Stud City in 2009 Part 2

A week after I worked with sensation Stephen from Arkansas, Kyle came back down to go rock hounding with me for the weekend and when we arrived at one of the locations, there was a road grader sitting there…so we took advantage of it as a backdrop for a few images of Kyle..

Grader Boi Smiles                 Grader Boi Flirts

…and then I took him to another farm I have access to occasionally….

Barn Saddle Stud Smiles                Barn Saddle Stud 2

Barn Nude Cutie in Breezeway               Barn Nude in Patch of Sunlight

Barn Gate Flirt


…and then photographed him doing some of his handstands that he is talented and flexible with….

Acrobatic hottie               Artistic and Flexible

Arty Nude                Articulate Gymnast

Arty Splits Smile


…how many of you can do the splits like that without pain ??? I sure can`t….you go boy….you rock !!  Yall should go watch him in person when he performs in St Louis on the silks and other trapeze performances….

Late in August I did some test shots of a couple of new models from southwest Missouri and photographed one of my south central models in fire gear….that eventually culminated into a larger group shoot in September. Jeff was the first of the new guys to arrive that weekend and did quite well for his first time modeling…

Hot Ass Flirt in Barn              FF Axe on his Shoulder

FF Firelight Ass


…and worked into a regular model for me and some photographer friends for the next several months….Chris was the second model up from SW Missouri that weekend, needing some assistance to get into print and video modeling work as well….he was quite a cutie with facial hair and body hair….99 percent of the guys I have worked with over the years were smooth or shaved…I rarely got a chance to work with guys with body hair, so Chris was a refreshing change for me…..

Barnboi Stripper               Wet and Sexy

Lets Get Wet                Innocent Flirt

I`m Available For Wet Fun            Innocent Flirt 2

Come and Get It


….really enjoyed the brief time I had to work with Chris…Kurt came down that weekend as well and I photographed him extensively in the fire gear…he helped me with testing some new backdrops for the fire gear images….

FF Hot and Friendly            FF Adjusts His Helmet

FF Hot and Sexy 2               FF Bunker Art

FF Nozzle Master            FF Hose Man 2

FF Smoking Nozzle               FF Smokin Ass

…and a couple of weeks later Kurt, Jeff, and Kyle came back to work with me at the farm on some projects I was working on…turned out to be a great weekend with three natural models…..

Front Porch Flirt  Poolside Wet and Reflective

Handstand Poolside             Hott Ass Pool Boi

Handstand Poolside Art            Handstand by Pool


Later that month I was down in the Joplin area again and was fortunate to work with a couple of new models, one experienced female model and one male new to modeling work….Daniel drove up from Oklahoma and he met me at the waterfall as I was finishing up the shoot with the female model there….

Rock Boi              Backlit Hottie on Rock

…and after just a little bit of instruction on how to move and pose, he was doing quite well on his own….

Dreamy Boi Art              Dreamy Boi Art 2

Dreamy Boi By The Falls 2Hottie At The Falls Smiles

Falls Art


When October rolled around, one of my Florida based producer friends drove up to enjoy the Missouri fall scenery and shoot in the countryside as well and brought about twenty models with them.  While they were up here shooting, a new model named Justin, drove up from the bootheel area to test shoot with me…I took him out to the farm to shoot some there as well, while they were there shooting as well. Justin turned out to be quite a cutie to work with and I enjoyed working with him, he looked great in my studio barn as well as the farm barns….

Barn Cutie              Open Jeans Hottie 3

Barn Wall Teaser             Barn Wall Stretch

Barn Breezeway Boi               Barn Wall Boi

Barn Wall Jeans Flirt                     Barn Flirt 2

Barn Breezeway Ass   Barn Ass Art

Beezeway Barn Flirt                    Breezeway Barn Flirt Smiles

Overalls in Breezeway               Overalls Flirt

Overall Ass Art                      Overalls Boi in Breezeway Art

Goldenrod Art


…and after a few hours out at the farm, we headed back to shoot some more at my house….Justin was a lot of fun to work with….

Hot Tub Cover CutieCouch Cutie Flexes

Innocent Cutie in Shower  Couch Cutie 2

Bed Boi Hard                Couch Cutie Kneels.


A few days later, Tim came back up with a new hairdo and look, to shoot with me and we worked on a few images in fire gear for poster work….here are the better ones…

FF New and Sexy              FF Sexy Smirk


…and a couple of days afterward, a new model named Brian showed up to work with me. While I normally work with models alone, one on one, to prevent distractions from third parties…his wife was with him and insisted on sticking around to watch because she was his manager…I told her my policy and told her I would allow her to do so this time, but any future work with him would not include her presence….I enjoyed working with Brian even though I wasn`t sure I could find him any work due to his manager insisting on being present for all shoots….

Ready              At the Ready

Ready to Go            Hott Art

Ready for Action                  Hoseboi Firelit

Nozzlemaster              Hoseboi Art

Roped and Ready

Ready to Go




In the fall I traveled down to southern Arkansas once again and wound up photographing Randy once again, the cute Native American with long black hair….this time tho, he had chopped much of it off and still looked just fine. He met me and one of my female models who spent a few days with me on Lake Ouachita, at the beautiful outdoor garden spot on the southeast side of Lake Hamilton…..

GG Reflecting Pool 2



GG Reflecting Pool 4GG Reflecting Pool 5A

GG Reflecting Pool 6

GG Reflecting Pool 8A

GG Reflecting Pool 9GG Reflecting Pool Double Image 1GG Reflecting Pool Double Image

I took them both to lunch after that at the steakhouse…..the next day I had five models scheduled for shoots, starting with a new young female model from the LR area who was referred to me by a good photographer friend of mine. Nikki and her husband Taylor drove down late morning, after Kyle arrived earlier that morning by train. I worked with Nikki and Taylor first…after convincing Taylor that he should be modeling in addition to his wife….

Nikki All Over Taylor                Nikki Getting What She Wants

Rescue of Nikki 2                    FF Catch of The Day

FF Sexy and Toned Smiles                    FF Smiling

FF Sexy Smile and Abs                   FF Hott Lines and Build

FF Sexy Lines


…as I was working with them, Kai arrived from northern Arkansas and when I finished shooting Nikki, we all loaded up and drove over to some beautiful waterfalls nearby for some outside images….

Waterfall Shorts Hottie Waterfall Hottie Art

Waterfall Hottie Art 2   Waterfall Hottie

Waterfall Shorts    Waterfall Abs Hottie

Waterfall Abs Art    Hottie At the Falls 2

Hottie At the Falls    Waterfall Rock Hottie


…and then I photographed Kai for about 30 minutes, which is about all the time we had left as the skies had clouded up while we were there and the light started fading from the deep canyon we were located in…..Kai came highly recommended to me by the same photographer friend that referred Nikki to me……

Waterfall Stud    Waterfall Stud Art 2

Mid Falls Art    Waterfall Stud Art

Straddling the Falls         Double Waterfall Art

Waterfall Stud


…by 4 pm, we were out of good light to keep shooting in the canyon so I told Kyle that we would stop off at another waterfall the next day and I would photograph him there. Nikki and Taylor headed home while Kai, Kyle and I headed back to the cabin, where we were met by Randy. After first shooting some sunset images lakeside with the guys, I finished up Kai`s shoot inside the cabin, so that he could get back on the road for his long drive home….

Sunset Gorgeous

Sunset Hottie Art

Sunset Hottie

Sunset Hottie 2

Sunset Stud 3

Hott and Sexy 2             Smokin Hott

Workin The Straps                Sexy in Gloves

Sexy FF Flirts                Sexy FF Stretches

Sexy FF Stretches 2                Sexy FF on Balcony Flirts

Hard Bed Boi  Bottomboy Hopeful

Work Of Art




I shot these sunset images of Randy, Kyle and another model that drove in that afternoon as well, right before shooting Kai`s sunset images…then they soaked in the hot tub on the cabin deck overlooking the lake while I finished up Kai`s indoor images….

Sunset Lake Ouachita

Sunset Trio 2



…I shot these images of Kyle at the lake just before the sunset images…he had a hot Huck Finn look to him there….

Hot Huck At the Lake                Hot and Sexy Huck

Climbing Up                A View To A Thrill

Cliffside Holding On                  Lakeside Huck Finn 2

Sunset Boi Lake Ouachita 2                        Sunset Hottie

Sunset Hottie 4

Sunset Boi Lake Ouchita 1


Sunset Hottie 3

Sunset Stud Smilse


True to my word to Kyle, I found a waterfall on the way home and photographed him in it, in his jeans and his new swim trunks….and at a barn nearby….

Jeans Stud Fouche River Falls

Swim Shorts at Fouche River Falls 2

Swim Shorts At Fouche River Falls

Handstand at Y City Falls

Barn Boy 2



Then a week later, I was contacted by a young Russian named Valentino, who was interested in modeling….he turned out to be a very cute flirt….

Blue Underwear               Blue Underwear Flirt Smiles

Chaps Stud Smiles

Chaps and Rope Stud


Sexy FF with Axe

Santa Boy Art                   Santa Elf Smiles


Under The Tree

Christmas Tree Toy




…and ironically, a week later I was contacted by a young female Russian named Alisa that also wanted to model….

Christmas Tree Babe 2

Under the Tree and Ready    Christmas Tree Babe 2

Sexy Santa Bag Babe    Sexy Santa Hat Babe


…and she finished out my season of 2009 !!  Merry Christmas !!