A Trip Down Memory Lane – Female Models Nude

While some female models were content with shooting glamour images only, several contacted me on the side, requesting that I shoot nude print work of them as well, so that they could submit their images to magazine publishers, attempting to become centerfold starlets for publishers such as Playboy, Penthouse, Gallery, and other magazines. After a few years of shooting submission quality images for those models, photo editors of various magazines began contacting me and asking me to submit my images to them directly, building up my contacts and increasing shoot and model opportunities. I continued to submit only the images of models who requested this type of shoot.

Here are images of the models who requested those types of shoots back in the day and a bit of background on those shoots, in no particular order I might add…..

Angela was one of the hottest erotic models that I worked with…she was a sexy blonde with a dynamite bod and she made it very clear from the start that she absolutely enjoyed showing off her looks and her bod, completely nude most of the time….which was just fine with me. She had a great personality and flirted all the time…she had a great job in Illinois at a casino and modeled in her spare time for fun. I shot her several times alone and worked her into some shoots with firearms that a friend would loan me occasionally….

Armed and Dangerous 4

Armed and Dangerous 5

…she looked great with a Vulcan motorcycle that a friend loaned me for shoots………

Vulcan Hottie 3

Vulcan Hottie 4


Vulcan Flirt 9


Vulcan Flirt 3A


Vulcan Flirt 11B


Vulcan Flirt 26A


Hott Vulcan 5


Hott Vulcan 8


Hott Vulcan 12


Hott Vulcan 11


She also made a sexy looking mechanic with tools….

Tool Babe 2


Tool Babe 4


Tool Babe 5


Tool Babe 6


Tool Babe 7


Tool Babe 10


Mechanic On Duty


Mechanic On Duty 14


Mechanic On Duty 8


…and she looked great in the barn and hay too….

Chaps Babe 6

Chaps Babe

and she looked stunning on a white convertible that a friend needed some photos of….she had some ideas for poses in and on the car that he really liked as well…


Convertible Babe 5

…and I suggested the owner sit in the drivers seat for the special poses…

Convertible Babe


Convertible Babe 7


…but she looked good in just about everything….

Lingerie Babe 4


Lingerie Babe 2

…as well as nothing at all…..




Another great model came to me on a referral, that later submitted some of her images to PB Magazine, was Cathy…she and her boyfriend came to see me one day and after explaining my work and the opportunities available at the time, they were both quite fine with it and she actually worked with me on several shoots, including a few jeep shoots at a nearby pretty place with a bluff and rocks…


Jeep on Bluff 4


Jeep on Bluff 5


Jeep on Bluff 6


I do happen to know that she had the complete attention of the owner of the jeep, one of my good firefighter friends from St Clair, as you can see above. In the next few images, you will see some of her test shots, including one in fire gear…she looked stunning in that….

Lingerie Babe


Lingerie Babe 2


FF Axe Babe


She also modeled with a few of my male models at a waterfall that I used to shoot at alot back then…I can`t reveal the location of the falls but I can say it was a very pretty place and I had permission to shoot there whenever I wanted to, and shot there quite a bit….on this particular day, Cathy had just purchased a neat US Flag bikini and tried it out in this shoot with Mel and Chris at the falls….two of the nicest and sexiest local guys I had modeling for me at the time….

Chris Carrier and Mel Whited at Waterfall


and then I shot her with Mel as well….same location, there are actually three waterfalls there side by side….

With Mel Whited at Waterfalls


With Mel Whited at Waterfalls 2














A Trip Down Memory Lane – Male Models Nude 2

Although I can remember the very first guy I photographed nude, and the most recent guy I photographed nude, as well as the hundreds in between, I no longer can remember the particular order in which I photographed them, so I think I`ll just take the list of models that I have worked with and work on posting images of each one, in no particular order mind you, and add a little story on each one, cause each shoot has a little story to it and I can remember those details alot clearer. I`ll do my best to put some chronological order to it, for my sake, as I know most of you could care less, you are just here to see the eye candy, and that`s fine, too. 🙂

A few years after I began shooting nude work, I was contacted by some photographers looking for models who were interested in shooting nudes and being paid well for their time. I had quite a few models, male and female, by then, who were always looking for paying work, so I began helping them find paying work like this on the side…in no time at all, I was being contacted by video producers as well, also looking for good looking models, so I added that to my screening process and soon had a list of models interested in video work as well…video work of course, always paying more than print work mainly because there was a larger audience and more work involved. When the beefcake craze hit, my work with guys took off in book covers, calendar and poster images, and magazine layouts as well…I was still finding guys through modeling websites, there were several sites back then, but I was also building up a strong referral base too…I was shooting portfolio images for some private business people that hired dancers for private parties and gigs…one of the dancers I was shooting at that time was Jeff, a very sexy young blonde boy with a nice toned build, who happened to be in the military at the time….he would travel home on the weekends and when he had time, would stop by and shoot with me on his way home…

Blue Jean Hottie 4

Hard Hat Hottie


Jeff stopped by the first few times til the dance club manager found out and threw a hissy fit about it…not sure why it was a bit problem…it wasn`t interfering with his dance schedule and as you can tell in the images, Jeff enjoyed flirting and showing off both !!  He was a lot of fun to work with and had a great personality too….

Blue Jean Hottie 6



Blue Jean Hottie 2


On one of his visits, he had told me that he wanted to get into video work to make some extra money, and asked me to help him out with some erotic nude photos….

Windowlight Hottie 2


Hard Hottie 2


Hard Hottie 3


Hard Hottie


Hard and Sexy 5


….so after taking a few that he could send off to the producers he was talking to and enjoying showing off like this…we decided to shoot erotic nudes all the time cause it just added to the show off side of him.

One day he stopped by and had this pair of boots with him…said they were all that he wanted to be wearing that day for his shoot and he wanted to show off his butt more too….he needed them for another producer interested in hiring him….so I accomodated his request….shooting some of his ideas with the boots on….


Boots Babe

Boots Babe 3


…and some without the boots of course….

Hott Ass 2


Hott Ass 3


Hott Ass 4

Hott Ass


…and then shot some of his front side as well….from what I remember, he was able to get in with the producer that he wanted to and was filmed in many movies..

Windowlight Hottie


Hard and Sexy 4


Hard and Sexy


Hard and Sexy 2


….I later became good friends with that producer, he hired quite a few of my models over the years….Jeff is now retired from video work…we still talk these days…he is one sweet guy and was one of the hottest guys I have ever worked with.  Jeff referred a hot guy to me during those early years as well….his name was Brad and after initially talking by email and phone, Brad came out to shoot with me one day and I found out in person, that Jeff had been right, describing Brad to a T….muscular build, beautiful green eyes, and sexy smile….and I soon found out Brad was a sexy show off like Jeff….

Brad 2 exist-1


Brad bed boi-1


Brad Candleabra-1


Brad Candles-1


…however, Brad liked to shoot with specific themes or ideas in mind and he liked artistic nudes more than erotic nudes…which was fine with me, even though he could pull off either style real well…..

Brad couch-1


Brad harsh lightt-1


…in this image above, we were shooting at his new place and he was merely reaching up to unscrew the light bulb…the light looked great on him and his build was well accentuated from it, so I just stopped him in motion and recorded the moment…. he was just artistic minded in his modeling work…in the next two images, he is shown with a sledge hammer as a prop and he would use that prop in many ways for modeling purposes, he was always thinking ahead of me in terms of posing and this is a model that you enjoy working with, cause there are not very many guys who can pull this type of modeling work off, back then or now either one….

Hammer Stud


Hammer Stud  2


I took Brad to a few outside locations as well and he always brought the scene alive with his raw beauty….

Rocks Nude Hottie 2


Rocks Nude Hottie 4


Rock Crevice Stud 3


Rock Crevice Stud


Rock Crevice Stud 2


During that same year, I was shooting a hot guy named JW, who was attending college at the time in Illinois, and he enjoyed shooting nude work as well. I dont have any of his earlier work in digital form, but in that time frame, an art gallery that I was working with at the time, requested some images of two muscular guys together, so I arranged a shoot with Brad and JW and here is one of those images…incorporating an idea of Brad to use a drape……

Art Duo-1


Brad was without a doubt, one of the hottest art nude models I have ever worked with.  I hope to find a few more images of JW from back in the day when he started shooting with me.  Another guy that came to me about this time, was a hunk from southwest Missouri named Mike…

Chaps Hottie


MC Hottie

not only a sexy model but also helped me tremendously on occasion with jet ski poster shoots, with art design work and referring hot male and female models, too….one of the male models that he referred to me soon after, was Scotty who is also from southwestern Missouri, another model who was with me for several years and remains a good friend today….here are some of his early images….

Hard Wired Stud


Fringed Stud


Whip Stud 2


MC Hottie


Scotty was one of rare models who flirted his way into several magazine layouts and covers, including a layout in Playgirl Magazine in his later years…which came about when my good friend Greg, who shoots many layouts for PG, called and inquired if Scotty might be interested in a layout with them…I contacted Scott and it was a resounding YES from him…Greg flew into St Louis and traveled out here to shoot Scotty at a local friend`s farm….

barn trough


barn trough hard


….Scotty was also photographed for the fire service calendar and poster work that I co-produced several years ago and I photographed Scotty for a magazine layout for Instinct Magazine in the late 90`s as well….

Shaving Creamed










A Trip Down Memory Lane – Male Models Nude

Starting with this section, I will include the nude images I began shooting a few months after working with male models, who chose to pursue nude modeling work. This is the main reason I shot three styles, to give models a choice, glamour, art nude, and erotic nude….believe me, there were people that wanted to shoot all three styles and some that only wanted to do glamour…I was fine with one or all back then, because remember, I was just starting out and needed to get some experience as well. 

Even today, there are photographers who offer several styles of work, yet if a model only chooses to do glamour, most of those photographers will suggest the model go work with someone else. I was always fine working with someone in several styles,  due to market demands for a variety of styles and images in the past. 

 For whatever reason,  I was able to locate alot of guys and gals who were natural showoffs in front of the camera, some came by it naturally,…..you give them an idea or theme for a shoot, and they can go right into posing on their own without any direction or assistance from the photographer.

Farmboys, countryboys, dancers, strippers, and flirts were natural models too….you just had to watch out for the flirts with the ego`s…luckily I had a method for handling them…I showed them to the door…and that rarely happened because most of the models I worked with didn`t have an ego or attitude. Here are some of my models who were natural models/flirts…

Camo Belt Hottie

Jason was a gifted local athlete and loved to show off his muscle tone, especially his abs….

Jeans Stud


I met Jason through a good friend of mine who was posing in art nude work for me back then, Jay Harris….

Jay in kitchen

and after working a bit with Jason, he referred a few more guys to me as well, but none of them stayed with me as long as Jason did. He also introduced me to a hot female model, look for her story and images in the section called Females I Worked With In The Early Years.

Jay also introduced me to a hot guy named David, who it turned out, wanted to get into some good paying video work. My work was being viewed by this time, by many people on the net, my first website was about my art nude work, and by this time, I was being contacted by several video producers who were looking for hot guys for their video work. I had established a pretty good business relationship with several producers by this time, and a strong friendship with a couple of them, so I had some contacts built up that proved to be instrumental for a few of my models who wished to pursue modeling as a paying sideline gig. It worked out well for many of them as a part time income, in addition to their full time jobs. While David didnt become a regular model after working with me, I still talk to him whenever I see him online and he is still just as sexy looking now as he was back then…..

Jock Shorts


Underwear Hottie


….and since he wanted to get into nude work as well, we shot some nudes of him also….

Construction Hottie 2


Basement Hottie


I was able to help David fulfill his dreams and helped him in a few other ways as well in the early days, he was a super nice guy to work with. 

I did some traveling back in those days, when I had some vacation time built up…and one of my trips was out east to the Blue Ridge Mountains to photograph some waterfalls and beautiful scenery. I stayed the night in the northeast corner of Tennessee one night, where one of my models resided…Mark,….,who had contacted me after viewing my work online and wanted my assistance in getting into some nude print and video work. He turned out to be one of those natural flirts and had a great build and look for nude work. I had a couple of friends who had a farm out in the country near me, they had some horses and had built a beautiful cedar home up on a hill above their barn and valley fields, with a lot of glass windows and commanding view….they let me come out and shoot at their place quite a bit back then….there was a spring fed creek that fed the valley and kept things quite lush and at the upper end of the valley on their property yet, was a beautiful waterfall that stairstepped down about twenty feet and made for a great background much of the time…

Waterfall Flirt


…as you can see from the image above, Mark was quite an accomplished poser on his own, he needed no direction at all, just a natural flirt in all aspects, and he put his sexual energy into his posing…below is the old barn on the property and here again, being a natural poser, he came up with this idea as well after spotting the rope hanging out of the second floor loft door….

Barn Rope


…another shoot, we were out on was at a nearby creek, and we were actually on our way out of the creek and back to the truck when the idea for this image popped into his mind, so I stopped and shot him sitting in the middle of the creek…. 

Creek Hunk


….as you can tell, he had no inhibitions about nude modeling work at all…this next image was shot in an old building near my studio at the time, with windowlight only illuminating him and the backdrop as well….

Hott and Hard


I met another guy in the St Louis area, who at that time was interested in getting into erotic nude work, his name was Britt and he had the brightest blonde hair on a guy I had ever seen, almost to the point of being white colored…he had a nice build and was very well endowed as well….and he had no problem showing it off, especially in one of his leather outfits….

Windowlight Sexy


I shot alot of windowlight images the first day he was down to shoot with me, one above…and the next shoot was at an old building near my studio that had the most incredibly beautiful natural light and old backdrops, peeling wallpaper and stairs and brick…even an old barbers chair….

Hung Sunlit Stud


Hung Sunlit Stud 3


Hung Sunlit Stud 4


Hung Sunlit Stud 2


Hung Sunlit Stud 6

Another of my early days models was Jay, from Ohio, who came to shoot with me one weekend, and I was able to photograph him at an apartment in St Louis where one of my other models lived…Brian graciously allowed me to shoot Jay in his beautifully lit bedroom that day…. 

bed boi bed recline


…the light in there was bouncing all over the place off those white walls and furnishings, and lit up Jay`s sexy body very well….

bed boi flirt on bed


bed boi sleeps-1-1


bed boi hard bed


bed boi bed-1-1


bed boi ass


bed boi radiator-1-1


Bed Boy


Windowlit Stud


…and while in St Louis, I also took Jay down to the grafitti wall along the river and shot him there too….he became a work of art amongst the art….

Art wall smiling


…and the next day, I took him to a beautiful place along the upper Bourbeuse River that I used to shoot at alot….

bluff boi 2


Aaron was another hot young man that I worked with back in those days, and several times in different seasons as well….the first time in the early fall season…..

Bridge boy Tristan


…and Brian was another hottie that I worked with back then…one of several Brian`s that I worked with over the years and a favorite as well….

Flag Hottie


Jock Hottie


Hard Couch