Return of Arkansas Jerry

On one of my recent trips to the Hot Springs area, I was reunited with one of my Arkansas models from that area, named Jerry…I know what you are thinking about now and all I can say is sometimes it just rains models with the same name…look at last year when I had that run of Jakes…this time its a run of guys named Jerry….and this particular Jerry first modeled for me on my very first trip to the Hot Springs area about ten years ago…he was hott then and is just as hott, if not hotter, today. We had a couple of great visits while I was there and a couple of great shoots as well…here are some images from his first shoot…..

01 Balcony          04 Windowlight

05 Windowlight         08 Shower

15 Shower    17 Shower

45 Balcony Ass  49 Balcony Boy

50A Couch Art

53A Couch Flirt  55 New Underwear


62 Hot Ass    66 Hott Ass Flirt



67 Hott Ass Art   91 Shower

92 Shower    93 Shower

96 Shower   98 Shower

105 Shower  107 Shower

111 Shower  112 Shower


109 Shower

115 Shower   116 Shower

122 Shower    123 Shower

125 Shower    128 Shower

129 Shower    131 Shower

137 Beddiebye

…and then he had to take a little nap after that session….here are images from the second session the next day….at the waterfall no less…..

150 Waterfall Fire Gear

152 Waterfall Fire Gear   161A Waterfall Fire Gear


164A Waterfall Fire Gear   166 Waterfall Fire Gear

168 Waterfall Fire Gear   172 Waterfall Fire Gear

174 Waterfall Nude

178 Waterfall Nude   185 Waterfall Nude

189 Waterfall Nude

191 Waterfall Nude

192 Waterfall Nude

194 Waterfall Nude

197 Waterfall Holie Jeans

199 Waterfall Holie Jeans

200 Waterfall Holie Jeans

204 Waterfall Holie Jeans

205 Waterfall Holie Jeans

206B Waterfall Holie Jeans

207B Waterfall Holie Jeans

Isn`t he just a sexy looking guy…thanks again Jerry….always fun to work with ya.