Swimwear and Lingerie Shoot in KC in June…

One of my friends told me I wasnt stacking up the photo stories fairly on the redesigned site, so after driving home from Kansas City today, I decided maybe I should add a few photos from the June KC shoot and make a few of the viewers happier. Since it was a swimwear and lingerie shoot, I`m going to add the lingerie images to this site…

Schoolgirl Babe on Desk

This is Amber, she came down the stairs in this hot and sexy schoolgirl outfit and asked me to photograph her in the office….who was I to refuse such a request like that…course I also saw potential as a hot and sexy teacher outfit, specially wehn ” hot for teacher ” came to mind….

Schoolgirl Babe on Desk Flirts


Schoolgirl on Desk

and here is Ashley in her lingerie…she was the Playboy model at the shoot, hot as heck to work with and very nice too…


I liked this one due to her very sexy legs and uh….backside…trying to be nice here….she actually had a nice everything….if you know what I mean and I`m sure you do, lol.

Canopy Babe

I shot several images of her on this beautiful canopy bed in one of the upstairs bedrooms…

Canopy Babe Reclines


Canopy Babe Smiles

she also has a great smile…

Canopy Bed Babe

and serious look too….Canopy Bed Babe 2

and artfully too….

Canopy Bed Babe Art


Canopy Bed Babe Art 2

and quite a hot flirt as well….

Canopy Bed Babe Flirt

and oh my, those legs she has…..

am sure you can tell I`m a leg man too…..

Canopy Bed Babe Legs 2

and love her feet and toes too….

Canopy Bed Flirt

and those eyes…..and then back to those LEGGGSSSSSS……

Gazebo Art Flrt

and very sexy….

Canopy Flirt

and even though this is a bikini image, I still like the pose….

Smokin Gazebo Babe

and this one just shows us a total foxx…..

Smokin Hott Babe

hopin to get this babe in front of my lens for some poster work eventually….

Stunning 4


Smokin Hott Flirt

…now I`ll switch over to a few images of Veronica, the first babe I was to shoot that day at the lingerie and swimwear shoot….

Windowlight Babe Flirts

…in her lingerie….next to the windowlight….used to shoot alot of windowlight in my portrait work…love her eye makeup, goew well with her outfit…

Windowlight Flirt

and her other outfit, kind of a baby doll outfit for a baby doll….

Beauty and Her Eyes

this in her art mode….

Flirty Bed Babe

and this in her flirty mode….

Those Eyes....

and showing off her beautiful eyes and makeup work as well….

Double Trouble

and love this one as well…she does look like she could cause some problems for someone….

and here are a few images of Vanessa, another hot babe that I had the pleasure of working with several times at this shoot…she is an experienced Maxim model and very hott and nice to work with….

Babe of the Bedroom Flirts

and looks stunning in bright colors….

Babe of the Bedroom Flirts 2

…and very ENTICING, too….



Innocent Teaser


and then combine INNOCENT with GORGEOUS….

Innocent Bed Babe

and the opposite of Innocent is Naughty…..

Teaser 2


Teaser 3


Canopy Bed Flirt


…oh, forgot to say, she provides maid service at a moment`s notice as well….

French Maid in Kitchen

and looks equally as hot in your office too…

French Main Flrits by Window

and I can safely tell you that she looks great in a bikini as well…..

Lilly Garden Babe


Corner Post Babe

and in the company of other hot babes as well….

Gatekeeper Babes

so that should get me caught up enough to get me out of trouble with some of you I hope….I promise I will do better….

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