Babes in 2006

I had an opportunity in September to photograph a gorgeous young lady from the Phlippines that was living in southwest Missouri at the time…and during a weekend stay there I photographed her at a very pretty waterfall as well….she went by the name of Babey…..and starting out had this very sexy mermaid lingerie outfit….

Bed babe



soft and sexy in bed







Bed Mermaid





Bed Mermaid teases bottoms downBed beautyBeauty in bed smiles

We also shot some erotic images of her, as she wanted to get a little wilder than the sexy mermaid images….I was fine with that, as I really enjoy working with Asian women, they are easily some of the most sensuous models….

simply gorgeousTabletopErxotic TabletopTabletop vixen

..and then we traveled over to the waterfall, easily one of the prettiest waterfalls in Missouri…..

Hardrock artTop of the falls babeWaterfall babeFllrt near fallsexotic falls flirtexotic flirtBikini flit in fallsFalls flirtFlirt in the fallsWaterfall babe gets wetWaterfall vixenwaterfall artwaterfall babe flirts

…and I`m pretty sure the officer that was taking his lunch hour there, enjoyed the show as much as we appreciated him sticking around. 


I discovered a hot cowgirl model in the fall, she was actually referred to me by Wade and lived down near him in south central Missouri…her name was Robin and she came up to shoot with me several times that fall season as well as the following year….she looked great in everything and nothing at all….

chaps cowgirlchaps artchaps babechaps cowgirl 2cowgirl teaserblue jean babydenim jkt cowgirlbabe in barncowgirl on balebarn artpretty in pinkbale babe pinkpretty in pink smilepink bikini on loungerpink bikini flirthot water babehot tub babehair and breasts artbeauty patternhot tub fantasy artsoft smile water babegorgeous hairbikini flirt 2bikini top teased offpool babe takes off toppool babebeauty pool artbeauty in the pool

Studs in 2006

I did a little more traveling in 2006 for paid shoots and in so doing, worked with a lot less models than I had in 2005, however I did make a few more discoveries, the first of which was Zack, who came to shoot with me a few days after the first of the year…..

bed ready

….I lost several of his original images in the computer crash a few years ago, but luckily for me, Zack enjoyed working with me so much that he did some traveling with me and I was able to shoot him at a neat little waterfall in northern Arkansas on a spring trip that year….

Falling water WaterfallWaterfall thinker

…and then after he got his first mustang, called to see if I could shoot some photos of him with it…so I took him out to a neat place with some pine trees in the background to photograph him with his car….

cute boi on mustangcute mustang teaser

and then he really got into it, showing up at a few shoots at the farm and some themed shoots as well….

Hot Tub CoverBoiporch boy leans and restsHot Christmas UW FlirtSanta Bag Boi Sexy FlirtAll I Want For Christmas is....

…and a few days later, I discovered Wade, talked to him online and found out he was a dairy farm boy in south central Missouri, he came back to work with Zack on a shoot and then came up and worked with me on a themed shoot…I told him I had a neat gladiator outfit but it didn`t come with a very good sword…he said don`t worry about it, he had a sword collection and brought a few to shoot with the outfit….

Roman soldier in tunicRoman warrior adjusts helmetRoman soldier undressingremoving tunicsword placementRoman soldier kneelspraying closeupRoman soldier boyRoman soldier boy 2flirty Roman soldier boyRoman soldier restshard Roman warrior

…then in the next few months and the following year, I worked him into some themed shoots and a farm shoot or two….

Barn loft studFF IntenseFF Intense and HottSmoking hottexotic jeans boyjean flirt unsnaps jeanshot pool boifront porch nudeSunlit leavesHard pool studPool stud smiles

On one of my trips returning from Arkansas, I stopped off in the Springfield area to photograph a new model…I had been talking to Allen for a few weeks and found out that he wanted to get into some good paying video work…luckily a friend of mine told me that I could photograph Allen at his house when I arrived…and it worked out well cause Chuck had a beautiful home to work with. Allen arrived soon after I did and since he only had about an hour to work with, we made quick work of it…I really enjoyed working with him and would have loved to have worked with him again…he had a great look and muscular build….

silhouette musclerelaxedhard muscleboy smilesflirt smiles

Marco was another cute guy that I photographed early in the year and he came back to work with me a few times before he moved out of state. He worked with Zack on a shoot as well….he was a hot Latino cutie with a slim build and a wild hairstyle sometimes, but very sweet guy to work with….


pouched uwyou want somesexy swimsuitgorgeous in bedbathroom hard studbathroom woodcouch flirt1 Sexy Eyes Boy1 Sexy BottomboyFF Sexy FlirtFF Latino Twister

After shooting Marco with the fire gear, I changed a few things around, including lighting setups and had one of my models come test it out for me…Jeff lived a few blocks away at the time and was able to work with me soon after I contacted him. I had set up another backdrop as well, a projection set up that I had used a few times before in my other studio, one in which I had alot more space in, so this was going to be an experiment to see if it would work as well in a cramped space…and it did…albeit with a few trade-offs…..

ready to fightHalligan and helmet profiledHelmet stretchFirelit profiledReadies the tool for actionHalligan on his shouldershot and sweatybunker gear stretch

while he was there, I had him test out some new lights in my barn…he looked great in holie jeans…..wish I could have worked with him more, he had a great look and build for modeling…

barn boy jeans (2)blue jeans sexystud (2)barn boi innocent smile (2)  and here he is on a real call a few years later….

Hay Bales Dogwood Blos Rd Jeffrey Click

In October, I was returning from Kansas City and had arranged to stop off in Como and photograph a young man I found online who was interested in modeling…his name is Tiko and I photographed him at a neat park there, he turned out to have a sexy muscular build and exotic look to him….

fall color flirt 3gate boy

…and then we went to a private farm where we were able to shoot some nude images…..

balancedgorgeousfoliage and rocks studfall leaves beautleaves and water artgrass studfoliage and rocks stud (2)

…and finally on my fall trip to Arkansas, I discovered a hot muscular guy down there named Joe…Joe was obviously into bodybuilding and met with me while I was down there in November to shoot some images with me….starting indoors….

underwear on balconyflag boxerscouch cutie closeup-1peeling down singletart twist and smilebed twisterflexed and sexy WMbedboy smiles WMbed teaser smiles WMbedcovers boy WMbandanna boydecoration

…the next day we drove over to an outdoor garden where we found some beautiful fall foliage to shoot in as well….

bridge stud WMwoodland bridge stud WMGarvan woodland pond WMart reflections pool WMdappled light reflection WMGarvan Gardens flexed art WMdappled light reflections art-1 WMCascading waterfall stud WMGarvan pool reflection-1 WMblue jean baby reflections WMrock resting reflections WMBlue Jean Baby art reflections WMBlue Jean art WMBlue Jean Baby Reflection WMBlue Jean Baby art WMBlue Jean Baby Stud WMCasual rockerProfiled jeans WMFall reflectionFall Foliage rockFall Beauty-1 WM

…what a beauty and a beautiful way to wind up my year !!