Babes of 2010

Right after New Years, I was fortunate enough to be able to work with a smokin hot babe from the KC area…her name was Cris, she and her husband were headed to Atlanta and stopped off to work with me one evening….she wanted some images that could be submitted to a magazine so I photographed her Penthouse style….

Barn Babe Smiles             Barn Babe Undresses

Barn Babe Teaser                 Barn Babe Adds Chaps

Hot Babe in Barn

…and she really liked the fire gear and equipment, so we shot a few of those also….

FF Axe at the Ready            FF Axe Babe Drops Her Bunkers

FF Axe Babe                    FF Blue Hose Babe 2

FF Bunker BabeFF Bunker Glamour Babe

FF Nozzle Babe                   FF Sexy Nozzle Babe

….and then we shot some with the Christmas backdrop too….

I Like To Ride                Santa Babe 2

Santa Babe and Boots                   Santa Babe Flirts

Santa Babe Sexy             Santa Hat and Boots Babe

Sexy Babe By Tree