Working With Bailey in Fall Color

I was a bit worried that we would not have any fall color this year, mainly due to a lack of good steady rainfall this summer. We finally received some good rain by the middle of October and then our colors began to pop…it only lasted a couple of weeks and into the first of November, but along with warm weather and we were glad to see both. I dont always get a chance to find and photograph a model in the fall color, seems when the colors roll around, models disappear, but this year I lucked out and was able to work with a hot new guy named Bailey. He came down one day and I was able to photograph him along the river at a friends farm,…


Bailey I found out, was one very nice guy to work with and I look forward to the next shoot with him as well. 🙂

Josh at Grand Falls

Continuing on with the Joplin shoots, Josh was with me when I went to photograph Christopher at one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Missouri….


…we walked over to the far side of the rocky shelf area and found a couple of boulders that were not being used by others and afforded us a good sized chunk of the falls for the backdrop….


1621   2325

and then Josh decided to get adventurous and wander out into the water hopping from rock to rock…

27   32354049









…then stretched out on a slanted flat rock to take in the last of the suns rays and then climbed up to the top shelf that the running water falls off at the top….


New Model Zach

On my way to Kentucky early September this year, I stopped off in southern Illiinois to photograph a new model named Zach, who met me at the Garden early in the morning. We started out down below some of the larger rocks off the beaten path where some of the original color still shows well on the boulders….


12b                   13b

14b-garden-of-the-gods-formations     15b-garden-of-the-gods-formations

…and after about an hour at the garden, we drove on down to another great location nearby and shot a few there….



32b       32b

Zach was a lot of fun to work with for a couple of hours and I look forward to working with him some more….thanks again Zach.