A Trip Down Memory Lane – Female Models Glamour 2

I shot a lot of beautiful babes during the 90`s, many of them with bikes, beautiful restored vintage autos, four wheel drive trucks, jet skiis and even four wheelers. I also shot at some beautiful scenic waterfalls, and in some cases, like with Jennie, the two locations were very close together for both types of shoots…..

Car Babe


Car Babe 2


Waterfall Cutie 6


Waterfall Cutie 7


Luckily, we never saw anymore creepy crawly critters at the waterfall after the poster shoot…we figured it was prob the floodwaters that brought them in there.  She really enjoyed the waterfall and its alot easier to shoot there when you aren`t constantly looking over your shoulder or around to make sure it`s safe first. Jennie looked stunning in both of her swimsuits at the falls…..she was always alot of fun to work with…

Waterfall Cutie 5


Waterfall Cutie 4


Waterfall Cutie 3


Waterfall Cutie 2


Waterfall Cutie


Cathy was another glamour babe that I shot on some jeeps and four wheelers….

Jeep on Sandbar


Jeep on Sandbar 2


Jeep on Bluff 4


Jeep on Bluff 5


speaking of jeeps, here is another babe on a jeep, this one at Ebo, where I shot many four wheel drive pickups and jeeps and cycles…this one has Emily featured on it…this one was a blue jeep and Brian, the owner, was actually a cousin of Gus, the owner of the red jeep above…both of them good friends of mine….

Jeep At Ebo 4


Jeep At Ebo 2


…actually they both brought their jeeps to me whenever I needed one in the shot with a new babe….such was the case when I had three babes out at Ebo one day and was in need of a great vehicle….

Red Jeep Beauty


…this time Michelle was featured on the red jeep first….and she worked that jeep well, let me tell you, even for a first time glamour shoot….

Red Jeep Hottie


and one of my male models, Justin, was out there with me that day, and Michelle took a few shots with him, too…

With Justin on Red Jeep


and a friend of Gus brought his four wheel drive truck along and we put Michelle up on it as well…

On Truck at Ebo


I also shot a few restored vintage cars, too….this one a restored Mustang convertible…with Julie, one of my hott models who went on to become a Bud girl featured on billboards across the midwest states for a few years….

Convertible Mustang Babe 5


Convertible Mustang Babe 4


Convertible Mustang Babe 7


and one day I was even shooting a beautiful red Camaro out there, not out on the sands like the trucks and jeeps, but down by the creek where you could get to it by roadway….and Raye, modeling glamour at first, showed it off well too….

Flirt on Red Camaro 3


Red Transam Flirt


Probably two of my more unusual vehicle shoots involved a beautiful racecar owned by a local boy who enjoyed racing for a few years early on, and had me come down and photograph it with a gorgeous babe named Natalie, who I found on a modeling website at the time, to promote his racing fuels store… 

Race Car Babe


…and the other one was a pretty red truck, souped up a bit, and the owner wanted a shot of it with the rear wheels smoking the street and so we went down to the state park to find a secluded area where we could shoot it…one of my local models Jenny, knew the owner well and came along for the shot…I positioned her leaning over on the drivers side window as if she was chatting with him while he tried to impress her with the power of the truck….and then the park ranger showed up….uh oh….

Ticket Distraction


….but in all actuality…..I had gained the permission of the park ranger to do this, before we actually shot it, and he came up to watch and I was able to get him involved in it too….so it just looked like he was writing a ticket.