New Guy Rory….

While on vacation this fall, I had the pleasure of photographing a new male model from the Nashville area, who drove down to shoot with me in Hot Springs. We actually had been talking on line for about a year and he was in need of some good images to show his good looks and build, that would help him get into some good paying print and video work. I told him I would do my best to help him out. He had to work til early afternoon before he could even leave and head my way, so it was after dark before he arrived….

Since I was nearly famished by that time, I took him over to Outback Steakhouse for supper and we had some great steaks there. It has become one of my favorite places to eat down there when I want a good steak. A few years ago I had a good model that worked there part time as well. We stopped off for some ice cream on the way back and then relaxed down for the rest of the evening in front of the tv after his long day of work and drive down.

We started shooting about mid morning the next day after a good night of rest, with some windowlight and casual looks…

…I really liked his red hair and facial hair, as well as his smiling eyes, he had a very easy going, laid back attitude that really comes across in country boys…and I could tell Rory was enjoying the photo session as much as I was….

He began showing me his beautiful build soon after a few casual images and soon after he confirmed for me that the carpeting did match the drapes….he turned out to be a natural flirt and model….

…soon after, I had him switch out to some long johns that were a pretty blue color….that really just showed off his gorgeous colors….


…and the nice southern windowlight really made his beautiful green eyes dance and shimmer….

…and he went into flirt mode then….and stayed there for quite a long time…

…and then we switched to denim bibs and switched up the background a bit….

…and then he tried some unique lace up jockstraps I brought along in three colors…naturally, he chose red….

..and then I had a good chance to shoot those beautiful locks and red curls up close with those shimmering green eyes and flirty smile….he told me a week out that he had shaven his full beard and would come down clean shaven…but I am really glad that he didn`t do that…the facial hair really just adds to his sexy charm and personality….

…let me tell ya…he really worked that bed well…for a new model he sure knows how to pose and flirt….sign of a natural model right there….

…after that intense workout…he showered….giving me a good look at a wet and soapy ginger boy….

…and then we went outside to shoot at my favorite waterfall nearby….it was a bit cool so I shot a few of him with his coat on to start, then he was a real sport giving me some shirtless images…at 40 degrees outside, I wasn`t gonna ask him for anything more…and I didn`t subject him to those temps for long either….

…from there we went and had some lunch and then went back to finish out the session…

…and then I took some photos of his dick cause he was certainly going to need some closeups to send to the producers with his resume….there is something about those gingers…they never disappoint….

Thanks for a great shoot and visit Rory….truly enjoyed it and look forward to the next shoot….




Greg Davis, Latino Model

Late in July last year, I contacted a new model that was on a modeling website, he had a hot look and muscular and symmetrical build…we talked back and forth and agreed on a date for him to come down by train. I made arrangements with a buddy of mine to shoot Greg at my buddy`s farm near Washington, went and picked up Greg at the Washington Train Station and then drove over to Andy`s farm to photograph him. We would have a few hours to shoot and then I would take him back to the train station so he could catch the evening train back…enough time for a first session with a great location and great weather. Greg liked the scenery and pool so we decided to start shooting there first…he is actually one of about five guys from Spain I have been fortunate to work with, they seem to have beautiful striking facial features and flawless skintones much of the time….and Greg had some tattoos as well…bodyart, as I refer to them… I took a few test shots first to check the lighting, standing him next to a flowering bushy shrub near the patio in his red and black Pump Jock….and then started shooting one outfit after another…take a look…

…and shortly after, I had to return him to the train depot for his return trip back….I def enjoyed working with him. Thanks again Greg. 


Hott & Sultry Scott in Arkansas

I had the opportunity to photograph a Memphis model when I was down in Arkansas during the 4th of July this year…he drove over to work with me on some nude print work, has experience in some nude video work and was looking to expand his horizons. Shortly after working with me, I was able to hook him up with a photographer friend of mine who expanded his horizons a bit more with additional video work and he has had several additional offers of work with that endeavor ever since. Here are some of his images from my shoot with him…

…and then we drove down to the waterfall that I like to shoot at….

…and then returned just in time to shoot the sun setting over the lake….

…enjoyed working with you Scott, thanks again and look forward to the next time. 🙂

Joe in Arkansas


On the 4th of July I had the opportunity to photograph two of my favorite models in Arkansas, separately of course, but on the same day…Jake had only an hour to work with me so I photographed him first at a beautiful city park on the north side of town, and then Joe and I drove to the waterfall south of town and we shot several nice images there. Joe is a hot blonde boy so I decided to shoot him in all white clothing to start…















….at this point, Joe was beginning to get a bit warm so I let him dabble in the water and get his feet a bit wet….




…and from there he just got out of control and before you knew it….



…he was soaked to the bone and a waterfall dreamboy….



…and at this point, I finally began to see him smile…guess that is what he needed, some liquid refreshment in order to bring that beautiful smile out….










…and finally the smiles returned once again….

…then I had him change outfits….since it was a holiday weekend, this one was very appropriate I thought….






…and then we had some folks show up wanting to cool down in the water, so we headed back to finish up inside…






….found out he looks good in windowlight as well as on the floor by doorlight….







…and then we shot some more windowlight images…love the shadowlight on a guy built like Joe, the classical lines just look really good in the images….





….and then I had him try on a singlet and we tried out another window……we had been shooting south light and now were going to see how north light looked on him… here he is in the new outfit below….


…and here he is in north light windowlight….



…and as you can see, he looks great in north light too…even when a little further from the window….


…and then we tried light coming in from three different angles…


…and then more south light….




…as usual, another great shoot with Joe…and I look forward to working with him yet again. thanks again Joe !!


New Model Seamus O`Reilly

It`s been ages since I have been able to photograph a hot ginger model and I finally got another opportunity to do so when I contacted a young man on a modeling website back in May, and luckily for me and one of my photographer friends, Cody was able to come down on Memorial Day Weekend and shoot with us. He let me know right away that he especially loved to shoot nudes and enjoyed letting it all hang out, so I knew then that we were in for a special treat that day, and Cody sure did not disappoint us….we shot him at our favorite farm, owned by one of our favorite friends named Andy, who has a beautiful 225 acre farm with a wrap around porch, beautiful plants and flowers, three haybarns complete with horses, cows, and machinery, and a beautiful in ground pool as well…Andy also allowed us to photograph Cody with his motorcycle there. My photographer friend Brad let me start out shooting Cody while he in turn, photographed another of our favorite local models named Travis….I started out with Cody in the tack room of the horse barn….


…I really liked his down to earth and laid back style, plus his smiling eyes, red hair everywhere, and flirty attitude really appealed to me as well and I enjoyed working with him the rest of the day…



…and he has a couple of colorful and pretty tattoos that really blend with his good looks, red hair, and freckles…all very appealing in a sexy ginger model….and there wasnt a thing that he was afraid to show off either….


I shot about 400 images of Cody..he has one of those looks and personalities where you just hate to stop shooting him…




…when I finished shooting with Travis, we walked back to the pool and found Cody stretched out on his stomach on one of the chaise lounges checking his email….




I met another new guy down in Arkansas on my trip in May, had talked to him on and off on a modeling website for the better part of a year and he was finally able to find some free time to come shoot with me at the end of my stay there…he wanted to get into more nude print work, unable to get into any video work at this time, although he sure had a sexy look and build for it. He had some good experience under his belt and it really showed in the way he flirted and posed on his own…due to that level of experience and the sheer beauty of this guy, I was able to shoot some more shadow light art work of him…





…he gave me a neat little smirk above and a very sexy smile below…truly fun to work with…he has an intense focus on what he is doing…something rarely found in a model anymore these days….


Notice the innocence in his face in this next image….


…the next one…I did not darken nor enhance it in any way, shape, or form…his strong focused gaze just holds you intensely locked in….


and this next one is darkened down some with a base tan given to him…his lush red lips still stand out tho…




…and super sexy in the bedroom too….













thanks again for working with me Legend, look forward to the next time….



Randy Steps Up to the Plate

About six months ago, I shot a cute French heritage guy by the name of Randy, from southern Missouri and soon enough, he returned interested in doing more extensive modeling, so he graduated up to nude modeling soon enough and became a frequent flier working with me and some of my photographer friends…in this next session, we started off with some windowlight images….







…and the next session I shot him next to the Christmas tree in some innocent nude images….  



…and then in his new shirt and out of it as well….



…and then I put him in some fire gear…..he looked SMOKIN HOTT in it….



…and one day he dropped by right before we had a great sunset outside…so I put him in the hot tub in the sunroom and shot him with the gorgeous sunset illuminating the windows behind him….


…our next session was high key contrast….




…he continues to improve with experience and has become a very sexy guy to work with….




Model Clint Revisited in 2016

While I was down at Hot Springs during my fall vacation, I had the opportunity to revisit with Clint and shoot him once again…needless to say, he is aging like a fine wine….


21               22

26       28



…really enjoyed working with him once again, loved his new hair style too…thanks again Clint…lets not wait so long the next time, okay ?


More Arkansas Models – Jon

While down in Arkansas on my annual fall vacation, I had the opportunity to photograph a few guys once again. I had the pleasure of working with a new model back in July, Jon from the Little Rock area, and I had told him I wanted to work with him again in the fall with the normally beautiful fall foliage in southern Arkansas. However this year, the color was nowhere to be found in that area, certainly not at any of the normal places that I shoot at outside…so when Jon showed up, we opted to just stay inside and shoot…we started out with some art nude images…


            24                      29

32  373845

47               52

58  62

79              88

…after shooting inside, we decided to drive over to an old mill to see if there was any color over there…I had not been to that side of town yet, so had no idea if there might be color there or not. I had photographed it a few years back and discovered the whole hillside behind it is usually lit up by several small maples…however we arrived to find all the trees barren of any leaves whatsoever, so we decided to try the inside of the building…a bit dirty inside but pretty neat at the same time…..since it was a very dirty floor, Jon decided to keep his socks on at the very least…I dont blame him a bit…




101               106



113114120   and then we went outside the building to shoot ….

121                  124

…where there is a giant waterwheel next to a creek…as it turned out, in the background up on the hill there actually was some color and we were able to get some nice reflections in the water…the first few photos have a painterly look to them, which unfortunately washed out his skin tones a bit….



…Jon, once again, I enjoyed working with you and really look forward to the next time, hopefully next spring….maybe the dogwoods will be in bloom this time around. 🙂





The Return of Kurt Wild

The first week of November I was pleasantly surprised to hear from Kurt Wild, asking if he could come shoot with me once again. Some of you recall that I was able to help him get his start several years ago in video work, at his request, and he was looking to return to some modeling work in a more limited role this time around, hoping to supplement his regular work income. I dont blame him a bit wanting to help his family out, as this recession continues to drag out and take its toll on everyone and everything…I cannot remember a recession lasting this long ever.  Kurt and I have stayed in contact over the years and remained good friends, and he reinforced that strong bond while he was here visiting and shooting with me. I sincerely believe that over the years, this young man has only gotten better looking with age and has maintained his youthful build as well..we started as always, in the barn…

03               07

09                  10 thing is definitely for sure…Kurt still knows how to flirt…

15 18

19                 23

…and he still knows what all to show off on his sexy body….

28             30

….and how to move well to accomplish it….

37                 45

48   38


74                             75

78    89

94          101





107108                        111

114  129

132 118

125    134

145  126

…and then I asked him to do some art nude work for me….





174                             175



….and then I got to see him in Super Flirt Mode…..

189-ooo-lala              191

192-oooo-lala                      194

197-ooo-lala                  199-ooo-lala

202                 204

206-hott-boy             207-hott-dam

210-sexy-boy-toy                    211-hottie-smiles215-gorgeous219-smokin-hott220

229              232-hottie

233-hard-hottie 238-wowzer



Like always, Kurt was great to work with once again and I look forward to the next time. Thanks for coming back to work with me again, Kurt !!