Farm Shoot 2

On the second farm shoot I set up this summer, this one in August, we were lucky enough to get four models to show up…with three photographers shooting, this worked out well for all of us. Chris came to this one as well and was one of two models that I discovered ten years ago and helped get into some good paying nude modeling work. I recently re-established contact with Kenny, the other model that I worked with ten years ago, and he became an instant hit with Photographers Brad and Bobby.  Caden, one of my discoveries from Kentucky, also was able to make it down to this shoot, and Brad decided to start working with him…while waiting for Bobby to show up, the other three models worked with me and we started out by washing off Chris` Mini Cooper in the driveway…

Workin At The Carwash 5

…and while washing it off, we discovered as Kenny was rinsing it off from the front, that the water running down the roof and off the back, formed a bit of a waterfall, so I had Chris lean back into the waterfall…..

Waterfall Wash

…the guys decided to wash my truck next since it had a lot of red mud on it and they figured it would look better in the photos due to its pretty colors as well….who was I to argue…figured at the very least, it couldn`t hurt and might even enhance the images as well…..

Washing As a Group 3

Washing As a Group 4

Washing Tires

Washing Truck Teamwork

Washing Truck Sexy 3

Washing Truck Sexy 5

Washing Truck Sexy 8

Washing Truck Sexy Art 2Bobby showed up as they were washing off my truck and decided to start out working with Kenny…so I took off to the horse barn with Chris and Zmari took a pool break. Chris decided to stay in his birthday suit for the barn images, starting out on the tractor inside the huge breezeway….

Barn Tractor Boy 3

Barn Tractor Boy

Barn Tractor Boy 2

…and from there, Chris just naturally migrated from the tractor to the rafters…

Barn Rafters Boy

Barn Rafters Boy 2

Barn Rafters Boy 3

Barn Rafters Boy 4

Barn Rafters Boy 6

Barn Rafters Boy 7

…Caden finished shooting with Brad a few minutes later and came down to assist Chris shooting with a few horses while there…he decided to put his briefs back on tho, to start out….

Horse Art


…Chris then went up to work with Brad and then with Bobby some more….and I started working there in the barn with Caden….it had been a couple of years since I had worked with him, down in Kentucky where I found him…. he had actually grown up on a farm and was quite at home here….

Art on Horse

Art on Horse 3

Art on Horse 4

Art on Horse 5A

Art on Horse 8

Art on Horse 10

and looked good in the stalls in strong sunlight too….

Barn Stall Sunlit Stud 4

Barn Stall Sunlit Stud 2

Barn Stall Sunlit Stud

…he started to wear some overalls a few min later but shucked them soon after climbing up on the tractor….

Barn Tractor Boy

Barn Tractor Boy 2

Barn Tractor Boy 3….then put his jeans on for a few images with the tractor as well….

Barn Tractor Boy 5

Barn Tractor Boy 6

Barn Tractor Boy 7

…then the other horses wandered inside to see what the commotion was about and he decided to pay attention to them once again….

Cowboy 2

Cowboy 3

Cowboy 5

Cowboy 6

…we walked inside the tack room and he spotted the saddle and the ropes…..

Cowboy 9

…you can def tell he is a horse farm boy….the way he works with the horses quite comfortably….

Horse Art

Horse Art 3

Horse Art 6

Horseback Riding Nude Cowboy

…and then I shot a few more with Zmari as well, since Bobby and Brad didn`t have time to work with him…

Hayloft Windowlight 6

Hayloft Windowlight

Hayloft Windowlight 4

Hayloft Windowlight 5

Tractor Hottie

Tractor Hottie 5

Barn Door Overalls

Barn Door Overalls 2

Barn Ladder Cutie 2

Upside Down Barn Cutie

Hayloft Hottie 2

Hayloft Hottie 6

Hayloft Hottie 5

Hayloft Hottie 8

Hayloft Hottie 7

Zmari has one of those looks, personalities, and a sexy lean build,  that is easy to work with…one of those cuties that can come work with me anytime he wants to. 


Chris…Ten Years Later…Farm Shoot July 2014

Shortly after seeing and shooting Chris once again, I received an email from him wanting to shoot some more, so I set up a shoot with him and one other model, and notified a couple of my photographer friends as well. Once we all arrived at the farm location, I let the other two photographers start working with the models, since we only had two and I would finish up with them. This worked out well til some drama occurred with the other model and then the shoot got cut short, and as luck would have it, on my time with the models, specifically while shooting with Chris. Luckily, I had snapped a few images of him while Brad was working with him….

Brad working with Chris Inside Barn

…and so I had a few to start… was hotter than blue blazes that day as you will be able to tell in the next photos from the fine sheen of sweat glistening all over Chris` beautiful bod….

Feeding Bob


Cooling Off

Saddle Stud 2

Barn Cowboy 9

Barn Cowboy Loft

Barn Cowboy Loft 2

Barn Cowboy Loft 4

Barn Cowboy 4

a few great images of Chris…..but the problem was, I wanted to shoot more with Chris and so luckily for me, he was able to come back out and work with me some more on the next farm shoot, that I set up a couple of weeks later.