Randy in the Waterfall….

Going to try and add to the waterfall story line and add some more beautiful images as well…my model Randy who showed me this beautiful waterfall near Hot Springs, met me there one morning and I photographed him in his jeans first, and then a day or two later, we shot some art nudes there…both days complete privacy. I`ll let the images do the talking,  Randy has been with me a few years and is a very good looking model who has a very flirtatious side to him. I shot him last fall with one of my female models down at Garvan Gardens on my fall vacation there…another story coming soon…

Arty At The Cool Hole Falls


Cool Hole Waterfall Hottie

some standing shots and then he gave me some very nice artistic images….

Pensive Boi By The Falls


Pensive Moment By The Falls

he then walked up and straddled the narrow opening of the stream between the falls to give me another side of him, so to speak….

Art Nude Straddling Falls Stream 1


Art Nude Straddling Falls Stream 2A

and then he stepped down into the first set of falls and pool…

Cool Pool Falls Art Nude 1

and then took a dip too….he said that was a little cool down there….

Cool Pool Falls Pool 1

he then got up on the rocks to warm up, which that day, didnt take too long…

Cool Hole Waterfall Boi 2A

Arty Ass At the Cool Hole Falls 1


Arty Boi At The Falls 1


Arty Reflection Cool Hole Falls 1


Art Nude Cool Hole Falls 1

and then laid down by the second pool….

Art Nude Cool Hole Falls 2A


Nude Boi By Cool Pool 1

and then he spotted the ferns….

Art Nude Ferns By Cool Pool Falls 1


Art Nude Ferns by Cool Pool 1

and then he decided, what the heck, he would try his handstand on the fallen tree minus his jeans….

Art Nude Handstand on Fallen Tree 1



so there you have it, one more piece to the big story….and more this weekend to be added, I promise….

Waterfalls and Hot Guys….

Just got back from my trip to Arkansas recently, drove down there for a family reunion, hunting, photographed fireworks and some hot guys along the way and at some beautiful waterfalls that were also along the way and down there too. I spent the first night in Joplin, home of Grand Falls, largest waterfall in the midwest and now a county park just outside the city limits of western Joplin. I have a few models located in the general area and a few met me there that afternoon and evening to shoot some pics in the falls…it was definitely a hot enough day to get wet and I never heard one complaint from either guy. In fact, they both nearly jumped right into the spray right off the bat.

Grand Falls At Sunset

this is the waterfall itself, minus the models who were walking out from the top on the right side…there had been a few kids up there wanting to get in the pics with them, but they got tired of waiting on us to catch up with them, luckily for us. I had one hot new guy and one hot experienced guy shooting separately and together on some photos that day…and lucky for me, it worked out pretty well, prob helped alot that they were good friends too.

Hot and Sexy Top of the Falls


Kneeling at top of Falls


Water Buddies

then they moved over to a rock outcropping at the top of the falls near me and did some poses sitting in the water right above the pool below…

Hot and Wet

and then moved down to the base of the falls to shoot a few more while we waited to see what the setting sun was going to do…

Pretty Boys in Waterfall 2

and I`ll put add another detailed report on this shoot later this week with even more photos of these two hotties…next waterfall was a small one in front of an old mill near Pierce City, the next morning and I photographed a hot young guy named Derek at the old mill, stretched out next to a tumbling brook out in front of the mill…

I have a separate story on Derek  on here, this was a glamour shoot only and there is a story on Dane and Crys at Grand Falls as well.

I drove on down to the Hot Springs area after shooting Derek and met up with one of my area models there, Randy Parker, and he took me to a beautiful waterfall that he had discovered in the past year, its a popular swimmin hole down there, and while it was quite popular while we were there, we found some private times to get some nice artsy shoots in.

Cool Pool Falls

I had been talking to a cute guy online a few weeks before arriving and Dustin met me Monday morning and we went down to check out the waterfall and take some photos. Dustin has a slim build and is quite a nice young man, has a natural artistic movement that I enjoyed photographing and some great artistic ideas for posing as well.

Art Boi At The Falls

Guys often ask me if I photograph slim guys, so this should answer those questions pretty clearly…YES I do…

Art Boi Below The Falls 2

this is Dustin in another of his ideas below both sets of falls, great reflections and color and light all combined with a hot natural model to make a great image…

Art Boi By The Falls

now this is one of my suggested poses but he carried it out very well, Dustin has one of those naturally innocent looks that goes well with this type of pose.

Fern Boi By The Falls 2

I like the way the rocks slant down to the edge of the water and the ferns on the small bluff here…Dustin was able to blend well with them and I asked him for just a little twist of the shoulders to show off his slim build and pecs and he accomodated quite nicely…the wide angle gave me both sets of falls and the pretty boy too….

Sexy Cat on the Rocks

we were then moving down to see if we could get some reflections when he did this and I told him to freeze, cause it looked sooo good…..and getting the reflections proved to me more difficult than I thought it would, from my viewpoint there were great reflections, however due to the time of day we were shooting, the light was all over him and I had to really tone him down some….

Reflection Boi

and then some more….which darkened the rest of the image….

Reflection Boi At The Falls


and then he walked into the first set of falls, anxious to get wet and cold…notttt….but like a real art trooper he did slowly get in and get wet and modeled very well….

Pretty Boy In Waterfall


Waterfall Boi Art


Waterfall Art Hottie