Randy in Hot Springs

Well I had better get back on the updates or I am gonna fall way behind…thought I would finish up the Hot Springs trip tonight and add the photo session of my Hot Springs model, Randy…I first met Randy down there a few years ago on my second trip to the area I believe it was…he came up to where I was staying on Lake Ouachita, ¬†and shot some photos with me at a neat little lake nearby that had a manmade dam and waterfall, just off Highway 270 and then last year he helped me photograph Krysten at Garvan Gardens and shot sunset photos with Kyle and Kevin at Lake Ouachita too. Randy is a cute guy who used to have long dark curly hair and then cut alot of it off this year and it gave him yet another sexy look to work with…he met me for dinner at Coltons Steakhouse my first night down there this year and then became available again Saturday afternoon. He texted me on his way home from work and I met him over at the campground and creek at Gulpha Gorge and we decided to shoot our way down the creek til we found a nice spot to work in. Here is the rest of the story in photos….

Bridge Dreamy GG 4


Bridge Dreamy GG 3


Bridge Dreamy GG 8

he still has the pretty curly hair….well since there wasnt much color on the other side of the bridge, we opted to walk downstream and see if we could find more color….and we did…..

Gulpha Gorge Creek Hottie 2


Gulpha Gorge Creek Hottie 1

…and then we continued further downstream til we came across some neat rocks….

GG Dreamy On The Rocks 3


GG Hoodie Boi On Rocks 2

..and then a little further downstream, we found this one rock….

GG Hoodie Boi On Rocks 4


GG Hoodie Rocks Art 2A

…down here on this stretch of the creek, Randy began some really nice art poses that resembled a watercolor art effect in my mind….everything really clicked well here, great color, great lighting, and a beautiful backdrop and it all came together when Randy just started moving on his own very well without much help from me…another thing I like about him besides his obvious good looks…

GG Hoodie Rocks Art 4

…and then we finished up with a few small waterfall rock photos and headed to the Chinese restaurant for supper….

GG Waterfall Boi


GG Waterfall Boi 2A