Jake in Arkansas

While down in Arkansas for my spring vacation, I was able to finally work with a hot guy I spotted in Hot Springs one day last fall…back then he didnt have time to work with me, but this time around, he did and we both took full advantage of it…let me introduce you to Jake….



…and be sure to check out those beautiful flirty peepers he has….



…then we went to the waterfall to check it out and see how well it was running, after a few days of rainfall….

…we found it running full strength and it looked as nice as Jake did….

DREAMY is the word I would use….

…thanks for a great initial shoot Jake, look forward to working with you again in July !!




New Model Randy

Randy came to me on a referral recently and has become a very sweet guy to work with for me and some of my photographer friends lately. While interviewing him shortly after meeting him for the first time, I was able to guess his heritage of French and Cherokee without asking him, discovered he works in construction and has been interested in modeling for some time. I had him try on some holie jeans and started him out in the barn….





….not only hot…but SMOKIN HOTT !!

Working With Bailey in Fall Color

I was a bit worried that we would not have any fall color this year, mainly due to a lack of good steady rainfall this summer. We finally received some good rain by the middle of October and then our colors began to pop…it only lasted a couple of weeks and into the first of November, but along with warm weather and we were glad to see both. I dont always get a chance to find and photograph a model in the fall color, seems when the colors roll around, models disappear, but this year I lucked out and was able to work with a hot new guy named Bailey. He came down one day and I was able to photograph him along the river at a friends farm,…


Bailey I found out, was one very nice guy to work with and I look forward to the next shoot with him as well. 🙂

Josh at Grand Falls

Continuing on with the Joplin shoots, Josh was with me when I went to photograph Christopher at one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Missouri….


…we walked over to the far side of the rocky shelf area and found a couple of boulders that were not being used by others and afforded us a good sized chunk of the falls for the backdrop….


1621   2325

and then Josh decided to get adventurous and wander out into the water hopping from rock to rock…

27   32354049









…they stretched out on a slanted flat rock to take in the last of the suns rays and then climbed up to the top shelf that the running water falls off at the top….


New Model Zach

On my way to Kentucky early September this year, I stopped off in southern Illiinois to photograph a new model named Zach, who met me at the Garden early in the morning. We started out down below some of the larger rocks off the beaten path where some of the original color still shows well on the boulders….


12b                   13b

14b-garden-of-the-gods-formations     15b-garden-of-the-gods-formations

…and after about an hour at the garden, we drove on down to another great location nearby and shot a few there….



32b       32b

Zach was a lot of fun to work with for a couple of hours and I look forward to working with him some more….thanks again Zach. 



I had the chance to work with a new model who lives in the St Louis area recently, his name is Andre, and he has a beautiful muscular build complimented with beautiful artwork in the form of colorful tattoos…super nice guy and open to shooting nude images as well…..


Illinois Chris Travels to Missouri

I told you what a good model Chris would become back in the original story on him, open to traveling down to Arkansas to shoot with me and at the end of July, he traveled up here to shoot with me and some photographer friends as well….at least that was the way the shoot was set up…for a couple of other photographers to join in and shoot Chris and a couple of other models…except that Chris was the only model to show up and only one of my photographer friends showed up to join us…I let Matt work with him first for the first couple of hours…and then I joined in and Matt watched me work him thru the hoops…Chris is a natural model and handles the hoops just fine. Matt stuck around to watch me work and pick up some posing tips….I started Chris off in the cellar steps in holie jeans….

01 Storm Cellar Stairs   02 Storm Cellar Stairs

04 Storm Cellar Stairs

…and then we moved to the neat little stone building on the property, that has some beautiful lighting inside….

05 Stone Bldg Window Light     06 Stone Bldg Window Light

…and then on to the tack room in the horse barn…it was getting very warm outside by then and Chris started working up a natural sheen of sweat inside the tack room, which can get quite warm on its own….not only did I dress him up as a sexy ranch hand but I saddled him down as well…with naturally, a saddle…..

09 Cowboy & Saddle   10 Chaps Cowboy

12 Chaps Cowboy    13 Hayloft Barn Boy

14 Hayloft Barn Boy

…we didn`t stick around a whole lot longer after the barn photos, except to let Chris cool down in the pool before we headed out. Can`t wait to work with Chris again….





New Model Chris from Illinois

I met Chris online about a week out from one of my Kentucky trips and he agreed to come down and test shoot with me while I was down there one evening. He turned out to be a hot looking Clark Kent type guy…I halfway expected him to come out of his shirt with a cape underneath when he showed up at my door that evening…very sexy innocent look and nicely toned build. Little did I know then, what a great model he would turn out to be….here are some of his images from the sunset shoot that evening….

Rock Wall Stud 3Rock Wall Stud 5Rock Wall Stud 10Rock Wall Stud 11


…we then went back to the hotel as the sun was dropping even lower and shot a few inside before some friends of mine showed up and we headed over to the steakhouse for supper. I told him I would be in Arkansas the following weekend for the 4th of July and told him about the scenery down there including the waterfalls and he told me he would love to drive down there and shoot with me, and he did just that….arriving at the condo in Hot Springs shortly after I did. I shot a few images of him with the evening windowlight there first….

01 Windowlight   02 Windowlight

04 Windowlight

…before we ran out of light, and then after contacting one of my models who resides in Hot Springs to meet us for supper, we headed to Colton`s Steakhouse…I forgot to take my tripod with me…there was going to be a fireworks show at the Oaklawn Horse Track at dark and I wanted to shoot some photos of the fireworks from near Colton`s….as it turned out, I was still able to do so even without the tripod….Jerry joined us for supper a little late, we were eating at the bar as the restaurant was very packed inside. Jerry suggested shooting the fireworks from the Kroger lot so we drove over there, a few blocks away, and found a few hundred others there as well. 

04 From Kroger Parking Lot 11 From Kroger Parking Lot

The next morning we drove over to one of the waterfalls I like to shoot at and found it to be a raging torrent of water through the narrow canyon there, mainly due to nine inches of rainfall upstream from there the night before…plus that area had received a few inches of rain before I even arrived the day before…I told Chris I had never seen the water that wide…I had seen it up a few feet but not nearly as wide across as it was stretched that morning….Jerry was going to meet us there but apparently overslept or forgot…we managed to get some good images despite the flood levels….

43 Board Shorts Waterfall 46 Board Shorts Waterfall

47 Board Shorts Waterfall 48 Board Shorts Waterfall


51 Board Shorts Waterfall 50 Board Shorts Waterfall

53 Board Shorts Waterfall  56 Board Shorts Waterfall

58 Board Shorts Waterfall 60 Board Shorts Waterfall

62 Resting Up 68 Waterfall Nude

70 Waterfall Nude71 Waterfall Art80 Waterfall Art

83 Waterfall Art85 Waterfall Art   87 Waterfall Stud

96 Waterfall Art

100 Waterfall Art

101 Waterfall Art

…all in all a great session at the waterfall….despite the higher water levels there, the water still looked great and so did Chris !! Unfortunately he had to leave that evening, missing out on a spectacular fireworks show at Mtn Harbor Resort, which Jerry also slept through and missed too. The next day I photographed yet another new model, stay tuned for that story. 

New Discoveries in Southern Illinois

I was recently down in southern Illinois and found two hot guys down there to photograph, they each had a small amount of experience in modeling glamour work and wanted to get into some more modeling work as well. I was on my way to Kentucky and decided to take an extra day to do some sightseeing on the way down there. I had to make some changes to my route on the way down there, due to some flooding issues from all the rain we have been having here and there lately, but it all worked out in the end.

I had been in touch with Jack a few weeks before and we had discussed a few locations in southern Illinois that would be good for some glamour shoots.  Both guys had sent me some pics, but let me tell you, they didn`t do them justice, they looked much hotter in person. I found out Jack likes fast cars and bikes and my next shoot with him will involve a beautiful mustang….car that is. Riley had worked with a friend of mine who is a gifted painter in western Kentucky, so I was looking forward to working with him as well. 

We had originally planned to shoot at a beautiful waterfall close to Jack, but the rains the day before, wiped that plan completely out, so we opted for a couple of other locations that I found online instead. They were down in southeast Illinois and either that area drained better or just didn`t receive as much rainfall lately. I picked up Riley on the way down and we drove over to The Garden  to meet Jack, but found out that he was running late, so while waiting for him to show up, I photographed Riley by some beautiful rocks…

Khaki Shorts

…and found out very quickly that he has a very nice artistic style about him…another natural model….

Art Rock

Khaki Shorts 9

Khaki Shorts 8

Khaki Shorts Art 4

..we climbed around on the rocks some more before discovering some neat little ledges and niches in the rocks…

Resting In Shadows

Climbing 2

Climbing 4

..it was about this time that Jack showed up, in his beautiful mustang, and we decided to head over to Rim Rock, which also had alot of neat rocks, and wasn`t too far away. We arrived there and found a myriad of trails to choose from, and chose one that took off to the left. A short distance down the trail, we came upon this neat looking cedar tree, all knarled up and twisty-turney from the ground up. Riley wasted no time in climbing up to the midway point, where the tree took a horizontal turn and created a bench before ascending on up into the sky….

Rim Rock Trail Tree


…I converted the next one into a painting effect with my editing program…

Rim Rock Trail Tree Art 2


We wandered on down to the huge rocks below and found a very long stairway descending to the huge rocks where the trail made its way thru a maze of thick green mossy covered walls of huge boulders….Jack really liked this area….

Mossy Rock Wall Passage

Mossy Rock Wall Passage 2

…we walked all the way thru the passages covered with the thick pretty green moss and then found ourselves out in front of this huge escarpment of boulders that made up the huge bluff…Riley took advantage of the entranceway in the holie jeans…

Bluff Stairs Holie Jeans

…and then a rock out in front of the huge bluff…

Holie Jeans Rock Hottie 2


…he and Jack then decided to walk on down the trail and see what was ahead before returning to shoot some more….

Walking Trail with Jack

…I was looking around at the sheer beauty of the place, when I turned around and caught Jack adjusting his belt in a natural twist and turn pose….

Rock Twist


…we walked on down the trail to see what else we could find and came upon some nice smaller bluffs to work with…. 

Bluff Boy

…and around the corner, another rock wall that has a cave like opening up high…Riley climbed up on to the rocks inside it….


…and from there, we headed back up the trail and up the hill toward the parking lot…it was quite steamy hot out there, so shirts were left off by this time…luckily there were no bugs flying around to bug us either….just before reaching the parking lot, we came to a nice long footbridge with some rocks in the background…

Long Footbridge With Jack

Long Footbridge With Jack 2

…definitely want to come back to Garden of the Gods and Rim Rock Trail, but maybe in the fall when its much cooler. 

Helping Out New Model Brandon

A few months ago, I was contacted by a young man who was getting into fashion modeling and needed some assistance with glamour modeling work…he didn`t have much experience in front of the camera and needed to work with a photographer or two to gain some experience. Coincidentally, I had checked out his profile a week before, saw that he was in the Rolla area, not too far from me and had a good look and build. He was also very tall and did have a good look and the height requirement for fashion, so I figured he would prob do well in that area. He asked if he could come and shoot with me so that he could gain some experience working with me since I had alot of shooting experience. I agreed to help him out and we set a date for an afternoon soon after, on a nice sunny day…he showed up at my door ready and rarin to go…he had a sexy Latino look to him and a very nicely toned build, hails from Oklahoma and intended to go to college but then came across an opportunity in fashion modeling that he just couldn`t pass up, and I can`t say that I blame him…..school can always wait, there are no time limits on schooling, but there are in modeling work. I originally intended to shoot some of him in house, but decided we could shoot indoor shots at the farm as well as outside, so I texted Mike and Andy to say we were on the way and took off. It was a beautiful day to shoot, blue skies with a few clouds and just perfect temps…we started in one of the haybarns soon after arriving….

Barn Hottie 2


…being from Oklahoma, he had his own hat and jeans and boots…nothing I had would have fit him anyway due to his hgt….

Barn Hottie 4


Barn Hottie 6


Barn Hottie 7


…we moved inside the barn and eventually the hat left him….

Barn Jeans Hottie


…and then we tried the shadowlight as well…

Barn Shadowlight


…we then walked down to the horse barn and started in the tack room…boy was it hot in there…and in no time at all, Brandon was covered in a fine sheen of sweat….

Horse Barn Saddle Stud


Horse Barn Saddle Stud 3


Horse Barn Saddle Stud 4


…we then moved out into the horse stalls and breezeway, since it was sooooo hott inside the tack room walls…I needed some air as well, lol….

Horse Barn Saddle Stud 5B


Horse Barn Saddle Stud 9


Horse Barn Saddle Stud 12


Horse Barn Saddle Stud 16


Horse Barn Saddle Stud 19


Horse Barn Saddle Stud 22A

Horse Barn Saddle Stud 23


Horse Barn Saddle Stud 25


…as you can see, he looks quite sexy with a saddle….and looks equally hott in jeans only….

Horse Barn Jeans Stud


Horse Barn Jeans Stud 4B


Horse Barn Jeans Stud 8A


…and while next to the stalls, one of the residents decided to come over and check him out…up close…. 

Horse Barn Jeans Stud 12


…I then spotted some strong sunlight at the other end of the barn so we sauntered down there and shot some beautiful sunlight illuminated cowboy images….

Horse Barn Sexy Sunlight


Horse Barn Sexy Sunlight 2


Horse Barn Sexy Sunlight 3


…I then had him switch to a lighter pair of jeans and to another hat as well….

Tack Room Sexy Farmhand


Tack Room Hottie Innocent


and we popped back inside the tack room to return the bridles….

Tack Room Hottie


..before heading over the larger haybarn….

Haybarn Hottie


Haybarn Hottie 7


Haybarn Hottie 8A


…and then we went up to the farmhouse porch and shot some underwear images….first in the bamboo forest….

Bamboo Forest Hottie 6


Bamboo Forest Hottie


Bamboo Forest Hottie 9


…then on the porch….

Front Porch Art 6


Front Porch Art 4


Front Porch Art 8


…and finally back to the pool to cool off some….

All American Hottie

All American Hottie 2


All American Hottie 3


All American Hottie 4


All American Hottie 7


All American Hottie 8


…and then he switched from the flag shorts to some pretty pink board shorts….

Hott Pink Pool Boy 3


Hott Pink Pool Boy 3A


Hott Pink Pool Boy 4


…and then I let him get wet…..

Pool Boy Oooh LaLa 2


Pool Boy Oooh LaLa 4


Pool Boy Stretches 2


Pool Boy Sexy 1


I thoroughly enjoyed working with Brandon, he has a great attitude and is easy on the eyes, he should go far in modeling work and I wish him all the best.