Dominic June 2015

Back in June of 2015, I set up a shoot for a photographer friend named Nick and his wife who were starting out in fine art photography and were looking for male models for art nude print work. A few days prior, I had met new model Dominic in southeast Missouri and he was looking for art nude print work as well. I let him know about the shoots with photographer friends of mine and what the rates would be and he agreed to come up and shoot with Nick and me at a friend`s farm nearby. After Nick worked with Dominic for about 90 minutes, I photographed him for about 90 minutes as well…here are my images of Dominic, who has a very fine look and physique for art nude print work….you will notice he looks wet…it was a very warm day and he was perspiring heavily…it just made him look that much hotter to us…..









Dominic sure was a lot of fun to work with !

Travis Returns

Recently I had a chance to work with Travis once again…his schedule was very restrictive and tight over the holidays and that extended to the end of January as well. Soon after he let me know that he was available most weekends once again and we set up a Saturday shoot. I purchased some studio lights for Christmas and decided to try them out on him, shooting both electronic flash and the modeling light. I set up a high key backdrop and had him donn key pieces of a gladiator outfit…



…and then we shot some art poses in the high key….









…and then we shot some new ideas with the flames….




…and then I shot him with my Christmas tree…as a present under the tree…





Thanks for working with me again Travis….






I had a great opportunity to visit with one of my original models from nearly thirty years ago when I spent the night in Springfield a few weeks ago on a buying trip…Aaron came by after work and went to supper with me, then let me photograph him once again…he is as sexy and sweet as he was when I first found him back then. 





Thanks again Aaron….

Zane again and New Model Stephen

A week after initially shooting with Zane, he told me that he could return and would be bringing a friend, another guy from KC that I had been talking to about modeling, about the same time I had been talking to Zane…luckily for me they are good friends and were coming down together. One of my photographer friends joined me and we traded them back and forth on shoots…unfortunately for me, I suffered a computer loss of many images a two weeks later, right before Christmas, and lost all but a few of their images from that shoot. Here are some of Stephen, a farmboy from northwest Missouri near KC….


…he turned out to be quite a flirt in front of my camera with a very flirty look and super smile too…







…I really enjoyed shooting Stephen first, since I had worked with Zane before, so I let Brad shoot him first…and in no time at all, it seemed we were switching models…after working with Zane before, I had some specific ideas I wanted to shoot him with the Christmas tree again…I had moved it to a different location in my house as well, one with more room to maneuver the models around it…this time I had Zane wrap himself up like a present under the tree….


…and among the ornaments with his favorite teddy bear, under the tree as well….


as well as a few elsewhere in the house…these again, are the only ones I have left of that shoot, which I do plan to re-shoot as soon as Zanes schedule permits….





wrapping up with that sexy smile and smiling eyes….thanks again Zane, look forward to the next shoot…






New Model Zane

Some time back in the fall of 2016, I came across a good looking young man on FB who lived in the KC area and was a ballet dancer and a go go dancer as well, he had strikingly good looks and a muscular build, was featured on a photographer`s page in that area and then I noticed that he had also done some fashion work with a photographer in St Louis that I know of, so I contacted the St Louis photographer to see if he could put me in touch with the KC dancer/model. A few months went by and I contacted the St Louis photographer again, he had sent him an email but had not heard back from the KC dancer/model he said, and had gotten busy in the meantime. He did provide me with his profile name and I sent him an email thru FB as well. I also noticed that he knew Jeff, one of my former models, who also is from KC and lives there still, so I contacted Jeff and asked if he could reach out to this dancer/model for me. Within  a week, I heard from the dancer/model, found out his name is Zane and he was very interested in some additional modeling work, so we set a date and time for him to come down and shoot with me right before Christmas. He brought some of his dance outfits as well as a ballet outfit and I started him on the couch next to my Christmas tree first…



…and I remember within the first fifteen to twenty images that I shot of Zane, that he was like a very sexy gazelle the way he moved and quite a flirt with a gorgeous smile and smokin hot build on him…he had dyed his hair blonde and it looked fantastic on him as well !! It was obvious that he had some good experience in modeling due to the way he took the initial pose and transformed it into a few different variations as he glided from one to the next, looking like art in motion right in front of me…a pleasure to observe and to photograph….

1720232832333739             67

…was I lying ??? this boy is hott and sexy all rolled into one, as well as a very nice personality…and from here, he only got better…in the Santa`s helper suit….helping me decorate my new tree….




…and besides his sexy smile, he also has a very sexy innocent look too…


…and have you ever seen such a flexible Santa Helper ??



114                       117

118                 120

123              126

One thing is for sure, I know who to call when I need live art to go with my Christmas tree next year….or who to contact to come decorate it….thanks for shooting with me Zane…Merry Christmas everyone !!



More Arkansas Models – Josh

Right before I arrived in Arkansas for my fall vacation earlier this year, I discovered that Jon, one of the models I photographed in July down there, had a brother named Josh, that was now modeling as well, so I contacted Josh and arranged to shoot with him the day after I photographed his brother Jon. I photographed him inside first and then we went to a beautiful waterfall nearby, where again, I normally find great color in the fall, however this year, it was apparent that good color was going to be rare and hard to find. We made do pretty good tho, and it turned out that Josh and Jon were identical twins in many ways…another pleasant surprise for me….

01-hot-springs-shoot           0211 16

18            21


…like Jon, Josh has a very sexy muscular build and loves to show it off…I was able to shoot some nice window light of him that showed off his lines very nicely…

24                      27



32  34363142   41

45          49

50            55


61                                    64

…then we went to the waterfall and shot some images there….despite the lack of color, it was still quite pretty there….








Jesse Lust, New Model

While waiting to hear back from Dakota on when he could come back for a second shoot the next day, I heard from a guy that I met at a local gas station back in May…I had emailed him on his FB page and he was just now seeing the message, and was def interested in doing some modeling for me, having done some earlier in the year for a friend of his and a few years back for others as well. He was able to come out and shoot with me that day so we set a time and soon enough he was here interviewing with me, and Dakota arrived shortly afterward. While Dakota waiting upstairs for me in my office, I photographed Marc in the barn set. He has a tall drink of water look and sexy lean and toned build as well as a great range of expressions from a serious sultry look to a beautiful smile….

17-barn           18-saddle-stud

19            21

..Jesse definitely had some good modeling background and experience, and was alot of fun to work with….

23                19b

…and soon found out he was very well blessed not only with good looks and personality but endowed well too….

28                 26

…soon after shooting in the barn, we joined Dakota upstairs and shot some windowlight of Jesse….

01-windowlight                   03

05          08

I also shot some test shots of Jesse in a Gladiator Costume….here is one of the hotter ones…


Very hott guy to work with, look forward to our next session Jesse !!




Former Gymnast in Joplin

The first model I photographed on my trip to Joplin was a gymnast, or former gymnast I should say, and I had been talking to Chris over the years off and on, and finally got to meet him in person. Everytime I was going to be down there in years past, he was either working or out of the area, so this time it was going to work out just fine. Thru high school and college, he had performed in gymnastics and still had a nice build for modeling, something he had always wanted to get into. We started out with some windowlight….

06               01

18  19

…and we shot some underwear as well….I told him to work this coffee table and was impressed with how he did it….










After that indoor session, we drove over to the falls where I shot Chris as well as Nick Turner, a St Louis model who traveled down there to shoot at the waterfalls…







Carlos….Local Model New Shoot

After I photographed Travis last week, when Brad came over and hijacked him from me…I got the chance to photograph Carlos, who drove him to the farm to shoot with me…I hadn`t photographed Carlos in a long time so it was kind of refreshing to shoot him yet again….he was pretty taken with the swan in the pool so I started with the two of them in the pool….

Carlos on SwanCarlos on Swan 3Carlos on Swan 4Carlos in Pool 2Carlos on Swan 7Carlos on Swan 9Carlos on Swan 12Carlos on Swan 13Carlos on Swan 16Carlos in Pool 4Carlos in Pool 6

Carlos in Bamboo 2   Carlos on PorchCarlos on Porch 2          Carlos on Porch 5Carlos on Porch 4

…thanks for shooting with me again buddy !!

Travis…New Model

As soon as my photographer friend Brad showed up last Saturday to the farm, I turned Keegan over to him and began to work with new local model Travis…who I had actually spotted a year or two ago and was now available to work with. Travis has that boy next door look with a lean toned build, and has a sexy smile and sparkling personality as well…I was confident he would make a great model to work with and after shooting him for an hour, I was proven right. I started him out in one of the smaller haybarns in holie jeans and underwear, but he assured me that he would do nudes so it wasnt long before we were shooting some nude images….

01                        08

09                  10

12  1519

21 Hard23

…and then after getting him all hot and bothered in the tack room of the horse barn, I took him to the pool and let him cool down in the water….

33 Pool Boy3641

…and soon after this image, Brad came along and stole Travis from me….so I made plans to shoot Travis again in a couple of weeks…will post that story soon….stay tuned for more of this hunk…