New Model in Arkansas….

A few weeks ago I spent five nice relaxing days in beautiful southern Arkansas as part of my annual fall vacation. One of my St Louis area models rode down with me this year, he likes to both model and go rock hunting like I do, but doesn`t get much time for it with his schoolwork and job too, so when I asked Kyle if he would like to go, he jumped at the chance…he actually went with me two years ago and we had a blast. After a brief stop in Fort Smith, he and I drove on down to Lake Ouachita where we would be spending the next four days and nights.  We did some sightseeing while down there but also had a few photoshoots as well….when Kyle was there with me two years ago, we did a shoot at Little MO River Falls and at that time, I didn`t take any photos of Kyle as we ran out of light and warm weather, so on the way down this trip, Kyle asked if we could go back there and take some shots…I told him we would find the time to do so this trip. I took a few photos of him Wednesday evening in Hot Springs before supper, as the sun was setting over Lake Hamilton…

Sunset Lake Hamilton 2

and the next day as well…….


Mirror Hottie


Mirror Hottie 3

Mirror Hottie 4

Window Light Bed Boi 3



Bed Boi

Window Light Bed Boi Hard


Friday morning, after an early morning breakfast, Kyle and I drove over to the north point to see if there was any nice foliage in the area we were staying at, there seemed to be alot up by the condo on the hillside above the lake…I had photographed Kyle down by the lake two years ago at this spot and it was fairly pretty then, but we were actually seeing more color this time.


A View To A Thrill

We hiked down to the spot where we shot two years prior and found a little color in the background….

Morning Foliage Hottie 2

…we headed back to the condo to wait for DJ, a photographer friend of mine from the Little Rock area, who was driving down and bringing with him, a new model prospect for us named Landon, also from the Little Rock area.  After visiting for a little while, we started shooting, Landon with me first and Kyle with DJ…I started with some basic shots of Landon…..


Holie Jeans Hottie

..he started out in Kyle`s newly designed holie jeans….


Holie Jeans Hottie 2

…and they looked quite good on him too…..


Holie Jeans Hottie 4

..we then moved to some underwear shots….


Chair Flirt 3

Underwear Stud 2


From here, we drove to a beautiful waterfall location, one that one of my models in Hot Springs showed me last summer while I was down there on my summer vacation…its a neat little two stepper that has some beautiful pools of water below as well and can be quite pretty in the fall, some nice ledges of rock to pose on too…after we arrived and I showed them the features, DJ again started with Kyle and I took Landon up above and started him in some older fire gear that a friend gave me years ago….this time at the upper waterfall….

FF Waterfall Bunker Art


FF Waterfall Bunker Hottie 3



…and then we switched to the holie jeans….while waiting for him to change outfits…Kyle showed us what a handstand looks like….


Handstand On Rocks

…and then we switched waterfalls with DJ and Kyle, and I shot Landon at the lower pool and falls….starting out at the pool below the falls….


Fall Special

Fall Special 2A

Fall Special 3A

and then we moved up to the lower waterfall itself….if you can pry your eyes away from Landon`s incredible looks and beautiful build for just a second, take a look at the beautiful reflections in the water as well….


Waterfall Hottie Smiles 1

Waterfall Hottie 6A

Waterfall Hottie 5A

Waterfall Hottie 3

Waterfall Hottie 1

DJ finished up shooting Kyle about the same time I finished shooting with Landon so Kyle joined Landon streamside near the waterfall and we shot them together….they hit it off really well….


Streamside Buddies 1

and then we stood them up on the rock shelf between the two falls together as well….


Holie Jeans Studs 1

Holie Jeans Studs 3

Waterfall Hotties 4AA

and after the session was over, we headed up to the steakhouse in Hot Springs for a well deserved steak dinner. I hope to shoot Landon up here one of these days soon….

Saturday Kyle and I spent the day rockhunting…thought we were going to have a shoot that afternoon, but the model didn`t make it, so we drove to Hot Springs and had dinner with one of my former models, Scott E and his buddy Riley, at a grill place that serves great food,  where we enjoyed a great steak dinner and watched the Arkansas Razorbacks stomp Tennessee University on the multiple television flat screens there.

We got up early Sunday morning to start home…stopping off at Little MO River Falls to photograph Kyle.along the way, I stopped at a smaller waterfall that is very pretty and I shot a few photos of Kyle there as well….


Waterfall Hottie 2A

Waterfall Hottie 3

We then drove on over to the main falls of Little Missouri River…its located in a deep and narrow canyon, best time of day to shoot it is mid morning and it can get quite breezy and cool down there this time of year…we arrived about 9 am and there was no one there but us, and it was a bit breezy so I told Kyle we wouldnt be there long…I started him out mid falls, it stairsteps down seven times here…


Waterfall Holie Jeans Stud 2

Waterfall Holie Jeans Stud 3

 …..and then had him stand down by the lower falls there too….


Waterfall Art 8A

..we then walked up to the upper falls where I had him perform some of his acrobatic maneuvers…which he does very well, very artistically inclined with his posing when combining the acrobatics….such a pleasure to work with too….


Waterfall Art 1A

there are two waterfalls on the upper side, with a big pool of water stretched between them….


Waterfall Art 1

Waterfall Art 2A

Waterfall Art 3A

Waterfall Art 4A

 Kyle is so accomplished with the acrobatics that he makes it look very easy, but believe me, its not….but he makes simple art look easy as well…


Waterfall Art 7A

Waterfall Art Boi 1

and after that, we headed toward home,  with a couple of pit stops along the way…



At Long Last…the Return of Raye…

Recently I heard from one of my first models who started out shooting glamour with me and then began shooting nude print work with me several years ago. She was very hot looking back then and was big in demand for print work……Raye was so sexy and hot and a natural poser, everyone wanted me to photograph her on their motorcycles and vehicles, she caused quite a sensation everywhere she went and modeled…she married one of my male models  and I photographed their wedding, and then they soon after moved off to the Lake, where Jared had a good job in construction and Raye became a dancer, and I might add, a very popular and high in demand dancer.  We stayed in touch and talked occasionally through various outlets, email, and eventually FB brought us more in contact with each other. Eventually she moved off to the beautiful state of Alaska.

Recently, to my delight, she contacted me on FB and asked me to photograph her, she is getting into the fitness world and I agreed to photograph her once again. She has always been, and continues to be, one of my favorite models to work with.  She came down one Saturday morning and brought several outfits with her, we decided on a few to start with, and I shot several photos of her locally and then at a farm location owned by good friends of mine. Here are some of my favorites of that session….you`ll see that she is just as GORGEOUS as she was when she started with me fifteen years ago….


Barn Jeans Babe_001

Holie Jeans Babe

Holie Jeans Babe 3

As you can see…we started out shooting some barn glamour…and she brought some hot holie jeans with her….but we quickly switched gears too….


Holie Jeans Babe 6

…and then we switched to short shorts, where she really shows off those legs…

Barn Jeans Babe_002

Jean Shorts Babe 2

Jean Shorts Babe 5

Jean Shorts Hottie

and one of my favorite shots of her in shorts….

Short Shorts 2

Then we switched over to chaps provided to me by a good friend, and I photographed her in some PB Magazine style ideas….

Chaps Babe


Chaps Babe 1


Chaps Cowgirl

..then added the hat….


Chaps Cowgirl 5

and then switched to some different colored chaps….


Chaps Babe 5

From here we switched backdrops and shot some Christmas present style photos…..she had this little Schoolgirl type outfit in a Christmas plaid design that we started out with….


Christmas PresentChristmas Present Tease

Christmas Present Tease 4

Christmas Babe

Christmas Babe 4

Christmas Doll 2

Delightful Christmas Present

And then we went back upstairs to shoot some lingerie photos….



Corset Babe 1


Corset Babe 2A

Corset Babe 3A


As you can see, she brought a beautiful blue colored corset outfit with her…


Corset Flirt 2

Corset Flirt 4

and to give you a closer look at the outfit….


Corset Perks


From here we shot some fire gear….when Raye first started with me years ago, I shot her in an old set of coveralls which predated our use of fire gear locally…over the years I have had many good friends give me some older fire gear to use for shoots such as these….

Sexy Mechanic

Sexy Mechanic 2


…and here is one of her photos from fifteen years ago with the fire gear….shot for the original calendar….at a fire station with permission to do so….


and how she makes it look these days….

FF Coverall Babe

FF Hott Babe 5

FF Helmet Art

FF Bunker Straps Art

FF Bunker Babe Sexy

 Smokin Hott as always….

From here, we drove over to my friend`s farm where I photographed her outside and in a couple of haybarns as well….she had this beautiful evening gown that really showed off her curves….


Gorgeous Gown


Gorgeous Gown 12

Gorgeous Gown 16

We also shot a few on the front porch of the farmhouse there….


Front Porch Babe

Front Porch Babe 4

and then she broke out the holie shorts…which she also designed for me fifteen years ago as well as modeled them back then….and again today…..


Holie Shorts Babe

…which we shot in one of the haybarns…..


Bales Babe

Barn Door Hottie


Hayloft Vixen

..and we wrapped up the shoot with the overalls in the other haybarn….


Overalls Hottie

Overalls Tease

Overalls Tease 4

Overalls Hottie 4

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did….nice way to spend a fall afternoon.