Babes of 2010

Right after New Years, I was fortunate enough to be able to work with a smokin hot babe from the KC area…her name was Cris, she and her husband were headed to Atlanta and stopped off to work with me one evening….she wanted some images that could be submitted to a magazine so I photographed her Penthouse style….

Barn Babe Smiles             Barn Babe Undresses

Barn Babe Teaser                 Barn Babe Adds Chaps

Hot Babe in Barn

…and she really liked the fire gear and equipment, so we shot a few of those also….

FF Axe at the Ready            FF Axe Babe Drops Her Bunkers

FF Axe Babe                    FF Blue Hose Babe 2

FF Bunker BabeFF Bunker Glamour Babe

FF Nozzle Babe                   FF Sexy Nozzle Babe

….and then we shot some with the Christmas backdrop too….

I Like To Ride                Santa Babe 2

Santa Babe and Boots                   Santa Babe Flirts

Santa Babe Sexy             Santa Hat and Boots Babe

Sexy Babe By Tree



Babes in 2009

Early in April, I had the pleasure of working with a hot new babe called Laina…she came to me with some  modeling experience and the desire to add to her port and also to get into a new craze called Firehouse Girls, so that is what we shot for initially, and then later on she let me shoot some other types of work with her as well….she was not only easy on the eyes but a gorgeous babe to work with, great personality as well….


laina1OFFICIALBIKINILAINA2OFFICIALBIKINILAINABlack Lingerie FlirtDSC_0079Fire Coat FlirtShort Coat HottieTest Shot 2

Now, mind you, these were test shots of her, and they turned out way better due to her modeling ability, than normal finished images after working with someone for a while, and this was her first session with a working photographer…..stunning model…..

Test Shot 1 Love Her Feet and LegsTest Shot 3 Her PoseGorgeous Bunker BabeBunker Babe Smiles copyDSC_0173DSC_0208Flames BikiniFlames Bikini 2DSC_0247DSC_0248DSC_0264Fanning the FlamesDSC_0300Sliding Off Her Hot BunkersBunker Babe FlirtBunker Babe Stretches

One thing is for sure, she was a natural flirt and def knew how to work anything she was wearing to the full extent of it….

Bunker Babe Art FormBunker Babe TwisterBunker Babe Adjusts Her Helmet copyDirt and Sweat Never Looked So Hott


Jimmie came back in April and worked with me again…this time she wanted to shoot some images that she could submit to Maxim and possibly PB Magazine, so we first started out with some fire gear images again….and again, she looked stunning and gorgeous….

Hot Bunker Babe                   Smokin Hott Bunker Babe

Bunker Babe Sizzlin Hott                  Bunker Babe Sizzles

Bunker Babe Sexy Gloves                 Ready for Action

FF Open Coat Hottie                              FF Nozzle Flirt 2

FF Sexy Babe

…..and then to the barn for some cowgirl images….

Barn Jeans               Holie Jeans

Blue Jean Babe              Holie Shorts Babe

Blue Jean Glamour Babe

…after this session, she decided she wanted to come back in July and shoot some more, maybe some outside images this time if we had good weather for it. A few days before she showed up to shoot again, I was contacted by Sheena, a model in the southeast part of the state, and she wanted to come up and work with me on some newer images for her portfolio. She liked to shoot glamour and nude images too, so I was able to work with her in early July. Sheena is a former dancer and a blonde knockout too, and she likes to flirt all the time in front of the camera, it shows in her images….

Playing As She Undresses               Spa Babe

Secretary Dresses Down               Come and Get It

Fire Coat Flirt                  Hott Fire Babe Flirt

Hot Ass Fire Babe

If you haven`t figured it out by now, she had a nice ass and set of shapely legs, and really enjoyed showing them off....

Cowgirl Boots                 Cowgirl Tips Her Hat

Point of View                            Leather Ride

My next model a couple of weeks later, was a Fox named Patti…she made it quite clear up front that she, like Sheena, enjoyed shooting nude much of the time, which was just fine with me…..we started with lingerie….

Babe on Couch                   Corset Babe On Couch

…but she really turned on the tease and flirt when we started shooting with denim and cowgirl wear in the barn….

Blue Jean Shorts Babe Barn                Denim Flirt in Barn

Barn Flirt               Barn Tease

Barn Boots Babe     Barn Babe Innocence

Barn Boots Hottie

…and then she really turned it on with the fire gear…we had a great time shooting, she has a bubbly personality and infectious smile too….

Bunker Babe Fireside             Bunker Babe Fireside 2

Bunker Babe Fireside Heats Up             Bunker Babe Fireside Stripper

Bunker Babe Fireside Stripper 2             FF Bunker StrapsTush

FF Fireside Tush                 Bunker Babe Gloves

FF Fireside Hose and Nozzle Babe

FF Dress Jacket Sultry FF Dress Jacket Business

FF Helmet Babe                 FF Nude Rookie

FF Boots and Cookie Babe

True to her nature, Patti was a total foxx to work with !

In September I traveled down to southwest Missouri and worked with one gorgeous gal there, she had been modeling for a few years and was very experienced as well as very easy on the eyes…I photographed her at the suite I was staying in as well as the waterfalls….Aiyana was great to work with….we started out down by the bigger rocks….

Blue Jean Flirt                Hot Jeans Flirt

….and then we switched to swimwear and moved out by the falls….

Waterfall Babe 2             Waterfall Babe 3

Waterfall Sexy BabeGorgeous Waterfall Babe

Gorgeous Watertall Art          Sexy Waterfall Babe 2

Gorgeous Waterfall Babe 2Peachy Babe in the Sun

…we returned to the big rocks and she put fire gear on over the swimwear….

Bunker Babe on the Rocks                 Bunker Babe on the Rocks 2

Bunker Babe Flirt At the Falls                 Bunker Babe at the Falls

Bunker Booty Babe Straps                Bunker Straps Babe

Bunker Sun GoddessBunker Booty Babe Works The Straps

Bunker Babe Flirt At FallsBunker Babe Goddess At Falls

Hot and Sexy Bunker Babe at WaterfallBunker Booty Babe Art

FF Smokin Hot Babe               FF Glamour Babe Art

FF Glamour Babe                Fire Coat Flirt 3

…as I said, one hot babe to work with here…thanks again Aiyana. Then in October, I had the great fortune of getting to photograph a gorgeous gal that I had been talking to for over a year…Kristen agreed to come out to work with me on one of our mutual days off…she was working two jobs at the time…and we started off in the barn…talk about a gorgeous natural flirty model…

Blue Jean Babe Smiles             Blue Jean Jacket Babe

Blue Jean Jacket Baby   Glamour Girl Flirts

Sensual ArtHot Cover Art Babe

Hot Cover Art Glamour BabeHot Cover Nymph Flirts

Hot Cover NymphArt Babe Kneels

Art Babe              Art Babe Smiles

FF Pulling Up Her Bunkers 2         FF Pulling Down Her Bunkers


FF Hose and Hott Firelight

fF Hott Ass             FF Firelight Babe

FF Innocent Firelfight Babe                FF Firelight Babe Flash

Naughty Hottie

Kristen decided after that first session that she really enjoyed the nude work and wanted to do more of it, so she came back a week later and shot with me again….

Field of Dreams              Under the Old Maple Tree

Hot Dress FlirtBabe on Couch

Babe on Couch 2Babe Under the Old Maple Tree

Babe on Couch Innocent FlirtBabe on Couch Seduces

Slip Babe on Couch 2Slip Babe

Hot Tub Hot FlirtHot Tub Teaser Teasing

Hot Tub Wet Flirt 4                    Hot Tub Wet Flirt 2

Soft and Sexy Babe                     Sunlit Teal Babe

Soft and Sultry Babe            Soft and Sexy Flirt 2

Corset Babe 2            Corset Babe Sexy

Chaps Babe             Holie Shorts Barn Babe

Holie Shorts Flirt 3               Holie Shorts Ass Flirt

Short Shorts Flirt 2



…and while there, she asked about shooting again in a few weeks with me, and I told her I would be down in Arkansas on vacation…she said she sure could use some time off…so I invited her to go down there with me and she accepted…I rented a log cabin on a beautiful lake down there and we had a lot of scenery to work with on shoots there…I actually worked with several models down there that weekend…and one of my photographer friends from southern Arkansas joined me in working with Kristen that weekend too….Randy works with Hawaiian Tropic models alot in some very exotic locations….he really enjoyed working with Kristen too….I took these before Randy arrived that evening to work with her…she looked more relaxed than I had seen her in a long time….

Chair Babe FlirtsCabin Bed Babe Flirts

Vase BabeCabin Bed Babe Art

Cabin Bed Babe 2


… I let her take the master bedroom and we started shooting again the next morning after she woke up and took a nice long shower….again she looked gorgeous and well rested…..she started out with one of my dress shirts with the morning sunlight illuminating her beautifully….

White Shirt Morning Babe 2          White Shirt Morning Light Babe

White Shirt Cabin Babe           White Shirt Tabletop Flirt

White Shirt Cabin Flirt                        White Shirt Cabin Chair Teaser

Cabin Bed Babe Teal Thong Flirt 2White Shirt Babe on Bed

Cabin Bed Babe TeaserCabin Bed Babe Ass Flirt

Windowlight Mirror ReflectionCabin Bed Babe Tease Flirts

Windowlight Mirror Reflection 2               Windowlight Corset Babe

Cabin Corset Bed Babe              Cabin Corset Windowlight

Cabin Corset Bed Babe 9

Cabin Corset Bed Babe Flirts

Cabin Windowlight Babe 2

Cabin Deck Babe Flirts

Cabin Deck Babe Flirts 3



…then we loaded up and went to have some breakfast, and then drove over to a neat garden spot that is quite popular down there….one of my male models from Hot Springs, Randy, met us there too…starting out in a wedding dress….

GG Waterfall Dress 2GG Waterfall Dress

GG Joy Moon Bridge Reflection

GG Backlit Dress Babe 2GG Waterfall Dress 3

GG Waterfall Dress Innocence               GG Waterfall Bikini


…and then we switched to a hot pink with yellow accents bikini….

GG Reflecting Pool 2

GG Reflecting Pool Double Image

GG Reflecting Pool Bikini Double 2

GG Waterfall Bikini Babe


The next day Kyle, one of my St Louis models, came down to stay with me and model for me as well….and during the late morning, I worked with a sexy couple from central Arkansas, Nikki and Taylor…Nikki and I had been talking for some time about modeling work and I had invited her to come down and shoot with me while I was there…one of my photographer friends near Little Rock had recommended her highly…lucky for me, she brought her hot guy named Taylor with her…although he had never modeled before, he certainly had the looks for it and as it turned out, a hot build for it too…I was able to talk him into giving it a shot as well…I started with him in some fire gear while Nikki picked out some lingerie to shoot in….

FF Smiling            FF Sexy Smile and Abs

FF Sexy Lines                    Nikki All Over Taylor



…they looked great together so I took some images of them together in these outfits…

Rescue of Nikki 4         Rescue of Nikki 2

FF Catch of The Day


…and then I photographed Nikki alone for awhile….I did tell Taylor I looked forward to shooting with him again later in the shoot tho….

Window Lit Corset Babe              Corset Babe on Bed

Bed Babe Smiles               Bed Babe Windowlit

Bed Babe Windowlight

Corset Babe Flirt


…by this time it was early afternoon and another referral by DJ showed up to work with me…Kai is a tall hottie that had worked with DJ extensively and after seeing my work, he wanted to work with me as well…we all loaded up and headed over to one of the waterfalls I have shot at extensively on my trips down there…we arrived with a couple of hours of daylight left, it sits in a deep canyon and is more of a morning place to shoot at, but we were able to get some great images that afternoon….

Waterfall Shorts Hottie  Waterfall Hottie Art

Waterfall Hottie Art 2  Hottie At the Falls 2

Hottie At the FallsWaterfall Abs Art

Watefall Glamour ArtWaterfall Art

Glamour Babe At Waterfall 4



Waterfall Babe Flirt

Watefall Glamour Babe 2





…and my last babe of 2009 contacted me in December, interested in some new images for her portfolio…Alisa was a knockout Russian babe….gorgeous….

Barn Babe in Lingerie             Barn Babe Lingerie 2

Barn Bale Beauty  Barn Bale Babe

Barn Jkt Bale Babe                    Christmas Tree Babe 2

Christmas Babe 3

Ready for Wrapping 2   Christmas Tree Babe

Sexy Santa Babe   Santa Hat Babe

Sexy Santa Hat Babe

Sexy Santa Bag Babe

Christmas Lingerie Babe



…and just like that, Alisa was a stunning finish to my season of 2009 !!






Babes During 2008

I only  worked with three gals during the entire year, however all three of them really stand out in my mind yet today as gorgeous gals to work with. Cheryl was the first and I was honored to work with her, she had been over in Iraq as a military firefighter so I had a tremendous amount of respect for her from the get go, but she proved she was a very hott and sexy model as well. I wish now I could have located an army outfit for her to wear while here as well, am sure she would have pulled that off just as sexily as she did with the fire gear, which she looked smokin hott in….

DSC_0007              DSC_0037

DSC_0043           DSC_0046


I`m Ready for Some Action (2)

and I really like her firefighter tattoo, too, one of the coolest ones I have ever seen….


She looked great on the back of my friend`s fire truck too….

Rear Step Bunker Babe (2)




thanks Cheryl…really enjoyed working with ya !!

I also had the opportunity of working with a beautiful babe in Kentucky named Jackie…and was fortunate to be able to photograph her on another friend`s antique fire pumper, beautiful girl on a beautiful truck….it doesn`t get any better than that….

Are you Ready to Go With Me RT

Hop on Lets Go for a Ride Posterized    FF Jackie Staging With her Truck RT

Dressy ALF Babe                             Captains Seat 28 ALF


ALF New Captain RT                    Justin Loves his Job RT

It did get better when one of my male models who lives nearby, showed up…and I`m pretty sure it made Justin`s day, too….

Just Tell Me What To Do_edited-1         Justin and the New Driver RT

Seatcover on 1928 ALF RT

Red Hot Babe RT

Red Hot Babe Smiles RT

Sexy Babe on ALF RT

Hot ALF Babe Smiles RT

Thanks again Jackie and Justin…great shoot in Kentucky…my friend who owns the truck really enjoyed the images too.

My next shoot was with another hot blonde named Jimmie, who I have known for several years, and had the opportunity to work with her for a couple of years before she moved out of state to a dream job….we started with chaps and finished her test session with fire gear….

Cowgirl with Chaps                   Serious Cowgirl

Lookin for Trouble                  Lets Go

…she did so well and enjoyed it so much, we decided to shoot again the next day, this time to see about getting her into FIrehouse Girls work….

Dressy Babe Smiles               Fire Babe

Wheres The Fire    Gorgeous Firefighter

Lets Fight Fire Together                          Sexy Firefighter

Bunker Babe Smiles

Bunker Babe Kneels

…and she enjoyed this session so much, we decided to schedule another session a little later when she had more time to shoot, this time we could shoot some inside and some outside…talk about a great model to work with….stay tuned for more of this babe.

 My next model was also a hot blonde, from the northeast part of the state…seems TyAnn had heard about my work and contacted me to see if I would be willing to help her update her portfolio. After one look at some of her images, I was definitely on board with that idea fast….she had a few years of modeling experience and was easy on the eyes as well, and not afraid of anything….I took a few images of her in and out of lingerie first….she wanted to shoot the fire gear so naturally we got into that pretty fast too….

Hot Babes Ass                        Hot Babe in Blue

Fire Coat Babe (2)                        Fire Coat Tease (2)

Ready to be Trained (2)

Ready for Action Babe Tyann (2)

Ready For Action (2)

I`m Ready to Rappell Are you (2)                       Hard Hat Roper (2)

Sexy Fire Babe (2)                  Helmet Babe (2)

Fireside Babe (2)

Hot and Demure Fire Boots Babe (2)



Working with Tyann was alot of fun and a great way to cap off an exciting year of shoots.








Babes in 2007

Jenn was the first babe I photographed this year….first worked with her in March and enjoyed working with her so much I invited her back a few times…I felt extremely lucky when she was able to come down and shoot with me…she was a real trooper, and besides her modeling work ethic and sheer beauty, I also admired her for her passion and work in cancer cure research…beauty and brains both…

Angel with wings                   Stunning angel

Smiling angel

End of couch babeEnd of couch curves

…after a few initial images,  I put her in some fire gear to see how she would work out for calendar/poster work….and she looked just as sexy in the gear as she did out of it…..

Sexy firefighter                     Here this will cool you off

Smokin hot firefighter

Can I drive                     Need a ride

Sexy New Recruit

Lucky for me, Jenn enjoyed working with me as much as I did with her, so I invited her back in July to shoot with me some more, she sure was a lot of fun to work with and had a smoking hott look too.

In April, I got lucky when a male model scheduled to come up and shoot with me from Oklahoma, brought his girlfriend with him and she was interested in shooting some images as well, and open minded as well…her name was Sophie and she had a gorgeous exotic look to her…some Cuban heritage in her blood and it stood out in stunning facial structure…simply sensuous and gorgeous all wrapped together….


Holie shorts teaser                                   Holie shorts flirt

lame wrap                         Blue babydoll

Teasing top down     Sexy babe

pretzel suit babe                               French door tease

Babydoll glamour girl                   Glamour girl flirts

Glamour girl teases top down                          Babydoll teaser

…and she looked stunning in fire gear too….

hot fire chick                  Fire line babe 1

…at her request I was able to line her up some good paying print work with some friends of mine all over the country, but from what I understand, she found some steady work with a good fashion outlet that worked out well for her.

In July, Jenn came back to shoot with me again and joined up with one of my KC models named Vince for some poster work. She brought some new bikini`s that she had just purchased to shoot in under the fire gear, they looked great on her…and she brought her gold colored cowgirl boots so she could shoot some images in my barn too….

Sexy and Wet Babe Jenn                        Jenn Ready for Action

Jenn axe and smile

High Spray

Fire babe                    Fire babe in smile

Smoke babe                   Sunbeams babe

Barn Babe in golden boots          Barn babe in golden light

Barn Rafters Cowgirl                                    Gorgeous in the Barn

Feelin lucky            Golden Cowgirl

Alas, her work in research really took off shortly after that and I never did get a chance to work with her again.


Laina was one of the hottest blonde babes I ever had the pleasure of working with…she came to me for some portfolio work, wanting to get into a website organization known as The Firehouse Girls…which unfortunately did not last very long, but because I was shooting alot of fire service themework, she found me online and asked me to shoot some images that she could submit to them with her application and I was more than happy to help her out…she became one of my favorite models to work with back then, returning a few times to work with me on other shoots….another natural at it…

laina1                OFFICIALBIKINILAINA



…and here are more of her calendar/poster images as well….it`s no wonder The Firehouse Girls picked her up pretty fast…a person woulda been nuts to turn her down….. I will try to limit these to the very best images of Laina, but let me tell you that will be hard to do because all of her images were the best ones….she was that gorgeous to photograph and work with….

Black Lingerie Flirt                        Fire Coat Flirt

Short Coat Hottie            Test Shot 3 Her Pose

Gorgeous Bunker Babe                               DSC_0208

DSC_0173      Flames Bikini 2

DSC_0247                    Fanning the Flames

Antique Babe_edited-2               DSC_0421

After Glow Stretch                               Fire Line Tape Babe

All Taped Up


…and then we shot some other images…..isn`t she gorgeous  ??!!

Blue Jean Skrt Babe                              Denim Skirt Babe Flirts

Blue Jean Skrt Babe Flirts 2               Babe in Barn

Babe in Barn 2                                 Babe in Barn 3

Blue Jean Babe Flirts   Cowgirl In Barn

Blue Jean Babe             Cowgirl Flirt

Barn Jacket Babe


In the fall as I was preparing for my annual trip to Arkansas for my fall vacation, I discovered a gorgeous gal modeling in the southern area that I planned to visit, and was able to talk her into modeling for me at one of my favorite waterfalls in that area…Destiny was just starting out in modeling work and was great to work with…one of my male models, Jaye, helped me with the shoot since I was shooting her in fire gear and with rappelling rope…Jaye climbed up on this huge rock and tied the rope off to it so she could put some weight on it….

Roped and Ready to Go                   Lets go Rapelling

Join me   Georgeous Scenery

Babe in Scenery

Teaser                              Teaser babe

Bunker Babe Flirts by WF           Babelicious WF Bunker Babe

Flirty WF Bunker Babe

Fall Beauty

Babelicious Babe in Bunkers

Pink and sultry

Turquoise Waterfall


….at the time I worked with her, Destiny was just starting out in modeling…soon after I worked with her, she was photographed for Playboy Magazine, and then got into webcam and nude print modeling work.

When I returned from my vacation, I found yet another gorgeous gal from central Illinois to work with…her name fit her like a silk glove…Starie….talk about sexy and hott rolled into one fine form of gorgeous and sensuous beauty…..I recall my test session with her lasting a few hours in addition to the couple of hours I had suggested…she was that smokin hot to work with….


Glamour Babe

Glamour Girl Hott

Bedroom Eyes Looks

Tirgress At Play   Pretty Sexy Feet

Sexy    Tigress At Play 2

Sexy Stripper

Christmas Lingerie Babe    Christmas Babe

Christmas Babe under Tree



…and after watching her perform in front of my camera, I knew she could handle any situation in modeling work…so we started with some calendar/poster outfits….and I photographed her on a friend`s antique truck too….

Hot Uniform Babe                               Uniform Hat Babe

Open Uniform Shirt Hottie                Uniformly Built

Bunker Pants Babe                       Bunker Babe Starie

Aggressive Fire Babe               Sooo Hotttt

Flashing Lights Babe                                 Ready for Action 2

Hot Pumper










Babes in 2006

I had an opportunity in September to photograph a gorgeous young lady from the Phlippines that was living in southwest Missouri at the time…and during a weekend stay there I photographed her at a very pretty waterfall as well….she went by the name of Babey…..and starting out had this very sexy mermaid lingerie outfit….

Bed babe



soft and sexy in bed







Bed Mermaid





Bed Mermaid teases bottoms downBed beautyBeauty in bed smiles

We also shot some erotic images of her, as she wanted to get a little wilder than the sexy mermaid images….I was fine with that, as I really enjoy working with Asian women, they are easily some of the most sensuous models….

simply gorgeousTabletopErxotic TabletopTabletop vixen

..and then we traveled over to the waterfall, easily one of the prettiest waterfalls in Missouri…..

Hardrock artTop of the falls babeWaterfall babeFllrt near fallsexotic falls flirtexotic flirtBikini flit in fallsFalls flirtFlirt in the fallsWaterfall babe gets wetWaterfall vixenwaterfall artwaterfall babe flirts

…and I`m pretty sure the officer that was taking his lunch hour there, enjoyed the show as much as we appreciated him sticking around. 


I discovered a hot cowgirl model in the fall, she was actually referred to me by Wade and lived down near him in south central Missouri…her name was Robin and she came up to shoot with me several times that fall season as well as the following year….she looked great in everything and nothing at all….

chaps cowgirlchaps artchaps babechaps cowgirl 2cowgirl teaserblue jean babydenim jkt cowgirlbabe in barncowgirl on balebarn artpretty in pinkbale babe pinkpretty in pink smilepink bikini on loungerpink bikini flirthot water babehot tub babehair and breasts artbeauty patternhot tub fantasy artsoft smile water babegorgeous hairbikini flirt 2bikini top teased offpool babe takes off toppool babebeauty pool artbeauty in the pool

A Trip Down Memory Lane – Female Models Nude 2

One of the sexiest female models I have ever had the pleasure of working with, a friendship that lasts to this day, was referred to me by one of my local male models many years ago….I`ll refer to her as Model X here….she could really push your buttons if she enjoyed working with you and since she returned to work with me so many times, I`m guessing she really enjoyed working with me,  as much as I enjoyed her personality and working with her. 

She turned out to be a very erotic model who moved very gracefully and catlike in her posing…I never had to do anything more than give her a starting idea and she was off to the races and you better be able to keep up or you would lose out on some great images of her. In the early days you could easily shoot ten or more rolls of film on her and later in the digital days, you better have a couple of flashcards handy cause you were going to need them. I would easily compare her to a Penthouse model any day of the week, she could have given any of them a run for their money.

I wish I had more of her images saved digitally, but I lost alot of my print files and negatives when my basement flooded a few years ago after a long lasting rain storm, courtesy of the city`s aging stormwater system. I`m still hoping to find some more files that were not damaged or lost, and will post more of her images if I locate more, here are the few that I have of her….

playful flirt-1


cover girl by aspen-1




…above she is shown posing on my hot tub cover… never looked so nice….and below in my barn…..

gorgeous willow in barn-1


backlit legs and ass-1


barn babe flirt-1


barnwood babe-1


barn flirt-2


barn flirt smile-1


…and she looked good with leather too….




Another model that came to me on a referral, and I honestly cannot remember now who referred her, was Jada….she only shot with me one time, mainly because she was almost out of college when she shot with me and then got a nice job and moved away….she came down while I had an older model motorcycle in my studio, so that`s what we used for the prop….

MC Babe 5


MC Babe 4


MC Babe 6

…she was another model that I enjoyed working with, albeit briefly.

Heather was a hot female model that I met online, she danced and stripped at a Como club on the weekends, so came down to model with me a few times through the week…very hot but brief duration….

Barn Loft Babe


Like most strippers, she did not have a problem showing off anything at all…. 

HayLoft Babe



Karen was a model that I met online and interviewed in St Louis one day, when I was looking for models for the calendar project…her interview went well and she came out to test shoot the next day. She did very well in her test shoot and we worked her into a few shoots for the calendar, the main shoot for her was the cover of the calendar. She had so much fun with that and was such fun to work with, that I continued working with her on other shoots and she had expressed an interest in possibly getting into some magazine work as well.  She gave it her best shot anyway…..

Barn Babe


She had a dazzling smile….

Barn Babe 4


as well as a sexy bedroom eyes look….

Barn Babe 5


…and she looked great in bloomers, too…

Barn Bloomers


Lingerie Flirt


Winter Wonderland Babe 2


Winter Wonderland Babe 4


She had given the information in her interview that she was a DOLL to work with, and she proved that very well. 








A Trip Down Memory Lane – Female Models Nude

While some female models were content with shooting glamour images only, several contacted me on the side, requesting that I shoot nude print work of them as well, so that they could submit their images to magazine publishers, attempting to become centerfold starlets for publishers such as Playboy, Penthouse, Gallery, and other magazines. After a few years of shooting submission quality images for those models, photo editors of various magazines began contacting me and asking me to submit my images to them directly, building up my contacts and increasing shoot and model opportunities. I continued to submit only the images of models who requested this type of shoot.

Here are images of the models who requested those types of shoots back in the day and a bit of background on those shoots, in no particular order I might add…..

Angela was one of the hottest erotic models that I worked with…she was a sexy blonde with a dynamite bod and she made it very clear from the start that she absolutely enjoyed showing off her looks and her bod, completely nude most of the time….which was just fine with me. She had a great personality and flirted all the time…she had a great job in Illinois at a casino and modeled in her spare time for fun. I shot her several times alone and worked her into some shoots with firearms that a friend would loan me occasionally….

Armed and Dangerous 4

Armed and Dangerous 5

…she looked great with a Vulcan motorcycle that a friend loaned me for shoots………

Vulcan Hottie 3

Vulcan Hottie 4


Vulcan Flirt 9


Vulcan Flirt 3A


Vulcan Flirt 11B


Vulcan Flirt 26A


Hott Vulcan 5


Hott Vulcan 8


Hott Vulcan 12


Hott Vulcan 11


She also made a sexy looking mechanic with tools….

Tool Babe 2


Tool Babe 4


Tool Babe 5


Tool Babe 6


Tool Babe 7


Tool Babe 10


Mechanic On Duty


Mechanic On Duty 14


Mechanic On Duty 8


…and she looked great in the barn and hay too….

Chaps Babe 6

Chaps Babe

and she looked stunning on a white convertible that a friend needed some photos of….she had some ideas for poses in and on the car that he really liked as well…


Convertible Babe 5

…and I suggested the owner sit in the drivers seat for the special poses…

Convertible Babe


Convertible Babe 7


…but she looked good in just about everything….

Lingerie Babe 4


Lingerie Babe 2

…as well as nothing at all…..




Another great model came to me on a referral, that later submitted some of her images to PB Magazine, was Cathy…she and her boyfriend came to see me one day and after explaining my work and the opportunities available at the time, they were both quite fine with it and she actually worked with me on several shoots, including a few jeep shoots at a nearby pretty place with a bluff and rocks…


Jeep on Bluff 4


Jeep on Bluff 5


Jeep on Bluff 6


I do happen to know that she had the complete attention of the owner of the jeep, one of my good firefighter friends from St Clair, as you can see above. In the next few images, you will see some of her test shots, including one in fire gear…she looked stunning in that….

Lingerie Babe


Lingerie Babe 2


FF Axe Babe


She also modeled with a few of my male models at a waterfall that I used to shoot at alot back then…I can`t reveal the location of the falls but I can say it was a very pretty place and I had permission to shoot there whenever I wanted to, and shot there quite a bit….on this particular day, Cathy had just purchased a neat US Flag bikini and tried it out in this shoot with Mel and Chris at the falls….two of the nicest and sexiest local guys I had modeling for me at the time….

Chris Carrier and Mel Whited at Waterfall


and then I shot her with Mel as well….same location, there are actually three waterfalls there side by side….

With Mel Whited at Waterfalls


With Mel Whited at Waterfalls 2