Hot Kowboy Southwest MO

On my way to Joplin to photograph a few guys at the waterfall there, I stopped off to photograph a hot cowboy that I had been talking to for some time. I asked him what name he wanted me to use on my site and he said Kowboy…I wanted to shoot him at his farm, but that location wasnt available so we opted for a hotel room instead, courtesy of a friend of his. He has a really sexy look and build, and had asked me to shoot him in some different styles of underwear, so I did…

66               65

…after he got out of the jeans…slowly….stripteasing the entire way….prob goes back to his days as a dancer/stripper…

61 57

51         49

…one thing was for sure, he had a very sexy look and build and a great smile and flirty look too…

30        31


…after shooting the hott young kowboy, I headed on down to Joplin and photographed a couple of hott guys at the waterfall and some windowlight images as well….def enjoyed working with the Kowboy and hope to shoot with him some more.