Babes in 2009

Early in April, I had the pleasure of working with a hot new babe called Laina…she came to me with some  modeling experience and the desire to add to her port and also to get into a new craze called Firehouse Girls, so that is what we shot for initially, and then later on she let me shoot some other types of work with her as well….she was not only easy on the eyes but a gorgeous babe to work with, great personality as well….


laina1OFFICIALBIKINILAINA2OFFICIALBIKINILAINABlack Lingerie FlirtDSC_0079Fire Coat FlirtShort Coat HottieTest Shot 2

Now, mind you, these were test shots of her, and they turned out way better due to her modeling ability, than normal finished images after working with someone for a while, and this was her first session with a working photographer…..stunning model…..

Test Shot 1 Love Her Feet and LegsTest Shot 3 Her PoseGorgeous Bunker BabeBunker Babe Smiles copyDSC_0173DSC_0208Flames BikiniFlames Bikini 2DSC_0247DSC_0248DSC_0264Fanning the FlamesDSC_0300Sliding Off Her Hot BunkersBunker Babe FlirtBunker Babe Stretches

One thing is for sure, she was a natural flirt and def knew how to work anything she was wearing to the full extent of it….

Bunker Babe Art FormBunker Babe TwisterBunker Babe Adjusts Her Helmet copyDirt and Sweat Never Looked So Hott


Jimmie came back in April and worked with me again…this time she wanted to shoot some images that she could submit to Maxim and possibly PB Magazine, so we first started out with some fire gear images again….and again, she looked stunning and gorgeous….

Hot Bunker Babe                   Smokin Hott Bunker Babe

Bunker Babe Sizzlin Hott                  Bunker Babe Sizzles

Bunker Babe Sexy Gloves                 Ready for Action

FF Open Coat Hottie                              FF Nozzle Flirt 2

FF Sexy Babe

…..and then to the barn for some cowgirl images….

Barn Jeans               Holie Jeans

Blue Jean Babe              Holie Shorts Babe

Blue Jean Glamour Babe

…after this session, she decided she wanted to come back in July and shoot some more, maybe some outside images this time if we had good weather for it. A few days before she showed up to shoot again, I was contacted by Sheena, a model in the southeast part of the state, and she wanted to come up and work with me on some newer images for her portfolio. She liked to shoot glamour and nude images too, so I was able to work with her in early July. Sheena is a former dancer and a blonde knockout too, and she likes to flirt all the time in front of the camera, it shows in her images….

Playing As She Undresses               Spa Babe

Secretary Dresses Down               Come and Get It

Fire Coat Flirt                  Hott Fire Babe Flirt

Hot Ass Fire Babe

If you haven`t figured it out by now, she had a nice ass and set of shapely legs, and really enjoyed showing them off....

Cowgirl Boots                 Cowgirl Tips Her Hat

Point of View                            Leather Ride

My next model a couple of weeks later, was a Fox named Patti…she made it quite clear up front that she, like Sheena, enjoyed shooting nude much of the time, which was just fine with me…..we started with lingerie….

Babe on Couch                   Corset Babe On Couch

…but she really turned on the tease and flirt when we started shooting with denim and cowgirl wear in the barn….

Blue Jean Shorts Babe Barn                Denim Flirt in Barn

Barn Flirt               Barn Tease

Barn Boots Babe     Barn Babe Innocence

Barn Boots Hottie

…and then she really turned it on with the fire gear…we had a great time shooting, she has a bubbly personality and infectious smile too….

Bunker Babe Fireside             Bunker Babe Fireside 2

Bunker Babe Fireside Heats Up             Bunker Babe Fireside Stripper

Bunker Babe Fireside Stripper 2             FF Bunker StrapsTush

FF Fireside Tush                 Bunker Babe Gloves

FF Fireside Hose and Nozzle Babe

FF Dress Jacket Sultry FF Dress Jacket Business

FF Helmet Babe                 FF Nude Rookie

FF Boots and Cookie Babe

True to her nature, Patti was a total foxx to work with !

In September I traveled down to southwest Missouri and worked with one gorgeous gal there, she had been modeling for a few years and was very experienced as well as very easy on the eyes…I photographed her at the suite I was staying in as well as the waterfalls….Aiyana was great to work with….we started out down by the bigger rocks….

Blue Jean Flirt                Hot Jeans Flirt

….and then we switched to swimwear and moved out by the falls….

Waterfall Babe 2             Waterfall Babe 3

Waterfall Sexy BabeGorgeous Waterfall Babe

Gorgeous Watertall Art          Sexy Waterfall Babe 2

Gorgeous Waterfall Babe 2Peachy Babe in the Sun

…we returned to the big rocks and she put fire gear on over the swimwear….

Bunker Babe on the Rocks                 Bunker Babe on the Rocks 2

Bunker Babe Flirt At the Falls                 Bunker Babe at the Falls

Bunker Booty Babe Straps                Bunker Straps Babe

Bunker Sun GoddessBunker Booty Babe Works The Straps

Bunker Babe Flirt At FallsBunker Babe Goddess At Falls

Hot and Sexy Bunker Babe at WaterfallBunker Booty Babe Art

FF Smokin Hot Babe               FF Glamour Babe Art

FF Glamour Babe                Fire Coat Flirt 3

…as I said, one hot babe to work with here…thanks again Aiyana. Then in October, I had the great fortune of getting to photograph a gorgeous gal that I had been talking to for over a year…Kristen agreed to come out to work with me on one of our mutual days off…she was working two jobs at the time…and we started off in the barn…talk about a gorgeous natural flirty model…

Blue Jean Babe Smiles             Blue Jean Jacket Babe

Blue Jean Jacket Baby   Glamour Girl Flirts

Sensual ArtHot Cover Art Babe

Hot Cover Art Glamour BabeHot Cover Nymph Flirts

Hot Cover NymphArt Babe Kneels

Art Babe              Art Babe Smiles

FF Pulling Up Her Bunkers 2         FF Pulling Down Her Bunkers


FF Hose and Hott Firelight

fF Hott Ass             FF Firelight Babe

FF Innocent Firelfight Babe                FF Firelight Babe Flash

Naughty Hottie

Kristen decided after that first session that she really enjoyed the nude work and wanted to do more of it, so she came back a week later and shot with me again….

Field of Dreams              Under the Old Maple Tree

Hot Dress FlirtBabe on Couch

Babe on Couch 2Babe Under the Old Maple Tree

Babe on Couch Innocent FlirtBabe on Couch Seduces

Slip Babe on Couch 2Slip Babe

Hot Tub Hot FlirtHot Tub Teaser Teasing

Hot Tub Wet Flirt 4                    Hot Tub Wet Flirt 2

Soft and Sexy Babe                     Sunlit Teal Babe

Soft and Sultry Babe            Soft and Sexy Flirt 2

Corset Babe 2            Corset Babe Sexy

Chaps Babe             Holie Shorts Barn Babe

Holie Shorts Flirt 3               Holie Shorts Ass Flirt

Short Shorts Flirt 2



…and while there, she asked about shooting again in a few weeks with me, and I told her I would be down in Arkansas on vacation…she said she sure could use some time off…so I invited her to go down there with me and she accepted…I rented a log cabin on a beautiful lake down there and we had a lot of scenery to work with on shoots there…I actually worked with several models down there that weekend…and one of my photographer friends from southern Arkansas joined me in working with Kristen that weekend too….Randy works with Hawaiian Tropic models alot in some very exotic locations….he really enjoyed working with Kristen too….I took these before Randy arrived that evening to work with her…she looked more relaxed than I had seen her in a long time….

Chair Babe FlirtsCabin Bed Babe Flirts

Vase BabeCabin Bed Babe Art

Cabin Bed Babe 2


… I let her take the master bedroom and we started shooting again the next morning after she woke up and took a nice long shower….again she looked gorgeous and well rested…..she started out with one of my dress shirts with the morning sunlight illuminating her beautifully….

White Shirt Morning Babe 2          White Shirt Morning Light Babe

White Shirt Cabin Babe           White Shirt Tabletop Flirt

White Shirt Cabin Flirt                        White Shirt Cabin Chair Teaser

Cabin Bed Babe Teal Thong Flirt 2White Shirt Babe on Bed

Cabin Bed Babe TeaserCabin Bed Babe Ass Flirt

Windowlight Mirror ReflectionCabin Bed Babe Tease Flirts

Windowlight Mirror Reflection 2               Windowlight Corset Babe

Cabin Corset Bed Babe              Cabin Corset Windowlight

Cabin Corset Bed Babe 9

Cabin Corset Bed Babe Flirts

Cabin Windowlight Babe 2

Cabin Deck Babe Flirts

Cabin Deck Babe Flirts 3



…then we loaded up and went to have some breakfast, and then drove over to a neat garden spot that is quite popular down there….one of my male models from Hot Springs, Randy, met us there too…starting out in a wedding dress….

GG Waterfall Dress 2GG Waterfall Dress

GG Joy Moon Bridge Reflection

GG Backlit Dress Babe 2GG Waterfall Dress 3

GG Waterfall Dress Innocence               GG Waterfall Bikini


…and then we switched to a hot pink with yellow accents bikini….

GG Reflecting Pool 2

GG Reflecting Pool Double Image

GG Reflecting Pool Bikini Double 2

GG Waterfall Bikini Babe


The next day Kyle, one of my St Louis models, came down to stay with me and model for me as well….and during the late morning, I worked with a sexy couple from central Arkansas, Nikki and Taylor…Nikki and I had been talking for some time about modeling work and I had invited her to come down and shoot with me while I was there…one of my photographer friends near Little Rock had recommended her highly…lucky for me, she brought her hot guy named Taylor with her…although he had never modeled before, he certainly had the looks for it and as it turned out, a hot build for it too…I was able to talk him into giving it a shot as well…I started with him in some fire gear while Nikki picked out some lingerie to shoot in….

FF Smiling            FF Sexy Smile and Abs

FF Sexy Lines                    Nikki All Over Taylor



…they looked great together so I took some images of them together in these outfits…

Rescue of Nikki 4         Rescue of Nikki 2

FF Catch of The Day


…and then I photographed Nikki alone for awhile….I did tell Taylor I looked forward to shooting with him again later in the shoot tho….

Window Lit Corset Babe              Corset Babe on Bed

Bed Babe Smiles               Bed Babe Windowlit

Bed Babe Windowlight

Corset Babe Flirt


…by this time it was early afternoon and another referral by DJ showed up to work with me…Kai is a tall hottie that had worked with DJ extensively and after seeing my work, he wanted to work with me as well…we all loaded up and headed over to one of the waterfalls I have shot at extensively on my trips down there…we arrived with a couple of hours of daylight left, it sits in a deep canyon and is more of a morning place to shoot at, but we were able to get some great images that afternoon….

Waterfall Shorts Hottie  Waterfall Hottie Art

Waterfall Hottie Art 2  Hottie At the Falls 2

Hottie At the FallsWaterfall Abs Art

Watefall Glamour ArtWaterfall Art

Glamour Babe At Waterfall 4



Waterfall Babe Flirt

Watefall Glamour Babe 2





…and my last babe of 2009 contacted me in December, interested in some new images for her portfolio…Alisa was a knockout Russian babe….gorgeous….

Barn Babe in Lingerie             Barn Babe Lingerie 2

Barn Bale Beauty  Barn Bale Babe

Barn Jkt Bale Babe                    Christmas Tree Babe 2

Christmas Babe 3

Ready for Wrapping 2   Christmas Tree Babe

Sexy Santa Babe   Santa Hat Babe

Sexy Santa Hat Babe

Sexy Santa Bag Babe

Christmas Lingerie Babe



…and just like that, Alisa was a stunning finish to my season of 2009 !!