Pierre last morning in Hot Springs….

Well I had one last shoot in Hot Springs and that was with Pierre, a hot boy I was referred to by a good photographer friend of mine in Arkansas….DJ contacted me a while back and told me about a hot black boy that had a nice build and package to go with it, and said I needed to photograph this guy when I was next in Arkansas…well I tried to shoot him when there in September but his schedule never would jive with mine so we decided to postpone til November and my fall trip…glad now that it worked out for the fall trip…

Pierre came down in the fog Sunday morning and we shot a few in the room while the fog burned off….he was a bit self conscious about these braces he had on, but I told him he looked quite stunning when he smiled with them…

Beautiful Smile

…… I got to see it a lot that day….like that hot build I was told about…

Hot and Sexy Boi

..and he brought some beautiful colorful underwear with him that showed off his gorgeous build…as did the white sheets on the bed….DJ was right…this guy likes to tease and show off everything….

Gorgeous Bed Boi

Hard and Hung Art Boi

Hard Sexy Boi

Shower Hottie

Shower Hunk

..and then a few more arty poses on the bed….

Suite Art Boi

Suite Bed Bottomboy

…and by then the fog had lifted outside so we went to a waterfall first and shot a few in fire gear that a friend gave me some time back……had the place to ourselves….

FF Waterfall Stud

FF Waterfall Stud 2

FF Bunker Boi Waterfall Art

FF Bunker Boi Art

FF Bunker Boi at The Falls

..and a few up on the rocks…

FF Bunker Boi on the Rocks

and one next to the stunning scenery….

FF Bunker Boi Fall Foliage 2

..and then we drove over to the other side of town and shot Gulpha Gorge again…same place I shot Randy at, but we started at a different section of the creek this time, since there was no color or light at the bridge…

Fall Reflections Jeans Art

GG Fall Creek Art Stud

talk about some great reflections of beauty at this spot….well we moved down to the rocks downstream again and found some nice pools of color down there…that Pierre just added beauty to naturally…

GG Hottie on The Rocks

GG Hottie on The Rocks Art

Art Creekside

..and as you can see, Pierre is a very hot guy as well…all in all, it was a great vacation trip down in a beautiful setting this year, despite a droughty year for Arkansas…def alot of natural beauty down there.

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