Cale, Oklahoma Boy with Sexy Eyes…

Took my annual fall vacation trek to Arkansas a few weeks ago and stopped briefly in Oklahoma to photograph a farmboy with the most intense eyes I have ever seen on a guy…his name is Cale and he was referred to me by a good photographer friend of mine…..I met him in town and spotted him as he walked across the parking lot, those eyes were blazing gray blue and very intense, like laser lights…

We went to his farm and shot about 90 minutes before I headed on south to Hot Springs and I made sure to invite Cale down there, if he wanted to shoot some more photos…but here are some photos at his farm that we took, ¬†and I`m sure you will find him as photogenic as I did…

Barn Door Flirt




Country Boi Jeans Flirt



and this boy truly loves to flirt as he is being photographed, cant remember how many photos I took of him in the red shirt and holie jeans, his by the way, not mine…but he looked soooo hotttt in them, I just couldnt stop shooting…but yes, he eventually did lose the shirt and the jeans, lol….

Holie Jeans Hottie Smiles

Lush Lips and Sexy Eyes

Come and Get Me

…and eventually the jeans came undone more too….

Country Stud

and we even switched backgrounds a little bit too…perhaps by now you are too blown away to notice that tho….

Dairy Barn Boy Flirts

..or that he has switched outfits again too, lol….and then we even made a new location change too…one with hay bales, big round hay bales…

Hay Bale Hott Stud

Hay Bale Hottie

..and then he slid down off the bale and leaned over…..

Country Boy Hott Ass

…and showed me again that he loves to show off as much as possible……

Hay Bale Bottomboi Desires

…and by now I was beginning to understand that he loves to show off….

Hay Bales Stripper

and I`ll leave you with one more of those sexy and mesmerizing eyes…

Sexy Eyes

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