New Model Jerry On Location

I was up in central Missouri the first week of June to test shoot a new model who failed to show up at a ritzy location that I had booked a few days earlier, so I called Jerry to see if he would be interested in coming up to shoot with me instead…luckily for me, he was available and drove on up…arriving shortly before sunset…this time his goatee had grown into more of a beard….we had a great time shooting again and then I took him out to a late supper at Buffalo Wild Wings…

01 Log Wall    05 Leaning on Wall

08 New Underwear    10 Shadowlight


13 Shadowlight

14 Tabletop

15 Tabletop


19 Tabletop    22 Tabletop

24 Log Home Hottie   25 Log Home Hottie



29 Innocence30 Innocence

27 Log Home Hottie

34 Log Home Hottie   35 Log Home Hottie

39 Log Home Hottie

41 Log Home Hottie

45 Log Home Hottie

49 Chair Stud   51 Chair Stud

57 Mirror Art60 Jacuzzi Hottie

61 Jacuzzi Art   62 Jacuzzi Art

65 Jacuzzi Art 72 Bed Stud

69 Bed Stud

73 Bed Stud  76 Bed Stud