Mike at the Farm

Decided to take a rainy day and try to get caught up on the updates.

I have worked with Mike a few times now and he`s a really sexy guy to work with..met him on a modeling website and besides a great muscular build, he has a very nice personality to go with it, and is a natural flirt in front of a camera. I contacted him back in the early fall last year and asked if he would like to shoot at a farm owned by some friends of mine and he not only said sure, but wanted to shoot some art nude work as well this time. Luckily we had great weather that day, but started off in my barn set cause it was a little chilly that morning….

Barn Nude Art 7


…and then we wandered over to the farm to shoot some more there…starting out in one of the barns there….Mike looks great in holie jeans and boots, so I had him bring some….

Haybarn Hottie 2



Haybarn Hottie 3



Haybarn Hottie 6



and then he grabbed the saddle and we shot some saddle images again…


Haybarn Cowboy 7



Haybarn Cowboy 10


Haybarn Cowboy 15

Haybarn Cowboy 17



Haybarn Cowboy 19


Haybarn Cowboy 21

then we walked over to the horse barn where he met Bob…..


Cowboy And His Horse 4



Cowboy And His Horse 2


…then we walked over to yet one of the other barns and just past it out into the hayfield….


Hayfield Cowboy Art 1



Hayfield Cowboy Art 4



…and then inside the hayloft barn….where was steamy and balmy upstairs in the loft….


Haybarn Hottie 7



Haybarn Hottie 8



Haybarn Hottie 10



I assured him after literally sweating his ass off in the barn, which you can see he didnt, I would treat him to the cool pool for the next set of images….

Board Shorts Hottie 3


He looked STUNNING in the pool water….specially with his lime green board shorts….


Pool Art 2



I let him swim up and down a few times to cool off…he was one happy camper after that….


Pool Hottie



…I then had him switch to some underwear that was a cross between a thong and jock strap for some more pool images….


Pool Hottie 2



Pool Hottie 3



…and then we moved around to the front porch of the farmhouse to finish out the session….in the cool breeze….


Front Porch Art



Front Porch Art 4



Front Porch Art 5



Front Porch Art 7



Front Porch Art 8



Front Porch Art 11



Boy was it hot that day….