Waterfall Shoot in Joplin July 2010

I started my week long Arkansas vacation in Joplin on the first day and night off, met a couple of my models from Fayetteville there and updated photos of one of my Joplin models as well while there. Joplin is the home of many things and I`m usually there in late September for the Rock and Gem Show as well, but some people have no clue that there is a very pretty waterfall there, guessing because its located outside the city limits just barely, but in recent years the county has adopted it and turned it into a county park, which is a good thing, believe me.

Grand Falls has the widest base of any waterfall at least in the midwest, if not the entire USA, and flows constantly, fed constantly by Shoal Creek which is spring fed and is as wide as any major river.

Almost Sunset


I have shot models at this beautiful waterfall for several years and I`m glad to see a police presence there these days. A  few years ago, I was fortunate to shoot a beautiful sunset there with one of my Oklahoma models, Tim Lee…we were actually on our way to dinner when we left the motel and saw the clouds forming up for a great sunset…so Tim ran and got his Aussie Swimshorts and I grabbed my camera and off we headed to the falls, putting dinner plans on hold. We got there with just a few minutes to spare and it turned out to be one of those sunsets where the clouds just seem to know you need some extra time and hang up there for a while…giving us lots of options on where to shoot, top of the falls, side of the falls and down in front on the rocks…we took advantage of the hanging light and made the most of it…while most people were leaving the park we practically ran to it.

Sunset Hottie

Sunset Special Effect

…and here at the waters edge with the fading glow of the sunset…


Sunset waters edge

While we didn`t get a great sunset two weeks ago there, we did get some great shots….and a cooperative crowd as well…which you cant always count on there…I took both of my Fayetteville models there, Crys Rae and Dane Adams, shot some pics of them separately and then together…

Art Takes a Pounding


Crys is one of my favorite models to work with, shot him for the first time down near Lake Ouachita and Mount Ida two years ago, we found twenty seven waterfalls to shoot in that day in a tributary creek that flows into the Little Missouri River and then wound up at the end of the day at Little Missouri Falls nearby.

We were upstream about a mile from the Albert Pike Campground, where the twenty or so campers, many of them children, lost their lives in the tragic flood several weeks ago. Our prayers go out to their families and to the rescuers and recovery personnel as well. We can only hope that the government will do the right thing and install some type of warning system to keep it from happening again. The canyons in that area are deep and narrow, necessitating alot of warning time to get oneself up and out of there and to safety. I pray the Forest Service will do the right thing for the sake of those lost and the sake of all who go to those pretty areas to hike and camp each year.

As I was saying, Crys is one of my fave models to work with, he is in very fit condition, nicely toned, and hot looking…backed up by all the gals that were in attendance at Grand Falls that evening we were shooting…not sure how long Crys has been modeling, but this boy knows how to move and show off his muscle tone. He looks like an art statue to me most of the time and so thats the way I normally shoot him, like a work of art.

He had jeans on and decided to get them wet, and he climbed down to the base of the falls and found a large rock down there, which was covered in this green goo, algae at its finest I`m sure, but like the trooper that he is, he didnt let a little thing like that stop him from creating works of art…

Waterfall Art Boy


After shooting several pics of him reclining on the rock, I had him stand, and without any direction from me, he got into my favorite pose, which I call a twist and turn, which shows off guys and gals very well…again, the statue of art…

Sexy Waterfall Art


..he just had to watch his footing with the rock being so gooey and slick…and then after shooting several standing poses, he decided to climb into the base of the falls themselves…

Gettin Soaked

and get soaked really good…so I tried some special effects while in the water and liked what I saw…so did he…here he is climbing out of the falls…

Emerging From The Falls 3

and then the special effects version is this….

Emerging From The Falls

almost gives it a posterized look…

Then I shot some pics of Dane, who was new to glamour modeling….he climbed down to the base of the falls and started out with some dryer poses at first…I gave him some direction at first because it is extremely hard for a model to hear when down at the base of the falls, even if I were yelling at them, its difficult to understand and so we went over some hand signals too…

Between The Rocks Smile


Dane has what I call a slim toned build and a captivating smile, as well as smiling eyes…and is great to work with…he caught a lot of attention from the ladies there as well…one in fact, actually came over and asked if she could sit on the ledge above him and watch, and within just a few minutes started yelling at him and trying to boost his confidence and get him to do some poses of her own ideas.  He did his best not to ignore her, but like he said, he couldnt hear her due to the roar of the falls anyway, but she finally got the idea and stopped trying…he climbed up on the slimy log after getting wet down and did a great job of producing some art himself…

Delicate Balance

Dane has what I call a slim toned build and a captivating smile, as well as smiling eyes…and is great to work with…he caught a lot of attention from the ladies there as well…one in fact, actually came over and asked if she could sit on the ledge above him and watch, and within just a few minutes started yelling at him and trying to boost his confidence and get him to do some poses of her own ideas.  He did his best not to ignore her, but like he said, he couldnt hear her due to the roar of the falls anyway, but she finally got the idea and stopped trying…he climbed up on the slimy log after getting wet down and did a great job of producing some art himself…

Waterfall Log Art


Log Art

Kneeling in the Spray

Then we went up on top of the falls and shot a few up above…they decided since they were already wet and it was so hot, they would just remain wet…totally wet….

Wet and Sexy

…so they laid down in the water, Crys the art statue, first…

Wet and Sexy 2


Dane tried the same areas that Crys was reclining in but found that his taller frame just didnt fit as well in those little nooks and crannies like Crys did…but he looked just fine to me….

Cooling Off

Sexy Boi Gets Wet

They then got back down by the log and rocks and did some duo poses in the spray, since they were good and wet already….

Pretty Boys Get Wet


Pretty Boys Get Wet 3

and then thinking we might actually get a nice sunset, the way the clouds were forming up, they walked out into the water at the top of the falls again. I decided to shoot with one of my sunset filters and see if I might be able to help things out a bit…not sure if it helped or not, but I liked what results I got from it…

Hot and Sexy Top of the Falls


Standing On Top of the Falls

Sunset Boys


Sunset Hotties 2

Sunset Beauties

Waterfall Babes Frolic

Waterfall Hotties


Waterfall Sunset Boysand one last image….

Old Mill Shoot 2010

The second day of my Arkansas vacation began with me driving down to an old water grist mill, located just west of Pierce City, Missouri and just south of Highway 60, called Jolly……its one of those water mills built before the Civil War that miraculously escaped the harm and wrath of the war and was restored by a group of concerned citizens a few years ago too. I photographed several old mills several years ago, and there are some websites and books devoted to old mills across the country and around the world. I like to photograph old mills and old barns that are well taken care of, they make great backdrops for modeling work too.

I had talked to a young guy who lives just south of there and he agreed to meet me there Saturday morning and shoot some photos with me, so I pulled in about 8:15 am and not seeing him there, turned Missy loose in the parking lot for a few minutes while I got my camera and prepared to shoot the old mill. There were a few fly fishermen in the stream, which is Capps Creek, spring fed and runs into Shoal Creek which feeds Grand Falls at Joplin, and is maintained by the Conservation Department who stocks it with brown trout for the fishermen. There is an old steel truss bridge on either end above and below the Mill and there is a high water manmade dam next to the mill that creates the millpond just above the mill…

Dam and Stream Behind Mill


…and a big ole Sycamore tree right behind the mill blocks pretty much any view from the millside of the stream below it too…the main problem with photographing the mill, I found out, is that the property on the other side of the mill is marked private, no trespassing, and that would be the ideal position to be to photograph it properly, but I decided not to put my waders on nor venture over to the other side. I`m big on getting reflections in my photos when possible, but opted against it this time. I settled for what I could get on the parking lot side of the mill. Due to the millpond there is a split in the creek so one can get some reflections of the mill itself in this smaller creek from the millside…

Mill and Creek


and then if you walk around to the east side of the mill, the group that restored the mill, built a concrete walkway to the dam and this is the view from the end of it by the dam…

Streamside of Building


..a nice view of the back of the mill…

About 8:30 am, Derek and his brother Nicholas showed up and found me phtoographing the mill from the little creek and using some of my filters on the photos….after talking a bit, we started shooting. I explained to both of them how I used to photograph old mills and would incorporate guys into the scenes in overalls or holie jeans, sometimes just sitting or standing next to the mill, leaning into the walls, or even sitting out on the dam or edge of the millrace by the mill, fishing with a cane pole and bobber…so Derek put on some overalls and we started shooting….

Mill Creekside Boi


for someone who had never modeled before, Derek took to it like a duck takes to water…

Creekside Cutie 2


the reflections on the creek down in this light were a bit dull…so we walked over and shot some photos up against the mill building itself and around to the side…

Wheel Stud


then I took him to the downstream side and shot him under the old sycamore tree where there was a little stone platform sticking out into the creek a bit…Derek turned out to be a natural poser too, needing little direction from me…

Under The Shade Tree


 and then we walked over the upstream side where the walkway was…I knew that it would be tight up there due to the confined space there..but he pulled it off once again very well on his own…kicked myself for not having a cane pole and bobber on this trip….

Mill Stud

 I had him switch back to his jeans and we walked up the little creek to a footbridge that had some beautiful light filtering down thru the trees to it…

Hot Boi on Bridge


and never ceasing to amaze me, Derek plopped down on the bridge and looked down into the water….

Footbridge Rerflection


 and looked so good, I took a closer up view….

Footbridge Hottie


we quickly discovered tho, that the reflections in the water on the downstream side were a bit duller than the upstream side, so after taking a few more closeups….

Footbridge Cutie


Footbridge Cutie Smiles


…we moved around to the upstream side and shot from there, Derek of course had the easy job of just turning around to pose while Nicholas and I hoofed it upstream to set up again, lol.

Footbridge Reflection Cutie


and we started finding reflections all over on this side of the bridge…

Footbridge Reflection Hottie 2


…def should have moved up here sooner….

Footbridge Hottie Reflection 2


oh well, this way at least we were able to get a variety of photos and from every angle conceivable too…after shooting alot of photos up on this end, we drove down to the lower steel bridge, the old road bridge which is now a footbridge and picnic area even….

Bridge Cutie

Bridge Cutie Open Jeans Smile


and this is where we stopped shooting at, although I hope to work with both of them again soon, I wasnt able to photograph Nicholas even though he had a hot look too, he didnt want to take away from the session with his brother……and when it came time to leave, Derek and Nicholas took me out to Neosho a faster and shorter route, saving me time and gas to get on the road on Hwy 71 south to Arkansas….


Swimwear & Lingerie Shoot KC June 2010

One evening in late May, I was talking to a pretty female model named Kena, online on a modeling website…we`ve been talking for about six months and trying to mesh our schedules so we can work together and she invited me to a swimwear/lingerie expose up in the Kansas City area. At the time she invited me, it seemed nearly impossible to even consider, but after a few days of thought and a talk with the photographer that set the shoot up, I decided to give it a shot. Jason Ruark of the Joplin area, set the expose shoot up and told me that there would be about five or six photographers at the shoot, which would take place at a huge mansion that was nicely decorated and furnished, which was an understatement, and that the grounds included an in-ground pool and nice landscaping. The estate the shoot took place at was about ten to twenty acres in size….although we never did utilize the entire area….and a few miles south of the Overland Park metro area. Twelve female models were slated to show up and shoot and at the last count, I believe there were closer to fifteen to eighteen models there. I wound up working with about ten models.

We started shooting Friday night after it got dark, in the driveway, and maybe due to the heat and humidity…Jason hooked up a waterhose to a nozzle and attached it to a high stepladder to emit a nice spray down on the driveway, after we wet the asphalt down to obtain better reflections. Ashley started out the shoot in a black vinyl bikini and showed us photographers how to strut her stuff and stay cool as well…..

Arty and Sexy


Bending and Stretching



and boy does Ashley know how to strut and pose and bend and stretch….


Gorgeous Stretches



Sexy Babe Gets Wet


and this is a pic of the entire set up, from back behind the scenes as they say…


Me Shooting Ashley in KC at Expose



We actually worked with two gals named Ashley Friday evening, blonde Ashley and brunette Ashley…however my photos of brunette Ashley didnt turn out so well. 

We kept shooting til the gals froze out which was about midnight, with a nice lightning storm off to the north in the distant skies to keep us entertained as well,  a storm front moving east across the northern Missouri skies.

The next morning, we started off with breakfast, cooked up by our mansion host, Gary Peterson, and then after a short workshop class, we drew names and began shooting models. I chose the name of Veronica, but as everyone else began shooting, I found myself with no model ready for shooting, so after about thirty minutes, this very beautiful tall blonde babe came up and asked me if I needed someone to work with and I said yes. Her name was Vanessa, she is a Maxim Model, and I later found out she is married to a Tulsa Firefighter….he is a very lucky man.

Vanessa was wearing orange colored lingerie, so I decided to photograph her in the master bedroom, which has a very elegant bed with small porcelain columns on the end posts and a Victorian style chaise at the foot of the bed, and that is where we started shooting.




Talk about enticing….I really enjoyed working with Vanessa, very nice and easy on the eyes, as well as easy to work with, she just flows along very well…


Master Bedroom Babe



Master Bedroom Babe 2


Masterbedroom Babe 3



and she really knew how to work that chaise couch…


Innocent Teaser


as well as the bed…


Innocent and Gorgeous 2


and this bedroom, facing the back of the home, had a beautiful alcove window, so we naturally took advantage of the windowlight coming in…


Babe of the Bedroom


Babe of the Bedroom Flirts 2


We shot for about an hour inside the bedroom and since there was no sign of my model, she went to change outfits and was hijacked by another photographer, so I wandered outside to see how things were going out by the pool, where most of the photographers started shooting that morning……I ran into Veronica out there and she went inside to change into some swimwear and said she would be right back.

As I was standing there, this gorgeous gal named Kristin, from Fayetteville, Arkansas, came up, introduced herself and offered to work with me while I was waiting for Veronica, and so we walked over to the fountain behind the master bedoom windows and began shooting.

After just a few minutes of working with her, Veronica showed up to work with me in a multicolored bright bikini, contrasted against her pale complexion and beautiful make up job, I decided to start her out in the beautiful flowers scattered all over the backyard. She quickly moved over to a small white arched trellis and snuggled up with some purple clematis climbers…..

Flower Babe


Now you talk about a fair skinned beauty who knows how to flirt with a camera…I had a real seductress on my hands for about an hour that morning…


Flower Child


and such beautiful eyes too….captivating…





then she moved around and took advantage of the boxy trellis to show off her nice legs…


Flower Flirt



After a few minutes outside, the heat and humidity became unbearable for us, and the mosquitoes were taking advantage of us and making us into a mid morning snack, so we decided to move things inside and do a clothing change. After a short break, Veronica and I resumed shooting in the master bedroom after selecting a beautiful teal blue lingerie outfit that complimented her makeup and eyes….and she really turned on the seductress role then….


Seductress in Blue


And had some great ideas for posing on the chaise….

Beauty and Her Eyes


….and the bed with those captivating eyes….

Captivating Eyes



Those Eyes....



Flirty Bed Babe


….and then she worked the mirror on the dresser as well….


Innocent Mirror Babe 2



Innocent Mirror Babe 3


…and what a windowlight flirt….


Windowlight Flirt



Windowlight Babe Flirts



I definitely would have liked to have worked with Veronica more that day, but shortly after shooting her for an hour, she was hijacked as well…stay tuned for part two and three…










Swimwear & Lingerie Shoot KC 2010 Part 2

After shooting with Veronica Saturday morning, I had the opportunity to work with a very sexy Playboy Model named Ashley who lives in southwest Missouri and is quite a stick of dynamite to work with. I always enjoy working with an experienced model or a natural model, because both of them know well how to move and flirt with the camera at the same time and do it quite well. Ashley changed into a sexy lingerie piece and we went upstairs and shot the canopy bedroom set…

Canopy Bed Babe Legs 2


Canopy Babe Smiles


and what a beautiful smile too….

Canopy Babe Reclines


after shooting her the night before in the water spray, I knew I would enjoy working with her and I was right…

Canopy Bed Babe


Canopy Bed Babe 2


a very hot and sexy package all rolled together very well, and very nice and down to earth too…

Canopy Bed Babe Art


Canopy Bed Babe Art 2


and what a flirt to work with as well…its like ” gaze deeply into my eyes and….”….wow…can get lost in there real quickly…

Canopy Bed Babe Flirt


Canopy Bed Flirt


and can go from flirtatious and sexy to arty really quickly…

Canopy Bed Flirt Art



and then right back to sexy and smiling again….

Canopy Flirt



after this session, we went downstairs and she switched to a stunning silver bikini, and we decided to work the gazebo a bit and stay in the shade some…


Chaise Gazebo Babe


We were experimenting with our use of flash outside, so this is one of those flash shots, but I only used it a couple of times and then went back to natural light…however I think I will be using my flash outside more often, I like the results with Ashley….

Silver Bikini Art Flirt


course as I soon found out, Ashley looks good no matter what the light…


Sexy Curves


and she sure knows how to move and….


Stunning 2


…pose and….


Stunning 3



…smile and….


Stunning 4


…flirt and…

Smokin Hott Babe



…look STUNNING !!!!!

well I think I am running out of words to describe how gorgeous Ashley is, so I`m just gonna let the photos do the talking for me…..


Gazebo Art Flrt



Smokin Hott Art



Smokin Hott Babe Flirts



Gazebo Flirt



Gazebo Flirt Art



Gazebo Post Flirt



Can you tell I like her legs ?  cant say enough wows here….

well gotta run for now so gonna leave you with this one last stunner of Ashley and will return after my vacation and get more pics of these beautiful babes on here…


Gorgeous Bikini Babe



Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July Weekend !!

Swimwear/Lingerie Shoot KC 2010 Part 3

Here is the finish up to my swimwear shoot in KC, so just going to add some pics and let the photos speak for me…featured in this part is Vanessa, the beautiful Maxim Model from Oklahoma, Amber and Caitlyn, Hooter Models from Oklahoma, and Kena from southwest Missouri. These gals were total babes to work with.

Corner Post Babe


this is Vanessa on the Corner Post of the Gazebo out back by the pool, and the next photo she is in the middle with two other hot babes who I started to work with and then the next thing I knew, they were hijacked by the instructor photographer and I never did get to work with them. I wasn`t too happy about that….

Gatekeeper Babes


So after that happened, I took her to this lilly garden in front of the house,  while the storm was brewing outside…

Lilly Garden Babe

after shooting  outside, we went back inside and shot some more lingerie….Windowlight Babe



Stairway Landing Mirror Babe 2


Stairway Landing Mirror Babe


and then she showed me her French Main outfit, so once I saw that, I def wanted to photograph her in it too…in the office….

French Maid Windowlight


French Maid by Window


and in the kitchen….


French Maid in Kitchen



After shooting Vanessa, Amber and Caitlyn came down the stairs, Amber dressed in a very seductive schoolgirl outfit and asked me to photograph her, and I was more than happy to accomodate her, she was stunning…


Schoolgirl Kneels on Desk


Schoolgirl Babe on Desk Flirts


Schoolgirl on Desk Flirts


Schoolgirl Flirt


Reminds me of the line, Hot for Teacher…

Schoolgirl on Desk


Schoolgirl on Desk 2


and this one, very hot babe….

Schoolgirl Babe on Desk


and then we went outside, the storm over with and shot some bikini images with Caitlyn…

With Katelynn in Lilly Garden


With Katelyn on Gazebo Corner Post



and by herself as well…Amber is one hot babe to work with…


Statue Babe


Lilly of the Manor


Lilly Garden Babe


and then as they were changing into another outfit to shoot at the pool with me, they were hijacked at the bottom of the stairs by yet another photographer…strike number two for my day….I thought about packing it in and loading up and taking off after that one, but decided to shoot with Kena, who had originally invited me to this shoot in the first place…so I located her and since she had a nice lingerie outfit on, we decided to shoot in the Master Bedroom…

Bathtub Babe



including the Master Bathroom this time…complete with its marble tile floor and jacuzzi tub…

Bathtub Babe Flirts



Ceramic Tile Flirt



and then out to the bed, to further show off her long and sleek legs and beautiful silky hair….


Beauty On The Bed


Bed Babe


can you say hot tigress ???  ….

Hot Babe


Hot Babe Flirt


would love to work with Kena again too….

Ed and KC Fountains

One of the highlights to my Kansas City trip in June of 2010, was photographing Ed, a hot Asian swimmer at a few of the fountains in Kansas City. I had contacted him and told him of my trip to KC to photograph some swimwear babes all day on Saturday and we decided to meet up downtown KC on Sunday morning before I headed home.

I got up bright and early at the swimwear shoot host residence, and took off after saying goodbye to three of the other photographers who were awake at that early hour and headed for downtown KC. I texted Ed that I was on the way and gave him a projected arrival time, but not knowing traffic patterns up there, I wound up being about fifteen minutes late, due to hitting some heavy traffic in the Shawnee Park area. Lucky for me, Ed is a patient guy and waited for me at Liberty Memorial where we decided to meet up. I spotted him after parking on the opposite side of the Memorial parking lot of what appeared to be a car show starting to organize.

Ed asked if I could take some casual dressed photos of him first, and I agreed, and he hopped up on the wall by the Memorial itself. Looking out behind him, I saw the clouds forming to give us some nice sunbeams behind him…

Sunbeams Cutie


I then had him whip his shirt off and show me his very hot, toned build.  Ed is definitely one hot guy to work with and easy on the eyes too. I had him stand next to the Memorial Tower itself for a few pics so I could again get the sunbeams behind him…lighting was a little tricky and finally had to resort to the flash a bit…

Sunbeams and The Stud


Sunbeams Hottie


and there was a steel door there behind him so he backed up to it and allowed me to get a nice shot of his hot build…

Steel Door Stud


we then walked over to the north side building and he asked me to shoot him up against the blue tiled wall….

Blue Tiled Wall


After this shot, he changed into his khaki shorts and we walked down to the fountains on the west side of the memorial…stopping on the stairs to get this shot…

Liberty Memorial Hottie 2


…to get the Memorial Tower in the background with him…and then we walked down to the fountains themselves…

Liberty Memorial Hottie


where I recorded my first beautiful smile from this hot guy…and while up on the fountain wall, he showed me his athletic abilities….

Liberty Jumper


and then while standing still, I was playing with my shutter speed and trying to get the slow shutter effect I get with the waterfalls and instead came up with a high contrast image…

High Contrast Stud


which I decided I like as well…and then he laid down on the fountain wall so I could try some more slow shots…

The Fountain and The Hottie 2


and while down there, we looked to the west and down the hill and spotted one of my favorite Kansas City fountains…Union Station has this fountain that has several water patterns on the jets, plus a really nice reflection pool surrounding the jetted area….we drove down and decided to shoot a few pics here as well….

Art and The Fountain


The Hottie and The Fountain


and the reflections looked so nice…with him out in front, I asked him to wade out and shoot in the pool itself…

Wading Pool Hottie



Wading Pool Stud



Wading Pool Hottie 2



Deflection Reflection



well after shooting at the fountains, we decided to get some breakfast and headed over to get some hot cakes…then he mentioned to me that he had some speedos and wished he had brought them to shoot in…by that time I was regretting not shooting him in my fire gear at the reflection pool, too…we went up to his apartment complex pool near Country Club Plaza and I was able to shoot some nice pics of him in his speedos before I headed home…


Stairway Stud


and he gave me another winning smile too…very innocent and sexy smile…


Speedos Hottie Smiles



and looks great with flowers too…


Speedo Hottie



in fact, he looked so good here between the flower baskets that I placed him in the flower garden too…


Flower Garden Art



Sure look forward to my next shoot with Ed….