A Trip Down Memory Lane – Male Glamour 2

Here are a few more of my male models in glamour style work from the early days when I was shooting for a lot of clients in calendar and poster work….the first is Chris, a guy that was highly recommended to me by a mutually good friend named Mike…Mike was a very busy nude model out in California but originally from Arkansas and knew Chris well…he called me during the summer of 2002 and told me on my next trip to Arkansas, I should stop and check out Chris…he put me in touch with him and a few weeks later I was stopping off to see and photograph Chris….I was sure glad I took Mike`s advice cause Chris turned out to be a very hot and sexy model for me and many others…….

Coca cola boi


…above is one of the test images at his place in Arkansas that I shot that day…hopefully I can locate a few more to show you just how hot he was back then on that day….below are a few of the images I shot of him the weekend he came up to visit and shoot with me at my studio and on location nearby….in the first image, is Kevin Ford, who had come down to work with me on his very first shoot as well…the start to his illustrious career in fitness work, I had met him at a bodybuilding show and invited him to come shoot with me sometime…so he did….

Kevin Ford and Chris Link


Column Hottie


Column Hottie 2


Green Eyed Hottie


Stairway Hottie


Mossy Rocks Hottie


Chris Link hard look-1