New Female Model Brandee

Back in May, I contacted a gorgeous gal named Brandee on a modeling website, and began talking to her about some modeling work…we talked for a few days and then I scheduled her for a shoot near the end of the month, on a fairly cool day, in case we had the opportunity to go outside and shoot as well. Living out here in the country, its sometimes hard to locate good looking African American models that do not have an attitude, but something about her just called out to me. She didn`t have much experience but seemed to have the drive to get there and great looks too…she showed up an hour late but was in contact with me so that was okay with me, and after working out a couple of other problems on her arrival, we started shooting…I found out she has a basic sense of modeling but def needed some instruction in a few areas…all in all, tho, I was pretty happy with the results….

Brandiee Nicholle-013  Brandiee Nicholle-014

Brandiee Nicholle-015     Brandiee Nicholle-016

Brandiee Nicholle-018    Brandiee Nicholle-022

Brandiee Nicholle-023   Brandiee Nicholle-027

Brandiee Nicholle-030   Brandiee Nicholle-033

Brandiee Nicholle-041   Brandiee Nicholle-042

Brandiee Nicholle-040   Brandiee Nicholle-043

Brandiee Nicholle-044   Brandiee Nicholle-046

Brandiee Nicholle-050   Brandiee Nicholle-051

Brandiee Nicholle-053   Brandiee Nicholle-055

Brandiee Nicholle-057   Brandiee Nicholle-064


Brandiee Nicholle-073Brandiee Nicholle-081

Brandiee Nicholle-075

Brandiee Nicholle-083   Brandiee Nicholle-085

Brandiee Nicholle-100

Brandiee Nicholle-105   Brandiee Nicholle-106

Brandiee Nicholle-108  Brandiee Nicholle-110