New Model Brad…….

I talked to a cute guy a few weeks ago online one evening, and as cute as he looked, I was surprised that he had never done any modeling work. We talked for about an hour and he sent me some photos, and he had a nice toned slim build as well. I was quite impressed and invited him to come down and shoot with me some time. We set up a time and date and he showed up that afternoon and looked even hotter in person than his pics. 

Brad is his name and he said he would love to get into some nude modeling work…he lives in the St Louis area……has a nice toned build and a beautiful smile that just lit up the room…I started him out in a pair of holie jeans and shot him barefoot in the barn….


Holie Jeans Hottie

He came down that day with a light dusting of facial hair, giving him a sexier look with the five o`clock shadow….



…we were talking during the barn shoot and he told me that he wanted to get into nude modeling work, but didnt think his butt looked good enough for it….. told him I hear that quite a bit but assured him he had a very nice physique and would make a great nude model, not to worry about it….


Hot Ass Flirt

…since he looked so good in jeans, I added chaps and some rope to see if he could make them look good too….


Chaps Hottie

…and he did make them look equally well…..


Chaps Stud

…and not long after, I found out he has a variety of looks as well, from innocent roper to…..


Innocent Roper

…sexy smile roper…..



…and then he became a sexy buckaroo as well…..


Chaps Flirt

Sexy Buckaroo

…we then went back upstairs and shot some in his underwear…..

Bed Sheets

 ….where he turned on many of those innocent looks and smiles again…..


Bed Innocent Hottie



Bed Sheets Hottie

…in other words, a natural flirt…..…and pretty soon, the underwear came off as well and he showed it all off…...and it was soon apparent that Brad was completely comfortable with showing off in every way possible….nude and erotic nude…


Wet and Sexy


….which works well for him because I have some photographer friends that like to shoot nudes as well and often work with some of my models for their projects and shoots…they see my work here and often contact me regarding models who like to shoot nude….a win-win situation for the model and them. I`ll add more photos later on. 
















New Model Jimmy….

Earlier this year, I talked to yet another cute guy online who wanted to get into some modeling work, and he decided to take a chance and come down to shoot with me one day. We scheduled the shoot for the afternoon after he got out of work and I met him at Walmart`s back parking lot. When I got to Walmart, he was dozing in his beautiful convertible but quickly woke up as I pulled up alongside and then followed me back to the house.  After a bit of small talk, we started out shooting a few photos in the barn and Jimmy turned out to be quite a natural model in front of my camera….


Barn Boy Sexy

Barn Shadowlight

and looked stunning in a cowboy hat and jeans…specially when he turned on that sexy smile…..


Cowboy Sexy

Cowboy Sexy Smile

Barn Hottie 2

Sexy Boy

Sexy Smile

and I found out he has smiling eyes as well…windowlight really set them off for him too….


Windowlight Pretty Boy 3

…and while he was here, I shot a few of him in some older fire gear that had been given to me by a friend,  as well….hott as can be….


FF Sexy 2

FF Axe Art

FF Sexy Piker

I look forward to his next session….thanks Jim….