Waterfall Art in Kansas City…

Well I was up in Kansas City once again last weekend and just an overnighter this time, mainly went up to spend the night with a buddy who was moving to Iowa from New Mexico, but did manage to photograph a hot gymnast at a new waterfall up there while there. I met up with Gil at my hotel and after shooting a few test shots and liking what I saw, we drove over to the new Waterfall Park in Independence, which is very accessible and viewable from I-70 and I-470, although one should really drive over to see this beautiful waterfall and park up close, it definitely warrants a closer look.

We drove around to get a feel for the place and check on parking and found a young couple checking out the main waterfall and parked roadside, so I parked the same way and we joined them at the falls. This is a seventy foot high waterfall, manmade of course, that stairsteps down one time, and then runs under the roadway and cascades down some rocks into a manmade lake created at the rear of the new Bass Pro Shop, which has the Little Blue River feeding it.

Waterfall Park Waterfall

I`ll just let the photos do the talking for me, needless to say I think Gil and I both had a great time shooting there.

Waterfall Art Statue

Waterfall Hottie

Waterfall Hottie Smiles

Waterfall Spray Stud

Waterfall Spray Stud 2

Waterfall Statue Smile

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