Brandee Again

I had the opportunity to work with Brandee once more a few weeks after the first session and had acquired a couple of outfits for her to try out as well…and although I really enjoyed working with her, she arrived once more with a few problems to work out, one that she was going to return with blonde highlights in her hair but instead she came back with an atrocious bottle red hair style….another problem resulted in a shorter session than I had hoped for, even though the results were stunning once again…..

04 Leopard Backdrop

06 Leopard Backdrop   08 Leopard Backdrop 10 Leopard Backdrop

11 Leopard Backdrop Flirt  12 Leopard Backdrop Flirt15 Leopard Backdrop Flirt

21 Leopard Drape Flirt 22 Leopard Drape Flirt 23 Leopard Drape Flirt

…I started her out in jeans against a leopard skin backdrop and she looked great, her beautiful skin tones blending in with the backdrop perfectly, her dazzling smile lighting up the images, and her posing was pretty much spot on….then we switched to an ivory boned corset….

27 Corset Babe 28 Corset Babe 29 Corset Babe

31 Corset Babe Art 34 Corset Babe Art

35 Corset Babe Flirts 36 Corset Babe Flirts

40 Corset Babe Flirts  45 Corset Babe Flirts

…and then as I was asking her to switch to a pretty blue corset, she decided she was out of time and had to go…I had a photographer friend traveling up from Little Rock in a few days that wanted to work with her in St Louis…I asked her if she was still interested in that shoot and she said she was looking forward to it, but I never heard from her again.