Keegan, New Model

 A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to work with a hot new model from northern Missouri named Keegan…he is into bodybuilding as well and is a farmboy too. He came down to shoot some glamour work with me on my birthday and then stayed over to work with me and a photographer friend Brad, at the farm of one of our friends. Keegan and I talked extensively by email before he made it down to work with us and had a great personality as well as a hot defined build….def a hot looking farmboy too….I could tell in the first few images I shot of him that he was going to work out well as a natural model….


08 B & W08A091012

13               1622353637           3944

…Keegan looked stunning in the barn in holie jeans and boots and even overalls…and looked smokin hott in fire gear….

161161B163165C165166C16746          51

…and we finished out the interior shoot with some windowlight images in blue underwear. Afterward I took him over to his hotel and got him checked in, and then we went to supper. The plan the next day was to get an early start, but that didnt work out due to another scheduled model running late at first and then cancelling out of the shoot altogether.  Soon after arriving at the farm location, Keegan and I started shooting while waiting for Brad, the other photographer, to arrive…I started Keegan in his blue swimwear by the pool….when we arrived at the pool, we discovered it was already occupied by a big and beautiful swan…but we were able to adapt….and Keegan seemed right at home with it….

535456              59 Pool Boy At Work6067727173 Bamboo Forest

…and then we moved to the bamboo forest and some flowers nearby….  







81   84

…and then returned to the pool to get wet finally in the growing temps and humidity…..

85 Pool8789929395

…and then we went to the tack room in the horse barn….where Keegan looked even more at home in his surroundings…..

100101 Saddle Cowboy

102          104


108109 Horses110112115

118A                119120D Bales121D122 Bales125D130                  132134

136               140



148                     150



153                   155

156                  157


Great model to work with…thanks for coming down to shoot with Brad and I, Keegan !!

Hott New Model in Arkansas….Jon

I had the good fortune of working with a new model in Hot Springs when I was down there the first week of July this summer. I met with him on the first day of July in the early afternoon while I was there…he had been referred to me by a good photographer friend in the Little Rock area…a few weeks after I had established contact with him…DJ had worked with him and really enjoyed the session…so I was looking forward to my shoot with him as well. We started shooting some inside since it was pretty warm that afternoon…

01          0306                     08

09                11


…Jon started out in his jeans and went into a slow teaser strip show for me…..revealing a gorgeous build and uncut cock….which with his long beautiful blonde locks, gave him a California surfer boy look….

13                              1422

30                               3335                  42           43


…and then we went outside to the steam bath…I took him to my favorite location down there….


…he kept inching his way toward the water…I asked him if he wanted to let the water run down over his gorgeous build…he said maybe….I could understand his hesitation cause that water is extremely cold…spring fed for sure….


…and like most guys…his curiousity got the better of him and he decided to try it…


…he decided to shoot a few nudes out in front of that cold water…don`t blame him there….


…Jon was a great guy to work with…enjoyed all ninety minutes of our session and look forward to working with him again in the fall. thanks again Jon. 


More Waterfall Models

I was recently down in Arkansas on my fall vacation, and even though I was there for several activities, I also found a hot new model to work with, his name is Tre, and I was able to shoot him at my favorite waterfall near Hot Springs. I had met him online and we had talked several times in the weeks before I even traveled down there. My only regret after meeting and working with him, was that I didnt have more time to work with him….he wound up having to work a couple of double shifts the last two days I was down there. 

On the way to Hot Springs, I stopped off at Hot Springs National Park, to check out the fall color along the creek at the campground there…I had shot there in years past and usually had great color there. I texted him while there and we arranged to meet near the racetrack soon after. He was walking down his street as I drove down to pick him up and a few minutes after introductions, we were heading south to check out the waterfall. The area had received two inches of rain a few days before, so we pulled up to find the waterfall really up and rolling down over the rocky shelf, the water had much more force than I have ever seen it. While it didnt have the explosion of color I found there last fall, it still was pretty. We had the place to ourselves and got started right away. Tre is very hot  with a nicely toned build and he has a very pleasant personality often accompanied by a super sexy smile, and although he had never modeled before, he turned into a big flirt as soon as I lifted my camera up and started focusing….

Waterfall Hottie

Waterfall Hottie 3

Waterfall Hottie 4

Waterfall Art Flirt

Waterfall Art Flirt 3


…talk about a flirt…look at that pretty pink tongue he has…. 

Waterfall Art Flirt 4


Waterfall Art Flirt 5


Waterfall Art Flirt 6

Innocent Waterfall

Innocent Waterfall 2


…after seeing what a big flirt he could be, I decided to see if he could handle some artsy type poses too, and he showed me that he could handle those just as easily…..

Waterfall Art


Waterfall Art 11


Waterfall Art 12


Waterfall Art 13


Waterfall Art 14


…and then he did a little flirting as well…. 

Waterfall Art 15


…we then dropped down to the lower waterfall and worked a bit down there as well….

Waterfall Art 3

Waterfall Flirt 2X 2



Waterfall Hottie 5


Waterfall Hottie 6


…from here, we decided to drive over to the national park to shoot the creek…there is a small bridge across it where there is usually a few beautiful maples behind the bridge, with branches that hang out over a nice pool of water that can make for a great reflection, however this year we didnt have as much color there and the sun was at the wrong angle, meaning we were there at the wrong time of day to shoot, so I settled for the arch bridge reflections instead….

GG Reflections 2


GG Reflections 4


…shoulda stayed and shot longer at the falls……by this time, I noticed we had an hour before sunset, so we headed back to the lake cause I wanted to shoot him down by the water`s edge as the sun dipped down and lit up the skies… it were, we did get a nice sunset and I was able to capture him in some fabulous colors….

Sunset Silhouette


Sunset Sexy

Sunset Sexy 2

Sunset Sexy 6

Sunset Sexy 5


Sunset Sexy 7


Sunset Sexy 8


…and I`m not sure what happened on this next image, my flash apparently knocked out the beautiful skies behind him, we had moved up the hill to a neat rocky lookout point. I`m still getting used to this newer camera and mainly shooting in manual mode once again, after a few years of automation shooting, this will take some time to master once again I`m sure…however, I did manage to get a great smile and his ripped build…


Sunset Sexy 14


…and from here we walked down to a neat rocky ledge to shoot this next image…. 

Sunset Sexy 16


…when the colors ran out, we headed back to the cabin to relax a bit before supper and talk some more about modeling work. After a bit of small talk, Tre asked me to shoot him in some neat underwear…. 

Bed Flirt

…after a great steak dinner, I dropped him back off and asked him to let me know if he found some more free time before I left out, cause he sure was a lot of fun to work with and I`m hoping that he can find some free time to come up here after the holidays and shoot some more with me. 

My last full day down there, I heard from one of my favorite models down there, Pierre, who I had worked with a few years back, after one of my photographer friends had put me in touch with him. Pierre is a armed forces vet and after taking a couple of years off from modeling, lucky for me, has returned to do some more. We had a cloudy day, but fortunately it had warmed up and I took him down to another waterfall that Missy and I had scouted out earlier that morning on one of our hikes….since we weren`t sure how much privacy we might have there, he brought along some pretty blue swim trunks to shoot in….



Waterfall 3

Waterfall 5


Waterfall 9



Waterfall 14


Waterfall 16


Waterfall 17


Waterfall 18


Waterfall 20A


Waterfall 23


…he was perfectly willing to get wet, but I hadn`t thought to bring a towel since I didn`t intend to shoot him in the water…after shooting the falls we headed on down the trail and found some beautiful maples not far away…and I took advantage of them to shoot him in an explosion of fall colors….

Fall Color Babe 12


Fall Color Babe 14


Fall Color Babe 15


Fall Color Babe 7



Afterwards we headed to a great restaurant for supper….thanks Pierre, for coming down for another visit and shooting with me once again. I look forward to the next time.  





Another New Model…Another Jake…

Back in May when we had the may showers, it seemed to be raining Jakes as well…I photographed three guys named Jake from May to June and two of them have become frequent fliers for me with great personalities, sexy looks, and nice builds. The second Jake is a Missouri farmboy that I had begun talking to back in January, online, and then he contacted me in May and asked to help me get him started in modeling work…I told him to come on down and shoot with me anytime…farmboys usually make great models…and after only a few minutes of working with him, I discovered he was going to be another natural Jake in front of the camera….

Barn Hottie 3


Barn Hottie


Barn Hottie 4


Barn Hottie 2


…funny thing is, he started out a bit shy, but after only working with me for thirty minutes, he opened his jeans and went from shy… to shy no more….




Barn Art Ass


…and after that he was quite comfy showing off his build so we shot some on my comfy leather couch as well…. 

Innocent Hottie



…he noticed the older fire gear while shooting with me in my barn studio and asked if he could shoot some images wearing the gear…and I said, sure, why not….

FF Innocent Flirt


FF Innocence


FF Hottness

 Really like the innocent look Jake has….


FF Innocence 2

Waterfall Shoots Near Hot Springs 2010

My last two days of July 2010 vacation in Arkansas were well spent on photo shoots…I had reserved one day and opted to shoot between the rain showers on Wednesday to work with my Hot Springs model, Randy Parker at both the beautiful waterfall he found and at Gulpha Gorge near Hot Springs, which looks like it has great potential for some fall foliage shoots too.

I met Randy at the waterfall that morning…and we started off shooting in the muggy steamy heat…

Gettn Wet and Refreshed 1   Wet and Sexy Jeans 1


and then he turned over to refresh the front side too….giving me those sexy trademark looks….

Wett and Sexy Ass 3     Sexy and Wet Waterfall Boi

Enjoying the Cool Pool Waterfalls 1


and even showed me how nice a slide there was to the waterfall in the middle….

Sliding Down Falls Sliding Down Falls Again

Gettin Ready To Slide Again 1  Considering His Next Move


….well after he dried off, we headed over to Gulpha Gorge……I had driven through there on the way to the quartz mine and really liked the creek and stream, and remembered Randy suggesting this place for photos last year while down there in the fall, wish now I had gone and checked it out. We pulled into the campground and drove upstream to check out the stream and rocks, and parked at the upper end parking lot, then walked up to this bridge, and as soon as I spotted it, I knew I wanted to shoot here…and come back in the fall and shoot again…

Gulpha Gorge Bridge and Creek 1 Raining At Gulpha Gorge 1



Since Randy and I were rained out at Gulpha Gorge the evening before,  we decided to go to the waterfall again the next evening when Chance came down to shoot some poster work with me….and since Chance likes to shoot alot as well, we decided to shoot glamour and nude print work this time. Again we had the place to ourselves and again it was a hot day, so the cool water felt good again. I started out with some art nudes of Randy, then switched over to Chance in some fire gear and then art nudes, and then shot them together…..I`ll just let the photos do the talking….

Art Nude Cool Hole Falls

Art Nude Cool Hole Falls 2A




Art Nude Ferns By Cool Pool Falls 1


Art Nude Straddling Falls Stream 1




Arty Ass At the Cool Hole Falls 1


Arty Boi At The Falls


Cool Hole Waterfall Boi 2


Cool Pool Falls Art Nude 1


These next few shots of Randy are some of my favorites of him….

Pensive Boi By The Falls


Pensive Moment By The Falls


A very hot and sweet guy to work with, feel very fortunate to have met him the year before and worked with him a few times since then, he is truly a good friend and model….here are a few shots of Chance for ya….

FF At the Falls 2


FF At the Falls Sexy Smile 2


Gazing Into The Cool Pool 2


Arty Reflection At The Falls


Hanging Out At the Falls




Balancing Act At The Falls 2


Cool Pool Beauty 3


Cool Pool Beauty 4


Waterfall Fantasy 5


Hot Boy in Cool Pool Falls


Balanced Ass At the Cool Pool Falls


Easing Into The Waterfall



…after shooting Chance alone, Randy decided that he wanted to try doing some handstands and there was a large tree across the stream right above the falls so he decided to do some on it….

Art Nude Handstand on Fallen Tree 1



…and then I shot Chance assisting him, both of them put their jeans back on for a few shots as we thought we heard someone driving up and didnt want to offend anyone…….

Assisting Randy With a Handstand


Giving Randy A Hand 1


…plus it was easier with jeans on doing the next few shots on that big tree limb….

Chance and Randy Hang Out on Log


Cat Like On Fallen Tree


…afterwards we went to get some food, cause modeling and shooting can sure build up your appetite. 🙂 


Mike at the Farm

Decided to take a rainy day and try to get caught up on the updates.

I have worked with Mike a few times now and he`s a really sexy guy to work with..met him on a modeling website and besides a great muscular build, he has a very nice personality to go with it, and is a natural flirt in front of a camera. I contacted him back in the early fall last year and asked if he would like to shoot at a farm owned by some friends of mine and he not only said sure, but wanted to shoot some art nude work as well this time. Luckily we had great weather that day, but started off in my barn set cause it was a little chilly that morning….

Barn Nude Art 7


…and then we wandered over to the farm to shoot some more there…starting out in one of the barns there….Mike looks great in holie jeans and boots, so I had him bring some….

Haybarn Hottie 2



Haybarn Hottie 3



Haybarn Hottie 6



and then he grabbed the saddle and we shot some saddle images again…


Haybarn Cowboy 7



Haybarn Cowboy 10


Haybarn Cowboy 15

Haybarn Cowboy 17



Haybarn Cowboy 19


Haybarn Cowboy 21

then we walked over to the horse barn where he met Bob…..


Cowboy And His Horse 4



Cowboy And His Horse 2


…then we walked over to yet one of the other barns and just past it out into the hayfield….


Hayfield Cowboy Art 1



Hayfield Cowboy Art 4



…and then inside the hayloft barn….where was steamy and balmy upstairs in the loft….


Haybarn Hottie 7



Haybarn Hottie 8



Haybarn Hottie 10



I assured him after literally sweating his ass off in the barn, which you can see he didnt, I would treat him to the cool pool for the next set of images….

Board Shorts Hottie 3


He looked STUNNING in the pool water….specially with his lime green board shorts….


Pool Art 2



I let him swim up and down a few times to cool off…he was one happy camper after that….


Pool Hottie



…I then had him switch to some underwear that was a cross between a thong and jock strap for some more pool images….


Pool Hottie 2



Pool Hottie 3



…and then we moved around to the front porch of the farmhouse to finish out the session….in the cool breeze….


Front Porch Art



Front Porch Art 4



Front Porch Art 5



Front Porch Art 7



Front Porch Art 8



Front Porch Art 11



Boy was it hot that day….

Bobby at the Farm…

Well Bobby came down a couple of weeks ago to shoot with me and my new photographer friend Bobby D, and we decided to shoot some outside images at the farm this time, so Bobby and I drove over and met Bobby D outside town and lead him to the farm. We arrived and I introduced both Bobby`s to Mike and Andy, our gracious co-hosts and owners of the farm and after a few minutes of small talk, we got started shooting with Model Bobby.

We started out on the front porch of the farmhouse and had him dressed in holie jeans to start out…we were joined by two farm cats and a few hummingbirds as well…

Front Porch Sexy 4

…as you will see in some of my photos of Bobby, he is looking away…and this is mostly a result of him working with Bobby D and me just shooting a few along the way while I helped Bobby work with him, mainly giving some pointers and help along the way. I`ll just include the highlights of my part of the shoot…

Front Porch Cutie 3


Front Porch Cutie 2B


Front Porch Innocence 4


Front Porch Innocence 6

and then we saw the swinger, Bobby, in action. 🙂

Front Porch Innocence 7

then we moved around to the iris beds….

Fenceline Art


Fenceline Art 3

and then we worked the old stone building on the farm, one doorway and one window for light inside…

Windowlight Eyes

we opted to use the window for the sole light inside…...its quite pretty light when used at the right time of day….we then went to shoot the cellar stairway….a tight but very usable place to shoot photos...

Stairway Hottie


Stairway Hottie 4

then we headed to the haybarn and told Bobby to show us the farmboy and cowboy in him…he was raised on a farm and we wanted to see the unbridled spirit of the farmboy now….

Haybarn Hottie 5


Haybarn Hottie 7


Haybarn Hottie 8

and boy does he like to show off alot….quite a tease….

Saddle Boi


Sexy Farmhand 2


Sexy Saddle Boy 2


Sexy Saddle Boy Flexed


Sexy Saddle Boy Innocence


Sexy Saddle Hottie


Sexy Saddle Stud 2


Sexy Saddle Stud 4


Sexy Saddle Stud 5



..and then we went inside the haybarn and shot some nudes….

Haybarn Bottomboy 4A


…and then we went outside with one of the horses, cause Bobby had a request to shoot with a horse in the buff…so we shot both of them in the buff…….

Bobby With Bob

…so we went out to the field and Mike introduced Bobby to one of their horses named….what else but…. Bob, of course.  🙂

Bobby And Bob


Bobby and Bob in the Buff


Bobby Loves Bob

..and they looked like a matched pair…....and there you have it…Bobby B`s  second shoot with me as a model and Bobby D`s first shoot with me as a photographer. 🙂


I was also asked about windowlight, do I still shoot windowlight…and since much of my lighting these days, especially on location, is done with windowlight or available light, here is what I have done with windowlight and hot guys….

Paydown Mill

I actually shot this one in November one day, a nice warm day in November I might add, at an old watermill not too far away…back when I still had my studio and was shooting a series of watermills…one of my buddies here in town volunteered to be a model for me and we drove over not knowing what to find but pleasantly surprised at the beautiful light we found in the basement of the old mill…he donned the overalls and sat down on the concrete post and the rest is history….I took first place in a show with this one….thanks Alan…

Angel of innocence

one of my models from Oklahoma above, wearing my set of angel wings, illuminated by beautiful windowlight…and below in a Roman Soldier uniform...

Hot Roman soldier

… in my camera room and illuminated solely by windowlight against a dark backdrop…his build nicely illuminated by the soft lighting…and illuminated by sunroom light below in a Christmas setting…

Sexy Eyes Tease Smiles

art boi stretches-1

this one above and the next several images show some of my video models in windowlight work shot on location where they were shooting the video work while I just shot some art nude work of them in the background…above and below is another of my Tennessee models, Daniel…

art boi tabletop-1

art in motion

and this is one of my hot Texas models…Draven Torres……

Barn Boy

and this is what a test shot looks like, that came out very nice due to the strong sunlight illumination and the hot young man named Richard, that gave me a flirty look….

bed boi smiles

bedpost shadows

another few pics of that hot Tex Mex guy Draven….

Bed Muscle

Bed Shadows 2


speaking of beautiful bedroom light, above is Blu Kennedy in a gorgeous setting…and below photos show how sunlight illuminates a hot redhead…

Mine boi 2

Mill Hottie 4

below is Chris, one of my local models who has been with me for me for several years off and on…

Art Sculpture

Windowlit Hottie

now this is one of my video models from several years ago, Ian Idol, and I shot him in the loft of a friend`s log cabin, south facing windowlight only.

cute feet

and sometimes I dont shoot all of the model, maybe just his feet….depends on the what the client requests images of….

Door view-1


or sunlight thru a sunroom for illumination….

Latino on couch-1

Latino ass-1

Latino on couch rear view-1

this one and the next are some of my early work, in an old building dating back over a hundred years old and using available window light to illuminate this hot Latino boy…

Master Tub-1

and this is windowlight combined with beautiful marble to backfill the shadows in an interior bathroom…..

Mine angel

beautiful windowlight illuminates Blu`s gorgeous red hair from one side and his ass from another window  across the room…

nude window light

Alex in Colorado….

Art Nude Gallery One

Gonna just throw some images out there and if there is a story to them, I`ll place it under the image….

amongst the ferns

Prob the nicest redhead I have ever worked with  and now a well known porn star in his own right…Blu Kennedy, originally from Colorado when I first met and worked with him,  shot him out on the farmhouse porch with the ferns….

bottom boi by porch column

He also had the fairest skin tones covered with freckles and beautiful red hair……

the next few were shot in Colorado on my second trip out there….

come and get it

..where I shot Blu for a website……

Flower field0001

…we went hiking one day south of Breckenridge where there is an old gold mine and waterfall too….here we are up on the mountain behind the mill where there was a small cabin used as a shelter for hikers, good thing cause by the time we got up to it, a thunderstorm popped up out of nowhere and let me tell you, up there is not a good place to be with lightning popping all around and hail coming down……just before that popped up, I was shooting Blu on the ridge behind the cabin….

Scenery boi smiles


during the storm, we took shelter inside, had the place to ourselves and I shot Blu swinging on a rope swing inside it…great view all around…

Snow Shack Swinger

and after the storm passed by, we walked back down to the gold mine and old mill building….

Gold mine boi

…to shoot a few inside in the beautiful light…..this was an old gold mine mill built with heavy timber construction, a very solid and well built building…Dave, a friend I met prior to my travel out there that year, met us there and took us up to the trails and then into the old mill….he was quite taken with the beauty of Blu…

Mine boi 2


Mine tunnel

…this one shot in the crossover tunnel between the mill and the old mine shaft….the light was exquisite on Blu and his beautiful red hair and fine features….

the original shoot with Blue featured images taken in a very pretty hotel suite, where I shot him for my producer friend that hired him on my recommendation several years back, a good start to his illustrious career in video….

kneeling on vanity

this one really bringing out his beautiful alabaster features and pretty red hair….


this one in the suite bedroom, with a beautiful poster bed….

Hot Tub Boi Smiles


Bed Muscle

and this one in the nice ceramic tiled bathroom with a raised jacuzzi and walk in shower….we were shooting in the penthouse suite…that was my first shoot with Blu, Colorado was the second one, and the third one was the farm of good friends nearby….

flower garden statue

and this is another one from the farm in their flower garden….where Blu appeared to be as pretty as the flowers….

flowers of a kind

…same farm location,  but different models shot there have  included a few more hotties, such as ….

bamboo cat

..Ryan Rockford, who I have photographed at the farm several times and several seasons…he looks good in all seasons…

burning bush boi


flower garden art




pine needles

and yet the fall season seemed the best on him….

tree climber

another one of my local models from a few years back, helped me with some advertising type shots at the farm one day as well…

patriotic pool boi

and then after shooting at the pool, I was able to shoot him at my home a few times…

foyer plant boi 2

andfoyer plant profiled boi

…I am always asked if I shoot slim guys, the answer as shown here, is definitely yes….

Randy in the Waterfall….

Going to try and add to the waterfall story line and add some more beautiful images as well…my model Randy who showed me this beautiful waterfall near Hot Springs, met me there one morning and I photographed him in his jeans first, and then a day or two later, we shot some art nudes there…both days complete privacy. I`ll let the images do the talking,  Randy has been with me a few years and is a very good looking model who has a very flirtatious side to him. I shot him last fall with one of my female models down at Garvan Gardens on my fall vacation there…another story coming soon…

Arty At The Cool Hole Falls


Cool Hole Waterfall Hottie

some standing shots and then he gave me some very nice artistic images….

Pensive Boi By The Falls


Pensive Moment By The Falls

he then walked up and straddled the narrow opening of the stream between the falls to give me another side of him, so to speak….

Art Nude Straddling Falls Stream 1


Art Nude Straddling Falls Stream 2A

and then he stepped down into the first set of falls and pool…

Cool Pool Falls Art Nude 1

and then took a dip too….he said that was a little cool down there….

Cool Pool Falls Pool 1

he then got up on the rocks to warm up, which that day, didnt take too long…

Cool Hole Waterfall Boi 2A

Arty Ass At the Cool Hole Falls 1


Arty Boi At The Falls 1


Arty Reflection Cool Hole Falls 1


Art Nude Cool Hole Falls 1

and then laid down by the second pool….

Art Nude Cool Hole Falls 2A


Nude Boi By Cool Pool 1

and then he spotted the ferns….

Art Nude Ferns By Cool Pool Falls 1


Art Nude Ferns by Cool Pool 1

and then he decided, what the heck, he would try his handstand on the fallen tree minus his jeans….

Art Nude Handstand on Fallen Tree 1



so there you have it, one more piece to the big story….and more this weekend to be added, I promise….