Danny Thai, One Very Nice Bodybuilder

Over the many years I have worked with models, I discovered that bodybuilders make great models…they already have the muscletone and most know how to pose well too…they have to in order to win their respective classes….but I always enjoyed photographing them in more relaxed poses than in their bodybuilding poses. Here are some images of the first Asian bodybuilder I photographed, his name is Danny and he is one of the nicest down to earth guys I have ever met….I really enjoy working with Asian guys because they never seem to age….always look years younger than they actually seem to be….clearly they know something we do not….thanks for working with me to produce some great images over the years, Danny.


Bed Jeans Stretch


Hot Jeans Bed Boi


Barn twister


FF Muscle Stretch


Barn hunk


FF Undressing By Bed 2




Kurt Wild One of My Discoveries….

I`m sure many of you have heard the name of Kurt Wild if you watch porn video work…Kurt was one of my discoveries about five years ago when he turned eighteen and decided he wanted to get into adult video work…I found him on a modeling website, and we began talking and then he came up to shoot with me  one weekend…after a lot of talking and discussing his future…he decided to do some test shots with me and let me see what I could do to help him accomplish his goals of getting into good paying print and video work…I could see alot of potential in him and told him if he took care of his good looks and build, and behaved himself, he could go as far as he wanted to..but I also warned him that he needed to keep his job and not to depend on video work to sustain him money wise.  As with most young potential models and video wannabees, he listened to some things and forgot the rest…..but he was easy on the eyes….these are some of his first photos  with me….

angel boi innocence

angel boi








barn boy flirts 2gazebo boi


palm boinude in tree


flower rock art boirock garden


shadow uw muscle


smelter wall nude

As you can see, during his first shoots, he did a lot of glamour and art nude print work..

smelter art

Some even taken during the cooler months of the year…

Kurt had a sweet look to him….innocent even…

sweetness 1

I also put him in some used fire gear and shot him with a new background  that I was trying out in a limited shooting space….FF Bunker ArtFF Putting on His Gloves

FF Bunker StudFF Smokin AssFF Hose Man

FF Hott Ass