New Model Jerry

Gerry started working with me in March this year…from north central Missouri, works with tools all the time and has a nice lean toned build…he had no experience showing off and we started out in the studio with some glamour shots first….

03 Barn Hottie

08      09 Chaps








11 Chaps                12 Chaps








13 Open Jeans

…and he took to it like a duck to water….very naturally….and graduated to art nudes next….

19 Open Jeans                   25 Holie Jeans








29 Art Nude Barn                31 Art Nude Barn








and then we tried some other outfits and themes….   33 Gladiator


38 Flag Nude








44 Hard Flexed



42 Merry Christmas                              51 Hard Art


61 Tire Stud






85 Christmas Art Nude







86 Christmas Art Nude    87 Christmas Art Nude








88 Christmas Art Nude            90 Christmas Art Nude


95 Santa Bag Boy






101 Santa Bag Boy







One very hot guy to work with…and to think, this was his test session….








Riley Comes to Missouri

I received a text from Riley a few days before New Years Weekend, telling me that he would be in my area that weekend and would I like to shoot him in my studio…well I wasted no time in telling him to come by and see me, not only would I love to shoot him once again, but I also had a friend that would love to shoot him too. We set it up for the 3rd and true to his word, he showed up ready and rarin to go once again. My photographer friend Brad drove down to work with him as well and he enjoyed working with him too, shooting mainly studio lighting where I like to use natural lighting as much as possible….here are some of my images of Riley in the studio setting….


09 Chaps Art

17 Hard Bale Boy


12 Hard Cowboy




I`ll post more as I get some more edited up….

Models in 2004

Many of the models I found during the year of 2004, I was able to hook up with a producer friend of mine, whose work went on to become an international sensation…in their early years I was supplying them with about eighty percent of their performers, not as an agent, but merely a photographer helping them get started. Ian was one of the first ones I found that year, he was transitioning from one state to Missouri and relocated in the St Louis area, which greatly made it possible for me to help him get into several avenues of opportunity back then…he was always alot of fun to be around and work with, and his eyes much of the time, could be quite mesmerizing….this young man knew how to move, and how to show off and flirt all at the same time…he was a pleasure to work with…back then the focusing system in my lenses kept up with him pretty good….


Windowlit Hottie       flower boi



Flower Power


cme cyou     mirro


barn boi ass     ass boi on couch 3


coch bottom boi 2


ass boi on couch 1     ass boi on couch


bed boi hard


Justin was another guy that I found online back then, and soon after shooting him a few times, was able to help him get into some good paying video work.

flexed    fuck me look-1

…as you can see, he was one hott looking guy with a nice slim toned build, no wonder he was a favorite with a producer friend of mine….

Hottie     Hottie 2

Scott was another hot guy that I discovered in Arkansas, worked with him there initially at the home of a good friend, and was able to place him with a good producer friend soon after, who kept him quite busy for a while….Scott was well liked by everyone that he worked with, from producers and photographers to other models….he even drove up and shot with me in my studio one weekend….super sexy even today….


drying off    hat barn boi


hard barn boi   hard chair


hard bed boi smiles


I met a sexy guy online one evening named Aaron from the state of Illinois…he came down one weekend when one of my producer friends was closeby with a crew of models, and I was able to place Aaron into work that very afternoon. We became good friends and Aaron modeled print work for me often and even traveled with me on some gigs too….I always enjoyed working with Aaron, he was very easy on the eyes and had an easy going personality as well…..these are my fave images of him….can`t wait to work with him again….

horse stud smiles 2    sled boi ass


bottom sled boi     come warm me up-2


come and get it 2


In the same month I found Aaron, I also discovered a local guy named Matt…I was asked to shoot some images of an inground pool that was located at the farm of some good friends…so I asked Matt to model for me at the pool location….he did great and the images came out really nice….

patriotic pool boi

torches boi

…which led to him doing some more print work with me…I really enjoyed working with Matt, he was the kind of guy I could have worked with every day and been just fine with it….

khaki shorts couch

khaki shorts stretch

In May my producer friend came out to the countryside to shoot some work and hired me to shoot the advertising print work for them. One young man from the KC area that my friend found, was the first one I got to work with, his name is Jimmy….very sexy look and build and smile….

barn loft light      rail fence stud



Early in July, I traveled out west for a family reunion and stopped off in Colorado for a few days vacation time, while there, I was fortunate to be able to photograph Alex once again, having photographed him for the first time the previous fall season…this time I would get a chance to not only see what early summer looks like in Colorado but be able to photograph the natural beauty with Alex in it…..and through a friendship with a buddy who lived in Alma, I was able to take him and a couple of other models to an old gold mine near there to photograph them….

forest rock   streamside smile

Forest Hunk 4 Old mine timbers

Mine Machinery 2    Miner 49er

kneeling on machinery  Mining Man

Streamside Hunk 6  Rock ledge 3

by stream   Stump stream and blue skies 2

Stump and stream  Stump


…Ben Martin traveled up to work with me as well, on his way to a video shoot in California, you can see the images and story near the bottom of the page….and the next model that came to work with me was a new Latino guy out of Denver named Reyfe…I remember driving to Dillon to meet him and guide him back to the log house up on the hill that I was renting…there were several turns and I don`t blame him a bit for not wanting to give it a try and possibly getting lost, specially since you don`t always have a signal up there. Reyfe turned out to be hotter than he described himself, he had a great laid back personality and wound up working with me a few times after that as well…I think to say I enjoyed working with him would be a drastic understatement…

Bedroom Window 2   bedroom boi by window

kneeling by window   Cabin shoot0002

bed boi smiles

gettting wet   check out my ass


The next morning, Missy and I traveled over to the Aspen area, where I usually like to go when I want to photograph a beautiful lake at the foot of two huge mountains in the fall time, when beautiful aspen trees dot the landscape in between them. This time however, I was meeting up with a snow bunny named Lee who wanted to shoot some photos at the waterfalls south of town. It turned out to be a neat canyon of rocks and tunnels and cave like openings with a beautiful stream of water running down through the middle of it all, waterfalls abounding all over the place…luckily Lee knew his way around there pretty good…we opted for an early morning shoot at daybreak, I thought it was too cold and Lee thought it was just right…one thing is for sure, there was no one else out there besides us…everyone else had the good sense to stay indoors where it was warm….all I can say is Lee pulled it off quite well despite the cold temps…..

between waterfalls   waterfalls 2

on the high ground hard   log

Waterfall Shoot0005-1 Waterfall Shoot0008-1

Blue Waterfall 2 Waterfall Shoot0007-1


During the summer months, I discovered a few more hot guys online and was able to place them with my producer friend locally as well…one was Cody, who at that time was located in central Illinois, and went on to become a very hot and in demand video model…..prob due to that super smile he had as well as a great laid back personality, easy to shoot and work with at all times and smokin hot toned build…

yellow shorts

kneeling-1    tease kneels on couch-1


kneeling on bed-1    ass boi 2-1


semi flirt

bed shadows-3


Ricky was another hott guy that I found online and was able to put him in touch with my producer friend, who when he brought him to Missouri to shoot some work with him, I was able to photograph him myself…..

Grass Boi Stretches    Gate Boi Flirts

…and for a California boy, he sure was alot of fun to work with, great look and smile, great build, and just a natural mover and poser….

Barnwood Boi Flirts     gate boi ass nude 2

Grass Ass Flirt

Front Steps Art Boi Porch Hottie


Hard Chair Boi


In August, I found two really hot guys in the KC area, both had lean swimmers builds and both were a hit with everyone I sent their photos to….Aaron was the first one and he became a hit with my producer friend who not only photographed him multiple times over the years, but also hired him as their production assistant, and to this day, Aaron is still working for him….

hot and hard-1   hot and hard 2

doorlit   hard doorway light

come play with this   hard smile

wet uw in pool smile  smiling and kneeling hard

…as you can see, Aaron was a pleasure to work with and after he started working with my producer friend, I traveled up to KC to shoot him up there…at a few of his favorite places...

loft bed look   river view

Lane, on the other hand, had to keep a low profile after I worked with him the first time, and while he remained open to opportunties in different areas, he was unable to commit to video work at all…still, he was alot of fun to work with….

leather couch 2-1 hard flirt on couch

barn stud jeans-1    looking down

barn stall stud flirts    cowboy with hat

bed bottom-1  mirror flirt-1

marble wall   sexy hard hat boi-1

hard hat boi smiles-1    hard hat boi flirts-1



In the fall of 2004, I traveled out to Colorado for my fall vacation and wound up photographing alot of natural beauty, including several hot guys who live out there…Alex who I had photographed the year before, and the year before that….Ben who later became well known as Blu Kennedy after I helped him get started in video work with my producer friend…I shot him earlier in July at the shoot in KC….

peeking-1  Bed Muscle

…one of the sexiest laid back guys I have ever worked with, most beautiful fair skinned red haired lad out there, sparkling eyes and personality both….before leaving for Colorado in early September, I had the pleasure of shooting him once again at a local farm of a good friend where my producer friend was shooting….

kneeling on vanitybottom boi by porch column

flower garden statue   flowers of a kind 2

…and while he was out in Colorado visiting with me, we decided to take a hike in a neat mountain valley where there was a beautiful waterfall and old mine mill nearby, our tour guide was my good friend from Alma again…

Beautiful View 2Scenery boi smiles

…we were right outside a ski and hiker shelter on a rocky ledge looking up the valley behind him, then shot some inside the shelter where of all things, hung a swing….

Snow Shack Swinger Mill Doorway 2

…and then we checked out the old mill down the valley…..neat windowlight areas inside...

Mill Hottie 4   Mine angel

Mine boi 2    Gold mine boi


…after that, we went back to the log house I was staying at and I shot two layouts of him for Badpuppy Magazine, which made him very happy.

When I returned in the fall season, I stayed in a different log house down on the east side of town and the first guy that came to shoot with me the third day there, was video model Timmy Thomas…I had him scheduled for an all morning shoot as Badpuppy had asked me to shoot two layouts of him…he showed up on time and we got to work…he was very laid back and great to work with…I started him off in jeans and we flowed from there…I wanted to shoot him outside, but it was a bit too cool and cloudy outside that day….

barefoot jeans  jeans and door

sexy look   opening jeans

innocent open jeans   innocent

play with this   hard kitchen flirt

bed boi flirts hard bed boi

bed boi looks  Soapy Hottie 2

bed boi innocence  hard in chair

…as I was finishing up Timmy`s second photo layout, my second model showed up with an entourage of young people…I answered the door and explained to him that I was finishing up a magazine layout and would need an extra thirty minutes…found out they were running early, came up with him to go shopping…I suggested that he drop them off down town and return without them…they didn`t like that, but I do not like shooting with an audience and nether would he once we got started…needed not worry, as he wasn`t keen on them watching either…told him to make me the bad guy…he returned shortly after to find Timmy and I sitting around talking and waiting for Timmy`s ride. Garrett and I started shooting soon after Timmy left for home. He was a good looking guy and had wanted to get into some nude modeling work, and as it turned out, he was quite a natural at it….we started out much the same way as Timmy did, casual, natural, and laid back….

barefoot smile-1  jeans down on bedpost

Fireplace boi gets hard Bed bottom boi smiles

Fireplace boy tease in window 2



bottom boi gazes out window good clean fun

Bedpost boi innocence-1  soapy bottom boi


…the next day, Reyfe showed up to work with me some more…and again the temps and rainfall did not cooperate to allow us to shoot at an area waterfall that I had hiked at the first day out, so we made do inside and stepped outside for a few photos instead….

steps 2 hot chair

chair suck this

sexy in chair 2 cloudy skies

vers bed boi  aspens

In December, I was online one evening when I was contacted by a hott young bodybuilder named Lucas, he was residing in the Chicago area but hailed from the country of Estonia, and was drop dead gorgeous. He was looking for a photographer to work with in the hopes of landing some good paying print and video work and someone had referred him to me. I never found out who it was that referred him, but certainly would have thanked them for doing so, as Lucas was a dream to work with and help get started…

1 Barn boi smiles     1 Barn Boi

1 Barn boi flexes    1 Barn boi open jeans

…since the holidays were approaching, I shot him with a few holiday decorations as well as holiday outfits….

1 Blue Velvet tease    1 Pretty boi

1 Sexy Santa      1 Santa babi


I had always heard those European boys were not shy about showing off and that is exactly how he was, very flirty and not shy about showing off anything at all….

1 Hard boi smiles      1 Hard flirt

…which is probably another good reason that he was so successful in his modeling avenues after working with me…I was fortunate to see and shoot him again several years later when he returned for yet another visit….Lucas is one of those rare jewels that I would not mind working with time and time again. 







EJ…Sexy Blonde Hunk

Slowly but surely I am getting caught up on my site work…I worked with several models in 2004, as I was scouting heavily at that time for a few producers. One very hot blonde guy I found and shot was EJ, who was a muscular flirt with a sexy smile, who later became a firefighter on the other side of the state….he sure looked smokin hott in fire gear….

Barrel Boy

Barrel Hottie

sexy firefighter


soft smile

fuck me eyes

New York Model Vince

Another hot guy I had the pleasure of working with not once, but three times, was Vincent B from New York State….at his request I helped him get into some good paying print and video work over the years and he became one of those models that photographers and producers enjoy working with and call back for more work frequently. I remember receiving calls from him whenever he needed more updates to his portfolio and he would grab the next available flight and head my way… of those times was near Christmas……he was always a lot of fun to work with…..

open jkt flirt

Christmas elf

angel smiles

barrel muscle boi

Tunnel Jock

Ready for Plowing

New Jock Shorts Smile


New Hot and Hard on Couch

end of couch

New York Models

I have always had the pleasure of working with models from other states, some I discovered during my many travels and some were already established and needed extra images for their portfolios and simply contacted me to photograph them….one that really stands out is David, who had very long and beautiful blonde hair that complimented his beautiful build. David was in St Louis when I discovered him and shortly after, moved back to New York State….he was a lot of fun to work with, and breathtaking at the same time…..

Long Tresses Hottie

Long Lean and Sexy

Jeans Flirt in Barn

Mysterious and Sexy


Kneeling Hard on Couch





Sitting PrettyAvailable



Danny Thai, One Very Nice Bodybuilder

Over the many years I have worked with models, I discovered that bodybuilders make great models…they already have the muscletone and most know how to pose well too…they have to in order to win their respective classes….but I always enjoyed photographing them in more relaxed poses than in their bodybuilding poses. Here are some images of the first Asian bodybuilder I photographed, his name is Danny and he is one of the nicest down to earth guys I have ever met….I really enjoy working with Asian guys because they never seem to age….always look years younger than they actually seem to be….clearly they know something we do not….thanks for working with me to produce some great images over the years, Danny.


Bed Jeans Stretch


Hot Jeans Bed Boi


Barn twister


FF Muscle Stretch


Barn hunk


FF Undressing By Bed 2