A Trip Down Memory Lane…Babes and Hunks

At some point during the early years, I became known for shooting some hot babes and hunks, likely due in part to word of mouth and possibly attributed to my calendar and poster work as well, but at some point I began getting calls asking to photograph babes and hunks on motorcycles, jet skiis, and automobiles, and while some of it included studio work, much of it was shot on location, depending on weather and the time of the year. I also shot a lot of waterfall images with babes and hunks as well….

With Cathy Keller at Waterfalls


With Cathy Keller at Waterfalls 2


Here you see Cathy working with Mel above, and we added Chris in the next couple of images…

Cathy Keller & Chris at Waterfall 2


Cathy Keller & Chris at Waterfall


…and on another shoot, Chris joined me to shoot with Julie, who I was fortunate enough to be able to shoot a few times when she had some free time and able to travel down from the Chicago area…Julie became a Budweiser Model soon after my first shoot with here, and then went on to later become a Playboy Model as well. She was a fantastic blonde bombshell to work with and I was able to get her some good poster and calendar work while with me. 


Waterfall with Julie Abbott 2


Waterfall with Julie Abbott 3


Julie came down and shot with me on a few projects involving four wheelers and restored cars as well…like this beautiful 1966 Ford Mustang, that we shot in a grassy area one Sunday afternoon near the waterfall….Chris brought along another one of his referrals named Kevin, whose long blonde hair was as pretty as Julie`s….

Mustang with Julie and Kevin 2


Mustang with Julie and Kevin


…I had the guys dressed in black slacks and red tuxedo ties at first, but the ties came off soon after and the slacks stayed on, they were a nice contrast to Julie in her  partial birthday suit…and at one time, she had one a fur coat with their tuxedo white shirts opened….

Mustang with Chris Carrier & Kevin Webb 2


…and she took some fantastic sexy shots on the car solo as well…. 

Convertible Mustang Babe 2


Convertible Mustang Babe 3


Convertible Mustang Babe 4


Convertible Mustang Babe 5

Kevin also came along on another shoot at the waterfall that Julie came back to shoot with me at….

Waterfall With Kevin Webb


Julie was also in demand by several private owners of dirt bikes as well…

Dirt Bike Babe 9


Dirt Bike Babe 14


Dirt Bike Babe 13


…and I shot her on a few four wheelers as well….

Four Wheeler in Barn 8


Four Wheeler in Barn 12


…watch for a post on Julie for more of her photos. 

Cathy also came down and worked with me on a jeep shoot for a firefighter buddy of mine…he had a pretty bright red jeep and wanted some images of a beautiful babe on it, so Cathy drove down on weekend and we went up to a beautiful bluff with a commanding view of the Meramac River valley below….Gus stayed behind the wheel after parking it on the side of the bluff, his foot on the brake which put Cathy a bit more at ease due to the location of the jeep….

Jeep on Bluff 2


Jeep on Bluff 5


Jeep on Bluff 4


…and then she even volunteered to help him fix the engine, but I dont think he really had his heart in working on it at that point….

Jeep on Bluff 6


…we took it down to a local gravelbar by the river a few minutes later tho, and she helped wash off the hood of it….

Jeep on Sandbar


Jeep on Sandbar 2

A Trip Down Memory Lane – Female Models Glamour 2

I shot a lot of beautiful babes during the 90`s, many of them with bikes, beautiful restored vintage autos, four wheel drive trucks, jet skiis and even four wheelers. I also shot at some beautiful scenic waterfalls, and in some cases, like with Jennie, the two locations were very close together for both types of shoots…..

Car Babe


Car Babe 2


Waterfall Cutie 6


Waterfall Cutie 7


Luckily, we never saw anymore creepy crawly critters at the waterfall after the poster shoot…we figured it was prob the floodwaters that brought them in there.  She really enjoyed the waterfall and its alot easier to shoot there when you aren`t constantly looking over your shoulder or around to make sure it`s safe first. Jennie looked stunning in both of her swimsuits at the falls…..she was always alot of fun to work with…

Waterfall Cutie 5


Waterfall Cutie 4


Waterfall Cutie 3


Waterfall Cutie 2


Waterfall Cutie


Cathy was another glamour babe that I shot on some jeeps and four wheelers….

Jeep on Sandbar


Jeep on Sandbar 2


Jeep on Bluff 4


Jeep on Bluff 5


speaking of jeeps, here is another babe on a jeep, this one at Ebo, where I shot many four wheel drive pickups and jeeps and cycles…this one has Emily featured on it…this one was a blue jeep and Brian, the owner, was actually a cousin of Gus, the owner of the red jeep above…both of them good friends of mine….

Jeep At Ebo 4


Jeep At Ebo 2


…actually they both brought their jeeps to me whenever I needed one in the shot with a new babe….such was the case when I had three babes out at Ebo one day and was in need of a great vehicle….

Red Jeep Beauty


…this time Michelle was featured on the red jeep first….and she worked that jeep well, let me tell you, even for a first time glamour shoot….

Red Jeep Hottie


and one of my male models, Justin, was out there with me that day, and Michelle took a few shots with him, too…

With Justin on Red Jeep


and a friend of Gus brought his four wheel drive truck along and we put Michelle up on it as well…

On Truck at Ebo


I also shot a few restored vintage cars, too….this one a restored Mustang convertible…with Julie, one of my hott models who went on to become a Bud girl featured on billboards across the midwest states for a few years….

Convertible Mustang Babe 5


Convertible Mustang Babe 4


Convertible Mustang Babe 7


and one day I was even shooting a beautiful red Camaro out there, not out on the sands like the trucks and jeeps, but down by the creek where you could get to it by roadway….and Raye, modeling glamour at first, showed it off well too….

Flirt on Red Camaro 3


Red Transam Flirt


Probably two of my more unusual vehicle shoots involved a beautiful racecar owned by a local boy who enjoyed racing for a few years early on, and had me come down and photograph it with a gorgeous babe named Natalie, who I found on a modeling website at the time, to promote his racing fuels store… 

Race Car Babe


…and the other one was a pretty red truck, souped up a bit, and the owner wanted a shot of it with the rear wheels smoking the street and so we went down to the state park to find a secluded area where we could shoot it…one of my local models Jenny, knew the owner well and came along for the shot…I positioned her leaning over on the drivers side window as if she was chatting with him while he tried to impress her with the power of the truck….and then the park ranger showed up….uh oh….

Ticket Distraction


….but in all actuality…..I had gained the permission of the park ranger to do this, before we actually shot it, and he came up to watch and I was able to get him involved in it too….so it just looked like he was writing a ticket. 



Long Neck Bottle Shoot

Back about the mid nineties, I was asked to set up and shoot a promotional ad shot for an ad company that I was shooting some stock work for, one of their clients was a large beer producer that was introducing long neck bottles of beer, their only requirement for the shoot besides the product of course, was sex appeal and I was free to shoot as many male and female models as I could…and they suggested a waterfall or scenic water location…bottom line is they wanted water in the shot along with sexy bodies and faces….I set up the first shoot at a beautiful waterfall that I had been doing alot of shoots at, on a beautifully warm October day……there were actually three waterfalls there and I chose to use the tallest one because I would be able to place several models up and down it for the shot. I took a couple of friends along for security, one of my buddies went with us to video shoot the whole print shoot, and I had a few make up artists along too. 

We arrived at the location of the waterfall early afternoon and started doing site clean up…there had been some local flooding the week before and no one had been down there since. It had prob been two weeks since I had been there, so while Kurt, who was handling security for me, and some of the male models, were setting up a changing area for the gals and cleaning up the base of the falls…..we planned to shoot a couple of changes of swimwear styles and colors, and needed a secure changing area, roping off an area with towels for privacy….. I was up on the falls bluff removing the driftwood from the bluff walls…all of a sudden someone yelled ” snake ” and the next thing you know, all the babes were up on the bluff wall with me and I looked down to see three water moccasins coming up out of a pool of water at the base of the falls and moving toward Kurt and the guys….I told Kurt to kill them, so he and the guys did just that…they flattened one with a large heavy rock and snuffed the other two with an axe that Kurt had brought with him….he and the other security guys were armed, but if someone had missed, I really didn`t want to take any chances on ricochets. Luckily, those were the only ones we saw the rest of the day and the rest of the shoot went quite well. I think my buddy shooting video was the only one that got any film on it and didn`t have any problems with them himself. Here are some images of the shoot, starting with the babes involved in the shoot….

Waterfall Babes


Waterfall Babes 2


Waterfall Babes 3


Waterfall Babes 4


Waterfall Babes 5


Waterfall Babes 6


I haven`t been able to find any of the actual poster shots with the bottles, to copy and post on here, but I do have a few of the side shots with some of the babes with the guys afterwards. I will post more images once I locate them…I only have about three more boxes of files and photos to go through for this location shoot. We actually wound up shooting one other creek location and then the third request for a smaller shoot, required a friend of mine coming in and building a shallow pool in my studio because by that time we were into December and it was way too cool outside to even think of asking the female models to get back into the creek. 

Here is Ronda with some of the guys….

Waterfall With The Guys


and here is Tony with the Trophy Girl, Kimberly….I still can`t believe he wasn`t smiling for this one….she sure was….

Trophy Girl with Tony Dames


and Ronda alone on the wall in the small canyon, looking GREAT !!

Swimwear Babe 1


A Trip Down Memory Lane – Female Models Glamour

I started out shooting freelance glamour work in the late 80`s and early 90`s,  working with local motorcycle and jet ski dealers to produce posters with sex appeal for promotion and sales of products, often photographing bikini clad female models on their products, using studio lighting and backdrops, but occasionally shooting on location as well. The dealers would then select the best image and have thousands of posters printed up for their dealer booths at the boat shows, farm shows, and cycle shows at the convention centers, and employ the female models part time, to attract a primarily male buyer audience by autographing their posters in person at the shows and show off the product. These shows provided added opportunities for some of my models to make some additional income on the side. This was known as Cheesecake work in those days, aimed at a primarily male audience…. the good ole days when things were better and life was easier in general. Here are some of my better glamour images with models from the good ole days….

Camo Babe




Vulcan Hottie


Hood Ornament


Ticket Distraction


Car Babe


Car Babe 2


Red Jeep Beauty


Red Jeep Hottie


On Truck at Ebo


Blue Jean Baby 2Pool Flirt 1


The two images above are of a sexy gal named Shelly B, who I met while photographing a friend of hers…Shelly was one of the first gals that shot both styles of work with me, although her friend only wanted to shoot glamour work. Since I was just beginning to shoot with models, both styles were fine with me so I could gain some experience and since Shelly had experience in both styles, she was able to teach me quite a bit about posing models. I also worked with another model named Shelly, a little later on, who was also very hot  and looked great on motorcycles…I met her when she and her husband opened up a video rental store in town. She became one of the hottest models I was working with while shooting motorcycles….

Dirt Bike Babe


Dirt Bike Babe 2


Dirt Bike Babe 3


Vulcan Hottie 3


Vulcan Hottie 4


Vulcan Hottie 2


Vulcan Hottie


MC Mechanic Babe


MC Mechanic Babe 2


I was also shooting some poster work for a private racecar owner about that time and met a hot new model online that was just breaking into glamour work…her name was Natalie and she was from the bootheel area…she and her boyfriend Jason came up one weekend to shoot the racecar poster work for me…she was a small package of dynamite in swimwear and heels let me tell ya….

Race Car Babe


…and I soon found out, on some return visits, that she looked great on motorcycles too…

Pink Bikini on Dirt bike


Black Bikini on Dirt bike


Some more of my images with babes on motorcycles….luckily back then, I had a list of guys I could contact for a bike when I had a model coming in to shoot….

MC Babe


Pink Bikini on MC


Blue Cycle Babe


Harley Babe 2


The one above and below are Katrina, on a friend`s Harley in my studio…she came to me on the referral of her brother Damian, who was doing some glamour modeling work for me at the time…Katrina`s only modeling experience was with Glamour Shots, which was pretty popular back then. I thought she was a natural, myself. 🙂  I know the bike owner sure did like the images. 

Harley Babe

 Here is another sexy model I found…Ronda was a former local girl that had moved to St Louis County from here and she worked out to be a very good model for several projects I was working on at the time. Here are a few of her shots on some motorcycles in my studio…….

MC Babe 2


Patriotic MC Babe


MC Babe


I had actually picked up some poster work for a local beer company and was asked to shoot and submit some images with male and female models in the images holding the products. I hand selected all  of the models, most of them had worked with me on several other shoots before, some were in the calendar that a friend and I had produced as well, and I`ll talk about this waterfall shoot a little more extensively, in another post, because it was quite an adventure all on its own. In the meantime, though, here are a couple of shots of Ronda with the guys and alone in the small canyon walls near the waterfalls……

Waterfall With The Guys


Swimwear Babe 1


The other big project that she assisted with was the calendar production…Dave and I photographed her on an antique pumper in Washington with a couple of firefighters and a dalmation dog……the image was used in a fire service magazine to advertise the calendar sales…..

Ad Shot Washington FD 1


Ronda was a great model to work with, another natural with little to no prior experience. A few more of her images in the calendar shoot can be seen at my site www.RagingSensations.com 


At Washington FD




A Trip Down Memory Lane

 After a few years of working primarily with female models in the early 90`s,  I began working with male models as well, having located markets for the guys in the sporadic calendar and poster lines, as well as book covers and magazine layouts….this work was known as Beefcake, shooting shirtless hunky guys in sexy poses to appeal to a female or gay audience.  By the mid 90`s, the Beefcake craze took off and my work with guys took off as well.

Cheesecake, for the first time ever, took a backseat to Beefcake, at least for a few years. I continued to shoot the Cheesecake work, because the dealers still needed their posters for the shows, but by the mid to late 90`s, my work primarily migrated to working with male models much of the time.  Soon after,  demand for my freelance work with guys expanded exponentially over the next several years into many markets besides calendar and poster work, markets that included magazine layouts, magazine covers, romance novel covers, and video work opportunities with various producers. By this time, ninety percent of my work was glamour and nude print in beefcake and occasionally some cheesecake as well.

With assistance of a friend named Dave, in the mid 90`s, we also launched a line of posters and a calendar, that ran for a year and featured many models, male and female, as well as many fire trucks, new and antique. Unfortunately, this line didn`t last longer than a year or two and so I continued on shooting on my own.

Below is a smattering of images of the male models that I worked with from the start….starting with Brandon, a sexy young man with a nicely toned build….

Wall Glamour


Art Wall


Sunlit Tree


and another friend of Brandon, that I photographed later that summer in my studio barn, Buckley….

Blue Jeans Buddy




….and here are four guys I shot at Ebo at the dunes…with a red jeep…from left to right, Jason, David, John, and Anthony….

David Hanna, John Bost, Anth Seamon Jeep


I went out there to the dunes and shot quite a few models with four wheel drive trucks and four wheelers back in those days…here another of Anthony….

Jeep Hottie


…and Emily, who came to me on a referral as well, shot her on a friend`s jeep out at the Dunes of Ebo back in the day when everyone was out there four wheeling on the weekends…

Jeep At Ebo 2


Jeep At Ebo 4


…it was a great location to shoot four wheel drive trucks and suv`s, as well as dirt bikes and four wheeler`s….specially with the beautiful babes on or around them….local babe Michelle in the pink bikini below and the other two babes were from the St Charles area….

3 Babes on Jeep Ebo


and I actually found a few male models while shooting out there as well….one of those guys was Pete…found him one day when I was out there shooting one of my hot local female models, Raye….

Beach Kneeling Ebo 2


Beach Babe Ebo….from across the wide expanse of sand, Pete and some of his buddies spotted us and came riding over on their four wheelers to see what we were up to……and who in their right mind wouldn`t speed across the sand to see Raye up closer, lol….but he pulled up there in a cloud of dust and about a week later was modeling for me himself…and we returned to the scene and shot this one on his four wheeler….



and later I turned him into a sexy blacksmith as well….

Blacksmith Hottie


And another young man named Clayton, that I met while at a baseball game one summer, …came up and shot in the attic of an old home that was about to be torn down to make way for a parking lot….

Pacific Boy Crowe House Attic Window 6



Pacific Boy Crowe House Attic Window 6


Cory, from the same area, came up one day and shot some photos for the calendar I was working on and then we went outside to shoot some more photos of him….he was a high school football player and worked out alot each day, about five hundred crunches a day he told me…

Trail Stud


Trail Stud 2


…another time he came up and shot some on a beautiful red motorcycle as well…. a Vulcan that belonged to a good friend of mine at the time……

MC Hottie


I also photographed several old water and grist mills across the state and in adjoining states back in the 80`s, and occasionally shot some male models at those old mills as well…this first one at Paydown Mill west of Belle, in November on a fairly warm day and I photographed Alan Christopher under the mill down by the old machinery, illuminated by the natural light coming through the stone wall columns….

Paydown Mill

…and then there was an old mill in southwestern Missouri near Lebanon, and Alan went with me to this one, where I shot him up on the wheel….

Mill Wheel 2


Mill Wheel


…and later I photographed Bobby at the same mill south of Lebanon, fishing off the mill dam…. 

Fishin At The Old Mill Dam


Fishin At The Old Mill Dam 2


…and later on I shot one of my younger models at the old Nosers Mill, fishing with an old cane pole down by the dam….Chris looked good with his bright red hair….

Fishing at the Old Mill


…think I about froze him out at one point down there…he had gotten wet and then the wind started blowing a bit down there and he got a bit chilled….

chilled while fishing


…but this was while wrapping up after shooting all of the following images first….

Cane Fishing Pole in Hand


Playing in the Water


Playing in the Water 2


Cooling Down


…so its prob no wonder that he did get a bit chilled a few minutes later….Chris went on to enlist in the Marines and fought in Iraq….raised by his grandparents primarily, and turned out to be one of the nicest kids I have ever known…still is, too.

I shot one other model at Nosers Mill a few years later…his name is Mike….he couldn`t resist the temptation to get wet as well….

Fishin At Nosers Mill


Waterfall Hottie 3


Waterfall Hottie


…and then one day I drove down to Falling Spring Mill, near Winona, and shot two young men from Bourbon, fishing out in front of the old mill, Chris Petersen was one of the guys…. I can`t recall the other boy`s name….

Fishing Falling Spring Mill


Fishing Falling Spring Mill 2


..and Chris was with me when we were driving around near Redbird one day, looking for an old mill on the Bourbeuse River that no longer existed, so I photographed him on some rocks instead….



Back then, I worked with a lot of guys in sports, football players, baseball players, found some of these guys on my own and some came to me on referrals as well….like Danny and Ray….

Barn Boy


MC Thinker


Hard Hat Hottie


Jeans Hottie


Hay Barn Hottie


Travis was one of my original models who was a natural flirt in front of the camera but he also could work an art pose well too…. 

Jeans Art


I wish I could have found more of his images to include here…..stay tuned for Part 2 of this story….