Babes in 2007

Jenn was the first babe I photographed this year….first worked with her in March and enjoyed working with her so much I invited her back a few times…I felt extremely lucky when she was able to come down and shoot with me…she was a real trooper, and besides her modeling work ethic and sheer beauty, I also admired her for her passion and work in cancer cure research…beauty and brains both…

Angel with wings                   Stunning angel

Smiling angel

End of couch babeEnd of couch curves

…after a few initial images,  I put her in some fire gear to see how she would work out for calendar/poster work….and she looked just as sexy in the gear as she did out of it…..

Sexy firefighter                     Here this will cool you off

Smokin hot firefighter

Can I drive                     Need a ride

Sexy New Recruit

Lucky for me, Jenn enjoyed working with me as much as I did with her, so I invited her back in July to shoot with me some more, she sure was a lot of fun to work with and had a smoking hott look too.

In April, I got lucky when a male model scheduled to come up and shoot with me from Oklahoma, brought his girlfriend with him and she was interested in shooting some images as well, and open minded as well…her name was Sophie and she had a gorgeous exotic look to her…some Cuban heritage in her blood and it stood out in stunning facial structure…simply sensuous and gorgeous all wrapped together….


Holie shorts teaser                                   Holie shorts flirt

lame wrap                         Blue babydoll

Teasing top down     Sexy babe

pretzel suit babe                               French door tease

Babydoll glamour girl                   Glamour girl flirts

Glamour girl teases top down                          Babydoll teaser

…and she looked stunning in fire gear too….

hot fire chick                  Fire line babe 1

…at her request I was able to line her up some good paying print work with some friends of mine all over the country, but from what I understand, she found some steady work with a good fashion outlet that worked out well for her.

In July, Jenn came back to shoot with me again and joined up with one of my KC models named Vince for some poster work. She brought some new bikini`s that she had just purchased to shoot in under the fire gear, they looked great on her…and she brought her gold colored cowgirl boots so she could shoot some images in my barn too….

Sexy and Wet Babe Jenn                        Jenn Ready for Action

Jenn axe and smile

High Spray

Fire babe                    Fire babe in smile

Smoke babe                   Sunbeams babe

Barn Babe in golden boots          Barn babe in golden light

Barn Rafters Cowgirl                                    Gorgeous in the Barn

Feelin lucky            Golden Cowgirl

Alas, her work in research really took off shortly after that and I never did get a chance to work with her again.


Laina was one of the hottest blonde babes I ever had the pleasure of working with…she came to me for some portfolio work, wanting to get into a website organization known as The Firehouse Girls…which unfortunately did not last very long, but because I was shooting alot of fire service themework, she found me online and asked me to shoot some images that she could submit to them with her application and I was more than happy to help her out…she became one of my favorite models to work with back then, returning a few times to work with me on other shoots….another natural at it…

laina1                OFFICIALBIKINILAINA



…and here are more of her calendar/poster images as well….it`s no wonder The Firehouse Girls picked her up pretty fast…a person woulda been nuts to turn her down….. I will try to limit these to the very best images of Laina, but let me tell you that will be hard to do because all of her images were the best ones….she was that gorgeous to photograph and work with….

Black Lingerie Flirt                        Fire Coat Flirt

Short Coat Hottie            Test Shot 3 Her Pose

Gorgeous Bunker Babe                               DSC_0208

DSC_0173      Flames Bikini 2

DSC_0247                    Fanning the Flames

Antique Babe_edited-2               DSC_0421

After Glow Stretch                               Fire Line Tape Babe

All Taped Up


…and then we shot some other images…..isn`t she gorgeous  ??!!

Blue Jean Skrt Babe                              Denim Skirt Babe Flirts

Blue Jean Skrt Babe Flirts 2               Babe in Barn

Babe in Barn 2                                 Babe in Barn 3

Blue Jean Babe Flirts   Cowgirl In Barn

Blue Jean Babe             Cowgirl Flirt

Barn Jacket Babe


In the fall as I was preparing for my annual trip to Arkansas for my fall vacation, I discovered a gorgeous gal modeling in the southern area that I planned to visit, and was able to talk her into modeling for me at one of my favorite waterfalls in that area…Destiny was just starting out in modeling work and was great to work with…one of my male models, Jaye, helped me with the shoot since I was shooting her in fire gear and with rappelling rope…Jaye climbed up on this huge rock and tied the rope off to it so she could put some weight on it….

Roped and Ready to Go                   Lets go Rapelling

Join me   Georgeous Scenery

Babe in Scenery

Teaser                              Teaser babe

Bunker Babe Flirts by WF           Babelicious WF Bunker Babe

Flirty WF Bunker Babe

Fall Beauty

Babelicious Babe in Bunkers

Pink and sultry

Turquoise Waterfall


….at the time I worked with her, Destiny was just starting out in modeling…soon after I worked with her, she was photographed for Playboy Magazine, and then got into webcam and nude print modeling work.

When I returned from my vacation, I found yet another gorgeous gal from central Illinois to work with…her name fit her like a silk glove…Starie….talk about sexy and hott rolled into one fine form of gorgeous and sensuous beauty…..I recall my test session with her lasting a few hours in addition to the couple of hours I had suggested…she was that smokin hot to work with….


Glamour Babe

Glamour Girl Hott

Bedroom Eyes Looks

Tirgress At Play   Pretty Sexy Feet

Sexy    Tigress At Play 2

Sexy Stripper

Christmas Lingerie Babe    Christmas Babe

Christmas Babe under Tree



…and after watching her perform in front of my camera, I knew she could handle any situation in modeling work…so we started with some calendar/poster outfits….and I photographed her on a friend`s antique truck too….

Hot Uniform Babe                               Uniform Hat Babe

Open Uniform Shirt Hottie                Uniformly Built

Bunker Pants Babe                       Bunker Babe Starie

Aggressive Fire Babe               Sooo Hotttt

Flashing Lights Babe                                 Ready for Action 2

Hot Pumper