Carlos….Local Model New Shoot

After I photographed Travis last week, when Brad came over and hijacked him from me…I got the chance to photograph Carlos, who drove him to the farm to shoot with me…I hadn`t photographed Carlos in a long time so it was kind of refreshing to shoot him yet again….he was pretty taken with the swan in the pool so I started with the two of them in the pool….

Carlos on SwanCarlos on Swan 3Carlos on Swan 4Carlos in Pool 2Carlos on Swan 7Carlos on Swan 9Carlos on Swan 12Carlos on Swan 13Carlos on Swan 16Carlos in Pool 4Carlos in Pool 6

Carlos in Bamboo 2   Carlos on PorchCarlos on Porch 2          Carlos on Porch 5Carlos on Porch 4

…thanks for shooting with me again buddy !!

Travis…New Model

As soon as my photographer friend Brad showed up last Saturday to the farm, I turned Keegan over to him and began to work with new local model Travis…who I had actually spotted a year or two ago and was now available to work with. Travis has that boy next door look with a lean toned build, and has a sexy smile and sparkling personality as well…I was confident he would make a great model to work with and after shooting him for an hour, I was proven right. I started him out in one of the smaller haybarns in holie jeans and underwear, but he assured me that he would do nudes so it wasnt long before we were shooting some nude images….

01                        08

09                  10

12  1519

21 Hard23

…and then after getting him all hot and bothered in the tack room of the horse barn, I took him to the pool and let him cool down in the water….

33 Pool Boy3641

…and soon after this image, Brad came along and stole Travis from me….so I made plans to shoot Travis again in a couple of weeks…will post that story soon….stay tuned for more of this hunk…

Keegan, New Model

 A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to work with a hot new model from northern Missouri named Keegan…he is into bodybuilding as well and is a farmboy too. He came down to shoot some glamour work with me on my birthday and then stayed over to work with me and a photographer friend Brad, at the farm of one of our friends. Keegan and I talked extensively by email before he made it down to work with us and had a great personality as well as a hot defined build….def a hot looking farmboy too….I could tell in the first few images I shot of him that he was going to work out well as a natural model….


08 B & W08A091012

13               1622353637           3944

…Keegan looked stunning in the barn in holie jeans and boots and even overalls…and looked smokin hott in fire gear….

161161B163165C165166C16746          51

…and we finished out the interior shoot with some windowlight images in blue underwear. Afterward I took him over to his hotel and got him checked in, and then we went to supper. The plan the next day was to get an early start, but that didnt work out due to another scheduled model running late at first and then cancelling out of the shoot altogether.  Soon after arriving at the farm location, Keegan and I started shooting while waiting for Brad, the other photographer, to arrive…I started Keegan in his blue swimwear by the pool….when we arrived at the pool, we discovered it was already occupied by a big and beautiful swan…but we were able to adapt….and Keegan seemed right at home with it….

535456              59 Pool Boy At Work6067727173 Bamboo Forest

…and then we moved to the bamboo forest and some flowers nearby….  







81   84

…and then returned to the pool to get wet finally in the growing temps and humidity…..

85 Pool8789929395

…and then we went to the tack room in the horse barn….where Keegan looked even more at home in his surroundings…..

100101 Saddle Cowboy

102          104


108109 Horses110112115

118A                119120D Bales121D122 Bales125D130                  132134

136               140



148                     150



153                   155

156                  157


Great model to work with…thanks for coming down to shoot with Brad and I, Keegan !!


I had the chance to work with a new model who lives in the St Louis area recently, his name is Andre, and he has a beautiful muscular build complimented with beautiful artwork in the form of colorful tattoos…super nice guy and open to shooting nude images as well…..


Hott New Model in Arkansas….Jon

I had the good fortune of working with a new model in Hot Springs when I was down there the first week of July this summer. I met with him on the first day of July in the early afternoon while I was there…he had been referred to me by a good photographer friend in the Little Rock area…a few weeks after I had established contact with him…DJ had worked with him and really enjoyed the session…so I was looking forward to my shoot with him as well. We started shooting some inside since it was pretty warm that afternoon…

01          0306                     08

09                11


…Jon started out in his jeans and went into a slow teaser strip show for me…..revealing a gorgeous build and uncut cock….which with his long beautiful blonde locks, gave him a California surfer boy look….

13                              1422

30                               3335                  42           43


…and then we went outside to the steam bath…I took him to my favorite location down there….


…he kept inching his way toward the water…I asked him if he wanted to let the water run down over his gorgeous build…he said maybe….I could understand his hesitation cause that water is extremely cold…spring fed for sure….


…and like most guys…his curiousity got the better of him and he decided to try it…


…he decided to shoot a few nudes out in front of that cold water…don`t blame him there….


…Jon was a great guy to work with…enjoyed all ninety minutes of our session and look forward to working with him again in the fall. thanks again Jon.