Dominic June 2015

Back in June of 2015, I set up a shoot for a photographer friend named Nick and his wife who were starting out in fine art photography and were looking for male models for art nude print work. A few days prior, I had met new model Dominic in southeast Missouri and he was looking for art nude print work as well. I let him know about the shoots with photographer friends of mine and what the rates would be and he agreed to come up and shoot with Nick and me at a friend`s farm nearby. After Nick worked with Dominic for about 90 minutes, I photographed him for about 90 minutes as well…here are my images of Dominic, who has a very fine look and physique for art nude print work….you will notice he looks wet…it was a very warm day and he was perspiring heavily…it just made him look that much hotter to us…..









Dominic sure was a lot of fun to work with !