I was also asked about windowlight, do I still shoot windowlight…and since much of my lighting these days, especially on location, is done with windowlight or available light, here is what I have done with windowlight and hot guys….

Paydown Mill

I actually shot this one in November one day, a nice warm day in November I might add, at an old watermill not too far away…back when I still had my studio and was shooting a series of watermills…one of my buddies here in town volunteered to be a model for me and we drove over not knowing what to find but pleasantly surprised at the beautiful light we found in the basement of the old mill…he donned the overalls and sat down on the concrete post and the rest is history….I took first place in a show with this one….thanks Alan…

Angel of innocence

one of my models from Oklahoma above, wearing my set of angel wings, illuminated by beautiful windowlight…and below in a Roman Soldier uniform...

Hot Roman soldier

… in my camera room and illuminated solely by windowlight against a dark backdrop…his build nicely illuminated by the soft lighting…and illuminated by sunroom light below in a Christmas setting…

Sexy Eyes Tease Smiles

art boi stretches-1

this one above and the next several images show some of my video models in windowlight work shot on location where they were shooting the video work while I just shot some art nude work of them in the background…above and below is another of my Tennessee models, Daniel…

art boi tabletop-1

art in motion

and this is one of my hot Texas models…Draven Torres……

Barn Boy

and this is what a test shot looks like, that came out very nice due to the strong sunlight illumination and the hot young man named Richard, that gave me a flirty look….

bed boi smiles

bedpost shadows

another few pics of that hot Tex Mex guy Draven….

Bed Muscle

Bed Shadows 2


speaking of beautiful bedroom light, above is Blu Kennedy in a gorgeous setting…and below photos show how sunlight illuminates a hot redhead…

Mine boi 2

Mill Hottie 4

below is Chris, one of my local models who has been with me for me for several years off and on…

Art Sculpture

Windowlit Hottie

now this is one of my video models from several years ago, Ian Idol, and I shot him in the loft of a friend`s log cabin, south facing windowlight only.

cute feet

and sometimes I dont shoot all of the model, maybe just his feet….depends on the what the client requests images of….

Door view-1


or sunlight thru a sunroom for illumination….

Latino on couch-1

Latino ass-1

Latino on couch rear view-1

this one and the next are some of my early work, in an old building dating back over a hundred years old and using available window light to illuminate this hot Latino boy…

Master Tub-1

and this is windowlight combined with beautiful marble to backfill the shadows in an interior bathroom…..

Mine angel

beautiful windowlight illuminates Blu`s gorgeous red hair from one side and his ass from another window  across the room…

nude window light

Alex in Colorado….

Lucas Young Visiting…

I was going thru a list of models a few weeks ago to see who might still be modeling and who had retired or stopped modeling, mainly to stay up to date on everything, and I sent one of the hottest European guys I had ever had the pleasure of photographing, an email to check and see what he was up to these days…found out he still lives in the Chicago area but travels to New York a lot and was doing some modeling but would like to shoot with me again,  so I invited him down since he said he gets down to the St Louis area often.

Lo and behold, he contacted me earlier this week and said he would be driving through my area and could he stop and shoot with me again…I told him I would love to shoot him again and so we have set up a date and time and I plan to shoot some poster work of him as well as some outdoor location work too…and I have a few photographer friends interested in shooting him also…his name is Lucas and here are a few of his photos from ten years ago…very much eye candy….

1 Kneeling flexed up close



and what beautiful captivating eyes he has….wait til you see his dazzling smile though…

1 Blue Velvet tease

…see what I mean ?  this was one very sexy boy to photograph, easy on the eyes and easy to work with….shot him in my barn too….

1 Barn Boi




1 Barn boi open jeans

and another one with that sexy smile….

1 Barn boi smiles

…plus I had a Christmas backdrop up at the time and he wanted to shoot a few like that…and I know by now you are saying to yourself, he surely shot some nudes of this hott guy showing off, didnt he ????….and the answer is….1 Santa babi

….you bet your ass I did…lol….this boy loves to show off, so you better believe I captured all of his showing off abilities….and then some….

1 Sexy Santa

…and I`ll just leave you with one more for now….

1 Hard boi smiles

…and will be posting the updated pics of him soon…..

Kurt Wild One of My Discoveries….

I`m sure many of you have heard the name of Kurt Wild if you watch porn video work…Kurt was one of my discoveries about five years ago when he turned eighteen and decided he wanted to get into adult video work…I found him on a modeling website, and we began talking and then he came up to shoot with me  one weekend…after a lot of talking and discussing his future…he decided to do some test shots with me and let me see what I could do to help him accomplish his goals of getting into good paying print and video work…I could see alot of potential in him and told him if he took care of his good looks and build, and behaved himself, he could go as far as he wanted to..but I also warned him that he needed to keep his job and not to depend on video work to sustain him money wise.  As with most young potential models and video wannabees, he listened to some things and forgot the rest…..but he was easy on the eyes….these are some of his first photos  with me….

angel boi innocence

angel boi








barn boy flirts 2gazebo boi


palm boinude in tree


flower rock art boirock garden


shadow uw muscle


smelter wall nude

As you can see, during his first shoots, he did a lot of glamour and art nude print work..

smelter art

Some even taken during the cooler months of the year…

Kurt had a sweet look to him….innocent even…

sweetness 1

I also put him in some used fire gear and shot him with a new background  that I was trying out in a limited shooting space….FF Bunker ArtFF Putting on His Gloves

FF Bunker StudFF Smokin AssFF Hose Man

FF Hott Ass

Art Nude Gallery One

Gonna just throw some images out there and if there is a story to them, I`ll place it under the image….

amongst the ferns

Prob the nicest redhead I have ever worked with  and now a well known porn star in his own right…Blu Kennedy, originally from Colorado when I first met and worked with him,  shot him out on the farmhouse porch with the ferns….

bottom boi by porch column

He also had the fairest skin tones covered with freckles and beautiful red hair……

the next few were shot in Colorado on my second trip out there….

come and get it

..where I shot Blu for a website……

Flower field0001

…we went hiking one day south of Breckenridge where there is an old gold mine and waterfall too….here we are up on the mountain behind the mill where there was a small cabin used as a shelter for hikers, good thing cause by the time we got up to it, a thunderstorm popped up out of nowhere and let me tell you, up there is not a good place to be with lightning popping all around and hail coming down……just before that popped up, I was shooting Blu on the ridge behind the cabin….

Scenery boi smiles


during the storm, we took shelter inside, had the place to ourselves and I shot Blu swinging on a rope swing inside it…great view all around…

Snow Shack Swinger

and after the storm passed by, we walked back down to the gold mine and old mill building….

Gold mine boi

…to shoot a few inside in the beautiful light…..this was an old gold mine mill built with heavy timber construction, a very solid and well built building…Dave, a friend I met prior to my travel out there that year, met us there and took us up to the trails and then into the old mill….he was quite taken with the beauty of Blu…

Mine boi 2


Mine tunnel

…this one shot in the crossover tunnel between the mill and the old mine shaft….the light was exquisite on Blu and his beautiful red hair and fine features….

the original shoot with Blue featured images taken in a very pretty hotel suite, where I shot him for my producer friend that hired him on my recommendation several years back, a good start to his illustrious career in video….

kneeling on vanity

this one really bringing out his beautiful alabaster features and pretty red hair….


this one in the suite bedroom, with a beautiful poster bed….

Hot Tub Boi Smiles


Bed Muscle

and this one in the nice ceramic tiled bathroom with a raised jacuzzi and walk in shower….we were shooting in the penthouse suite…that was my first shoot with Blu, Colorado was the second one, and the third one was the farm of good friends nearby….

flower garden statue

and this is another one from the farm in their flower garden….where Blu appeared to be as pretty as the flowers….

flowers of a kind

…same farm location,  but different models shot there have  included a few more hotties, such as ….

bamboo cat

..Ryan Rockford, who I have photographed at the farm several times and several seasons…he looks good in all seasons…

burning bush boi


flower garden art




pine needles

and yet the fall season seemed the best on him….

tree climber

another one of my local models from a few years back, helped me with some advertising type shots at the farm one day as well…

patriotic pool boi

and then after shooting at the pool, I was able to shoot him at my home a few times…

foyer plant boi 2

andfoyer plant profiled boi

…I am always asked if I shoot slim guys, the answer as shown here, is definitely yes….

Waterfall Art in Kansas City…

Well I was up in Kansas City once again last weekend and just an overnighter this time, mainly went up to spend the night with a buddy who was moving to Iowa from New Mexico, but did manage to photograph a hot gymnast at a new waterfall up there while there. I met up with Gil at my hotel and after shooting a few test shots and liking what I saw, we drove over to the new Waterfall Park in Independence, which is very accessible and viewable from I-70 and I-470, although one should really drive over to see this beautiful waterfall and park up close, it definitely warrants a closer look.

We drove around to get a feel for the place and check on parking and found a young couple checking out the main waterfall and parked roadside, so I parked the same way and we joined them at the falls. This is a seventy foot high waterfall, manmade of course, that stairsteps down one time, and then runs under the roadway and cascades down some rocks into a manmade lake created at the rear of the new Bass Pro Shop, which has the Little Blue River feeding it.

Waterfall Park Waterfall

I`ll just let the photos do the talking for me, needless to say I think Gil and I both had a great time shooting there.

Waterfall Art Statue

Waterfall Hottie

Waterfall Hottie Smiles

Waterfall Spray Stud

Waterfall Spray Stud 2

Waterfall Statue Smile

Swimwear and Lingerie Shoot in KC in June…

One of my friends told me I wasnt stacking up the photo stories fairly on the redesigned site, so after driving home from Kansas City today, I decided maybe I should add a few photos from the June KC shoot and make a few of the viewers happier. Since it was a swimwear and lingerie shoot, I`m going to add the lingerie images to this site…

Schoolgirl Babe on Desk

This is Amber, she came down the stairs in this hot and sexy schoolgirl outfit and asked me to photograph her in the office….who was I to refuse such a request like that…course I also saw potential as a hot and sexy teacher outfit, specially wehn ” hot for teacher ” came to mind….

Schoolgirl Babe on Desk Flirts


Schoolgirl on Desk

and here is Ashley in her lingerie…she was the Playboy model at the shoot, hot as heck to work with and very nice too…


I liked this one due to her very sexy legs and uh….backside…trying to be nice here….she actually had a nice everything….if you know what I mean and I`m sure you do, lol.

Canopy Babe

I shot several images of her on this beautiful canopy bed in one of the upstairs bedrooms…

Canopy Babe Reclines


Canopy Babe Smiles

she also has a great smile…

Canopy Bed Babe

and serious look too….Canopy Bed Babe 2

and artfully too….

Canopy Bed Babe Art


Canopy Bed Babe Art 2

and quite a hot flirt as well….

Canopy Bed Babe Flirt

and oh my, those legs she has…..

am sure you can tell I`m a leg man too…..

Canopy Bed Babe Legs 2

and love her feet and toes too….

Canopy Bed Flirt

and those eyes…..and then back to those LEGGGSSSSSS……

Gazebo Art Flrt

and very sexy….

Canopy Flirt

and even though this is a bikini image, I still like the pose….

Smokin Gazebo Babe

and this one just shows us a total foxx…..

Smokin Hott Babe

hopin to get this babe in front of my lens for some poster work eventually….

Stunning 4


Smokin Hott Flirt

…now I`ll switch over to a few images of Veronica, the first babe I was to shoot that day at the lingerie and swimwear shoot….

Windowlight Babe Flirts

…in her lingerie….next to the windowlight….used to shoot alot of windowlight in my portrait work…love her eye makeup, goew well with her outfit…

Windowlight Flirt

and her other outfit, kind of a baby doll outfit for a baby doll….

Beauty and Her Eyes

this in her art mode….

Flirty Bed Babe

and this in her flirty mode….

Those Eyes....

and showing off her beautiful eyes and makeup work as well….

Double Trouble

and love this one as well…she does look like she could cause some problems for someone….

and here are a few images of Vanessa, another hot babe that I had the pleasure of working with several times at this shoot…she is an experienced Maxim model and very hott and nice to work with….

Babe of the Bedroom Flirts

and looks stunning in bright colors….

Babe of the Bedroom Flirts 2

…and very ENTICING, too….



Innocent Teaser


and then combine INNOCENT with GORGEOUS….

Innocent Bed Babe

and the opposite of Innocent is Naughty…..

Teaser 2


Teaser 3


Canopy Bed Flirt


…oh, forgot to say, she provides maid service at a moment`s notice as well….

French Maid in Kitchen

and looks equally as hot in your office too…

French Main Flrits by Window

and I can safely tell you that she looks great in a bikini as well…..

Lilly Garden Babe


Corner Post Babe

and in the company of other hot babes as well….

Gatekeeper Babes

so that should get me caught up enough to get me out of trouble with some of you I hope….I promise I will do better….