Swimwear/Lingerie Shoot KC 2010 Part 3

Here is the finish up to my swimwear shoot in KC, so just going to add some pics and let the photos speak for me…featured in this part is Vanessa, the beautiful Maxim Model from Oklahoma, Amber and Caitlyn, Hooter Models from Oklahoma, and Kena from southwest Missouri. These gals were total babes to work with.

Corner Post Babe


this is Vanessa on the Corner Post of the Gazebo out back by the pool, and the next photo she is in the middle with two other hot babes who I started to work with and then the next thing I knew, they were hijacked by the instructor photographer and I never did get to work with them. I wasn`t too happy about that….

Gatekeeper Babes


So after that happened, I took her to this lilly garden in front of the house,  while the storm was brewing outside…

Lilly Garden Babe

after shooting  outside, we went back inside and shot some more lingerie….Windowlight Babe



Stairway Landing Mirror Babe 2


Stairway Landing Mirror Babe


and then she showed me her French Main outfit, so once I saw that, I def wanted to photograph her in it too…in the office….

French Maid Windowlight


French Maid by Window


and in the kitchen….


French Maid in Kitchen



After shooting Vanessa, Amber and Caitlyn came down the stairs, Amber dressed in a very seductive schoolgirl outfit and asked me to photograph her, and I was more than happy to accomodate her, she was stunning…


Schoolgirl Kneels on Desk


Schoolgirl Babe on Desk Flirts


Schoolgirl on Desk Flirts


Schoolgirl Flirt


Reminds me of the line, Hot for Teacher…

Schoolgirl on Desk


Schoolgirl on Desk 2


and this one, very hot babe….

Schoolgirl Babe on Desk


and then we went outside, the storm over with and shot some bikini images with Caitlyn…

With Katelynn in Lilly Garden


With Katelyn on Gazebo Corner Post



and by herself as well…Amber is one hot babe to work with…


Statue Babe


Lilly of the Manor


Lilly Garden Babe


and then as they were changing into another outfit to shoot at the pool with me, they were hijacked at the bottom of the stairs by yet another photographer…strike number two for my day….I thought about packing it in and loading up and taking off after that one, but decided to shoot with Kena, who had originally invited me to this shoot in the first place…so I located her and since she had a nice lingerie outfit on, we decided to shoot in the Master Bedroom…

Bathtub Babe



including the Master Bathroom this time…complete with its marble tile floor and jacuzzi tub…

Bathtub Babe Flirts



Ceramic Tile Flirt



and then out to the bed, to further show off her long and sleek legs and beautiful silky hair….


Beauty On The Bed


Bed Babe


can you say hot tigress ???  ….

Hot Babe


Hot Babe Flirt


would love to work with Kena again too….