Danny Thai, One Very Nice Bodybuilder

Over the many years I have worked with models, I discovered that bodybuilders make great models…they already have the muscletone and most know how to pose well too…they have to in order to win their respective classes….but I always enjoyed photographing them in more relaxed poses than in their bodybuilding poses. Here are some images of the first Asian bodybuilder I photographed, his name is Danny and he is one of the nicest down to earth guys I have ever met….I really enjoy working with Asian guys because they never seem to age….always look years younger than they actually seem to be….clearly they know something we do not….thanks for working with me to produce some great images over the years, Danny.


Bed Jeans Stretch


Hot Jeans Bed Boi


Barn twister


FF Muscle Stretch


Barn hunk


FF Undressing By Bed 2