Helping Out New Model Brandon

A few months ago, I was contacted by a young man who was getting into fashion modeling and needed some assistance with glamour modeling work…he didn`t have much experience in front of the camera and needed to work with a photographer or two to gain some experience. Coincidentally, I had checked out his profile a week before, saw that he was in the Rolla area, not too far from me and had a good look and build. He was also very tall and did have a good look and the height requirement for fashion, so I figured he would prob do well in that area. He asked if he could come and shoot with me so that he could gain some experience working with me since I had alot of shooting experience. I agreed to help him out and we set a date for an afternoon soon after, on a nice sunny day…he showed up at my door ready and rarin to go…he had a sexy Latino look to him and a very nicely toned build, hails from Oklahoma and intended to go to college but then came across an opportunity in fashion modeling that he just couldn`t pass up, and I can`t say that I blame him… can always wait, there are no time limits on schooling, but there are in modeling work. I originally intended to shoot some of him in house, but decided we could shoot indoor shots at the farm as well as outside, so I texted Mike and Andy to say we were on the way and took off. It was a beautiful day to shoot, blue skies with a few clouds and just perfect temps…we started in one of the haybarns soon after arriving….

Barn Hottie 2


…being from Oklahoma, he had his own hat and jeans and boots…nothing I had would have fit him anyway due to his height….

Barn Hottie 4


Barn Hottie 6


Barn Hottie 7


…we moved inside the barn and eventually the hat left him….

Barn Jeans Hottie


…and then we tried the shadowlight as well…

Barn Shadowlight


…we then walked down to the horse barn and started in the tack room…boy was it hot in there…and in no time at all, Brandon was covered in a fine sheen of sweat….

Horse Barn Saddle Stud


Horse Barn Saddle Stud 3


Horse Barn Saddle Stud 4


…we then moved out into the horse stalls and breezeway, since it was sooooo hott inside the tack room walls…I needed some air as well, lol….

Horse Barn Saddle Stud 5B


Horse Barn Saddle Stud 9


Horse Barn Saddle Stud 12


Horse Barn Saddle Stud 16


Horse Barn Saddle Stud 19


Horse Barn Saddle Stud 22A

Horse Barn Saddle Stud 23


Horse Barn Saddle Stud 25


…as you can see, he looks quite sexy with a saddle….and looks equally hott in jeans only….

Horse Barn Jeans Stud


Horse Barn Jeans Stud 4B


Horse Barn Jeans Stud 8A


…and while next to the stalls, one of the residents¬†decided to come over and check him out…up close….¬†

Horse Barn Jeans Stud 12


…I then spotted some strong sunlight at the other end of the barn so we sauntered down there and shot some beautiful sunlight illuminated cowboy images….

Horse Barn Sexy Sunlight


Horse Barn Sexy Sunlight 2


Horse Barn Sexy Sunlight 3


…I then had him switch to a lighter pair of jeans and to another hat as well….

Tack Room Sexy Farmhand


Tack Room Hottie Innocent


and we popped back inside the tack room to return the bridles….

Tack Room Hottie


..before heading over to the larger haybarn….

Haybarn Hottie


Haybarn Hottie 7


Haybarn Hottie 8A


…and then we went up to the farmhouse porch and shot some underwear images….first in the bamboo forest….

Bamboo Forest Hottie 6


Bamboo Forest Hottie


Bamboo Forest Hottie 9


…then on the porch….

Front Porch Art 6


Front Porch Art 4


Front Porch Art 8


…and finally back to the pool to cool off some….

All American Hottie

All American Hottie 2


All American Hottie 3


All American Hottie 4


All American Hottie 7


All American Hottie 8


…and then he switched from the flag shorts to some pretty pink board shorts….

Hott Pink Pool Boy 3


Hott Pink Pool Boy 3A


Hott Pink Pool Boy 4


…and then I let him get wet…..

Pool Boy Oooh LaLa 2


Pool Boy Oooh LaLa 4


Pool Boy Stretches 2


Pool Boy Sexy 1


I thoroughly enjoyed working with Brandon, he has a great attitude and is easy on the eyes, he should go far in modeling work and I wish him all the best.