A Trip Down Memory Lane…Babes and Hunks

At some point during the early years, I became known for shooting some hot babes and hunks, likely due in part to word of mouth and possibly attributed to my calendar and poster work as well, but at some point I began getting calls asking to photograph babes and hunks on motorcycles, jet skiis, and automobiles, and while some of it included studio work, much of it was shot on location, depending on weather and the time of the year. I also shot a lot of waterfall images with babes and hunks as well….

With Cathy Keller at Waterfalls


With Cathy Keller at Waterfalls 2


Here you see Cathy working with Mel above, and we added Chris in the next couple of images…

Cathy Keller & Chris at Waterfall 2


Cathy Keller & Chris at Waterfall


…and on another shoot, Chris joined me to shoot with Julie, who I was fortunate enough to be able to shoot a few times when she had some free time and able to travel down from the Chicago area…Julie became a Budweiser Model soon after my first shoot with here, and then went on to later become a Playboy Model as well. She was a fantastic blonde bombshell to work with and I was able to get her some good poster and calendar work while with me. 


Waterfall with Julie Abbott 2


Waterfall with Julie Abbott 3


Julie came down and shot with me on a few projects involving four wheelers and restored cars as well…like this beautiful 1966 Ford Mustang, that we shot in a grassy area one Sunday afternoon near the waterfall….Chris brought along another one of his referrals named Kevin, whose long blonde hair was as pretty as Julie`s….

Mustang with Julie and Kevin 2


Mustang with Julie and Kevin


…I had the guys dressed in black slacks and red tuxedo ties at first, but the ties came off soon after and the slacks stayed on, they were a nice contrast to Julie in her  partial birthday suit…and at one time, she had one a fur coat with their tuxedo white shirts opened….

Mustang with Chris Carrier & Kevin Webb 2


…and she took some fantastic sexy shots on the car solo as well…. 

Convertible Mustang Babe 2


Convertible Mustang Babe 3


Convertible Mustang Babe 4


Convertible Mustang Babe 5

Kevin also came along on another shoot at the waterfall that Julie came back to shoot with me at….

Waterfall With Kevin Webb


Julie was also in demand by several private owners of dirt bikes as well…

Dirt Bike Babe 9


Dirt Bike Babe 14


Dirt Bike Babe 13


…and I shot her on a few four wheelers as well….

Four Wheeler in Barn 8


Four Wheeler in Barn 12


…watch for a post on Julie for more of her photos. 

Cathy also came down and worked with me on a jeep shoot for a firefighter buddy of mine…he had a pretty bright red jeep and wanted some images of a beautiful babe on it, so Cathy drove down on weekend and we went up to a beautiful bluff with a commanding view of the Meramac River valley below….Gus stayed behind the wheel after parking it on the side of the bluff, his foot on the brake which put Cathy a bit more at ease due to the location of the jeep….

Jeep on Bluff 2


Jeep on Bluff 5


Jeep on Bluff 4


…and then she even volunteered to help him fix the engine, but I dont think he really had his heart in working on it at that point….

Jeep on Bluff 6


…we took it down to a local gravelbar by the river a few minutes later tho, and she helped wash off the hood of it….

Jeep on Sandbar


Jeep on Sandbar 2

A Trip Down Memory Lane, Part 3….

 Luckily for me over the years, my photo programs kept track of my images by the dates taken, so even though I lost some model files along the way due to computer crashes, I had the original shoot dates and could more easily put these updates together chronologically…however since I have an extensive collection of images,  this may wind up being several parts long…….I will try to give some background on each model, too. Not everyone will be listed here, so if I leave someone out, I`ll apologize in advance. 

Over the last thirty years, I have helped literally thousands of guys and gals get into the business of glamour and nude print work which includes magazine layouts, greeting cards, calendars, posters, and some advertising work,  helped hundreds get into nude video work, as well as assisted a few with their portfolios for fashion work.  I find both sexes to be beautiful, I don`t discriminate at all when it comes to beauty.

This story will include art nude images I began shooting a few months after working with the male models who chose to pursue art nude modeling work. This is the main reason I shot three styles, to give models a choice, glamour, art nude, and erotic nude, as well as print or video or both……believe me, there were people that wanted to shoot everything offered,  and some that only wanted to do glamour…I was fine with one or all back then, because back then I was just starting out and needed to get some experience as well and had many markets to shoot for then.

Jake was one of the first guys I photographed in the art nude style of print work…he was a muscular young man that contacted me online one evening, from the Boston area, and wanted to travel down here in the fall and shoot some art nude images with me. Back then I had an art nude website that he had found online. Here are some of his images from that weekend, starting at a farm near the river….

Bales Babe Jake-1


barn bales nude


Riverbank Nude Jake


River babe Jake


…I then took him up to a local landmark where we found an old stone building with leaves scattered inside across an old staircase….

Stairs and Leaves Jake


Stairway Art


…and then he spotted the neat crack in the stone wall and made good use of it as well…

Stone Wall Art


Hole in Rock Wall Jake


hole in wall


Doorway Outside


…we then wandered over to a nice waterfall, but for some reason I cannot locate those images…if I ever do, I will def add them on here.  

Another guy who I worked with at that time, came to me on a referral from his cousin…Chris was out of high school a year and kicking around what to do with the rest of his life, was working in concrete at the time and not much interested in college, he preferred to work instead and it worked well for him, showing up in his muscle tone….I remember the first day Chris came down and shot with me in my studio…he was such a natural at it, that I pulled out all of my ideas at the time and shot ten rolls that Saturday….I had only worked through half of my folder of ideas, and he had enjoyed it so much, that he said he could return the next day and help me shoot the rest of the ideas….Chris turned into one of the few guys I worked with over an extensive period of time….and a great friend as well…


Barn Boy


Barn Stud

Saddle Hottie


Chaps Stud


Chaps Stud 2


Chaps Hottie

Almost Unwrapped


After shooting him extensively inside my studio, I took him to a few neat locations to shoot some images…this one was a beautiful barn on the north side of town where a branch bank now sits….I really wish they had left the barn that was there…. 

Barn Door


…and some bluffs and caves…. 

Bluff Hottie




Rock Statue


View To A Thrill 2


…and Chris looked great in waterfalls too….

Waterfall Hottie


Waterfall Hottie 3


Waterfall Art

Waterfall Art 2


…and to a few other old buildings with great windowlight…. 

Art Sculpture


Chris was the kind of model you could call and say, hey I have a female model coming down for a shoot on location at a waterfall or a location with a beautiful car…can you come along for security ?  and he was there in a heartbeat…he also referred alot of others to me for modeling work, one was a good friend of his named Mel….who like Chris, had a boy-next-door look and great build, and turned out to be another great model…. 

BW Select Color



Blue Jean Hottie 3


Blue Shirt Barn Hottie


Hard Wired


Bullwhip Stud


Red Thong Hottie 2


Like Chris, Mel looked good in just about anything as well as out of everything….

Nude Blue Wall


Nude Blue Wall 2


Barn Loft Nude


Barn Loft Nude 2

….back then I began experimenting with double and triple exposures and with models available, it soon spread to modeling work as well… 

Triple Exposure Muscle


…and also like Chris, Mel became a very reliable model to work with when it came to other models, especially female models. Another guy that Chris referred to me about that time was Mike, who was an avid bodybuilder and had a super nice personality and look and build, another great guy to work with alone and with other models…

Saddle Stud


All American Hottie


Chains of Muscle


Motorcycle Stud 2


Motorcycle Stud 3


Armed and Ready


Barn Hottie 2


Barn Hottie 3


Motorcycle Stud 6


and as I have found with a lot of bodybuilders who are proud of what they have accomplished with their muscletone, he wasn`t afraid to show it all off for the sake of art…which is what it is….

Flag Nude 3


Mossy Rocks Hottie


Art Muscle 3


Art Muscle 2


Art Muscle


…and yet another superb guy to have around when working with female models too…never had to worry about much when Mike was around, thats for sure. 
















Carlos at the Farm

I had another nice opportunity to shoot with Carlos, this time at the farm nearby, and was able to shoot him in some very nice light and more artistic type nudes….I`ll let the images do the talking….

Barn Loft Hard Hottie 1


Barn Loft Hottie 5


Barn Loft Window 6


Front Porch Art


Golden Briefs Flirt



Loft Wrap Stud 3 Loft Wrap Stud 2


Loft Ass Hottie


Barn Loft Hottie 7


Barn Loft Window Tease 4


Overalls 4


Overalls 7


Overalls Pretty Boy 1


Overalls Pretty Boy 4


Overalls Pretty Boy 7


Pool Boy 3


Pool Boy 5


Saddle Boi 3


Porch Chair Flirt


Simply Sexy…..

Hot Latino Model Carlos

A couple of months ago I had the good luck of discovering a hot guy in the area that is a sexy Latino and was interested in modeling for me. I happened to be in his area one day on a shoot and picked him up near his place. I have since then, worked with him a few more times and each time is better than the last. Carlos is one sexy guy to work with and has a very pleasant attitude as well, he turned out to be a natural at modeling. Here are some of his test shots…

Barn Sexy 1


Barn Sexy 2


Barn Sexy 6


Barn Sexy 7


At the first shoot, I had asked Carlos how he felt about shooting nudes and he admitted he had never done any but was open minded about it…we got to this point above, shooting the jeans open and he seemed very open and natural with it, so we kept going and it was like he had been shooting nudes all along…

Barn Flirt

Barn Flirt 4


Barn Flirt 6


Holie Jeans Hottie 4



Barn Flirt 10


Barn Boy Sweet Ass 2


Holie Jeans Nude Sexy 2


Holie Jeans Nude Sexy 4


Holie Jeans Nude Sexy 6


Bale Boi Art


From here…comfy with nude modeling, we went to a more casual set and shot a few more nudes….











Stay tuned for his next shoot, he was alot of fun to work with and didnt take long to set up yet another shoot with Carlos. 

Helping Out New Model Brandon

A few months ago, I was contacted by a young man who was getting into fashion modeling and needed some assistance with glamour modeling work…he didn`t have much experience in front of the camera and needed to work with a photographer or two to gain some experience. Coincidentally, I had checked out his profile a week before, saw that he was in the Rolla area, not too far from me and had a good look and build. He was also very tall and did have a good look and the height requirement for fashion, so I figured he would prob do well in that area. He asked if he could come and shoot with me so that he could gain some experience working with me since I had alot of shooting experience. I agreed to help him out and we set a date for an afternoon soon after, on a nice sunny day…he showed up at my door ready and rarin to go…he had a sexy Latino look to him and a very nicely toned build, hails from Oklahoma and intended to go to college but then came across an opportunity in fashion modeling that he just couldn`t pass up, and I can`t say that I blame him…..school can always wait, there are no time limits on schooling, but there are in modeling work. I originally intended to shoot some of him in house, but decided we could shoot indoor shots at the farm as well as outside, so I texted Mike and Andy to say we were on the way and took off. It was a beautiful day to shoot, blue skies with a few clouds and just perfect temps…we started in one of the haybarns soon after arriving….

Barn Hottie 2


…being from Oklahoma, he had his own hat and jeans and boots…nothing I had would have fit him anyway due to his hgt….

Barn Hottie 4


Barn Hottie 6


Barn Hottie 7


…we moved inside the barn and eventually the hat left him….

Barn Jeans Hottie


…and then we tried the shadowlight as well…

Barn Shadowlight


…we then walked down to the horse barn and started in the tack room…boy was it hot in there…and in no time at all, Brandon was covered in a fine sheen of sweat….

Horse Barn Saddle Stud


Horse Barn Saddle Stud 3


Horse Barn Saddle Stud 4


…we then moved out into the horse stalls and breezeway, since it was sooooo hott inside the tack room walls…I needed some air as well, lol….

Horse Barn Saddle Stud 5B


Horse Barn Saddle Stud 9


Horse Barn Saddle Stud 12


Horse Barn Saddle Stud 16


Horse Barn Saddle Stud 19


Horse Barn Saddle Stud 22A

Horse Barn Saddle Stud 23


Horse Barn Saddle Stud 25


…as you can see, he looks quite sexy with a saddle….and looks equally hott in jeans only….

Horse Barn Jeans Stud


Horse Barn Jeans Stud 4B


Horse Barn Jeans Stud 8A


…and while next to the stalls, one of the residents decided to come over and check him out…up close…. 

Horse Barn Jeans Stud 12


…I then spotted some strong sunlight at the other end of the barn so we sauntered down there and shot some beautiful sunlight illuminated cowboy images….

Horse Barn Sexy Sunlight


Horse Barn Sexy Sunlight 2


Horse Barn Sexy Sunlight 3


…I then had him switch to a lighter pair of jeans and to another hat as well….

Tack Room Sexy Farmhand


Tack Room Hottie Innocent


and we popped back inside the tack room to return the bridles….

Tack Room Hottie


..before heading over the larger haybarn….

Haybarn Hottie


Haybarn Hottie 7


Haybarn Hottie 8A


…and then we went up to the farmhouse porch and shot some underwear images….first in the bamboo forest….

Bamboo Forest Hottie 6


Bamboo Forest Hottie


Bamboo Forest Hottie 9


…then on the porch….

Front Porch Art 6


Front Porch Art 4


Front Porch Art 8


…and finally back to the pool to cool off some….

All American Hottie

All American Hottie 2


All American Hottie 3


All American Hottie 4


All American Hottie 7


All American Hottie 8


…and then he switched from the flag shorts to some pretty pink board shorts….

Hott Pink Pool Boy 3


Hott Pink Pool Boy 3A


Hott Pink Pool Boy 4


…and then I let him get wet…..

Pool Boy Oooh LaLa 2


Pool Boy Oooh LaLa 4


Pool Boy Stretches 2


Pool Boy Sexy 1


I thoroughly enjoyed working with Brandon, he has a great attitude and is easy on the eyes, he should go far in modeling work and I wish him all the best. 




Jake and Joe at the Farm

I enjoyed working with new model Jake so much, that I invited him back for yet another shoot, his third with me, and I set it up for a day that one of my other models, Joe, would be there as well. At the time I set it up, another photographer friend had planned to be there as well so that he could get some shots of both guys too, but then at the last minute had to cancel out. Jake wasn`t going to arrive til an hour into the shoot time, so I started out with Joe shortly after arriving at the farm. It had been awhile since Joe had shot with me, his first time with me at least a year or two before, and he had recently contacted me asking to shoot again and this time he wanted to shoot nudes, having shot glamour only the first time. I was fine with that since he has a hot boy next door look and nice toned build, perfect for nude print work. He has the type of build that most artists love to work with, no matter what medium they are working with. I decided to start him off in the smaller haybarn, in his holie jeans…

Haybarn Door Flirt


Haybarn Flirt Smiles


Haybarn Hott Ass


Haybarn Hard & Sexy Flirt 3


We then walked back to the truck to change outfits and Joe was standing in the sun at just the right angle…he was actually glowing…

Sunshine Hottie


We actually didn`t change much, outfit wise, starting out in the jeans up on the front porch….


Chillin Hottie 2


Chillin Art 5


Chillin Art 8


Chillin Art 9


Chillin Art 3


Chillin Art 4


Chillin Art Boy


Chillin On Porch


Chillin On Porch 5


and then we switched to art nudes on the porch….

Art on Porch 2


…joined by one of the many pretty cats at the farm….

Art on Porch 3


Art on Porch 5


Art on Porch 7


Hard & Innocent 2


Hard & Innocent 3


Hard & Innocent 7


Hard & Innocent 8


It was about this time in the shoot that Jake arrived and I gave Joe a well needed break and began shooting Jake on the porch….Jake had one of his dancing outfits with him and I started him in that…it looks likea black studded Japanese slingshot….

Harness Hottie 2


…and it shows him off all the way around….frotn side as well as back side….

Harness Hottie 3


Harness Hottie 4


….he was sporting a new hairdoo and a neatly trimmed beard, too….

Harness Hottie 5


Harness Hottie Hard 2


…and anyone that knows Jake, knows he has a hard time staying clothed for very long…he enjoys shooting nude all the time….and likes to show off his flexibility too….

Front Porch Art 3


Front Porch Art 2


…and seconds later, the harness slingshot outfit came off and he was showing off that cute smile and flirty look…….


Front Porch Hottie 2


Front Porch Hottie 4


..but still gave me a performance on flexibility….

Front Porch Art 17


Front Porch Art 18


Front Porch Art 19


Front Porch Art 6


Front Porch Art 7


…we then shot a few in the flower garden and since we were around rose bushes, which have thorns, I allowed him to wear flipflops….

Sexy Flowers


Sexy Flowers 3


Sexy Flowers 4


I gave Jake a break before we went to the haybarns so he could change into jeans… and shot some more of Joe, this time in his underwear on the porch….

Briefs Boy 3


Briefs Boy 4


Joe didn`t bring a lot of underwear with him, so I put him in a very sexy jock strap/brief combo that looked quite hot on him….

Briefs Boy 5


Briefs Boy 6


Briefs Boy 9


…I then took him out to one of the fields and shot him in the tall grass with the jock briefs on….

Field Art


Field Art 4


Field Art 5


…I then switched back to Jake and told Joe to go take a dip in the pool and cool off if he wanted to…..

Cannonball Plunge

….while Jake and I headed to the haybarn…. 

Chaps Stud 2


…we then switched to the tack room in the horse barn…it was hot in there in more ways than one and soon Jake was starting to shine with sweat….


Chaps Stud 4B


Saddle Stud 2


Saddle Stud 4


Chaps Stud 7


Chaps Stud Hard


Chaps Stud Hard 2


Chaps Stud Hard 3


….and then Jake opened the door and met Bob….

Bob Meets Jake


Bob Meets Jake 3


…and we then relocated to the pool so Jake could cool off a bit….

Pool Hottie

Pool Hottie Dives In


Pool Hottie 3

Pool Hottie 4


Pool Ass Flirt


…he then decided to show me some more of his artistic moves….

Pool Art

Pool Art 2

Pool Art 4

Pool Art 5

Pool Art 8

Pool Art 13