Models in 2005

Boy was I busy finding and photographing models in 2005…by this time I was well established as a reliable scout for a few video producers out west and some of these guys were finding me, but I still managed to find quite a few myself. My producer buddy in Kansas City had moved his entire operation to Tampa, Florida midway through 2005,  and was flying me down there for week long stretches when I could get time off at work, to shoot alot of their advertising print work for them, and let me tell you we shot at some great locations and beaches down there on the Gulf side…beautiful water and clean sandy stretches of sand. They were still hiring the bulk of the models I located for modeling work too…paid them well, fed them well, just downright took care of them better than other studios out there, which is why I predominantly sent the models their way first.

Early on in the year, one of the guys I found online turned out to be a rescue mission….he confided in me that he was locked into a situation that he really didn`t want to be in, had been enticed into the situation by an older man who was doing some things that he shouldn`t be doing, breaking many laws in the process…in other words, this young man had gotten in way over his head really fast and did not know how to get out of it. I happened to have a good friend in his area, who had also done some modeling for me, and I was able to contact him and arrange for him to pick this young man up,  and take the young man to the train station, got him on a train and out of there. I took care of his expenses and helped him get back to his family later on as well. While he was with me a few days, I also helped him get into some legitimate modeling work and he turned out to be a very good model, had a really sexy look and build, his eyes were always bright and smiling…and he had a great smile as well…David went on to become well known in the print and video business, and even came back and worked with me a few more times after that…

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…and soon after David, I found a young man who after working with me a few times, and after I was able to hook him up with my producer in KC as video model Kurt, he later went on to work with several studios and became known as Kurt Wild….Kurt was a lot of fun to work with, he found me on a modeling website that I am still on to this day…where my profile says much the same thing today as it did back then…that I am willing to help new models out at no charge to them…he came up and test shot with me, spent the night in a hotel and returned the next day to shoot some more after reviewing the initial images and deciding that he could do a better job…when I thought the initial images were quite good…he was a bit hard on himself but took it in good stride after that with a little constructive criticism…

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…Kurt went with me on a few instate trips as well as a few out of state trips when I needed a model and his experience level just continued to rise and he became an accomplished glamour and art nude print model and gained additional exposure with the video work as well…

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…and soon after, he began working with other photographers as well, showing up on magazine covers, featured inside layouts, calendars, posters, and more…and soon became a household name in video work as well…throughout this entire time, however, he still came back and modeled for me for some website work I was shooting at the time….by now an accomplished erotic nude model as well….

Poolside Wet and Reflective    Pumped Up and Smiling

Cleaning Up in ShowerFlirting in Shower Gorgeous in Shower       Flirt Smiles in Shower

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…and while Kurt became one of my favorite models to work with, I found many more that year that also were fun to work with…a hot guy from Northwest Missouri named Danny was one of them……

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Soon after becoming well liked and wanted by many photographers across the country, he moved out of state to pursue other interests….Deangelo was another one from the same area and easy on the eyes too….nice build and sexy smile, he wasn`t shy about showing off and looked great all the time…I started shooting him in the KC area the first time….

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…and then the next several shoots were on location closer to the St Louis area….


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…and then there was Daniel from Tennessee who I was able to introduce to my producer friend and photographed him for their advertising work on location as well….he was a sweet guy to work with and I really liked that painting behind him as well….

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I also worked with a hot bodybuilder named Micah that week, he went on to become a very hot and in demand fitness model….

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In the early spring, I met a guy from my local area that became not only one of my best models over the years since, but one of my best friends as well, and one who I stay in touch with on a regular basis even to this day….Chris turned out to be a natural model and has worked with a few photographer friends of mine as well…

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…and in 2014, Chris came back and modeled for me again, needing some updated images for himself….

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Draven Torres was another guy that I helped get into the business, starting him out with my producer friend in the KC area as well….and I liked that painting behind Daniel so well that I was able to shoot Draven in front of it as well….

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…while there, I was able to shoot alot of window light of Draven……

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….and I also shot a layout of him for Badpuppy Magazine with a Spidey boy  theme….

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Soon after working with Draven, I had a super nice guy show up from the East Coast, where he has lived all his life…his name is Eric and he has a very exotic look to him, a blend of a few cultures, and very pretty blue eyes….

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…he was a lot of fun to work with, and I lost the rest of his images in that computer crash…I was really bummed. I hope to work with him again one of these days…I stay in touch with him and he looks every bit as hot now as he did back then. 

Then a few days later, I had a visit from a hot young man from the southwestern part of the country, his name was Matt, who after working with me the first time, returned a few more times to work with me some more and I was able to help him get into even more modeling work along the way due to his boy next door look and muscular build…..

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…I even got to photograph him on the set of some video work in Florida…well between sets I should say, back when I was shooting some advertising work for one of my video producer friends….combining a beautiful sunset and hot looking guy…..

sunset beach boi

I did some traveling that summer for work but was back by August and my calendar clear for a couple of months…soon after a good looking couple drove up from Arkansas to shoot with me…well I should say one of them did, a  hot young Asian named Andrew…his boyfriend was hot enough to model as well but had no interest in it, just came along to support him, which I thought was very nice and rare as well these days….I took Andrew to a few places locally and then we wound up over at my friend`s farm where we were lucky enough to get a nice sunset as our day was drawing to a close….

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A few days after working with Andrew, I was fortunate to meet a super nice guy online and found out that not only did he have a great down to earth personality to go with a super nice build and look, but discovered that Ty also played a huge musical instrument, and played it well I found out during the shoot….

art nude cellos curvecello boihard and sensual artbeautiful cello   he liked my angel wings, so I let him try them on…

angel by the doorart angelsweet stretch  and he looked great in shadow light too…..

shadow profiledTyger

Soon after Ty visited me, I had the unique opportunity to work with some a set of twins…Nick and Doug….not identical twins mind you, but fraternal twins and good looking ones at that….

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…then a while later, Doug returned to work with me on a few other projects alone and with another model on a couple of themed shoots, one involving him as Robin with a hunky model as Batman….

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In September I traveled out to some western states on vacation and was able to photograph a couple of new models in Colorado and Arizona at some beautiful scenic locations. I stayed at a beautiful log house south of Breckenridge that was pretty secluded this time and met a young ski instructor in Breckenridge that wanted to get into some modeling work…they say good things come in small packages and Eric fit the bill perfectly for that….this house had a hot tub built into the floor of the sunroom right off the kitchen….

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I only saw Eric the one time but he sure was a lot of fun to work with out there. The next day I drove down to Moab and then on down to Lake Powell, Arizona, where I was scheduled to photograph a gorgeous gal named Aly that evening at sunset above the Colorado River…my guide that weekend is a fine art photographer himself and knew a great spot to take her that was secluded and scenic at the same time…he was right, we were able to get some great shots of her there. I never would have guessed her age right, so it`s a good thing I didn`t even try, all I can tell you is that not only was she an experienced model, she was also gorgeous and easy on the eyes….

art rockart rock sculpture 2Sunset Fox stretches backInnocent Sunset Babesunset vixen


…and OILAA !!  as you can see, it`s relatively easy to shoot hundreds of images when you have a great model, great location, and great lighting to work with…the location and lighting are givens…the quality of the model can make or break a shoot…in this case, I shot about fifteen hundred images of Ally over the course of the Friday sunset shoot and the four hour shoot on Saturday morning at the slot canyon….these images are just the best ones. Aly flew back home mid afternoon to get ready for a shoot with the Las Vegas FD the next day…thanks again for shooting with me gorgeous !! Shortly after she left for home, a young man that I had been talking to my email a few weeks before my trip, showed up at the hotel to shoot with me…Jackson took Patrick and I out to a location north of Lake Powell where some movies had been filmed at…again great scenery and a natural model, good shoot for his first time modeling….

sand boiCreviceDesert stretchReclinerwhite lavaDreamscaper 2dreamscapebuns stretchLandscaped rocksconcealedGap boiPhallic artPhallic symbolon toes rimlitrim lightingSilhouette 2

On the way home, I stopped off at a beautiful cedar built home for a few days, located halfway between Denver and Colorado Springs, and photographed a couple of guys in the huge rocks there…one that really stood out was Ryan, who went on to become a video mainstay model with PB and PH video studios….Ryan was great to work with that day….

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I spent a few days in Florida the end of October, shooting advertising work for a producer friend of mine, when they were located in the Tampa area…before flying down there, I had the pleasure of working with a new model who later became a model for my producer friend…this new model`s name was Ryan and later became Ryan Rockford, he was fresh out of the service and in need of some greenbacks to pay off some bills, a common story with many models in those days, but he certainly had the good looks and great build on the surface, all the ingredients required for modeling nude print and video work…..

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…and a few days later in Florida, Dawson was one of the first models I photographed while there….

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…..I also had the good fortune of working with a guy from that area that I had been talking to online, Jim came to the hotel I was staying at and shot with me there…he was actively involved in weightlifting and yoga, and after just a few minutes of working with him, you could see that he was in great shape and very limber, gorgeous and had a very sweet down to earth personality as well….

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On my return home, I was contacted by a guy in St Louis County who wanted to come out and shoot some images with me…he felt he might be too old to model but I found him to be quite a good model with a rugged Marlboro Man look to him and equally hott build….unfortunately for me, I only got to work with Tom that one time….

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…and then I was talking to a cute guy online one night a week out from Christmas who also wanted to come out and shoot some with me before he shipped out to the military, so he came down a few nights later and worked with me….Ryan had a very sexy look and build too….

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…and that wrapped up my season of shoots for 2005 !!