Studs of 2010….Many New Faces

I started my blog site after having it re-designed by my good photographer friend DJ of Conway, Arkansas, who is a whiz at photoshop and building websites, he built this one for me after re-designing it and did a fantastic job with it. So if you go back to the original posts, I started adding material in July of 2010 after my summer trip to southern Arkansas…so this post will basically just be a recap of the entire year of 2010.

My shoots in 2010 started off a bit late due to a busy month in January with other things taking place…and despite a very cold and snowy February, a few new models met with me and allowed me to photograph them in order to get them started…a few of my photographer friends reached out to me in the local area and asked me to assist them in their searches for models for paid shoots. Many of the models I worked with this year I was able to line up with them as well and created a win-win situation for everyone involved. My first shoot was on a very cold day in Feb at a friend`s farm in one of the haybarns, with a young man named Bryan who had moved down here from the East Coast in search of concrete work…he turned out to be a tightly toned blonde haired young man who was a lot of fun to work with over the next several months for a few of us….he had a few colorful tattoos in the right spots and wanted to get into nude print work….these first four images I shot of him in the haybarn on a very cold day…Bryan was a real trooper for standing the cold like he did and I was impressed with his personality and his looks….

Pretty Boi Barn LadderHot Hay Loft Boi SmilesHott Boi In BarnHottie In Barn


…so much that I invited him down to shoot with me again a week later and I promised him it would be a much warmer shoot this time….

Couch HottieBarn Boi Stretches


…I still had my Christmas backdrop up and he liked the looks of it and some of the outfits with it….

Christmas BoyToyChristmas BoyToy FlirtsChristmas BoyToy in the SackChristmas Special DeliveryChristmas Present

and he wanted to try the fire gear as well….which he looked very hott in, I might add…..

FF Axe HottieFF Axe Stud 2FF Axe Stud


…he enjoyed that shoot and returned a week later for yet another shoot, and this time one of my photographer friends came down to work with him as well….

Available for FunI Like To PlayShower Boi WetShower BoitoyArty BoiHott and Hard CoverboiCowboy Hat and Boots BoytoyCowboy Hat and Boots Boi NudeCowboy Hat and Boots BoiCowboy Hat and Boots Boytoy Smiles


…he spent the next few weeks working and shooting with another photographer friend of mine nearby, and then returned in April when the bluebells were blooming…I took him to a nearby farm where they always bloom in bunches….

PolesetterBluebell Bluejeans Gate BoiBluebell Bluejean GatekeeperBluebell Bluejean GateboiBluebell Gate BoiAu Naturel Gate KeeperBluebell Gate DreamerArt Bluebells 2Bluebells Arty BoiBluebells Field of DreamsArt Bluebells 3Bluebell Ass FlrirtBluebell Ass Flirt SmilesBluebells GaloreArt Bluebells 4Bluebell Art Hottie 2Bluebells BottomboyJeans Flirt in FieldFence FlirtCorner Pocket Stud Flirts


Needless to say, Brian was one of the highlights of 2010 for me and my photographer friends who were fortunate enough to work with him before he left for home.


In May, I had the good fortune of working with a  hot muscular guy named Greg, who came down one day to shoot some poster work with me, and looked fantastic I might add, all dressed in fire gear…..

FF Hottness 2FF Sculpture

FF StudLadder Art

Nozzle ArtPuttin On His GlovesFF Hottie 2Ladder Hottie

On the very first day of June, I photographed a cute guy named Charlie, who contacted me two weeks before online…he was in southern Illinois and wanted to get into some modeling work to offset his college expenses…said he enjoyed showing off and it shows in his images….he turned out to be a very good model….

Hott Ass Jeans 2Barn Floor FlirtHottie KneelingAussie FlirtSinglet Hottie

…and then I took him to my friend`s farm nearby…..

Tack Shop OverallsTack Shop Cutie OverallsTack Shop Cutie TongueBarn Boy with HorsesTack Shop CutieHolie Jeans Front Porch

Charlie came back to work with me and some of my friends after that first session.


Early June, I talked to a hot guy online that was from down around Fort Wood, he wasn`t in the military, but was attending college and very much wanted to get into some modeling work, so he came down and shot some test shots with me…Nic turned out to be much hotter looking in person than the photos he sent me and I was very impressed with him….

Farmboi Bridle BoyFarmboi Hard Bridle StudFarmboi Wants PlowedChaps StudSexy Wrangler in BarnHollister HottieAmerican Eagle Boy FlirtsAmerican Eagle Boy

Nic was a very hot guy to work with…..

The following week I was up in Kansas City for a Babe Shoot, several babes I should say, in swimwear and lingerie, at a private residence. It was a two day shoot and I had planned to stay both days to shoot, however the accomodations for us photographers did not turn out to be what was promised for the fee, so I left early the second morning and met a hot young Asian model named Ed, at one of the parks in southern KC near Union Station…he turned out to be quite a hot model to work with that morning before I returned home…

Sunbeams Cutie       Sunbeams and The StudLiberty Memorial Hottie 2Liberty Memorial Hottie

The Fountain and The Hottie 2The Fountain and The Hottie

…and the next image is posterized of him….High Contrast Stud






…then I took him down to some fountains where one could get some great reflections of him….this would have been perfect for fire gear but I did not bring any with me…..

The Hottie and The FountainArt and The Fountain 1Wading Pool Hottie 2







Wading Pool StudWading Pool Reflections

…by this time, traffic was really picking up behind me, there is a roundabout there and we were causing quite a sensation of interest, so we packed it up and headed to a private pool that he knew of nearby, where I could photograph him in his speedos….

Stairway Speedos StudFrom the Vines

Speedo HottieFlower Garden ArtStairway to Speedos Hottie

…and then we were done…we never did get any pool shots, although we were right next to it…there were a few gals in it and we didn`t want to disturb them….Ed was a lot of fun to work with, hope to see him and shoot him again sometime. 

Stud City in 2009 Part 2

A week after I worked with sensation Stephen from Arkansas, Kyle came back down to go rock hounding with me for the weekend and when we arrived at one of the locations, there was a road grader sitting there…so we took advantage of it as a backdrop for a few images of Kyle..

Grader Boi Smiles                 Grader Boi Flirts

…and then I took him to another farm I have access to occasionally….

Barn Saddle Stud Smiles                Barn Saddle Stud 2

Barn Nude Cutie in Breezeway               Barn Nude in Patch of Sunlight

Barn Gate Flirt


…and then photographed him doing some of his handstands that he is talented and flexible with….

Acrobatic hottie               Artistic and Flexible

Arty Nude                Articulate Gymnast

Arty Splits Smile


…how many of you can do the splits like that without pain ??? I sure can`t….you go boy….you rock !!  Yall should go watch him in person when he performs in St Louis on the silks and other trapeze performances….

Late in August I did some test shots of a couple of new models from southwest Missouri and photographed one of my south central models in fire gear….that eventually culminated into a larger group shoot in September. Jeff was the first of the new guys to arrive that weekend and did quite well for his first time modeling…

Hot Ass Flirt in Barn              FF Axe on his Shoulder

FF Firelight Ass


…and worked into a regular model for me and some photographer friends for the next several months….Chris was the second model up from SW Missouri that weekend, needing some assistance to get into print and video modeling work as well….he was quite a cutie with facial hair and body hair….99 percent of the guys I have worked with over the years were smooth or shaved…I rarely got a chance to work with guys with body hair, so Chris was a refreshing change for me…..

Barnboi Stripper               Wet and Sexy

Lets Get Wet                Innocent Flirt

I`m Available For Wet Fun            Innocent Flirt 2

Come and Get It


….really enjoyed the brief time I had to work with Chris…Kurt came down that weekend as well and I photographed him extensively in the fire gear…he helped me with testing some new backdrops for the fire gear images….

FF Hot and Friendly            FF Adjusts His Helmet

FF Hot and Sexy 2               FF Bunker Art

FF Nozzle Master            FF Hose Man 2

FF Smoking Nozzle               FF Smokin Ass

…and a couple of weeks later Kurt, Jeff, and Kyle came back to work with me at the farm on some projects I was working on…turned out to be a great weekend with three natural models…..

Front Porch Flirt  Poolside Wet and Reflective

Handstand Poolside             Hott Ass Pool Boi

Handstand Poolside Art            Handstand by Pool


Later that month I was down in the Joplin area again and was fortunate to work with a couple of new models, one experienced female model and one male new to modeling work….Daniel drove up from Oklahoma and he met me at the waterfall as I was finishing up the shoot with the female model there….

Rock Boi              Backlit Hottie on Rock

…and after just a little bit of instruction on how to move and pose, he was doing quite well on his own….

Dreamy Boi Art              Dreamy Boi Art 2

Dreamy Boi By The Falls 2Hottie At The Falls Smiles

Falls Art


When October rolled around, one of my Florida based producer friends drove up to enjoy the Missouri fall scenery and shoot in the countryside as well and brought about twenty models with them.  While they were up here shooting, a new model named Justin, drove up from the bootheel area to test shoot with me…I took him out to the farm to shoot some there as well, while they were there shooting as well. Justin turned out to be quite a cutie to work with and I enjoyed working with him, he looked great in my studio barn as well as the farm barns….

Barn Cutie              Open Jeans Hottie 3

Barn Wall Teaser             Barn Wall Stretch

Barn Breezeway Boi               Barn Wall Boi

Barn Wall Jeans Flirt                     Barn Flirt 2

Barn Breezeway Ass   Barn Ass Art

Beezeway Barn Flirt                    Breezeway Barn Flirt Smiles

Overalls in Breezeway               Overalls Flirt

Overall Ass Art                      Overalls Boi in Breezeway Art

Goldenrod Art


…and after a few hours out at the farm, we headed back to shoot some more at my house….Justin was a lot of fun to work with….

Hot Tub Cover CutieCouch Cutie Flexes

Innocent Cutie in Shower  Couch Cutie 2

Bed Boi Hard                Couch Cutie Kneels.


A few days later, Tim came back up with a new hairdo and look, to shoot with me and we worked on a few images in fire gear for poster work….here are the better ones…

FF New and Sexy              FF Sexy Smirk


…and a couple of days afterward, a new model named Brian showed up to work with me. While I normally work with models alone, one on one, to prevent distractions from third parties…his wife was with him and insisted on sticking around to watch because she was his manager…I told her my policy and told her I would allow her to do so this time, but any future work with him would not include her presence….I enjoyed working with Brian even though I wasn`t sure I could find him any work due to his manager insisting on being present for all shoots….

Ready              At the Ready

Ready to Go            Hott Art

Ready for Action                  Hoseboi Firelit

Nozzlemaster              Hoseboi Art

Roped and Ready

Ready to Go




In the fall I traveled down to southern Arkansas once again and wound up photographing Randy once again, the cute Native American with long black hair….this time tho, he had chopped much of it off and still looked just fine. He met me and one of my female models who spent a few days with me on Lake Ouachita, at the beautiful outdoor garden spot on the southeast side of Lake Hamilton…..

GG Reflecting Pool 2



GG Reflecting Pool 4GG Reflecting Pool 5A

GG Reflecting Pool 6

GG Reflecting Pool 8A

GG Reflecting Pool 9GG Reflecting Pool Double Image 1GG Reflecting Pool Double Image

I took them both to lunch after that at the steakhouse…..the next day I had five models scheduled for shoots, starting with a new young female model from the LR area who was referred to me by a good photographer friend of mine. Nikki and her husband Taylor drove down late morning, after Kyle arrived earlier that morning by train. I worked with Nikki and Taylor first…after convincing Taylor that he should be modeling in addition to his wife….

Nikki All Over Taylor                Nikki Getting What She Wants

Rescue of Nikki 2                    FF Catch of The Day

FF Sexy and Toned Smiles                    FF Smiling

FF Sexy Smile and Abs                   FF Hott Lines and Build

FF Sexy Lines


…as I was working with them, Kai arrived from northern Arkansas and when I finished shooting Nikki, we all loaded up and drove over to some beautiful waterfalls nearby for some outside images….

Waterfall Shorts Hottie Waterfall Hottie Art

Waterfall Hottie Art 2   Waterfall Hottie

Waterfall Shorts    Waterfall Abs Hottie

Waterfall Abs Art    Hottie At the Falls 2

Hottie At the Falls    Waterfall Rock Hottie


…and then I photographed Kai for about 30 minutes, which is about all the time we had left as the skies had clouded up while we were there and the light started fading from the deep canyon we were located in…..Kai came highly recommended to me by the same photographer friend that referred Nikki to me……

Waterfall Stud    Waterfall Stud Art 2

Mid Falls Art    Waterfall Stud Art

Straddling the Falls         Double Waterfall Art

Waterfall Stud


…by 4 pm, we were out of good light to keep shooting in the canyon so I told Kyle that we would stop off at another waterfall the next day and I would photograph him there. Nikki and Taylor headed home while Kai, Kyle and I headed back to the cabin, where we were met by Randy. After first shooting some sunset images lakeside with the guys, I finished up Kai`s shoot inside the cabin, so that he could get back on the road for his long drive home….

Sunset Gorgeous

Sunset Hottie Art

Sunset Hottie

Sunset Hottie 2

Sunset Stud 3

Hott and Sexy 2             Smokin Hott

Workin The Straps                Sexy in Gloves

Sexy FF Flirts                Sexy FF Stretches

Sexy FF Stretches 2                Sexy FF on Balcony Flirts

Hard Bed Boi  Bottomboy Hopeful

Work Of Art




I shot these sunset images of Randy, Kyle and another model that drove in that afternoon as well, right before shooting Kai`s sunset images…then they soaked in the hot tub on the cabin deck overlooking the lake while I finished up Kai`s indoor images….

Sunset Lake Ouachita

Sunset Trio 2



…I shot these images of Kyle at the lake just before the sunset images…he had a hot Huck Finn look to him there….

Hot Huck At the Lake                Hot and Sexy Huck

Climbing Up                A View To A Thrill

Cliffside Holding On                  Lakeside Huck Finn 2

Sunset Boi Lake Ouachita 2                        Sunset Hottie

Sunset Hottie 4

Sunset Boi Lake Ouchita 1


Sunset Hottie 3

Sunset Stud Smilse


True to my word to Kyle, I found a waterfall on the way home and photographed him in it, in his jeans and his new swim trunks….and at a barn nearby….

Jeans Stud Fouche River Falls

Swim Shorts at Fouche River Falls 2

Swim Shorts At Fouche River Falls

Handstand at Y City Falls

Barn Boy 2



Then a week later, I was contacted by a young Russian named Valentino, who was interested in modeling….he turned out to be a very cute flirt….

Blue Underwear               Blue Underwear Flirt Smiles

Chaps Stud Smiles

Chaps and Rope Stud


Sexy FF with Axe

Santa Boy Art                   Santa Elf Smiles


Under The Tree

Christmas Tree Toy




…and ironically, a week later I was contacted by a young female Russian named Alisa that also wanted to model….

Christmas Tree Babe 2

Under the Tree and Ready    Christmas Tree Babe 2

Sexy Santa Bag Babe    Sexy Santa Hat Babe


…and she finished out my season of 2009 !!  Merry Christmas !!


Stud City in 2009…Part 1

2009 kept me hopping too, another year of multiple shoots and helping my producer friends who again showed up in October to shoot at the farm once again. This time around, I simply took a few days off to help them out with logistics and locations, and I didn`t shoot any models the week they were there, which was a lot easier on me. i worked with alot of models that wanted to get into video work, I was working with several more producers by now and all of them looking for different types of guys and gals, all shapes and sizes I should say, plus the money was good as well and guys especially, could work part time and come out way ahead on their profit margins.

One of the first shoots in January was a young man named RJ, who found me on a model website and asked if I could help him get into some good paying work…that is the standard question they ask me, and after sending me his pics and stats, I told him I might be able to help him get into some select markets that paid pretty good. I never make any guarantees tho, even tho back then before the recession hit, it was a lot easier to get models into video and print work opportunities than it is now…difference between back then and today is like night and day, let me tell ya. He decided from what I told him about markets, to drive up here and shoot some better images with me and see what I could do for him, even tho I could not guarantee him anything….he arrived on a Friday evening and after taking him to supper, we decided to shoot a few images to get him started…he had a sexy boy next door look and a nice farm boy build too, especially fitting since he was from dairy farm country…..

DSC_0034              Barn Overalls Cutie

Barn Boi Overalls                Barn Boi Overalls Flirt

DSC_0065                  DSC_0067

Santas Helper

FF Twist and Flex                FF Cute and Innocent

During that same weekend, I also photographed a few other guys…one was Chad, who I had known for some time…here again, I had photographed him before and lost several of his images, so even now I only have a few, but I think you will agree with me that he has a gorgeous look and smile and eyes….

Sexy Eyes                  Hott Boy in Blue UW

Sexy Boy     Bedroom Eyes

Late in January, my next model was referred to me by a friend, said he was in construction work in St Louis and had a great look and tight toned build…when Nick showed up, I could tell that everything I had been told about him was right on the money…he def had a sexy look and build for modeling work, so we decided to shoot some test shots to see if he had the moves as well. Since he was in construction work, that is the theme I started him out in and within a few minutes I knew I had a natural model to work with again….

Construction Vest Hottie             Construction Boi Toned

Sexy Vest Lines           Hard Hat Stud

About 20 minutes into the test session Nick really relaxed and started having fun showing off his good look and sexy build, and we soon switched over to the barn backdrop….

Bridle Hottie Smiles             Bridle Hottie

Overalls Hottie            Overalls Hottie Flirts

Chaps Hottie

…and then I put him in some fire gear for a few test shots and he did great there as well...

Bunker Boi

FF Sexy Roper

Great Job Nick !! thanks again for coming down to shoot with me !!

 I found another new guy online about a week later and Justin came down my next available day off to work with me, turned out to be another good looking farmboy from cornfield country, so he was a natural to modeling and to my barn backdrop too…..

Barn Stud

…he also brought some A and F shorts with him so I photographed him in those as well as a xmas outfit that goes well with my tree and setup….he looks like a sexy helper….

A and F Shorts Hottie   Hott Santa Elf

Sexy Santa BoyToy    Out of the Santa Bag

…and then I put him into some fire gear where he again looked like a natural….


Really enjoyed working with you Justin !!

Soon after that, one of my models who has been with me for several years now, called and came down to update his looks….Shane always has this really sexy slim build and five o`clock shadow stubbled look, so I always look forward to seeing and photographing him….plus he loves to shoot nudes alot….

Flirts All The Time

Sexy Flirt Coverboi

Barn Boi Cute Ass 3

A few weeks later, one of the sexiest looking guys with long blonde hair showed up on my doorstep wanting to model…I rarely get a chance to photograph guys with long hair like this and David looked stunning with his long and curly locks….he quickly got to the nudes and even quicker to erotic nude work…..

Long Lean and Sexy           Jeans Flirt in Barn

Mysterious and Sexy

Kneeling Hard on Couch                Available and Open

Hott Tub Cover Boi                   Heating Up and Stripping Down

Let Me Put Your Fire Out

The remainder of the spring of 09 I was fortunate to work with a few firefighters who wanted to get into modeling work as well and did a great job too….

Hott Jeans Stud               Jeans Art

Sexy Speedos Flirt             Sexy Speedo Art

Bunkergear Stud       Bunkergear Sexy Vest

…very hott….thanks Matt….next was Carlos, orig from the country of Spain and over here for school….

Overalls Hottie Smiles                              Overalls Flirt 3

Hot Pants FF                        Hott Ass FF

FF Hott and Flirty              Nozzle Master

Gettin Ready

Rescue Tool

…thanks Carlos, enjoyed working with ya…and next was Cody from central Missouri….like these two, he was another hottie with a great personality…..he has never been on a farm so he ate the barn set up….

Open Jeans Hottie            Big Leaf

Flag Draped Hottie

FF Ass Art

Hose Tender Boi

Helmet Stud                   Fire Helmet Art

…Cody was a lot of fun to work with and looked great in and out of his fire gear….thanks Cody, really enjoyed it.  Kyle was the next cutie that I worked with, came to me on a referral by a friend of his and first shot with me that year in early June and several times since then…Kyle became one of my favorite models to work with over the years since, he has a quiet personality at times, but is super nice and always gives one hundred and ten percent in everything that he does, and he is a gifted gymnast and acrobat as well. We started out simple that day with underwear…

Coverboi   Come and Get It Now

Flexible Gymnast    Coverboi Cock

FF Sexy Twister

I enjoyed working with Kyle so much on that first shoot, that I invited him back for the first weekend in July and he returned then to shoot with me at my friend`s farm. The next day I flew out to central California for a family reunion and while out there, I contacted a couple of models that I had been talking to a few weeks before online…one I had helped get into some good paying video work the year before, and a newer model as well. I met the new one, DJ, just south of Monterey on the beach and photographed him in the sand and by the rocks at the water`s edge…he was olive complected, tall with a lean swimmers build, and he told me a few days out that he hoped we would be able to shoot some nude images there….cause he liked to show off his body….

Rock Wall Hottie                   Beach Boi Shows The Goods

Beach Hunk Rocks                Rock Muscle Boi

Beach Hottie Rock Art    View To A Thrill

Beach Hunk On the Rocks   Beach Hottie 2

…and as you can tell above and below, we had some great wave action and scenery in the background that really complimented DJ on his looks and build….talk about great scenery that day….

Hunk Surrounded by Lush Beauty    Beach With A View 2

Beach Hottie Gets Wet 2     Lush Beauty Abounds

Beach Rock      Trail Discovery

Rocky Stripper     Beautiful Manscape

Cliffs View Stud 2

Beach Landscape

After working with DJ all morning, I drove north of San Francisco to the lush wine valleys to work with a hot guy that I had helped get a good foothold in the video industry the year before, one of the few I had helped without shooting first. Turk had great photos of himself that he was able to send me so I took a chance and was able to arrange a few gigs for him. When he found out I was going to be out there, he asked me to stop by his place and photograph him nearby and I jumped at the chance…he is easy on the eyes with a sexy twink build and easy going personality as well….by the time I finally arrived, due to heavy traffic on the freeways, we decided to just shoot there in his beautiful apartment instead….he likes to shoot nudes so that is exactly what we shot….

RubADubDub    Relaxed and Ready

Shower Stud                     Shower Light

Shower Light Flirt              Hott Ass Art


Hammock Flirt Hard Smiles   Top Of Stairs Flirt

Sweet Boi Smiles    Give It To Me Now

…working with Frank was well worth the trip up there….thanks Frank and keep up the good work !!

When I returned home a week later, I called Kyle and scheduled him for the morning of July 5th for his second shoot, this time at the farm of some good friends of mine….he was only out for the morning, I had a female model coming in for an afternoon shoot, but we had a couple of hours to work his second shoot in and he wasted no time in showing off in the great scenery we had to work with….

Underwear Flirt                Underwear Flirt Ass

Underwear Flirt Shows Hott Ass              Flower Child

Hard Bell Boy    Hard Landscape Art


Front Porch Swinger

…and then back to my place for a few more before he had to take off….

Couch Cutie

…and while here, I found out that he and I share an interest in another hobby of mine, rock hounding, so he returned to do some traveling with me a couple of weeks later and we took some photos there as well….but before that, I had the opportunity to work with a hot guy from Arkansas that a photographer friend of mine referred to me…DJ told me that Stephen was one of the hottest guys he had ever worked with , easy on the eyes and open minded too…Stephen traveled up to work with me a week later and after shooting some great images of him in my studio….

Barn Aussie Bum Hottie 2                 Barn Aussie Bum Lines

Chaps and Hat Stud                    Cowboy Stretches

FF Hose Art

FF Bunker Stud Profiled

FF Hoseman

….. I took him over to the farm…..

Pool Boy     Poolside Speedo Hunk WM

Aussie Bum Stud               Aussie Bum Stripper

Aussie Bum Ass                 Mesh Briefs Hunk

Pool Garden Art       Poolside Manscape

Flower Garden Art

Porch Overalls Hottie Smiles     Hunk In Swing

Poolside Hunk Smiles

Porch Overalls Hott Ass Art


Stay tuned for Part 2 of Stud City 2009…..




Studs in 2008

A few days into the year I discovered yet another sexy Illinois guy, Tim…who was into body building and had a great look and build both…and turned out to be yet another natural at modeling….

Barn Flirt                      Barn Sexy Boi

Holie Jeans Stud

…and looked great in and out of fire gear too….he worked out great for my calendar and poster work from 2008 to 2010…..

Hot Bunker Boy Tim                                 Bunker Coat Flirt

Nomax Hoodie FF             Sexy Man on Fire

Its a Dirty Job

Air Pack Stud RT                        Hott FF RT

Cooling Down RT

Stretching Off Door                   Hunk leans on Truck Tim

Hot Helmet Stud

Lounging on truck

Hard Suction Stud Tim BW2 RT                          Antique Truck FF Rests on Hood

Antique Fender Stud RT

About a week after photographing Tim, I met up with a hott guy from the KC area and photographed him as well…Derrick did well and I enjoyed working with him, took some images of him to assist him in getting into some video work and he did some calendar / poster work too……

Hot Tongue

Hot Boy Flirts on Couch                             Couch Flirt Stretches

Hard Jeans Defined Hard Couch Flirt

Hot Couch Stud Hard Play on Couch

Hard Boy on Couch

My Arkansas discovery Jaye came up to shoot with me one weekend in February…I know what you are thinking…did he lose his mind ??? February is normally our coldest and snowiest month, what can a model do then ??  However, I have photographed models when it was extremely cold and snowy, had some that insisted on shooting nudes outside in the snow even…I sometimes question their sanity myself, but hey have to admit, snow does add a certain beauty to everything it touches. That weekend we got lucky and had some really mild weather, I took him to a pretty scenic local area to shoot some art nudes after we shot some images inside too….

Delicious flrit   blue uw flirt smiles

Angelic                Cute Angelic boi

Art Nymph in Hollow Tree

Art Nymph Hollow Tree

Art and Willowy                               Adlorable

Art nude smelter boi

Cute and Sexy FF                      smokin hot ass

Mirror reflection Hot Boi

A FF and his big hose                                   Hot FF and his hose


During the latter part of the spring, I found two new models,  Jason, and Phil, and worked them into the mix as well…..both of these guys I took limited test shots of, I could tell from their hot look and build and smiles that they would make great calendar and poster models…in other words, they were very well qualified…. I liked what I saw right away and put them into the gear right away too….

Hot Teaser Smiles                Smokin Hot FF

Hott Hoodie                  Hose Jockey Stud

Hot Whoops

Cutters Stud

Hard Suction Jockey

Im Driving                    Hoseboi 2

Arty FF


….Jason above and Phil below….

Stretcher    Flexed Art

Sexy Stud 2    Curling Dumbell Weights

Hot Sunroom Stud   Sexy Stud Smiles

FF Hottie Phillip Flexed                          Smokin Hot

In May of 08, I had the good fortune of traveling to Kentucky and was able to photograph a beautiful antique pumper down there, with a couple of my models, Jackie and Justin from south central Kentucky, with it… are a few images from that shoot, for more, look for the story called Antique Pumper in Kentucky on my other site  

Hard Suction Twist-001                      Getting ready to Hook Up-001

Justin and the New Driver

Justin Puts His Muscles to Work-001


On my return home,, I scheduled four models during the month of July. JW was the first one, he started with me about five years before while in college in central Illinois, always into bodybuilding and now wanted some newer images to show off. He came down on the 5th and we shot some images with flags involved at the home of some good friends who have a beautiful pool at their horse and cattle farm nearby. As usual, JW looked hot as could be…..

Green Speedos Hottie                                Art in Pool

Hott Cowboy                    Cowboy in the Doorway

Cowboy in Doorway

Semi Hard Cowboy                       Farmhand on Ladder

Nude Cowboy climbs Ladder

Barnboy Smiles

Flag Suit Art Stud   Flags on Parade



Vincent had been with me for a few years and called in need of some newer images for his portfolio. He flew down from New York to shoot with me mid July and we shot some unique images this time around….Vincent has always been in great shape and has worked in many areas of print and video work both and is always fun to work with….

Tunnel Jock

Tunnel Jock Smiles

Black Jock Hard Muscle                         Black Jock Flexed

I love this Lounger


Brian was the next model the last week of July and turned out to be a super sexy central Illinois guy…I had been talking to him for some time and he was finally ready to give it a try, he really wanted to get into some good paying print and video work….

Casual Teaser

Young FF with Hott Ass

Toned Ass BarnBoi

Barn Boi Stretches


…and a week later I discovered yet another college boy who wanted to get into some paid modeling work…this one was a firefighter who hailed from Texas, so I put Grant in touch with a few of my photographer friends while he was here and they enjoyed working with him as well…..

windowlight stud                        Shorts down

Stairwell Cutie      Shower Stud

Sexy and Flexible FF (2)


…well a week later I had found yet another college boy and within a few weeks, I had all three of these guys working together on a shoot with some photographer friends working with them on various projects they had going on, and then another shoot late in the fall before Christmas as well. Coby came out from St Louis for his test session and turned out to be quite a cutie with beautiful green eyes and olive complexion….and one of my fave models to work with due to his sparkling personality….

Bag Boy            Unrestrained and Hard

Hott Tub Hard Cover   Green Shorts Reclining

Come on in and join me   Gorgeous Leather

All Heated Up


On my annual trip to Joplin in September, I met a hot muscular guy named Nate and photographed him in my hotel room for a few images before taking him over to Grand Water Fall for some magical images…

Hott and Sexy                       Sexy Ass Hottie

Leaning Back Hard           Hard and Sexy on Bed

Sexy Waterfall Stud                Autumn Special

Sexy Waterfall Art

Grand Falls and Smiling Stud

Sexy Sunset Hottie

Gorgeous Sunset

    WHAT A HOTTIE  !!!!!  Enjoyed working with ya Nate !!

…there are just some guys that you know when you see them, you know in your mind that they are really going to be smokin hott in front of your camera…and create some great images….magical…..Nate was one of those guys….would love to shoot him again. I met another guy down there named TJ, who is partnered with one of my local models, and I had a chance that weekend to work with him as well…even posterized and solarized some of his images…magical again….

FLIRT flirts              FLIRT

Sexy Smile                Hot Boi Sitting on WF Ledge

Hottie At Waterfall

Art Hottie at Waterfall

Bluff Cutie 2                     Pals 2

Pals 3                          Rock Climber 4

Smiles                     Sexy Boi At The Falls 2

Sexy Art Boi At the Falls  Sexy Swimmer on the Rocks

Wett and Sexy 2                         09 About to Get Wet


In October my new neighbor`s brother came to stay with him for a bit, and one day Jimmy and I were talking about modeling and he asked if he could give it a try…he has a very sexy boy next door look and I could tell he had a nice build too…def enjoyed working with him although briefly….great smile too, Jimmy. 🙂

Bleu Jean Barnboy Smiles             Overalls Flirt

Overalls Hottie Rests Back

Hottie in Overalls


For my annual fall trip to the Hot Springs area of Arkansas, I discovered a hot young man down there that had long black hair, his name is Randy and he was a mix of Native American. He had some modeling experience but wanted to get into more work and shot with me a couple of times while I was staying on Lake Ouchita. I first shot him at the resort I was staying at and then we went to a manmade waterfall a few miles east of there…..

Fall Leaves 1

Gorgeous Sunset

Waters Edge Flirt

Top of the Dam


…really enjoyed working with Randy and I photographed him even more during my fall trip down there in 2009 and then in July of 2010. I met another hot guy online before driving down there…Chris agreed to come down and shoot with me at some of the waterfalls that I like to photograph each fall season down there…Randy went with us and stayed up on the road with my dog while Chris and I hiked down into the canyon where the waterfalls were located….

Waterfall Stretcher

Poolside Reflections

Creekside Camo Hottie                   Streamside Hottie

Waterfall Hottie

Waterfall Art Nude


Waterfall Boy


Bluff Art                       Hott Fall Color Stud

Hott Rocks

Fall Color Rock Hottie

Chris is one gorgeous guy, has a MacGuyver look and attitude and really looked great at Little Missouri River Falls where we wound up the shoot that day, against a gorgeous background of fall color, too. Really enjoyed working with him and Randy that weekend. 







Studs in 2007

2007 was another busy year of photographing models, working with a few more babes this year as well. One of the first guys I worked with was a cute young guy from St Louis County named Steve…

innocent flirt       flirt in shorts

….while I have stayed in touch with him and would love to work with him some more…. and finally did in April of 2016….


During the same week, I had the pleasure of working with a new guy named Jordan from southern Missouri, who traveled up to work with me in my studio….talk about a hot muscular guy….

barn boi muscle          flexed smile (2)

torso smile (2) kneeling jeans smile

floor stud

sexy boy (2)flexed smile (2)



…Jordan had a good muscular build for a college boy and the next guy I met was Danny, a hot Thai guy that was into bodybuilding and looked younger than his true age…another thing I like about Asians, they always look younger and their skin is flawless….when Danny found out that Kurt Wild was gonna be visiting and shooting with me in February, he decided that was the weekend he wanted to come out and shoot also….a fan no doubt….so I shot them together for a few posing ideas….

Art underwear-001Danny and Kurt            Playin with the boy

Kurt and Danny asleep

Barn art open jeansGorgeous in barn

Cowboy hat art          Barn twister

jock on couch

A few weeks later I met a cute college boy online, he was interested in possibly getting into some modeling work…he was tall and toned and decided to stop by my studio on his way home from school in southwest Missouri to give it a try and see what it was all about. I gave Drew some instruction and he was off and running with it…turned out to be a natural flirt for nude work….even had a cute schoolboy look….

boyish and gorgeous

Relaxed uw stud          briefs boy at the window

briefs boy gazes out windowinnocent flirt 2

sunroom flirt           hung and hot in tub

ready for fun-001wanna play with meready for some fun




When the weather finally started warming up in April, I photographed a young man and his girlfriend who were both very interested in getting into some good paying modeling work and drove up from northeastern Oklahoma to shoot with me. Shortly after their arrival, allowing me to take a good look at them, I could tell they were both going to do well no matter what area of modeling they chose to get into. Fortunately for me and some of my friends, they were both open to shooting glamour and nude print work, as well as open to some video work. Tim was a farm boy from central Oklahoma and no stranger to hard work, so it was not surprise to me that he was a natural flirt as well and had a great toned build to go with his sexy countryboy looks. His girlfriend Sophie, had a very exotic look to her, probably due to her Cuban heritage and a gorgeous build and bod to boot, she was also a very natural flirt and did quite well too…I shot them separately for their initial shoot…Sophie`s images can be seen in the Babes of 2007 story….I started Tim out in the studio barn….he looked great in and out of his jeans….

barn jean stud         Sexy stretch

wow  sexy barn boy

Barn jeans flirt smilesbarn boy

Barn Cowboy innocence        chaps cowboy

Aussie bum Cowboy flirt

Since he looked so good in the barn, I decided to shoot some other backdrops and outfits to see if he would work out for some other shoots I had going on in some calendar and poster work….let`s just say Tim looked great in everything and nothing at all….

Singlet flexer         singlet flirt

singlet stud   naughty boy in sunroom

Angelic innocence            Angel of innocence

Angel of innocence smiles

Ready for Rescue          Ready for action

Tim enjoyed modeling so much, he decided to come back several times that year and in the following few years for more calendar and poster opportunities…

FF Art profiled       Hott boi

Sexy Eyes Fireside

I want him

Hot Roman soldier         Hot Roman sword and sash

Hot Roman art

pads and pants stud    Hot Jock

Shower artBagged and Playful Santa Boy

Sexy Eyes Tease Smiles




…..he turned out to be a great model to work with.

The next day, another hot guy showed up to shoot with me, his name was Vince and he was from Kansas….turned out to be yet another great natural at modeling work and I worked him into my calendar/poster line of work along with Tim and a few other models that year. Vince turned out to have a few pleasant interests that worked out well for modeling work….

Holie Jeans      Hunk smiles

Barn overalls hottie  Barn boy nude

Bed flirt

Shower stall hunk     Leather stud

Chains of       Army boy

Army boy nude           Barnwood boy

Lush river valleyBluebells beauty

Barn loft door           Barn loft art

Barn wall stud   Backlit barn wall

…needless to say, I saw alot of Vince as well later that year when he came to work with me on some poster work for my calendar/poster site….

Hot Stuff    Hott firefighter smiles

DSC_0172         DSC_0183

DSC_0192     Firefighter Hunk Smiles

FF Wet Art 2   Save of the day

Vince was great to work with, always brought a sense of calm to the set and the gals enjoyed working with him as well.

Early in May I talked to a young guy with a lot of blonde hair on his head named Collin…said he was a twink and when he arrived, true to his word, he turned out to be a very sexy looking twink who was open to glamour and nude work both….

sunroom flirthot tub flirthard tub flirtwindow flirt

After shooting inside for about an hour, we opted to go to a farm I have access to, where one of my producer friends was currently shooting at as well…since there were several farm buildings there I knew we would be able to find at least one to shoot in without disturbing them while they were shooting elsewhere…there are three barns on the farm and we were able to shoot in one of them…I found out Collin looks quite sexy in holie jeans too….

barn wall holie jeanslil boy bluehard bale flirt smilesbarn flirts looks upbarn flirt turnssaddle blankets gate

…a few weeks later, I had a rodeo boy show up from Oklahoma that wanted to get into some nude modeling work, his name is Mikel and he turned out to be a very cute and nice guy to work with….

Cowboy flirtChaps cowboy

..unfortunately I lost several of his images in the last computer crash, so these are all I have left of him…maybe one of these days I`ll be able to work with him again….

Fireman artFirefighter art flirtHot firefighter assHot nude fireman

Dan was the next model to come along…discovered him in the springtime and he came down to shoot early June when college let out…he was an aspiring bodybuilder and interested in fitness magazine work, but also decided to try his hand at glamour and nude work as well….

Open jeans cowboysinglet studhard singlet studcome on in

…Dan looked great in and out of various outfits, wet as well as dry… and had a sexy serious look and smile too….

hot tub flirt smilesGorgeous and wet

Dan came back and shot with me several times that summer, getting in on some calendar work opportunties as well….

Sexy Art FFPump art

Late in June, I drove down to Arkansas for some vacation time and on the way down, stopped off to photograph a few guys…the first one was Brandon in southern Missouri, who met me at the home of a friend of his….he had a tall drop of water sexy look to him and nice build, and wanted to get into all types of glamour and nude work….

looking out the windowass twisterbed boy woodiehard and gorgeous in bedplow me nowcleaning up

Needless to say, I was ready to sign Brandon up right then and there…unfortunately I had a tight schedule to keep and hit the road again soon after letting him know he could come up and shoot with me anytime. My next stop was about 90 miles south of there in northern Arkansas, where I stopped off at a corn farm to photograph Jaye…a hot slim young man that worked in the medical field and was interested in getting into some modeling work. Jaye was quite a cutie and had a set of brightly shining eyes that just held you locked in his gaze, and was very mature acting for his young age as well…I instantly found myself liking him and knew he would do well…we worked together like a well oiled machine for the next 90 minutes and I shot a couple hundred images of him in no time flat. He was alot of fun to work with and he lef me know fast that he wanted to get into anything and everything….

field flirthard showoffManning the hoist chaingymnast asshard underwearhard cock relaxed boyhard flirt

Jaye had so much fun shooting with me, and wanted to shoot some more, so I invited him to join me on my trip to southern Arkansas in November and he accepted. I looked forward to photographing him in the fall scenery and colors down there then.

I headed on down to the Hot Springs area and while there, worked with a couple of new guys…the first was Nic, a sexy Italian guy who had a hot and hairy build…he told me he was hung like a horse and proved it soon after we started shooting, lol…he had a very cute look to him and proved to be another natural flirt in front of my camera….

yellow underwearflirt kneelingsmiling studhot flirthard and sexyhard stud on bed

…I was pretty limited what I could shoot of him inside the cabin so we decided to go outside and see if we could find some nice areas to shoot at…and we did….

stretched on rockcock teaserhard jeans outside

…and as you can see, storm clouds rolled in and chased us out of the forest and back to the cabin shortly after….I still see Nic on some of my trips to the Hot Springs area and he still looks as sexy as he did back then. I was able to hook him up with a few of my photographer and producer friends in Florida too. I returned home in July and a week later, I photographed another hottie named Nick, this one from St Louis, who soon became a good friend and model both, nicely toned and quite a natural flirt as well….

InnocentJeans and sexy linesNick fllirtsJeans flirtHard jeans boiGorgeous barn boyFlexed on chaiseCooling offCome and get itFreshly showered and ready

…well as you can tell by now, Nick had no problem showing off everything about him and he really liked showing off nude while touching himself…he had so much fun showing off he decided to come back a week later on my birthday and shoot some outside images…we went to a friend`s house and shot there….

Deck boy teaserShorts boy teaserHard shorts deck boyDeck boy wetRed thong deck twisterInnocent flirt

…and then four weeks later returned to shoot some calendar work with me again…..

FF Sexy Rope StudFF Hot AssHot n Sexy FF

….pretty smokin` hott, huh ?

A week later, JC showed up and had such a hot exotic look and smokin` hot build, that I worked him through several outfits knowing that he could pull them off just fine, and he did… are the better ones….

FF WranglerFF RoperFF Ladder leanFF Ready and sexyFF Ready to get to workFF Dressing for dutyFF Suiting up with a smile

In August, a hot guy named Billy, from upper state Michigan, decided to come home for a visit and stopped by to ask me to drive up to his farm the next day and photograph him…since I had nothing better to do, I gladly accepted the invite…glad I did now…another tall drop of water country boy….with curly blonde locks….we started inside his log cabin….

Bedboy assBedboy sexyBedboy restingSundecker smiles

…then this hottie and I walked over to the lake to take a few images in the water…well him in the water and me standing on dry land…next to this stunning old barn….

Barn boyBarn boy flirtsBarn boy smilesBarn boy bottomLakeside stripperLakeside sunner 2Pretty boyWeeds flirtLakeside stretchLakeside grass art

…and two weeks later I was graced with another hot guy from Oklahoma…this one a firefighter named Shane….naturally he had seen my fire service work and wanted to shoot some images in fire gear too…as well as other images….

Shane with airpacksShane grabs an airpackHottie with axe 2Athletic shorts flirt

Mid September, I met and photographed AJ, a hot young man from St Louis who was curious about modeling work…he came out one afternoon to shoot with me and I was glad he did, he had a very sexy look and build to him…I thoroughly enjoyed working with him…

barn boy hottiehot overallsHard overalls boySweet BoiFlirt flirts

And then at the end of September, I drove down to Joplin for the weekend and wound up photographing a few guys down there too….Tim came up from Oklahoma and spent the weekend with me, and the second night after several shoots during the day, male and female models both, we were graced with a stunning sunset and I was able to get some great images of Tim with the setting sun and clouds behind him at the falls….the first model that weekend was Alex, who drove down from Springfield to shoot with me…he was into theatre so we both figured modeling would be a shoe in for him…and it was….he was a natural flirt even through the interview….

I am ready to get it onhot boy twistsHard bed boi smilesHard flirt kneeling and playingCasual gorgeous smilesJacuzzi hard hottie

…after shooting a few hundred images of this hot hunk of a guy inside, we decided to drive over to the falls and see what we could capture there…Alex had brought a white shirt and pants with him, and we decided to shoot him sitting in the water spray in that outfit…

Sitting in the fallsthis is funnWaterfall ArtSexy waterfall studWaterfall stud smilesRock stud

…I very much enjoyed working with Alex, he was well traveled, well educated, and had a great personality and beautiful build and look. He decided he liked modeling and wanted to do more, so we made plans to shoot again in November when he could find some time to drive up and shoot with me some more.

I next photographed one of my Joplin models named Erik, I had actually discovered him on a prior visit to the area and a friend that I was staying with that weekend, allowed me to photograph Erik at his home…it had been a few years and he came to update his look and get some newer images taken…I am glad he did because his build was much more muscular now and he need new images to submit to photographers and producers in search of more modeling work. He only had a little free time so we decided to shoot at the hotel….however those were some of the images I lost in the last crash. I also photographed a hot female model named Babey, check out the babe section of my site for those images. Tim assisted me on that shoot as well and then we returned to the falls for the sunset right after that….Tim modeled for me above the falls for it…..

Sunset HottieSunset Aussie

…and then I photographed him at the falls the next day….

Waterfall stud

In October, I had the pleasure of working with a new model named Tommie…he had already done some video work and was looking for more as well as some nude print work. He had a sexy look and build and great personality to work with….and was a ball of energy when it came to posing. While I don`t mind teaching a new model how to pose to the camera, it was refreshing to work with someone who already knew how to do that….

hottie in barnGorgeous smilessuggestive packagingsinglet flirt stripsair bottle FF (2)FF Laying down on the job (2)

I took my fall vacation in November and Jaye went with me to southern Arkansas, we stayed in a two bedroom log cabin on Lake Ouachita and had a blast while down there. We also found some nice waterfalls to shoot at with gorgeous fall color around the rocks and water…I had discovered a young lady in the Hot Springs area that wanted to do some modeling work and I decided to photograph her in swimwear and fire gear at the same falls…I photographed Jaye at the falls the day before I photographed Destiny, to get an idea of the light there….Destiny`s images can be seen in the Babes section….the color down there was exceptional this year, have not seen as nice color since then….Jaye had a great Huck Finn look there…

Waterfall Jeans HottieWaterfall boiWaterfall Cutie 2Huck Flirts 1Huck at waterfall 1Huck below the fallsHuck on the rocks 1Huck Rock ArtHuck ArtHuck Water Art Peeks

…and I have to say those are some of the best images I have ever taken at that waterfall, and have to say it was prob fifty fifty on the effort of Jaye and myself…but I will say this, if you have a great model, the hard part is over for the photographer, it is much easier to work with a great model, even if he or she is naturally gifted toward modeling, and Jaye is def a naturally gifted model. I always enjoyed working with him. The next day, after I photographed Destiny at the same waterfall, Jaye and I drove down the road to check out some other falls we had spotted on the way down there….some were a bit secluded even….

Hot WaterfallGinch Gonch Jeans Art WaterfallNude Waterfall Art BoiNude Art Waterfall 2

…the rest of the trip we just relaxed for a day or two and did a little bit of sight seeing…Jaye had so much fun modeling again that he decided to drive up and shoot with me in Missouri when he could find time…which turned out to be a weekend in February of 08.

After I returned home, I had the opportunity to photograph Alex again and we even shot some fire gear and Christmas themes…

Sexy FF Alex 2 (2)Surrounded by FireSexy FF in the FireSeasons GreetingsAll I want for Christmas is....Christmas Poinsetta Boi

All Wrapped UpBedazzled

…and that wrapped up 2007 for me…there are a few models that are not shown here, at their request, but believe me, it was an enjoyable and busy year of photographing models. 













Studs in 2006

I did a little more traveling in 2006 for paid shoots and in so doing, worked with a lot less models than I had in 2005, however I did make a few more discoveries, the first of which was Zack, who came to shoot with me a few days after the first of the year…..

bed ready

….I lost several of his original images in the computer crash a few years ago, but luckily for me, Zack enjoyed working with me so much that he did some traveling with me and I was able to shoot him at a neat little waterfall in northern Arkansas on a spring trip that year….

Falling water WaterfallWaterfall thinker

…and then after he got his first mustang, called to see if I could shoot some photos of him with it…so I took him out to a neat place with some pine trees in the background to photograph him with his car….

cute boi on mustangcute mustang teaser

and then he really got into it, showing up at a few shoots at the farm and some themed shoots as well….

Hot Tub CoverBoiporch boy leans and restsHot Christmas UW FlirtSanta Bag Boi Sexy FlirtAll I Want For Christmas is....

…and a few days later, I discovered Wade, talked to him online and found out he was a dairy farm boy in south central Missouri, he came back to work with Zack on a shoot and then came up and worked with me on a themed shoot…I told him I had a neat gladiator outfit but it didn`t come with a very good sword…he said don`t worry about it, he had a sword collection and brought a few to shoot with the outfit….

Roman soldier in tunicRoman warrior adjusts helmetRoman soldier undressingremoving tunicsword placementRoman soldier kneelspraying closeupRoman soldier boyRoman soldier boy 2flirty Roman soldier boyRoman soldier restshard Roman warrior

…then in the next few months and the following year, I worked him into some themed shoots and a farm shoot or two….

Barn loft studFF IntenseFF Intense and HottSmoking hottexotic jeans boyjean flirt unsnaps jeanshot pool boifront porch nudeSunlit leavesHard pool studPool stud smiles

On one of my trips returning from Arkansas, I stopped off in the Springfield area to photograph a new model…I had been talking to Allen for a few weeks and found out that he wanted to get into some good paying video work…luckily a friend of mine told me that I could photograph Allen at his house when I arrived…and it worked out well cause Chuck had a beautiful home to work with. Allen arrived soon after I did and since he only had about an hour to work with, we made quick work of it…I really enjoyed working with him and would have loved to have worked with him again…he had a great look and muscular build….

silhouette musclerelaxedhard muscleboy smilesflirt smiles

Marco was another cute guy that I photographed early in the year and he came back to work with me a few times before he moved out of state. He worked with Zack on a shoot as well….he was a hot Latino cutie with a slim build and a wild hairstyle sometimes, but very sweet guy to work with….


pouched uwyou want somesexy swimsuitgorgeous in bedbathroom hard studbathroom woodcouch flirt1 Sexy Eyes Boy1 Sexy BottomboyFF Sexy FlirtFF Latino Twister

After shooting Marco with the fire gear, I changed a few things around, including lighting setups and had one of my models come test it out for me…Jeff lived a few blocks away at the time and was able to work with me soon after I contacted him. I had set up another backdrop as well, a projection set up that I had used a few times before in my other studio, one in which I had alot more space in, so this was going to be an experiment to see if it would work as well in a cramped space…and it did…albeit with a few trade-offs…..

ready to fightHalligan and helmet profiledHelmet stretchFirelit profiledReadies the tool for actionHalligan on his shouldershot and sweatybunker gear stretch

while he was there, I had him test out some new lights in my barn…he looked great in holie jeans…..wish I could have worked with him more, he had a great look and build for modeling…

barn boy jeans (2)blue jeans sexystud (2)barn boi innocent smile (2)  and here he is on a real call a few years later….

Hay Bales Dogwood Blos Rd Jeffrey Click

In October, I was returning from Kansas City and had arranged to stop off in Como and photograph a young man I found online who was interested in modeling…his name is Tiko and I photographed him at a neat park there, he turned out to have a sexy muscular build and exotic look to him….

fall color flirt 3gate boy

…and then we went to a private farm where we were able to shoot some nude images…..

balancedgorgeousfoliage and rocks studfall leaves beautleaves and water artgrass studfoliage and rocks stud (2)

…and finally on my fall trip to Arkansas, I discovered a hot muscular guy down there named Joe…Joe was obviously into bodybuilding and met with me while I was down there in November to shoot some images with me….starting indoors….

underwear on balconyflag boxerscouch cutie closeup-1peeling down singletart twist and smilebed twisterflexed and sexy WMbedboy smiles WMbed teaser smiles WMbedcovers boy WMbandanna boydecoration

…the next day we drove over to an outdoor garden where we found some beautiful fall foliage to shoot in as well….

bridge stud WMwoodland bridge stud WMGarvan woodland pond WMart reflections pool WMdappled light reflection WMGarvan Gardens flexed art WMdappled light reflections art-1 WMCascading waterfall stud WMGarvan pool reflection-1 WMblue jean baby reflections WMrock resting reflections WMBlue Jean Baby art reflections WMBlue Jean art WMBlue Jean Baby Reflection WMBlue Jean Baby art WMBlue Jean Baby Stud WMCasual rockerProfiled jeans WMFall reflectionFall Foliage rockFall Beauty-1 WM

…what a beauty and a beautiful way to wind up my year !!







Models in 2005

Boy was I busy finding and photographing models in 2005…by this time I was well established as a reliable scout for a few video producers out west and some of these guys were finding me, but I still managed to find quite a few myself. My producer buddy in Kansas City had moved his entire operation to Tampa, Florida midway through 2005,  and was flying me down there for week long stretches when I could get time off at work, to shoot alot of their advertising print work for them, and let me tell you we shot at some great locations and beaches down there on the Gulf side…beautiful water and clean sandy stretches of sand. They were still hiring the bulk of the models I located for modeling work too…paid them well, fed them well, just downright took care of them better than other studios out there, which is why I predominantly sent the models their way first.

Early on in the year, one of the guys I found online turned out to be a rescue mission….he confided in me that he was locked into a situation that he really didn`t want to be in, had been enticed into the situation by an older man who was doing some things that he shouldn`t be doing, breaking many laws in the process…in other words, this young man had gotten in way over his head really fast and did not know how to get out of it. I happened to have a good friend in his area, who had also done some modeling for me, and I was able to contact him and arrange for him to pick this young man up,  and take the young man to the train station, got him on a train and out of there. I took care of his expenses and helped him get back to his family later on as well. While he was with me a few days, I also helped him get into some legitimate modeling work and he turned out to be a very good model, had a really sexy look and build, his eyes were always bright and smiling…and he had a great smile as well…David went on to become well known in the print and video business, and even came back and worked with me a few more times after that…

hard on hot tub coveram flexibility


barnboy jeans sunlit    sexy boi

…and soon after David, I found a young man who after working with me a few times, and after I was able to hook him up with my producer in KC as video model Kurt, he later went on to work with several studios and became known as Kurt Wild….Kurt was a lot of fun to work with, he found me on a modeling website that I am still on to this day…where my profile says much the same thing today as it did back then…that I am willing to help new models out at no charge to them…he came up and test shot with me, spent the night in a hotel and returned the next day to shoot some more after reviewing the initial images and deciding that he could do a better job…when I thought the initial images were quite good…he was a bit hard on himself but took it in good stride after that with a little constructive criticism…

barn boy flirts 2 angel boiangel boi innocencewhite bodysuit boishadow uw musclerock garden

nude in treesmelter wall nude

smelter wall nude asswithin the walls

smelter artwaterfall boi

…Kurt went with me on a few instate trips as well as a few out of state trips when I needed a model and his experience level just continued to rise and he became an accomplished glamour and art nude print model and gained additional exposure with the video work as well…

castle arch boicastle boy

gazebo boi    vase and window

sweetness 2    sweetness 1

flowerbed studfront porch boi

palm boi flowerbed art

gazing out into field 2      sexy bottom boy on veranda

…and soon after, he began working with other photographers as well, showing up on magazine covers, featured inside layouts, calendars, posters, and more…and soon became a household name in video work as well…throughout this entire time, however, he still came back and modeled for me for some website work I was shooting at the time….by now an accomplished erotic nude model as well….

Poolside Wet and Reflective    Pumped Up and Smiling

Cleaning Up in ShowerFlirting in Shower Gorgeous in Shower       Flirt Smiles in Shower

dreamysunlit pottery

hard Christmas toy  flirt shows tongue


…and while Kurt became one of my favorite models to work with, I found many more that year that also were fun to work with…a hot guy from Northwest Missouri named Danny was one of them……

red shorts grabber      red shorts teaser

Soon after becoming well liked and wanted by many photographers across the country, he moved out of state to pursue other interests….Deangelo was another one from the same area and easy on the eyes too….nice build and sexy smile, he wasn`t shy about showing off and looked great all the time…I started shooting him in the KC area the first time….

sexy boy anticipation

please join me   hard couch boi


…and then the next several shoots were on location closer to the St Louis area….


AvailableBarn Hard BoiFeed Me Cock DaddieBarn Boi Cute Ass

…and then there was Daniel from Tennessee who I was able to introduce to my producer friend and photographed him for their advertising work on location as well….he was a sweet guy to work with and I really liked that painting behind him as well….

art boi stretches-1     Sweet art boi

pouty art boi   art boi tabletop-1

bottom boy smiles

I also worked with a hot bodybuilder named Micah that week, he went on to become a very hot and in demand fitness model….

beam studWood beam hottiebrick wall muscleboibrick wall smilered shorts smilesensuous leather couch boi

In the early spring, I met a guy from my local area that became not only one of my best models over the years since, but one of my best friends as well, and one who I stay in touch with on a regular basis even to this day….Chris turned out to be a natural model and has worked with a few photographer friends of mine as well…

black silk boxerscastle window hottiebamboo boiblack silk boxers flirt

…and in 2014, Chris came back and modeled for me again, needing some updated images for himself….

Buff Boy SmilesChaps Hottie 6

Draven Torres was another guy that I helped get into the business, starting him out with my producer friend in the KC area as well….and I liked that painting behind Daniel so well that I was able to shoot Draven in front of it as well….

art boibrick wallwindow lit studUnion Station boy

lamplight mirrormirored

…while there, I was able to shoot alot of window light of Draven……

blue jean couch smilejean shadows

am bed boibedpost boiart boi in chairart ass boi in chairam boi hardam boi hard 2art chair stretchkings chairart in motionbedpost shadowskings chair art boi twisterkings chair art 2hard bed stretchbed boi shadowsbed boi smiles

….and I also shot a layout of him for Badpuppy Magazine with a Spidey boy  theme….

spiderman turnsspderman turns 2spiderman mirrorednude cityscape

Soon after working with Draven, I had a super nice guy show up from the East Coast, where he has lived all his life…his name is Eric and he has a very exotic look to him, a blend of a few cultures, and very pretty blue eyes….

exotic boihint of a smile

Latino bed boi smileshard tin

…he was a lot of fun to work with, and I lost the rest of his images in that computer crash…I was really bummed. I hope to work with him again one of these days…I stay in touch with him and he looks every bit as hot now as he did back then. 

Then a few days later, I had a visit from a hot young man from the southwestern part of the country, his name was Matt, who after working with me the first time, returned a few more times to work with me some more and I was able to help him get into even more modeling work along the way due to his boy next door look and muscular build…..

black briefs and jeansorange shorts shadowshadow muscle 2barn nude boibarn nude stretchjeans on porchjeans tease on porchrock garden boi-1rock garden studgrassy bottompalm boi teaserflower potreflection-1guns and torsomy fave colorI like flowers

…I even got to photograph him on the set of some video work in Florida…well between sets I should say, back when I was shooting some advertising work for one of my video producer friends….combining a beautiful sunset and hot looking guy…..

sunset beach boi

I did some traveling that summer for work but was back by August and my calendar clear for a couple of months…soon after a good looking couple drove up from Arkansas to shoot with me…well I should say one of them did, a  hot young Asian named Andrew…his boyfriend was hot enough to model as well but had no interest in it, just came along to support him, which I thought was very nice and rare as well these days….I took Andrew to a few places locally and then we wound up over at my friend`s farm where we were lucky enough to get a nice sunset as our day was drawing to a close….

white singlet studflowerbed boipool boibottom boi on porchhot ass sunsetsunset art 2sunset art asssunset boisunset studsunset hottie stretche

A few days after working with Andrew, I was fortunate to meet a super nice guy online and found out that not only did he have a great down to earth personality to go with a super nice build and look, but discovered that Ty also played a huge musical instrument, and played it well I found out during the shoot….

art nude cellos curvecello boihard and sensual artbeautiful cello   he liked my angel wings, so I let him try them on…

angel by the doorart angelsweet stretch  and he looked great in shadow light too…..

shadow profiledTyger

Soon after Ty visited me, I had the unique opportunity to work with some a set of twins…Nick and Doug….not identical twins mind you, but fraternal twins and good looking ones at that….

shirtlessunderwear and smiles

…then a while later, Doug returned to work with me on a few other projects alone and with another model on a couple of themed shoots, one involving him as Robin with a hunky model as Batman….

mesh uw 1artistic butt boiwell fitting uwinnocentgangsta twistBoy wonder on couchDoug hot ass on bed

In September I traveled out to some western states on vacation and was able to photograph a couple of new models in Colorado and Arizona at some beautiful scenic locations. I stayed at a beautiful log house south of Breckenridge that was pretty secluded this time and met a young ski instructor in Breckenridge that wanted to get into some modeling work…they say good things come in small packages and Eric fit the bill perfectly for that….this house had a hot tub built into the floor of the sunroom right off the kitchen….

hot tub boiI want some cockplease come join meplease daddyteaserthere is room for more

I only saw Eric the one time but he sure was a lot of fun to work with out there. The next day I drove down to Moab and then on down to Lake Powell, Arizona, where I was scheduled to photograph a gorgeous gal named Aly that evening at sunset above the Colorado River…my guide that weekend is a fine art photographer himself and knew a great spot to take her that was secluded and scenic at the same time…he was right, we were able to get some great shots of her there. I never would have guessed her age right, so it`s a good thing I didn`t even try, all I can tell you is that not only was she an experienced model, she was also gorgeous and easy on the eyes….

art rockart rock sculpture 2Sunset Fox stretches backInnocent Sunset Babesunset vixen


…and OILAA !!  as you can see, it`s relatively easy to shoot hundreds of images when you have a great model, great location, and great lighting to work with…the location and lighting are givens…the quality of the model can make or break a shoot…in this case, I shot about fifteen hundred images of Ally over the course of the Friday sunset shoot and the four hour shoot on Saturday morning at the slot canyon….these images are just the best ones. Aly flew back home mid afternoon to get ready for a shoot with the Las Vegas FD the next day…thanks again for shooting with me gorgeous !! Shortly after she left for home, a young man that I had been talking to my email a few weeks before my trip, showed up at the hotel to shoot with me…Jackson took Patrick and I out to a location north of Lake Powell where some movies had been filmed at…again great scenery and a natural model, good shoot for his first time modeling….

sand boiCreviceDesert stretchReclinerwhite lavaDreamscaper 2dreamscapebuns stretchLandscaped rocksconcealedGap boiPhallic artPhallic symbolon toes rimlitrim lightingSilhouette 2

On the way home, I stopped off at a beautiful cedar built home for a few days, located halfway between Denver and Colorado Springs, and photographed a couple of guys in the huge rocks there…one that really stood out was Ryan, who went on to become a video mainstay model with PB and PH video studios….Ryan was great to work with that day….

casual boi 1casual rock boi 1casual rock boi smiles 1rock boi hot ass 1rock art 1nude flirt 1hot tub corner boi 1fireplace boi 1

I spent a few days in Florida the end of October, shooting advertising work for a producer friend of mine, when they were located in the Tampa area…before flying down there, I had the pleasure of working with a new model who later became a model for my producer friend…this new model`s name was Ryan and later became Ryan Rockford, he was fresh out of the service and in need of some greenbacks to pay off some bills, a common story with many models in those days, but he certainly had the good looks and great build on the surface, all the ingredients required for modeling nude print and video work…..

couch hottie smilesthick onehard twistfield strippedfield artTree artautumn foliage smilefoliage butt boibetween two trees

…and a few days later in Florida, Dawson was one of the first models I photographed while there….

rr tracks smilehard and toned-1flex and smilehard flex


…..I also had the good fortune of working with a guy from that area that I had been talking to online, Jim came to the hotel I was staying at and shot with me there…he was actively involved in weightlifting and yoga, and after just a few minutes of working with him, you could see that he was in great shape and very limber, gorgeous and had a very sweet down to earth personality as well….

beautiful brown eyesart boiart boi assjock strap boyedge of deskdesktop artboimirrorbed bottom smilesbed boi smilesmirrored ass

On my return home, I was contacted by a guy in St Louis County who wanted to come out and shoot some images with me…he felt he might be too old to model but I found him to be quite a good model with a rugged Marlboro Man look to him and equally hott build….unfortunately for me, I only got to work with Tom that one time….

barn jeansfine winewine cellar studwine cellar

…and then I was talking to a cute guy online one night a week out from Christmas who also wanted to come out and shoot some with me before he shipped out to the military, so he came down a few nights later and worked with me….Ryan had a very sexy look and build too….

shadowed stretchsmiling eyesteaser in the barn 2teaser in the barn smilessmiling teasebuff boy knees in barncouch butt boicouch smileSanta wrap flirtAll wrapped up


…and that wrapped up my season of shoots for 2005 !!










Models in 2004

Many of the models I found during the year of 2004, I was able to hook up with a producer friend of mine, whose work went on to become an international sensation…in their early years I was supplying them with about eighty percent of their performers, not as an agent, but merely a photographer helping them get started. Ian was one of the first ones I found that year, he was transitioning from one state to Missouri and relocated in the St Louis area, which greatly made it possible for me to help him get into several avenues of opportunity back then…he was always alot of fun to be around and work with, and his eyes much of the time, could be quite mesmerizing….this young man knew how to move, and how to show off and flirt all at the same time…he was a pleasure to work with…back then the focusing system in my lenses kept up with him pretty good….


Windowlit Hottie       flower boi



Flower Power


cme cyou     mirro


barn boi ass     ass boi on couch 3


coch bottom boi 2


ass boi on couch 1     ass boi on couch


bed boi hard


Justin was another guy that I found online back then, and soon after shooting him a few times, was able to help him get into some good paying video work.

flexed    fuck me look-1

…as you can see, he was one hott looking guy with a nice slim toned build, no wonder he was a favorite with a producer friend of mine….

Hottie     Hottie 2

Scott was another hot guy that I discovered in Arkansas, worked with him there initially at the home of a good friend, and was able to place him with a good producer friend soon after, who kept him quite busy for a while….Scott was well liked by everyone that he worked with, from producers and photographers to other models….he even drove up and shot with me in my studio one weekend….super sexy even today….


drying off    hat barn boi


hard barn boi   hard chair


hard bed boi smiles


I met a sexy guy online one evening named Aaron from the state of Illinois…he came down one weekend when one of my producer friends was closeby with a crew of models, and I was able to place Aaron into work that very afternoon. We became good friends and Aaron modeled print work for me often and even traveled with me on some gigs too….I always enjoyed working with Aaron, he was very easy on the eyes and had an easy going personality as well…..these are my fave images of him….can`t wait to work with him again….

horse stud smiles 2    sled boi ass


bottom sled boi     come warm me up-2


come and get it 2


In the same month I found Aaron, I also discovered a local guy named Matt…I was asked to shoot some images of an inground pool that was located at the farm of some good friends…so I asked Matt to model for me at the pool location….he did great and the images came out really nice….

patriotic pool boi

torches boi

…which led to him doing some more print work with me…I really enjoyed working with Matt, he was the kind of guy I could have worked with every day and been just fine with it….

khaki shorts couch

khaki shorts stretch

In May my producer friend came out to the countryside to shoot some work and hired me to shoot the advertising print work for them. One young man from the KC area that my friend found, was the first one I got to work with, his name is Jimmy….very sexy look and build and smile….

barn loft light      rail fence stud



Early in July, I traveled out west for a family reunion and stopped off in Colorado for a few days vacation time, while there, I was fortunate to be able to photograph Alex once again, having photographed him for the first time the previous fall season…this time I would get a chance to not only see what early summer looks like in Colorado but be able to photograph the natural beauty with Alex in it…..and through a friendship with a buddy who lived in Alma, I was able to take him and a couple of other models to an old gold mine near there to photograph them….

forest rock   streamside smile

Forest Hunk 4 Old mine timbers

Mine Machinery 2    Miner 49er

kneeling on machinery  Mining Man

Streamside Hunk 6  Rock ledge 3

by stream   Stump stream and blue skies 2

Stump and stream  Stump


…Ben Martin traveled up to work with me as well, on his way to a video shoot in California, you can see the images and story near the bottom of the page….and the next model that came to work with me was a new Latino guy out of Denver named Reyfe…I remember driving to Dillon to meet him and guide him back to the log house up on the hill that I was renting…there were several turns and I don`t blame him a bit for not wanting to give it a try and possibly getting lost, specially since you don`t always have a signal up there. Reyfe turned out to be hotter than he described himself, he had a great laid back personality and wound up working with me a few times after that as well…I think to say I enjoyed working with him would be a drastic understatement…

Bedroom Window 2   bedroom boi by window

kneeling by window   Cabin shoot0002

bed boi smiles

gettting wet   check out my ass


The next morning, Missy and I traveled over to the Aspen area, where I usually like to go when I want to photograph a beautiful lake at the foot of two huge mountains in the fall time, when beautiful aspen trees dot the landscape in between them. This time however, I was meeting up with a snow bunny named Lee who wanted to shoot some photos at the waterfalls south of town. It turned out to be a neat canyon of rocks and tunnels and cave like openings with a beautiful stream of water running down through the middle of it all, waterfalls abounding all over the place…luckily Lee knew his way around there pretty good…we opted for an early morning shoot at daybreak, I thought it was too cold and Lee thought it was just right…one thing is for sure, there was no one else out there besides us…everyone else had the good sense to stay indoors where it was warm….all I can say is Lee pulled it off quite well despite the cold temps…..

between waterfalls   waterfalls 2

on the high ground hard   log

Waterfall Shoot0005-1 Waterfall Shoot0008-1

Blue Waterfall 2 Waterfall Shoot0007-1


During the summer months, I discovered a few more hot guys online and was able to place them with my producer friend locally as well…one was Cody, who at that time was located in central Illinois, and went on to become a very hot and in demand video model…..prob due to that super smile he had as well as a great laid back personality, easy to shoot and work with at all times and smokin hot toned build…

yellow shorts

kneeling-1    tease kneels on couch-1


kneeling on bed-1    ass boi 2-1


semi flirt

bed shadows-3


Ricky was another hott guy that I found online and was able to put him in touch with my producer friend, who when he brought him to Missouri to shoot some work with him, I was able to photograph him myself…..

Grass Boi Stretches    Gate Boi Flirts

…and for a California boy, he sure was alot of fun to work with, great look and smile, great build, and just a natural mover and poser….

Barnwood Boi Flirts     gate boi ass nude 2

Grass Ass Flirt

Front Steps Art Boi Porch Hottie


Hard Chair Boi


In August, I found two really hot guys in the KC area, both had lean swimmers builds and both were a hit with everyone I sent their photos to….Aaron was the first one and he became a hit with my producer friend who not only photographed him multiple times over the years, but also hired him as their production assistant, and to this day, Aaron is still working for him….

hot and hard-1   hot and hard 2

doorlit   hard doorway light

come play with this   hard smile

wet uw in pool smile  smiling and kneeling hard

…as you can see, Aaron was a pleasure to work with and after he started working with my producer friend, I traveled up to KC to shoot him up there…at a few of his favorite places...

loft bed look   river view

Lane, on the other hand, had to keep a low profile after I worked with him the first time, and while he remained open to opportunties in different areas, he was unable to commit to video work at all…still, he was alot of fun to work with….

leather couch 2-1 hard flirt on couch

barn stud jeans-1    looking down

barn stall stud flirts    cowboy with hat

bed bottom-1  mirror flirt-1

marble wall   sexy hard hat boi-1

hard hat boi smiles-1    hard hat boi flirts-1



In the fall of 2004, I traveled out to Colorado for my fall vacation and wound up photographing alot of natural beauty, including several hot guys who live out there…Alex who I had photographed the year before, and the year before that….Ben who later became well known as Blu Kennedy after I helped him get started in video work with my producer friend…I shot him earlier in July at the shoot in KC….

peeking-1  Bed Muscle

…one of the sexiest laid back guys I have ever worked with, most beautiful fair skinned red haired lad out there, sparkling eyes and personality both….before leaving for Colorado in early September, I had the pleasure of shooting him once again at a local farm of a good friend where my producer friend was shooting….

kneeling on vanitybottom boi by porch column

flower garden statue   flowers of a kind 2

…and while he was out in Colorado visiting with me, we decided to take a hike in a neat mountain valley where there was a beautiful waterfall and old mine mill nearby, our tour guide was my good friend from Alma again…

Beautiful View 2Scenery boi smiles

…we were right outside a ski and hiker shelter on a rocky ledge looking up the valley behind him, then shot some inside the shelter where of all things, hung a swing….

Snow Shack Swinger Mill Doorway 2

…and then we checked out the old mill down the valley…..neat windowlight areas inside...

Mill Hottie 4   Mine angel

Mine boi 2    Gold mine boi


…after that, we went back to the log house I was staying at and I shot two layouts of him for Badpuppy Magazine, which made him very happy.

When I returned in the fall season, I stayed in a different log house down on the east side of town and the first guy that came to shoot with me the third day there, was video model Timmy Thomas…I had him scheduled for an all morning shoot as Badpuppy had asked me to shoot two layouts of him…he showed up on time and we got to work…he was very laid back and great to work with…I started him off in jeans and we flowed from there…I wanted to shoot him outside, but it was a bit too cool and cloudy outside that day….

barefoot jeans  jeans and door

sexy look   opening jeans

innocent open jeans   innocent

play with this   hard kitchen flirt

bed boi flirts hard bed boi

bed boi looks  Soapy Hottie 2

bed boi innocence  hard in chair

…as I was finishing up Timmy`s second photo layout, my second model showed up with an entourage of young people…I answered the door and explained to him that I was finishing up a magazine layout and would need an extra thirty minutes…found out they were running early, came up with him to go shopping…I suggested that he drop them off down town and return without them…they didn`t like that, but I do not like shooting with an audience and nether would he once we got started…needed not worry, as he wasn`t keen on them watching either…told him to make me the bad guy…he returned shortly after to find Timmy and I sitting around talking and waiting for Timmy`s ride. Garrett and I started shooting soon after Timmy left for home. He was a good looking guy and had wanted to get into some nude modeling work, and as it turned out, he was quite a natural at it….we started out much the same way as Timmy did, casual, natural, and laid back….

barefoot smile-1  jeans down on bedpost

Fireplace boi gets hard Bed bottom boi smiles

Fireplace boy tease in window 2



bottom boi gazes out window good clean fun

Bedpost boi innocence-1  soapy bottom boi


…the next day, Reyfe showed up to work with me some more…and again the temps and rainfall did not cooperate to allow us to shoot at an area waterfall that I had hiked at the first day out, so we made do inside and stepped outside for a few photos instead….

steps 2 hot chair

chair suck this

sexy in chair 2 cloudy skies

vers bed boi  aspens

In December, I was online one evening when I was contacted by a hott young bodybuilder named Lucas, he was residing in the Chicago area but hailed from the country of Estonia, and was drop dead gorgeous. He was looking for a photographer to work with in the hopes of landing some good paying print and video work and someone had referred him to me. I never found out who it was that referred him, but certainly would have thanked them for doing so, as Lucas was a dream to work with and help get started…

1 Barn boi smiles     1 Barn Boi

1 Barn boi flexes    1 Barn boi open jeans

…since the holidays were approaching, I shot him with a few holiday decorations as well as holiday outfits….

1 Blue Velvet tease    1 Pretty boi

1 Sexy Santa      1 Santa babi


I had always heard those European boys were not shy about showing off and that is exactly how he was, very flirty and not shy about showing off anything at all….

1 Hard boi smiles      1 Hard flirt

…which is probably another good reason that he was so successful in his modeling avenues after working with me…I was fortunate to see and shoot him again several years later when he returned for yet another visit….Lucas is one of those rare jewels that I would not mind working with time and time again. 







EJ…Sexy Blonde Hunk

Slowly but surely I am getting caught up on my site work…I worked with several models in 2004, as I was scouting heavily at that time for a few producers. One very hot blonde guy I found and shot was EJ, who was a muscular flirt with a sexy smile, who later became a firefighter on the other side of the state….he sure looked smokin hott in fire gear….

Barrel Boy

Barrel Hottie

sexy firefighter


soft smile

fuck me eyes

New York Model Vince

Another hot guy I had the pleasure of working with not once, but three times, was Vincent B from New York State….at his request I helped him get into some good paying print and video work over the years and he became one of those models that photographers and producers enjoy working with and call back for more work frequently. I remember receiving calls from him whenever he needed more updates to his portfolio and he would grab the next available flight and head my way… of those times was near Christmas……he was always a lot of fun to work with…..

open jkt flirt

Christmas elf

angel smiles

barrel muscle boi

Tunnel Jock

Ready for Plowing

New Jock Shorts Smile


New Hot and Hard on Couch

end of couch