Seasons Greetings…

As the season of good tidings approaches, I was asked by several fans of my work to place some nice looking Christmas Cards in play on my site, so I thought I would display some of my past work here and you can select whichever image you like as your own personal Christmas greeting from me. I will say that the first images were a special request by a devoted female admirer…Merry Christmas Shirl….



All I Want For Christmas

Bagged Santa Delivery


Bagged and Playful Santa Boy


Sexy Eyes Tease Smiles


Santa Bag Boy Flirts



sled boi ass-1



come warm me up-2



Christmas present unwrapped



Christmas Present Ready to be played with



Seasons Greetings



Santa Boy Ready for the cold



Christmas Doll Hard and Ready



Christmas Poinsetta Boi




All Wrapped Up



hard Christmas toy



Christmas boi



Santa hat



Santa boy teaser



Santa couch boi



Almost Unwrapped



open jkt flirt




Pierre last morning in Hot Springs….

Well I had one last shoot in Hot Springs and that was with Pierre, a hot boy I was referred to by a good photographer friend of mine in Arkansas….DJ contacted me a while back and told me about a hot black boy that had a nice build and package to go with it, and said I needed to photograph this guy when I was next in Arkansas…well I tried to shoot him when there in September but his schedule never would jive with mine so we decided to postpone til November and my fall trip…glad now that it worked out for the fall trip…

Pierre came down in the fog Sunday morning and we shot a few in the room while the fog burned off….he was a bit self conscious about these braces he had on, but I told him he looked quite stunning when he smiled with them…

Beautiful Smile

…… I got to see it a lot that day….like that hot build I was told about…

Hot and Sexy Boi

..and he brought some beautiful colorful underwear with him that showed off his gorgeous build…as did the white sheets on the bed….DJ was right…this guy likes to tease and show off everything….

Gorgeous Bed Boi

Hard and Hung Art Boi

Hard Sexy Boi

Shower Hottie

Shower Hunk

..and then a few more arty poses on the bed….

Suite Art Boi

Suite Bed Bottomboy

…and by then the fog had lifted outside so we went to a waterfall first and shot a few in fire gear that a friend gave me some time back……had the place to ourselves….

FF Waterfall Stud

FF Waterfall Stud 2

FF Bunker Boi Waterfall Art

FF Bunker Boi Art

FF Bunker Boi at The Falls

..and a few up on the rocks…

FF Bunker Boi on the Rocks

and one next to the stunning scenery….

FF Bunker Boi Fall Foliage 2

..and then we drove over to the other side of town and shot Gulpha Gorge again…same place I shot Randy at, but we started at a different section of the creek this time, since there was no color or light at the bridge…

Fall Reflections Jeans Art

GG Fall Creek Art Stud

talk about some great reflections of beauty at this spot….well we moved down to the rocks downstream again and found some nice pools of color down there…that Pierre just added beauty to naturally…

GG Hottie on The Rocks

GG Hottie on The Rocks Art

Art Creekside

..and as you can see, Pierre is a very hot guy as well…all in all, it was a great vacation trip down in a beautiful setting this year, despite a droughty year for Arkansas…def alot of natural beauty down there.

Randy in Hot Springs

Well I had better get back on the updates or I am gonna fall way behind…thought I would finish up the Hot Springs trip tonight and add the photo session of my Hot Springs model, Randy…I first met Randy down there a few years ago on my second trip to the area I believe it was…he came up to where I was staying on Lake Ouachita,  and shot some photos with me at a neat little lake nearby that had a manmade dam and waterfall, just off Highway 270 and then last year he helped me photograph Krysten at Garvan Gardens and shot sunset photos with Kyle and Kevin at Lake Ouachita too. Randy is a cute guy who used to have long dark curly hair and then cut alot of it off this year and it gave him yet another sexy look to work with…he met me for dinner at Coltons Steakhouse my first night down there this year and then became available again Saturday afternoon. He texted me on his way home from work and I met him over at the campground and creek at Gulpha Gorge and we decided to shoot our way down the creek til we found a nice spot to work in. Here is the rest of the story in photos….

Bridge Dreamy GG 4


Bridge Dreamy GG 3


Bridge Dreamy GG 8

he still has the pretty curly hair….well since there wasnt much color on the other side of the bridge, we opted to walk downstream and see if we could find more color….and we did…..

Gulpha Gorge Creek Hottie 2


Gulpha Gorge Creek Hottie 1

…and then we continued further downstream til we came across some neat rocks….

GG Dreamy On The Rocks 3


GG Hoodie Boi On Rocks 2

..and then a little further downstream, we found this one rock….

GG Hoodie Boi On Rocks 4


GG Hoodie Rocks Art 2A

…down here on this stretch of the creek, Randy began some really nice art poses that resembled a watercolor art effect in my mind….everything really clicked well here, great color, great lighting, and a beautiful backdrop and it all came together when Randy just started moving on his own very well without much help from me…another thing I like about him besides his obvious good looks…

GG Hoodie Rocks Art 4

…and then we finished up with a few small waterfall rock photos and headed to the Chinese restaurant for supper….

GG Waterfall Boi


GG Waterfall Boi 2A

Cale, Oklahoma Boy with Sexy Eyes…

Took my annual fall vacation trek to Arkansas a few weeks ago and stopped briefly in Oklahoma to photograph a farmboy with the most intense eyes I have ever seen on a guy…his name is Cale and he was referred to me by a good photographer friend of mine…..I met him in town and spotted him as he walked across the parking lot, those eyes were blazing gray blue and very intense, like laser lights…

We went to his farm and shot about 90 minutes before I headed on south to Hot Springs and I made sure to invite Cale down there, if he wanted to shoot some more photos…but here are some photos at his farm that we took,  and I`m sure you will find him as photogenic as I did…

Barn Door Flirt




Country Boi Jeans Flirt



and this boy truly loves to flirt as he is being photographed, cant remember how many photos I took of him in the red shirt and holie jeans, his by the way, not mine…but he looked soooo hotttt in them, I just couldnt stop shooting…but yes, he eventually did lose the shirt and the jeans, lol….

Holie Jeans Hottie Smiles

Lush Lips and Sexy Eyes

Come and Get Me

…and eventually the jeans came undone more too….

Country Stud

and we even switched backgrounds a little bit too…perhaps by now you are too blown away to notice that tho….

Dairy Barn Boy Flirts

..or that he has switched outfits again too, lol….and then we even made a new location change too…one with hay bales, big round hay bales…

Hay Bale Hott Stud

Hay Bale Hottie

..and then he slid down off the bale and leaned over…..

Country Boy Hott Ass

…and showed me again that he loves to show off as much as possible……

Hay Bale Bottomboi Desires

…and by now I was beginning to understand that he loves to show off….

Hay Bales Stripper

and I`ll leave you with one more of those sexy and mesmerizing eyes…

Sexy Eyes