Long Neck Bottle Shoot

Back about the mid nineties, I was asked to set up and shoot a promotional ad shot for an ad company that I was shooting some stock work for, one of their clients was a large beer producer that was introducing long neck bottles of beer, their only requirement for the shoot besides the product of course, was sex appeal and I was free to shoot as many male and female models as I could…and they suggested a waterfall or scenic water location…bottom line is they wanted water in the shot along with sexy bodies and faces….I set up the first shoot at a beautiful waterfall that I had been doing alot of shoots at, on a beautifully warm October day……there were actually three waterfalls there and I chose to use the tallest one because I would be able to place several models up and down it for the shot. I took a couple of friends along for security, one of my buddies went with us to video shoot the whole print shoot, and I had a few make up artists along too. 

We arrived at the location of the waterfall early afternoon and started doing site clean up…there had been some local flooding the week before and no one had been down there since. It had prob been two weeks since I had been there, so while Kurt, who was handling security for me, and some of the male models, were setting up a changing area for the gals and cleaning up the base of the falls…..we planned to shoot a couple of changes of swimwear styles and colors, and needed a secure changing area, roping off an area with towels for privacy….. I was up on the falls bluff removing the driftwood from the bluff walls…all of a sudden someone yelled ” snake ” and the next thing you know, all the babes were up on the bluff wall with me and I looked down to see three water moccasins coming up out of a pool of water at the base of the falls and moving toward Kurt and the guys….I told Kurt to kill them, so he and the guys did just that…they flattened one with a large heavy rock and snuffed the other two with an axe that Kurt had brought with him….he and the other security guys were armed, but if someone had missed, I really didn`t want to take any chances on ricochets. Luckily, those were the only ones we saw the rest of the day and the rest of the shoot went quite well. I think my buddy shooting video was the only one that got any film on it and didn`t have any problems with them himself. Here are some images of the shoot, starting with the babes involved in the shoot….

Waterfall Babes


Waterfall Babes 2


Waterfall Babes 3


Waterfall Babes 4


Waterfall Babes 5


Waterfall Babes 6


I haven`t been able to find any of the actual poster shots with the bottles, to copy and post on here, but I do have a few of the side shots with some of the babes with the guys afterwards. I will post more images once I locate them…I only have about three more boxes of files and photos to go through for this location shoot. We actually wound up shooting one other creek location and then the third request for a smaller shoot, required a friend of mine coming in and building a shallow pool in my studio because by that time we were into December and it was way too cool outside or to even think of asking the female models to get back into the creek. 

Here is Ronda with some of the guys….

Waterfall With The Guys


and here is Tony with the Trophy Girl, Kimberly….I still can`t believe he wasn`t smiling for this one….she sure was….

Trophy Girl with Tony Dames


and Ronda alone on the wall in the small canyon, looking GREAT !!

Swimwear Babe 1