New Model Nick Turner and Older Model Aaron

I hosted a photo shoot for photographer friends last week and invited a few models as well…one photographer friend was able to make it down for the shoot and two models showed up as well…one was new model Nick Turner, who I had photographed a few days before for the first time, and Aaron, one of my models who I helped get started fifteen years ago, and now resides in Missouri. Aaron arrived at my house first, looking as hott and sexy as he did fifteen years ago, tall with a slim toned build and great personality as well, sporting a little more ink these days. Here are a couple of his photos from the early days at the age of 18 when he first came to work with me….

horse stud smiles  come warm me up-2

come and get it 2  …and here is how he looks now….

01 Poolside  05 Poolside

07 Pool 09 Poolside

I was able to take these few images of him before my photographer friend Brad showed up to start working with him on the front porch…while I waited for Nick to show up, which was soon after I took a water break.  This was my first shoot with Nick, after interviewing him a few weeks before, and I have to say now, that I was very impressed with this shoot…Nick is not only a natural looker but a natural talent and model, he has a sexy look and a hott slim, yet tightly toned build too…easy on the eyes and great attitude and personality…he almost reads my mind when it comes to posing, while I was able to teach him a few things about posing, he had enough experience to know how to move fluidly too. I started him off in the tack room of the horse barn….

03 Tack Room Hottie 07 Saddle Stud09 Tack Room Hottie

11 Tack Room Hottie15 Tack Room Hottie

19 Tack Room Hottie21 Tack Room Hottie24 Tack Room Hottie28 Horse Stalls Stud

29 Horse Stalls Stud32 Horse Stalls Stud

39 Tractor Trick44 Haybarn Hottie

46 Haybarn Hottie47 Haybarn Hottie50 Barn Door Boy

51 Barn Door Boy53 Tailgate Hottie56 Bamboo Art

58 Kitchen Quarters Art60 Kitchen Quarters Art62 Kitchen Quarters Art

and it was about now that Brad finished shooting with Aaron and had to head home, so after taking a short water break again…..

63 Flower Flirt


Aaron joined Nick and I out in the field with Sammi, one of the horses that my good friend has on the farm….Aaron holding on to Sammi while Nick started out….and then they switched places with Nick holding the halter rope while Aaron posed on Sammi`s back…

65 Horse Hotties68 Horse Hotties72 Horse Hotties71 Horse Hotties69 Horse Hotties


67 Horse Hotties



19 With Josh & Sammi21 With Josh & Sammi17 With Josh & Sammi

…all in all it was a great shoot with both of these hott guys….and as usual Sammi looked great too…soon after a dip in the pool to cool off both of these guys, and a big thank you to our host, we vamoosed out of there as we could see storm clouds approaching. I took a few more images of Nick at the house and then as soon as the storm rolled on through, we headed out to eat supper as both Aaron and Nick had not had anything to eat most of the day. 

Illinois Chris Travels to Missouri

I told you what a good model Chris would become back in the original story on him, open to traveling down to Arkansas to shoot with me and at the end of July, he traveled up here to shoot with me and some photographer friends as well….at least that was the way the shoot was set up…for a couple of other photographers to join in and shoot Chris and a couple of other models…except that Chris was the only model to show up and only one of my photographer friends showed up to join us…I let Matt work with him first for the first couple of hours…and then I joined in and Matt watched me work him thru the hoops…Chris is a natural model and handles the hoops just fine. Matt stuck around to watch me work and pick up some posing tips….I started Chris off in the cellar steps in holie jeans….

01 Storm Cellar Stairs   02 Storm Cellar Stairs

04 Storm Cellar Stairs

…and then we moved to the neat little stone building on the property, that has some beautiful lighting inside….

05 Stone Bldg Window Light     06 Stone Bldg Window Light

…and then on to the tack room in the horse barn…it was getting very warm outside by then and Chris started working up a natural sheen of sweat inside the tack room, which can get quite warm on its own….not only did I dress him up as a sexy ranch hand but I saddled him down as well…with naturally, a saddle…..

09 Cowboy & Saddle   10 Chaps Cowboy

12 Chaps Cowboy    13 Hayloft Barn Boy

14 Hayloft Barn Boy

…we didn`t stick around a whole lot longer after the barn photos, except to let Chris cool down in the pool before we headed out. Can`t wait to work with Chris again….





New Model Chris from Illinois

I met Chris online about a week out from one of my Kentucky trips and he agreed to come down and test shoot with me while I was down there one evening. He turned out to be a hot looking Clark Kent type guy…I halfway expected him to come out of his shirt with a cape underneath when he showed up at my door that evening…very sexy innocent look and nicely toned build. Little did I know then, what a great model he would turn out to be….here are some of his images from the sunset shoot that evening….

Rock Wall Stud 3Rock Wall Stud 5Rock Wall Stud 10Rock Wall Stud 11


…we then went back to the hotel as the sun was dropping even lower and shot a few inside before some friends of mine showed up and we headed over to the steakhouse for supper. I told him I would be in Arkansas the following weekend for the 4th of July and told him about the scenery down there including the waterfalls and he told me he would love to drive down there and shoot with me, and he did just that….arriving at the condo in Hot Springs shortly after I did. I shot a few images of him with the evening windowlight there first….

01 Windowlight   02 Windowlight

04 Windowlight

…before we ran out of light, and then after contacting one of my models who resides in Hot Springs to meet us for supper, we headed to Colton`s Steakhouse…I forgot to take my tripod with me…there was going to be a fireworks show at the Oaklawn Horse Track at dark and I wanted to shoot some photos of the fireworks from near Colton`s….as it turned out, I was still able to do so even without the tripod….Jerry joined us for supper a little late, we were eating at the bar as the restaurant was very packed inside. Jerry suggested shooting the fireworks from the Kroger lot so we drove over there, a few blocks away, and found a few hundred others there as well. 

04 From Kroger Parking Lot 11 From Kroger Parking Lot

The next morning we drove over to one of the waterfalls I like to shoot at and found it to be a raging torrent of water through the narrow canyon there, mainly due to nine inches of rainfall upstream from there the night before…plus that area had received a few inches of rain before I even arrived the day before…I told Chris I had never seen the water that wide…I had seen it up a few feet but not nearly as wide across as it was stretched that morning….Jerry was going to meet us there but apparently overslept or forgot…we managed to get some good images despite the flood levels….

43 Board Shorts Waterfall 46 Board Shorts Waterfall

47 Board Shorts Waterfall 48 Board Shorts Waterfall


51 Board Shorts Waterfall 50 Board Shorts Waterfall

53 Board Shorts Waterfall  56 Board Shorts Waterfall

58 Board Shorts Waterfall 60 Board Shorts Waterfall

62 Resting Up 68 Waterfall Nude

70 Waterfall Nude71 Waterfall Art80 Waterfall Art

83 Waterfall Art85 Waterfall Art   87 Waterfall Stud

96 Waterfall Art

100 Waterfall Art

101 Waterfall Art

…all in all a great session at the waterfall….despite the higher water levels there, the water still looked great and so did Chris !! Unfortunately he had to leave that evening, missing out on a spectacular fireworks show at Mtn Harbor Resort, which Jerry also slept through and missed too. The next day I photographed yet another new model, stay tuned for that story. 

Brandee Again

I had the opportunity to work with Brandee once more a few weeks after the first session and had acquired a couple of outfits for her to try out as well…and although I really enjoyed working with her, she arrived once more with a few problems to work out, one that she was going to return with blonde highlights in her hair but instead she came back with an atrocious bottle red hair style….another problem resulted in a shorter session than I had hoped for, even though the results were stunning once again…..

04 Leopard Backdrop

06 Leopard Backdrop   08 Leopard Backdrop 10 Leopard Backdrop

11 Leopard Backdrop Flirt  12 Leopard Backdrop Flirt15 Leopard Backdrop Flirt

21 Leopard Drape Flirt 22 Leopard Drape Flirt 23 Leopard Drape Flirt

…I started her out in jeans against a leopard skin backdrop and she looked great, her beautiful skin tones blending in with the backdrop perfectly, her dazzling smile lighting up the images, and her posing was pretty much spot on….then we switched to an ivory boned corset….

27 Corset Babe 28 Corset Babe 29 Corset Babe

31 Corset Babe Art 34 Corset Babe Art

35 Corset Babe Flirts 36 Corset Babe Flirts

40 Corset Babe Flirts  45 Corset Babe Flirts

…and then as I was asking her to switch to a pretty blue corset, she decided she was out of time and had to go…I had a photographer friend traveling up from Little Rock in a few days that wanted to work with her in St Louis…I asked her if she was still interested in that shoot and she said she was looking forward to it, but I never heard from her again.