Travis Returns

Recently I had a chance to work with Travis once again…his schedule was very restrictive and tight over the holidays and that extended to the end of January as well. Soon after he let me know that he was available most weekends once again and we set up a Saturday shoot. I purchased some studio lights for Christmas and decided to try them out on him, shooting both electronic flash and the modeling light. I set up a high key backdrop and had him donn key pieces of a gladiator outfit…



…and then we shot some art poses in the high key….









…and then we shot some new ideas with the flames….




…and then I shot him with my Christmas tree…as a present under the tree…





Thanks for working with me again Travis….





New Model Randy

Randy came to me on a referral recently and has become a very sweet guy to work with for me and some of my photographer friends lately. While interviewing him shortly after meeting him for the first time, I was able to guess his heritage of French and Cherokee without asking him, discovered he works in construction and has been interested in modeling for some time. I had him try on some holie jeans and started him out in the barn….





….not only hot…but SMOKIN HOTT !!


I had a great opportunity to visit with one of my original models from nearly thirty years ago when I spent the night in Springfield a few weeks ago on a buying trip…Aaron came by after work and went to supper with me, then let me photograph him once again…he is as sexy and sweet as he was when I first found him back then. 





Thanks again Aaron….