyday if she wanted to.  She is one of the most gorgeous country babes I know and one of the best models to work with, always prompt or early to arrive, pretty much ready to go soon after she arrives, has great posing ideas of her own and poses and moves well in front of the camera, has great command of expressions and sometimes seems to know what I`m about to ask of her before I do…one of those models I often think of when someone asks me to do a shoot for them and find a model for them.

She asked if we could go to a farm and/or swimming pool, so I arranged for time at a friend`s swimming pool locally and also a farm that I shoot at occasionally. She arrived early as usual, but was pushed for time, and since we had a thirty minute drive to and from the farm, I scrapped the pool shoot, and we headed out to the farm. This particular farm has two barns and both were stuffed full of hay, plus it was a pretty warm day,  so we started out in the larger barn and within minutes of starting, she was covered with a fine sheen of sweat, which looked really hot on her.  She asked me to shoot some photos that we could submit to Playboy Magazine…

I`ll shut up and let the photos do the talking here….




When she walked down into the breezeway, she found out why its called that…


Country Farm Girl

Hott Barn Babe 2


Hott Barn Babe


 ….and I love the way her hair hangs around sometimes…..



…and once she discovered the perks of the breezeway, she decided to take full advantage of it….completely….


Breezeway Art


Breezeway Babe 2


Breezeway Babe 4


Breezeway Babe 7


 …and I`ll just leave you with some more of the highlights of her shoot at this barn….


Barn Babe 13


Barn Babe 3B


Barn Babe 16


Barn Babe Innocent 5


Breezeway Babe 10


Breezeway Babe 12


…..we then moved over to the smaller barn for a few shots with the saddles….


Saddlin Up


Saddling Up


Sexy Barn Babe 2

Art Nude Babe 2


Saddle Blanket Babe 2


…and yet another successful shoot….cant wait to work with her again…











April…Fresh and vivacious….

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of working with a new female model, new as in my first time working with her and new as in her fifth shoot so far…she drove up from southwest Missouri and arrived mid afternoon…I intended to shoot her first inside, but we both decided to go outside to one of my favorite places and shoot some fall foliage color images while we still had some light and warmth…it was supposed to cool down that evening. April had brought along a pretty purple colored dress and I had a short white dress that one of my models had left behind for such shoots…and I told her I would like to shoot some figure work as well, which she was very up for.

We arrived with about 90 minutes of daylight left and found a goldenrod field still fairly colorful, the cooler nights hadnt quite robbed it of the vibrant yellows I had noticed in it the week before…however the pretty maples up the hill behind the field were starting to fade color wise…


Dress Flirt in Goldenrod Field

Sexy White Dress

Sexy White Dress 2

…she then switched to her purple dress….April is like a breath of fresh air, very vivacious and flirty, a real pleasure to shoot with….

Purple Dress Demure

…she has a very sexy innocent look as well as a beautiful smile, and a great seductive look as well…and definitely knows how to move on her own but takes great direction too…

Purple Dress Vivacious

Purple Dress Vivacious 2

…and of course, then we switched to her birthday suit which she brought with her and looked very hot in….

Babe of Innocence

Gorgeous Babe in Goldenrod Field 3

We then moved to the other side of the road, and found a neat pole gate to to shoot on….wish I had brought along cowgirl boots and a hat…

Balanced Babe 2

and I really like April`s gorgeous smile and smiling eyes too…

Beautiful Balance

and then there was a hitching rack and she gave me some great poses to go with the beautiful tree behind her…

Innocent Little Girl

Short Shorts Flirt Smiles

Short Shorts Flirt

Country Girl Art

Country Girl Smiles

Country Girl On Her Toes

Country Girl Hott Ass

Then we walked down by the riverbank and found some nice color in the mapletrees and she had brought these cute denim shorts along…

Innocent Shorts Babe

….which we found out looked great with the parasol I brought along…

Parasol Babe Walkin Thru The Woods

Parasol Babe

and shorts minus the parasol looks great too…

Gorgeous Shorts Smile

…course she looks just great without the shorts and barefoot too…

Fall Foliage Babe

..this was her innocent look again…and then she gave me one of those sexy smiles….

Foliage Art

and love those shorts on and off her too….

Foliage Peeper 2

and by this time, it was cooling down a bit so we headed back to town and  as we got closer to town, it was obvious we might get a nice sunset so we headed to a nice Maple Tree Grove and shot a few more dress shots there…

Maple Flirt

Sunset Babe 2

and …

Sunset Field Babe

Sunset Flirt 2

and then we went to the house and shot some studio work…here are some of her showing off in her fire gear…….

FF Helmet Babe

FF Hott Curves

FF Sexy Curves

FF Sexy Curves 2

FF Silhouetted Curves

FF Helmet Babe Curves

FF Helmet Babe Silhouette

FF Hose and Nozzle

FF Ready For Action

…cant wait to work with April again tho….gorgeous model….