New York Models

I have always had the pleasure of working with models from other states, some I discovered during my many travels and some were already established and needed extra images for their portfolios and simply contacted me to photograph them….one that really stands out is David, who had very long and beautiful blonde hair that complimented his beautiful build. David was in St Louis when I discovered him and shortly after, moved back to New York State….he was a lot of fun to work with, and breathtaking at the same time…..

Long Tresses Hottie

Long Lean and Sexy

Jeans Flirt in Barn

Mysterious and Sexy


Kneeling Hard on Couch





Sitting PrettyAvailable



Mutiny & Mayhem Cruise in 2003

One evening in mid March of 2003, I was browsing online and was contacted by a fellow who had a website that catered to erotic nude male modeling work, he was looking for a photographer with experience in shooting nude male models, both art nude and erotic nude work, to take his place on a cruise…it seems he was a major sponsor of the cruise, called Mutiny and Mayhem, yet he could not go on the cruse ship because he would get sea sick, and then become incapacitated and unable to photograph anyone at all. He had come across my work online, checked out my sites, liked the quality of my work, and hired me to take his place on the ship and photograph as many men as I could during the three days of cruise time. Since there was also alot of paperwork that would need to be completed by each model that I photographed, I was able to convince him that I would need some assistance doing this, and was able to bring along a good local friend of mine, Dennis, to handle the paperwork while I took care of the photography. The client flew us both down to Tampa at the beginning of March, and we attended a Bon Voyage Party at  a local bar there the night before the cruise ship departed. We were able to meet a few models and dancers who would be on the ship for the cruise and establish some contacts, as I was required to photograph the dancers and models as well as anyone else we could recruit for the shoots. Everyone that was going on the cruise then met the next morning at the docks, south of Tampa and after going through customs, we spent most of the morning just boarding the massive ship. We all formed along line, yes all two thousand of us sailors, and began climbing up the massive metal stairway to the halfway mark on the ship where we could enter the ship…and as we climbed up what resembled a massive scaffold alongside the ship, about halfway up, the Tour Director had been kind enough to place one of the models, Michael Brandon, to welcome us all aboard the ship. As Dennis and I approached, we saw a ship photographer snapping photos of each person with Michael, that one could purchase later on as a momento of your trip…when it was my turn to get my portrait with Michael, I asked the photographer for a timeout, and adjusted Michael`s pirate vest a bit to show off his muscletone more…. cruise with Michael Brandon-1 …and then we continued on up to the ship door and entered the ship. We were immediately given our room number and key, and assigned a valet who took us to our suite and turned down our beds for us, and informed us he would return each morning to clean the room and make our beds. Shortly after setting sail for the Gulf, our destination Key West, we were informed by intercom that we had to report to the deck outside for a lifeboat drill and advised to wear our lifevests…Dennis and I both headed to the deck topside and found our neighbors gathered there, and time to meet and greet…soon we were also joined by none other than Michael Brandon once again…seems he was the Hospitality Director as well as one of the super models on board. The cruise was before digital cameras were prevalent, so I had brought about forty rolls of film with me and two cameras….I took a few extra photos along the way, mainly sunrises and sunsets, and most of my images were lost a few years ago in a computer crash. Here are the few that I have remaining…. Speedboat in Sunbeam-1   Sunrise near Port Manatee    We also had to set up and mann a table on the deck that advertised his website and gave information on what types of shoots were available….needless to say, it was a good thing I was able to bring Dennis along, cause he turned out to be invaluable and freed me up for the photo shoots…there would have been no way I could have done everything required by myself. We basically had the run of the ship for shoots, and since the ship was built in the 50`s and well maintained over the years, there were several very pretty areas on the ship that I was able to shoot in. The crew was very gracious as well and made things alot easier to work with as well. The Cruise Director was from the Tampa area and had a guy from St Louis working for him, and they were great to work with as well and while they offered their suites on the ship, complete with hot tubs, available for shoots if needed, I never found the time to get down to shoot any models there….kinda disappointed cause I really wanted to see how a hot tub was arranged in suites with balcony`s. Oh well, maybe next time. We had no sooner checked into our mini suite and went through the lifevest / lifeboat drill, then we headed to the dining room for lunch…I wish I had taken more photos of the entire ship while on board…the dining room was huge and very beautifully decorated. Each of us were assigned to a certain table with two to three other guests, and we had a specific waiter and server assigned to our tables…and each night was assigned a different theme for those who wished to participate and bring costumes for it. That had seemed like a lot of extra work for us, so we didnt bring the extra stuff and just came as we were…but let me tell you, there were alot of people who really got into it and brought alot of extra costumes for the themes, from tuxedo`s to feathers to leather and chains…never a dull moment on board. Besides the great food, there was also a workout room up on the top deck, right behind the wheelhouse, that I took advantage of every morning, even photographed one of the models up there one evening. While I can`t remember the order in which I shot everyone there that week, I`ll just include a short storyline with each one. I also photographed one of our table mates, his name is Danny….


The first night there, at the Bon Voyage Party, down the street from the hotel, I met Timmy Tyler and Trent Atkins, both actors and models, and while I never did get to shoot Trent while there, despite a great opportunity at Key West to do so, his choice not mine, I did get to do an extensive shoot with Timmy Tyler…he turned out to be a very good model and even flew here a few months later to work with me on some magazine layouts and for another website, and we remain good friends to this day. I shot Timmy in a lounge on an upper deck first, Timmy took a look at the surroundings and just started posing on his own without any direction from me, a very good sign of a natural model….



lounge boi




Whats For Dinner




…after this part of the shoot, we stepped out on to the outside deck and shot some images in his string bikini….

smiling on deck


blue skies


…including a michevious image….

sneakin out


…and one in his birthday suit….

Engine room door


…and let me tell you, as hott as Timmy looked, in and out of clothing, he was garnering alot of attention outside…we were quickly overtaken by several onlookers, so we postponed the remainder of the shoot til we landed at Key West and could shoot at a more private location there.  The Key West Shoot was at a private pool that is owned by good friends of Cruise Director Jim Garcia, and those friends own the leather shop in Key West. Jim met me at the Leather Shop and introduced Dennis and I to the owners and we arranged to meet them at their house around sunset to shoot a few models there. BTW, it should be noted that while it is usually very warm at Key West, and was around 88 degrees that day, all of the pools there are heated, so when you get into one, its like getting into a hot tub…ie…you dont cool down at all. Timmy was the first model I shot at the Leather Shop guy`s pool…they had some big and beautiful palm trees that were ornamental looking and kinda fan shaped, so Timmy stood up on his toes and kind of emulated the shape of them in an artsy way….

Art Palm


…then they also had this huge arty looking ceramic pot that looked like it was turned over and spilling water out into the pool, a fountain, and I had Timmy walk over under it and reach up and grab the sides of it, looked great, he was wishing by that time, that the water pouring out of it on to him was cool water, not more heated water….

Fountain of Youth


…he then posed in between the decorative pot and palm tree….

hard and wet

Another sweet guy that I photographed on the ship, was Jonny Kfir, who it turned out, was probably the first guy from the country of Israel that I had ever met, let alone photographed, and very easy on the eyes as you can see. I took Jonny down to the ship`s library, which was built with beautiful mahogany wood paneling and absolutely beautiful….and Jonny looked sexy in the library as well….

Libary Stud Johnnie


Hard Uncut Study Johnnie

…and then we walked up to the same lounge that I shot Timmy at and shot a few images there as well…in the next image, you can see how relaxed Jonny was, he was always like this, a natural model and a big flirt as well…he loved to show off….

Join Me For a Drink Johnnie


…we then walked out on the deck and shot some images of Jonny in his blue swimtrunks and some nudes as well…

blue speedos


blue skies and water


hard deckhand


..and then went up to his room where I shot a few there….

Hard Tongue Johnnie


…and when we docked at Key West, Jonny was one of the first models I shot…Dennis and I walked down the street to Island House, a resort at the end of the residential area…there was a big pool there with some shaded areas provided by palm trees on the south end of the pool. There were a couple of older gentlemen reclining on some loungers, and I walked down and asked them if they would mind me photographing Jonny down by the pool in front of them…they looked at me like I had lost my mind and told me to take all the time I needed to work with Jonny….I know they enjoyed the view in front of them, prob everyone there did, and Jonny poured on the show and flirty looks too…

hard palm boi


sexy palm boi was after a bit of a bad experience there, that we left and walked up to the pool owned by the Leather Shop guys, for the rest of the shoots that evening. It was during the shoot that we found out some guy from the ship had followed us down there and began to mess with us and with Jonny mainly…the situation was taken care of, but we decided to go elsewhere and finish the shoots with peace and privacy. I was able to shoot a few guys at the pool, however, I no longer have those other images due to a computer crash a few years back.

Dennis and I were going to grab some dinner there at Key West after the shoot, however it was around 11 pm before we finished shooting and getting the paperwork taken care of at the pool, plus it was spring break and man were the streets down there crowded with high school seniors all over the place. We decided to head back to the ship and grab some pizza from the all night deli on the back deck…we had to cut across the main drag to get back to the dock, and as we approached, there was a huge fight in the street, people physically brawling in the middle of the street, and I`m talking hundreds of people choking the street…we had to walk at least a block to get around it, and as we got to the far side of it, we heard sirens and saw police arriving in mlitary looking jeeps, running blue lights, and looking much like MP`s, to break up the street fight. I was sure glad then, that we decided not to grab supper there along the street in that area….a couple of the models walked back with us and joined us for pizza as well. As I was walking back to my suite, I came across this good  looking guy and was able to talk him into letting me photograph him right there in the hallway….his name was Brent….



…on one of the days, there were some contests on the back deck, one of them sponsored by my client, and I photographed the winner of that contest in the ship`s library, his name was Rod….

Rod contest winner

…plus I had to help shoot some group photos of the actors and models on board the ship for the Cruise Director and my client as well….

Library Group 3-1


…the front row kneeling is Trent Atkins, Jonny Kfir, and Timmy Tyler, and the back row is Michael Brandon, Brandon Wiliams, Enrique Vega, and Danny Hunter…I had photographed both Enrique and Danny at the pool, and their images are the ones lost in the computer crash…..

Library Group 1-1


..and then we stepped out on the deck and shot one with Cruise Driector Jim Garcia…by the time I got out there, I just had time to snap one from the side before the group broke up….

Jim with Deckhands-1


I was awake for some reason, at 4 am when the ship set sail for the return voyage to Tampa, and I remember some guys telling me that there were a few waterspouts about a hundred yards off the deck and I should get a photo of them…I looked out there but all I could see was total darkness…I remember thinking either their vision was much better than mine or they had been drinking too much. It was a very restful days voyage on the way back and we had a great supper that night in the dining hall, I remember having lamb and I believe Dennis had duck and it was very good. We had a great time on the cruise and the only bad time was the wait at the airport for our plane to arrive and getting thru security with all that exposed film…even back then, getting thru security was no picnic.

All in all, Jim Garcia and his crew outdid themselves in putting together such a great event, anyone that didn`t have fun and enjoy the cruise would have had only themselves to blame. Dennis and I left with several new friendships that have lasted well through the years, there are still a handful of guys that I hear from and talk to from time to time even today. 

Models in 2003

In 2003, I was no longer in my studio, having gone back into dispatching work full time and even dismantled my barn set and moved it to my basement in the house I had purchased a few years prior. I even had a spare bedroom with high ceilings and light colored walls that made for great windowlight. I was still shooting alot of beefcake work and now marketing my work on my own, shooting alot of magazine layouts, some became covers as well, for a variety of mags, including fitness and erotic nudes. 

I met Eric, a cute black boy with a tightly toned build and long dredlocks, online during the winter months, and he came out to shoot with me one day. He said he had never modeled before, but the way he moved and flirted, you sure would think differently, and his smile was big and beautiful as well…

Window Lit Hottie 2   Mirrored Btmboy Smiles

…Eric and I became good friends and although he never was able to shoot with me again, due to his schedule, we kept in touch over the years and still occasionally talk when we see each other online.

 Joe was another good friend that decided to give modeling a try and found that it worked out well for him in his post high school days, supplementing his work income for a few years…..

Barn Nude   Hott Boy


Hard in Bed


David was a super sexy built Asian boy that traveled down to shoot with me from the Chicago area that year…he was in need of some new work for his port and to advertise with, so I took care of that for him and also shot him for a couple of magazine layouts as well…..

barn overall smile-1      blue shorts in foyer

Erotic art nude   smiling erection

tan backdrop   sunshine couch

hard windowlight   abs and erection

workout sexy smile   workout smile


About mid March, I was contacted online by a fellow that had a website that catered to erotic nude male modeling work, he was looking for a photographer with experience in shooting nude male models, both art nude and erotic nude work, to take his place on a cruise…he hired me and I was able to take along a good local friend of mine, Dennis Ledbetter, to help me with the paperwork as well as mann the table/booth for the sponsor.  Look for this story in a separate post called Mutiny & Mayhem Cruise. We were able to utilize both locations on the ship as well as Key West, Florida, for shoots during the cruise, here are a few previews for ya….

barfly Art Palm

Library Group 1-1    hard palm boi


In June, I found a really cute guy named Miles online and worked with him, he had some experience but was looking for more and more is what he got working with me….I was able to help him get into some good print and video work along the way as well….he was a great art nude and erotic nude model to work with for a few years but eventually accepted a job offer out west and moved shortly after….

wood fence    barn corner

cowboy art  BW young cowboy

overall light    barn door lite



hard cowboy   barrell ass boi

barrell ass boi 2   barrell boi


hard couch boi 2 hard couch boi


art ass Hot bed boy

In early September, I had the pleasure of meeting up with a super nice guy named Mike, from the KC area, who had a very unique story that really changed my outlook on things regarding the fragility of life and how good things can come out of bad…Mike was just such an example of how something really good could come from a really bad situation, and I feel fortunate to have met him and worked with him for several years,  forming a lifelong friendship with him…he turned out to be not only a cool kid but a great model too…creative with ideas and good looking also…..

Jeans Hottie 2  Woods Hottie

Barn Sunlit Hottie FF Hottie

FF Profiled    Mossy Rocks Hottie

black angel boi   cowboy 2


Later in September, I traveled out to Colorado for my ten day vacation, rented a log home south of Breckenridge and photographed several guys in various beautiful areas nearby, the first guy was Adam from the Denver area, who had a cabin near Pine…it was nestled in a huge canyon with a beautiful springfed creek in front near the road and steep rocky walls behind the cabin, made for a great setting for photo shoots..unfortunately I only have a couple of images from that shoot, which was for Men Magazine back then…

Gold Mine Briefs

….and after that shoot ended, I had to beat feet back to the cabin to prepare to photograph Alex, who also lived in Denver, and agreed to come up and shoot with me after we had quite a discussion by email and phone, wherein Alex revealed to me that he had traveled out to California to work with a photographer a year before, who apparently promised him the sun, stars, and moon, in other words, promised to get him into alot of modeling work and then failed to do anything at all for him. I told him, as I tell everyone, that I do not make any guarantees but after looking at his photos, I knew that I would have no problem finding him work in any area that he desired to get into…luckily for me, Alex was very open minded and open to any and everything out there….I also told him that within ten days of getting back, editing up his images and sending them out to my photographer and producer friends, I would have some good news for him, and true to my word, that is exactly what happened…I had about ten friends that wanted to shoot him and all at the same time…I think there was probably still some skepticism on his part, til I made that phone call to him a week after I got home and delivered the great news to him. Alex was soooo good looking and well built, that I could have shot him every day there and never tired of it, he was just that good looking….

Hottie  Cabin Hottie 3

Pillow Hottie   Windowlight

Sunlit Scenery 2 Railroad water tower stud 3A

Forest Hunk Field Hottie 2

Nude Art Forest   Backlit Hottie

Hot Tub Hottie Smiles  Hot Tub Hottie 5


Hot Tub Hottie 4   Hot Tub Hottie 12


…as we were wrapping up the shoot that afternoon, a hot young man from Denver named Chad showed up…he was my next model for the day and shortly after, Steve arrived to pick up Alex…I invited them both to have supper with Chad and I at a local eatery, as they had decided to spend the night in Breck. Chad stayed the night as well and we shot the next morning in an aspen forest near Silverthorn…alas, due to a computer crash where I lost ten thousand images, I was only able to recover one of his images….


…the next day Eugene showed up to work with me…while talking to him online over the course of the summer, I learned that he was from Russia, raised in the coldest region of the country and so he moved to Denver at the suggestion of one of his countrymen who had moved there a few years before…he found it to be milder in temps, but still cold enough that he could handle it just fine, and the beauty surrounding Denver unsurpassed. He turned out to be a super guy to work with, not shy at all….we shot some at the cabin and then did some hiking at a waterfall north of Dillon that was quite pretty…..

Windowlight Hottie   Cabin Couch Cutie 2

Quite a View  Forest Hottie 3

Waterfall Hottie 4   Waterfall Hottie 3


Hunter was another model that I photographed while at the cabin..he actually traveled up there with me from Denver for a few days stay before Alex showed up to shoot with me…he came down with some type of allergy infection and had to return to Denver…but we were able to shoot a few photos before that happened…unfortunately those were some of the images I lost in the computer crash several years ago…here are a few I shot of him for Badpuppy Magazine, when he came to visit me the next year here…

Ready Ranger   Mirror


After spending a week in the Breck area, Missy and I headed west early one morning, traveling all the way across Colorado to Moab, Utah…arriving mid afternoon and shortly after checking into the hotel there, a hot young man named Kurt, arrived from SLC area. Like most of my models, I had met him online and he was interested in modeling, and after telling him that I would be stopping off in Moab, he agreed to drive down and meet me there, and work with me on some print work. He turned out to be as good looking as his photos he had sent me and nicely toned as well, and he was open to the opportunities ahead. After freshening up, we headed out east of town to Fisher Spires, and soon after arriving at the parking area, finding two cars there, we headed up the trail toward the rocks. We met a couple of gals and a guy walking down the narrow trail through the canyon on our way up the hill, they told us there were a couple of young guys rock climbing the spires about a mile head on the trail. We thanked them for the info and continued up the hill, which gradually topped off at a rocky bench…where we stopped to catch our breath after the climb. It was beautiful there, some huge rounded rocks in the background and some knarley scrub brush and cedars in the foreground…we decided to take some photos there, starting off Kurt in his shorts and briefs with the scenery at hand…

Canyon Hottie 5    Fisher Spires Hottie

Canyon Hottie 6Fisher Spires Hottie 2

Knarled Cedar Art 2 Knarled Cedar Art


…and then for the next hour, we also shot some nudes there on the rocks….

Canyon Hottie 4 Canyon Hottie

…and although I shot a few hundred images of Kurt that afternoon, I lost many of them in a computer crash with my back up system crashing as well, so many of the better images lost of him…we had just finished shooting and he had re-dressed when the guys who had been rock climbing at the Spires came down the trail returning to the parking lot…after a bit of chit chat, we followed them back to the vehicles. We found out chatting with them, that they were staying at the same hotel as we were and their wives had gone off shopping while they decided to come out and rock climb. After a great dinner in town that night and a good nights rest at the hotel, we got up early and headed down toward Escalante Canyon…stopping off at a sand dune looking rest area with some rocks on the way and shot a few more photos of Kurt before he headed home….

ass art 2    sand dune art-1

…we shot these on the far side of the rocky bluff area away from the highway, however we never heard any car doors or any vehicles pulling over to the side of the road and Missy never alerted, so we probably could have shot longer there. I remember Kurt was in fine shape and these were the two best images I captured of him there anyway. Missy and I drove on down to Page, Arizona that day and we met up with a couple of guys the next day there, however I lost all of their images in that computer crash as well.












Start of the 21st Century

Everyone brought in the start of the 21st century in different ways, some good and some not so good…I began by shuttering my business, selling off equipment, and returning full time to work for others, which turned out to be a very good decision for me. I continued to shoot and work with models, more on location at first since I no longer had a studio to shoot in, but even that wasn`t that much of a change, since I had several friends with locations that I could shoot at when cold weather came around. I also began to take a vacation again each year and traveled out west to Colorado, Utah, and Arizona for a few years, shooting models that I was able to find out there, at beautiful locations as well. Check out my post Colorado Scenery Revisited for an extensive look at many of the models I found and photographed out there.  Here are a few of the models that I found locally as well, that first year….Hunter was one of the Colorado models that I found and shot the first trip out, and he visited me here later to shoot with me for a magazine layout….


Friendly Ranger


I also managed to find a hot young man in central Illinois that wanted to get into modeling work, nude modeling specifically, and he came down to shoot with me several times that year…his name is Josh and I was able to hook him up with a few photographer friends from out of state that really enjoyed working with him as well…one of the prettiest places I ever shot him was at Mossy Springs….

Mossy Rocks Josh


…and I found a couple of local guys that turned out to be great models as well…one was Kenny who thought he might be too slim to model for me and others….

Sexy Boy Scout


this is what you want-1


…and Jeff was the other one….







Jeff tabletop-1-1


Jeff tabletop-2


Sweet Jeff-1


Another discovery about this time was Jeremy Markum, who went on to become quite an internet sensation and very popular with hundreds of photographers world wide…at the time, Jeremy was attending college nearby and I could tell he was a bit skeptical about the things I was telling him in regards to modeling….soon after shooting him a few times,  I was able to hook him up with many of those photographers through an agency called Ten Casting, that catered to many photographers looking for models for nude print work, fitness work, and video work as well. I`m sure many of those photographers helped him further his career as he moved up the ladder….here are some of my original images of Jeremy….

railing at Jim and Chads


Barn Overalls


Saddle Hottie


Overalls Art


Tire Man


Jeremy always had a great attitude when it came to modeling, as much work as he had put into his bodybuilding, he had no problem at all showing off his muscles, and once he saw how successful he could become, he was only too happy to come and shoot with me…

Art Nude


Windowlight Nude


Hallway Hottie


Hallway Hottie 2


BW Windowlight


Rocky Bluff Muscles


Outdoor Beauty


I lost touch with Jeremy soon after his marriage to his college sweetheart and his career as a personal trainer took off, so I couldn`t tell you what he is doing these days, much less where he is located. 




Farmboys and Ranch Hands

Since I don`t have many cowboys, I should prob add a post with farmboys and ranch hands, since I did manage to shoot more of them in the past several years and wouldn`t want to be considered teasing my viewers. Here are a few of the hotter ones I have worked with in the past several years…..Aaron is the first one, found him early in the twenty first century…. I was scouting heavily for photographer and producer friends and was able to find him quite a bit of work with some of them…

horse stud smiles 2


come and get it 1


Alf was another hott guy that I discovered way back in the 90`s, he was dancing and flaunting his toned build quite a bit, one of my female friends saw him and figured he would make a great model for me, since she knows as much as I do that dancers normally make great models…we were right, he turned out to be a very good model and had a sparkling personality as well as a sensual Spanish heritage that really came out in his images at times…


Bale Boy Sexy


Bale Boy Sexy 2

Barn Stripper 3

Up to this time, I had not had the pleasure of working with a Latino model and Alf was able to put into motion what sexy, fearless, and sensuous Latino men do all the time…he really opened my eyes to what a Latino model could accomplish for a photographer and he put this same raw energy into his dancing work as well….

Hay Hott Art

Billy is the next countryboy who is out on his farm in Missouri and thinking of shedding his clothing to go swimming in the lake….…and sunning himself in the sunlight…

Lakeside sunner 2



…and then we went to his big and beautiful barn….one of the prettiest barns I have ever shot before…

Barn boy

…one of my more recent models that I found and photographed in the past year is Bobby, from a farm in rural Indiana… 

Barn Boi Hottie

…I shot him in my barn and then a few weeks later, took him to a friend`s farm and shot him there as well…. 

Sexy Saddle Hottie


Sexy Saddle Stud

…where Bobby took a liking to one of their horses…which was appropriately named, so I gladly introduced Bobby to Bob….

Bobby With Bob


Bryan is another cute countryboy that I found online one day…turns out he already had been doing some modeling and recently relocated to Missouri, so I met him at a friend`s farm and shot some test shots of him was a little cool that day but he was brave and did very well.…and I enjoyed working with him so much, that I worked with him a few more times…once in my barn……and took him to another friend`s farm where there was a field of bluebell flowers in bloom….

Bluebell Gate Boi


Art Bluebells 4


A few years ago, I found another cute farmboy in eastern Oklahoma on my way south for my fall vacation at Hot Springs…he was actually referred to me by a good photographer friend who had shot him a few weeks before…Cale had the most intense blue eyes I have ever seen on a guy…or anyone for that matter….

Sexy Eyes


…and he used those eyes on me the whole time I was there shooting him at his dary farm… 

Country Boi Jeans Flirt


Another hot discovery was almost ten years ago when I met and photographed Kurt Wild and helped him get into some good paying nude modeling work at his request….

gazebo boi


flowerbed art


Kurt was with me for several years, even while he was off shooting video work…he was also doing print work and I was able to get him into several types of work…he retired from modeling a few years ago.

Another hot countryboy that I found several years ago online, was Hunter, he was living in Colorado at that time and visiting Missouri….he looked great out in the woods…

Friendly Ranger


I found one countryboy in Arkansas on one of my early trips down there to shoot some waterfalls one year…his name was Jaie and he turned out to be a great model and good friend….I shot him in a cornfield at his farm….

field of dreams flirt


…and work shop near the field…. 

gymnast ass


table spread


and I shot him the following year at a beautiful waterfall in Arkansas…

Huck at waterfall 1


Another discovery in the last couple of years was Jesse, a countryboy from Illinois, who I first photographed at a Missouri farm….

Barn Saddle Hottie Smiles


Hung Rafter Stud 2


…and then there was John, who I found fresh from out of the Navy and looking for something to do…so I provided him an outlet…he turned out to be a good muscular art nude model and is still modeling to this day in multiple markets….

between two trees


pine forest hard


Will was another of my original models, he came up to shoot with me from Tennessee and was a countryboy through and through….I shot him at another friend`s farm….

Barn Stall Hottie


Tractor Boy


Travis is yet another countryboy that grew up on a Missouri farm nearby….

Farm Boi 2


Hard Saddle Stud 2


Tom is a neat guy that I ran into online a few years back and he came down to shoot some images with me one day….

wine cellar


…and in his forties, was aging like a fine wine….

fine wine 2


I also met a hot guy named Tim, from Oklahoma, who came up to Missouri and shot with me several times….


Barn cowboy smiles



barn boy


Steve is another farmboy that came up from central Arkansas to shoot with me several years ago, he needed some new images for his personal use, so I took him out to a horse farm owned by some good friends of mine and we took a few…



(C) 2003 Gateway,Inc.


Scott is yet another one of my long time models who was referred to me years ago by another model in his area, and Scout turned out to be a very hot and sexy model for several markets…I was even able to hook him up with a few photographer friends for some print work, including my friend Greg who shoots for Playgirl Magazine…. 

barn trough hard


barn trough


nude profiled in grass


…he had long curly hair when he first started shooting with me…

Whip Stud


Hard Wired Stud 2




Cowboys 2

I decided to elaborate on my Cowboys Shoot with a few extra images since most of my cowboy models shot glamour and nude images both in many of their shoots. I have viewers that only like to see glamour images and I have many that like both glamour and nude images, so with this post, I will be able to satisfy most. Danny was one of my true cowboy models who was fine shooting both glamour and nude images and looked great both in and out of his jeans and boots…. danny_joe   Hot Cowboy Stud   Cowboy Sexy Overalls Hottie Hot Cowboy Hot Ass Cowboy Sexy Nude   Danny also did some fine art nude work with me outside at some pretty locations….this one with large rocks covered with a thick green moss year round…Mossy Springs Art Nude 2   Mossy Springs Art Nude


…and in later years, did even more erotic nude modeling work…even shooting with some photographer friends of mine from time to time…

Roper Art


Cowboy on Bale


Cowboy Sexy 2

Another hot cowboy that has modeled for me the past few years is Tom Wolfe….I actually got him started in nude modeling work and he has marketed himself quite well…. 

Barn loft stud   exotic jeans boy   Sunlit leaves   Sunlit leaves nude   front porch nude   Front porch boy   Barn stud rimlit   jean flirt unsnaps jeans


these above and below taken around the pool at the farm….

Pool stud smiles


…and after shooting in the sun all day, he took a refreshing dip in the pool to cool off….


pool stud

Gorgeous and wet


Hard pool stud


…and he came back another time to do a different themed shoot with me, bringing a few of his swords from his personal collection, to use as props…I supplied him with the costume…. 

Roman soldier in tunic


Roman soldier sexy tunic


Roman warrior adjusts helmet


Roman soldier undressing


removing tunic


sword placement


Roman soldier boy 2


flirty Roman soldier boy


Roman soldier rests


hard Roman warrior


Roman soldier kneels


Roman twists kneels


turned out well, dontcha think ??  🙂





A Trip Down Memory Lane, Part 3….

 Luckily for me over the years, my photo programs kept track of my images by the dates taken, so even though I lost some model files along the way due to computer crashes, I had the original shoot dates and could more easily put these updates together chronologically…however since I have an extensive collection of images,  this may wind up being several parts long…….I will try to give some background on each model, too. Not everyone will be listed here, so if I leave someone out, I`ll apologize in advance. 

Over the last thirty years, I have helped literally thousands of guys and gals get into the business of glamour and nude print work which includes magazine layouts, greeting cards, calendars, posters, and some advertising work,  helped hundreds get into nude video work, as well as assisted a few with their portfolios for fashion work.  I find both sexes to be beautiful, I don`t discriminate at all when it comes to beauty.

This story will include art nude images I began shooting a few months after working with the male models who chose to pursue art nude modeling work. This is the main reason I shot three styles, to give models a choice, glamour, art nude, and erotic nude, as well as print or video or both……believe me, there were people that wanted to shoot everything offered,  and some that only wanted to do glamour…I was fine with one or all back then, because back then I was just starting out and needed to get some experience as well and had many markets to shoot for then.

Jake was one of the first guys I photographed in the art nude style of print work…he was a muscular young man that contacted me online one evening, from the Boston area, and wanted to travel down here in the fall and shoot some art nude images with me. Back then I had an art nude website that he had found online. Here are some of his images from that weekend, starting at a farm near the river….

Bales Babe Jake-1


barn bales nude


Riverbank Nude Jake


River babe Jake


…I then took him up to a local landmark where we found an old stone building with leaves scattered inside across an old staircase….

Stairs and Leaves Jake


Stairway Art


…and then he spotted the neat crack in the stone wall and made good use of it as well…

Stone Wall Art


Hole in Rock Wall Jake


hole in wall


Doorway Outside


…we then wandered over to a nice waterfall, but for some reason I cannot locate those images…if I ever do, I will def add them on here.  

Another guy who I worked with at that time, came to me on a referral from his cousin…Chris was out of high school a year and kicking around what to do with the rest of his life, was working in concrete at the time and not much interested in college, he preferred to work instead and it worked well for him, showing up in his muscle tone….I remember the first day Chris came down and shot with me in my studio…he was such a natural at it, that I pulled out all of my ideas at the time and shot ten rolls that Saturday….I had only worked through half of my folder of ideas, and he had enjoyed it so much, that he said he could return the next day and help me shoot the rest of the ideas….Chris turned into one of the few guys I worked with over an extensive period of time….and a great friend as well…


Barn Boy


Barn Stud

Saddle Hottie


Chaps Stud


Chaps Stud 2


Chaps Hottie

Almost Unwrapped


After shooting him extensively inside my studio, I took him to a few neat locations to shoot some images…this one was a beautiful barn on the north side of town where a branch bank now sits….I really wish they had left the barn that was there…. 

Barn Door


…and some bluffs and caves…. 

Bluff Hottie




Rock Statue


View To A Thrill 2


…and Chris looked great in waterfalls too….

Waterfall Hottie


Waterfall Hottie 3


Waterfall Art

Waterfall Art 2


…and to a few other old buildings with great windowlight…. 

Art Sculpture


Chris was the kind of model you could call and say, hey I have a female model coming down for a shoot on location at a waterfall or a location with a beautiful car…can you come along for security ?  and he was there in a heartbeat…he also referred alot of others to me for modeling work, one was a good friend of his named Mel….who like Chris, had a boy-next-door look and great build, and turned out to be another great model…. 

BW Select Color



Blue Jean Hottie 3


Blue Shirt Barn Hottie


Hard Wired


Bullwhip Stud


Red Thong Hottie 2


Like Chris, Mel looked good in just about anything as well as out of everything….

Nude Blue Wall


Nude Blue Wall 2


Barn Loft Nude


Barn Loft Nude 2

….back then I began experimenting with double and triple exposures and with models available, it soon spread to modeling work as well… 

Triple Exposure Muscle


…and also like Chris, Mel became a very reliable model to work with when it came to other models, especially female models. Another guy that Chris referred to me about that time was Mike, who was an avid bodybuilder and had a super nice personality and look and build, another great guy to work with alone and with other models…

Saddle Stud


All American Hottie


Chains of Muscle


Motorcycle Stud 2


Motorcycle Stud 3


Armed and Ready


Barn Hottie 2


Barn Hottie 3


Motorcycle Stud 6


and as I have found with a lot of bodybuilders who are proud of what they have accomplished with their muscletone, he wasn`t afraid to show it all off for the sake of art…which is what it is….

Flag Nude 3


Mossy Rocks Hottie


Art Muscle 3


Art Muscle 2


Art Muscle


…and yet another superb guy to have around when working with female models too…never had to worry about much when Mike was around, thats for sure. 
















A Trip Down Memory Lane – Male Models Nude 2

Although I can remember the very first guy I photographed nude, and the most recent guy I photographed nude, as well as the hundreds in between, I no longer can remember the particular order in which I photographed them, so I think I`ll just take the list of models that I have worked with and work on posting images of each one, in no particular order mind you, and add a little story on each one, cause each shoot has a little story to it and I can remember those details alot clearer. I`ll do my best to put some chronological order to it, for my sake, as I know most of you could care less, you are just here to see the eye candy, and that`s fine, too. 🙂

A few years after I began shooting nude work, I was contacted by some photographers looking for models who were interested in shooting nudes and being paid well for their time. I had quite a few models, male and female, by then, who were always looking for paying work, so I began helping them find paying work like this on the side…in no time at all, I was being contacted by video producers as well, also looking for good looking models, so I added that to my screening process and soon had a list of models interested in video work as well…video work of course, always paying more than print work mainly because there was a larger audience and more work involved. When the beefcake craze hit, my work with guys took off in book covers, calendar and poster images, and magazine layouts as well…I was still finding guys through modeling websites, there were several sites back then, but I was also building up a strong referral base too…I was shooting portfolio images for some private business people that hired dancers for private parties and gigs…one of the dancers I was shooting at that time was Jeff, a very sexy young blonde boy with a nice toned build, who happened to be in the military at the time….he would travel home on the weekends and when he had time, would stop by and shoot with me on his way home…

Blue Jean Hottie 4

Hard Hat Hottie


Jeff stopped by the first few times til the dance club manager found out and threw a hissy fit about it…not sure why it was a bit problem…it wasn`t interfering with his dance schedule and as you can tell in the images, Jeff enjoyed flirting and showing off both !!  He was a lot of fun to work with and had a great personality too….

Blue Jean Hottie 6



Blue Jean Hottie 2


On one of his visits, he had told me that he wanted to get into video work to make some extra money, and asked me to help him out with some erotic nude photos….

Windowlight Hottie 2


Hard Hottie 2


Hard Hottie 3


Hard Hottie


Hard and Sexy 5


….so after taking a few that he could send off to the producers he was talking to and enjoying showing off like this…we decided to shoot erotic nudes all the time cause it just added to the show off side of him.

One day he stopped by and had this pair of boots with him…said they were all that he wanted to be wearing that day for his shoot and he wanted to show off his butt more too….he needed them for another producer interested in hiring him….so I accomodated his request….shooting some of his ideas with the boots on….


Boots Babe

Boots Babe 3


…and some without the boots of course….

Hott Ass 2


Hott Ass 3


Hott Ass 4

Hott Ass


…and then shot some of his front side as well….from what I remember, he was able to get in with the producer that he wanted to and was filmed in many movies..

Windowlight Hottie


Hard and Sexy 4


Hard and Sexy


Hard and Sexy 2


….I later became good friends with that producer, he hired quite a few of my models over the years….Jeff is now retired from video work…we still talk these days…he is one sweet guy and was one of the hottest guys I have ever worked with.  Jeff referred a hot guy to me during those early years as well….his name was Brad and after initially talking by email and phone, Brad came out to shoot with me one day and I found out in person, that Jeff had been right, describing Brad to a T….muscular build, beautiful green eyes, and sexy smile….and I soon found out Brad was a sexy show off like Jeff….

Brad 2 exist-1


Brad bed boi-1


Brad Candleabra-1


Brad Candles-1


…however, Brad liked to shoot with specific themes or ideas in mind and he liked artistic nudes more than erotic nudes…which was fine with me, even though he could pull off either style real well…..

Brad couch-1


Brad harsh lightt-1


…in this image above, we were shooting at his new place and he was merely reaching up to unscrew the light bulb…the light looked great on him and his build was well accentuated from it, so I just stopped him in motion and recorded the moment…. he was just artistic minded in his modeling work…in the next two images, he is shown with a sledge hammer as a prop and he would use that prop in many ways for modeling purposes, he was always thinking ahead of me in terms of posing and this is a model that you enjoy working with, cause there are not very many guys who can pull this type of modeling work off, back then or now either one….

Hammer Stud


Hammer Stud  2


I took Brad to a few outside locations as well and he always brought the scene alive with his raw beauty….

Rocks Nude Hottie 2


Rocks Nude Hottie 4


Rock Crevice Stud 3


Rock Crevice Stud


Rock Crevice Stud 2


During that same year, I was shooting a hot guy named JW, who was attending college at the time in Illinois, and he enjoyed shooting nude work as well. I dont have any of his earlier work in digital form, but in that time frame, an art gallery that I was working with at the time, requested some images of two muscular guys together, so I arranged a shoot with Brad and JW and here is one of those images…incorporating an idea of Brad to use a drape……

Art Duo-1


Brad was without a doubt, one of the hottest art nude models I have ever worked with.  I hope to find a few more images of JW from back in the day when he started shooting with me.  Another guy that came to me about this time, was a hunk from southwest Missouri named Mike…

Chaps Hottie


MC Hottie

not only a sexy model but also helped me tremendously on occasion with jet ski poster shoots, with art design work and referring hot male and female models, too….one of the male models that he referred to me soon after, was Scotty who is also from southwestern Missouri, another model who was with me for several years and remains a good friend today….here are some of his early images….

Hard Wired Stud


Fringed Stud


Whip Stud 2


MC Hottie


Scotty was one of rare models who flirted his way into several magazine layouts and covers, including a layout in Playgirl Magazine in his later years…which came about when my good friend Greg, who shoots many layouts for PG, called and inquired if Scotty might be interested in a layout with them…I contacted Scott and it was a resounding YES from him…Greg flew into St Louis and traveled out here to shoot Scotty at a local friend`s farm….

barn trough


barn trough hard


….Scotty was also photographed for the fire service calendar and poster work that I co-produced several years ago and I photographed Scotty for a magazine layout for Instinct Magazine in the late 90`s as well….

Shaving Creamed










A Trip Down Memory Lane – Male Models Nude

Starting with this section, I will include the nude images I began shooting a few months after working with male models, who chose to pursue nude modeling work. This is the main reason I shot three styles, to give models a choice, glamour, art nude, and erotic nude….believe me, there were people that wanted to shoot all three styles and some that only wanted to do glamour…I was fine with one or all back then, because remember, I was just starting out and needed to get some experience as well. 

Even today, there are photographers who offer several styles of work, yet if a model only chooses to do glamour, most of those photographers will suggest the model go work with someone else. I was always fine working with someone in several styles,  due to market demands for a variety of styles and images in the past. 

 For whatever reason,  I was able to locate alot of guys and gals who were natural showoffs in front of the camera, some came by it naturally,… give them an idea or theme for a shoot, and they can go right into posing on their own without any direction or assistance from the photographer.

Farmboys, countryboys, dancers, strippers, and flirts were natural models too….you just had to watch out for the flirts with the ego`s…luckily I had a method for handling them…I showed them to the door…and that rarely happened because most of the models I worked with didn`t have an ego or attitude. Here are some of my models who were natural models/flirts…

Camo Belt Hottie

Jason was a gifted local athlete and loved to show off his muscle tone, especially his abs….

Jeans Stud


I met Jason through a good friend of mine who was posing in art nude work for me back then, Jay Harris….

Jay in kitchen

and after working a bit with Jason, he referred a few more guys to me as well, but none of them stayed with me as long as Jason did. He also introduced me to a hot female model, look for her story and images in the section called Females I Worked With In The Early Years.

Jay also introduced me to a hot guy named David, who it turned out, wanted to get into some good paying video work. My work was being viewed by this time, by many people on the net, my first website was about my art nude work, and by this time, I was being contacted by several video producers who were looking for hot guys for their video work. I had established a pretty good business relationship with several producers by this time, and a strong friendship with a couple of them, so I had some contacts built up that proved to be instrumental for a few of my models who wished to pursue modeling as a paying sideline gig. It worked out well for many of them as a part time income, in addition to their full time jobs. While David didnt become a regular model after working with me, I still talk to him whenever I see him online and he is still just as sexy looking now as he was back then…..

Jock Shorts


Underwear Hottie


….and since he wanted to get into nude work as well, we shot some nudes of him also….

Construction Hottie 2


Basement Hottie


I was able to help David fulfill his dreams and helped him in a few other ways as well in the early days, he was a super nice guy to work with. 

I did some traveling back in those days, when I had some vacation time built up…and one of my trips was out east to the Blue Ridge Mountains to photograph some waterfalls and beautiful scenery. I stayed the night in the northeast corner of Tennessee one night, where one of my models resided…Mark,….,who had contacted me after viewing my work online and wanted my assistance in getting into some nude print and video work. He turned out to be one of those natural flirts and had a great build and look for nude work. I had a couple of friends who had a farm out in the country near me, they had some horses and had built a beautiful cedar home up on a hill above their barn and valley fields, with a lot of glass windows and commanding view….they let me come out and shoot at their place quite a bit back then….there was a spring fed creek that fed the valley and kept things quite lush and at the upper end of the valley on their property yet, was a beautiful waterfall that stairstepped down about twenty feet and made for a great background much of the time…

Waterfall Flirt


…as you can see from the image above, Mark was quite an accomplished poser on his own, he needed no direction at all, just a natural flirt in all aspects, and he put his sexual energy into his posing…below is the old barn on the property and here again, being a natural poser, he came up with this idea as well after spotting the rope hanging out of the second floor loft door….

Barn Rope


…another shoot, we were out on was at a nearby creek, and we were actually on our way out of the creek and back to the truck when the idea for this image popped into his mind, so I stopped and shot him sitting in the middle of the creek…. 

Creek Hunk


….as you can tell, he had no inhibitions about nude modeling work at all…this next image was shot in an old building near my studio at the time, with windowlight only illuminating him and the backdrop as well….

Hott and Hard


I met another guy in the St Louis area, who at that time was interested in getting into erotic nude work, his name was Britt and he had the brightest blonde hair on a guy I had ever seen, almost to the point of being white colored…he had a nice build and was very well endowed as well….and he had no problem showing it off, especially in one of his leather outfits….

Windowlight Sexy


I shot alot of windowlight images the first day he was down to shoot with me, one above…and the next shoot was at an old building near my studio that had the most incredibly beautiful natural light and old backdrops, peeling wallpaper and stairs and brick…even an old barbers chair….

Hung Sunlit Stud


Hung Sunlit Stud 3


Hung Sunlit Stud 4


Hung Sunlit Stud 2


Hung Sunlit Stud 6

Another of my early days models was Jay, from Ohio, who came to shoot with me one weekend, and I was able to photograph him at an apartment in St Louis where one of my other models lived…Brian graciously allowed me to shoot Jay in his beautifully lit bedroom that day…. 

bed boi bed recline


…the light in there was bouncing all over the place off those white walls and furnishings, and lit up Jay`s sexy body very well….

bed boi flirt on bed


bed boi sleeps-1-1


bed boi hard bed


bed boi bed-1-1


bed boi ass


bed boi radiator-1-1


Bed Boy


Windowlit Stud


…and while in St Louis, I also took Jay down to the grafitti wall along the river and shot him there too….he became a work of art amongst the art….

Art wall smiling


…and the next day, I took him to a beautiful place along the upper Bourbeuse River that I used to shoot at alot….

bluff boi 2


Aaron was another hot young man that I worked with back in those days, and several times in different seasons as well….the first time in the early fall season…..

Bridge boy Tristan


…and Brian was another hottie that I worked with back then…one of several Brian`s that I worked with over the years and a favorite as well….

Flag Hottie


Jock Hottie


Hard Couch


Lucas Young Visiting…

I was going thru a list of models a few weeks ago to see who might still be modeling and who had retired or stopped modeling, mainly to stay up to date on everything, and I sent one of the hottest European guys I had ever had the pleasure of photographing, an email to check and see what he was up to these days…found out he still lives in the Chicago area but travels to New York a lot and was doing some modeling but would like to shoot with me again,  so I invited him down since he said he gets down to the St Louis area often.

Lo and behold, he contacted me earlier this week and said he would be driving through my area and could he stop and shoot with me again…I told him I would love to shoot him again and so we have set up a date and time and I plan to shoot some poster work of him as well as some outdoor location work too…and I have a few photographer friends interested in shooting him also…his name is Lucas and here are a few of his photos from ten years ago…very much eye candy….

1 Kneeling flexed up close



and what beautiful captivating eyes he has….wait til you see his dazzling smile though…

1 Blue Velvet tease

…see what I mean ?  this was one very sexy boy to photograph, easy on the eyes and easy to work with….shot him in my barn too….

1 Barn Boi




1 Barn boi open jeans

and another one with that sexy smile….

1 Barn boi smiles

…plus I had a Christmas backdrop up at the time and he wanted to shoot a few like that…and I know by now you are saying to yourself, he surely shot some nudes of this hott guy showing off, didnt he ????….and the answer is….1 Santa babi

….you bet your ass I did…lol….this boy loves to show off, so you better believe I captured all of his showing off abilities….and then some….

1 Sexy Santa

…and I`ll just leave you with one more for now….

1 Hard boi smiles

…and will be posting the updated pics of him soon…..